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I fucked my twin at 12 years old

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This is how I fucked my identical Twin sister Nova at 12 years old.

I’m Amelia, I’m 12 and i’m from England. i’ve got a Identical twin called Nova. We both have long brown hair down to the top of our butts, Green eyes, Tanned skin and we are both 4’9. we’ve got quite big butts and we both have around 56a boobs.

This all happened 4 months ago when we were in sex ed class, we found out that there were different types of sex such as Lesbian. I’ve wanted to have sex for a while now but didn’t realise there was lesbian sex. I’ve had thoughts that i might be a lesbian for a while now i’ve had fantasy’s about girls in school and even about Nova. Once me and Nova got home that day we found out that our mum and dad weren’t going to be home until tomorrow and that we should just order a takeaway.

That night i asked Nova if i could sleep with her because i was a little bit scared since we were home alone at night, she said of course and i hopped into her bed. She was wearing a black thong and a black laced bra, I was also wear a black thong but a oversized shirt on instead instead of a bra, We watched a movie and talked about boys for a while, It was 2:30am by the time we tried to get to sleep, it was 3am and i still wasn’t asleep I looked at Nova and she was fast asleep. Not thinking i reached under the covers and started to rub Novas pussy through the thong, I heard a slight moan then her eyes opened. we were laying face to face looking into each other’s eyes, I kept rubbing her pussy as she moaned every so often, I moved the thong to the side and was about to finger her when she leaned in and kissed me, our tongues started swirling around each others mouths. and i felt a hand go up below my shirt and she started to play with my boobs and nipples, It felt good another girl playing with my body knowing what she was doing.

I slowly pushed my finger into her pussy, she was still a virgin but I wasn’t, she started to moan as i moved my finger in and out, I also let out a few moans as she played with my boobs, I then put two fingers in, she kept moaning in between kiss. After about 10 minutes i slid under the covers, she opened her legs wider ready for what I was about to do, I stuck my face into her pussy and started to eat her out, She had a better idea and told me to stop, she then took her thong and bra off and i took my thong and shirt off, next she told me to lay down flat on the bed, she began to get on top of me. My face was pressed agains her pussy and hers was pressed agains mine, we both began to eat each other out, i’ve never felt so good this went on for a good 10 minutes before we both sat up. I said to her that we should scissor, she agreed. We got in position and began rubbing our pussys together we got faster and faster each time, moaning louder and louder until finally Nova orgasmed all over my pussy, I was close to orgasm as well so i told her to lay down and I sat with my pussy over her mouth, she opened her mouth waiting as i rubbed my clit until finally I orgasmed into her mouth, she swallowed most of it but some ran out of her mouth and down her face.

We both lay cuddling each other naked I told her I enjoyed it then gave her a kiss and fell asleep.

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    Change the age to 18 or 17.

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    GREAT story.

  • Reply Xander ID:2vjtrizl

    I am 90% certain this is fake.
    Not because I find this unlikely, but because of how it was written. I didn’t even have to pay attention to notice it.
    I’m sure you can see it too.

    • joe from auto part store ID:bpbevkkv0

      true, but it’s still good wank fuel

    • Psiberzerker ID:1i2lz52uqra

      Okay, one man’s “Fake” is another man’s Fantasy. I’d much rather all of these stories weren’t true, but in the vast majority of them, the little girls don’t act like little girls. Like victims.

      Face it, this whole site is a fantasy land where there are no victims, unless it’s rape. In which case, the victims always get off on it. Of course, there are times when victims orgasm from rape, but it’s not every single time.

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