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My next door nieghbor

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I m a sixteen yr old school girl and my parents work and we live in an apartment,one day I came home and I had forgotten my key to let my self in, my nieghbor happened to be coming home he s about thirty and handsome, I told hi, what happened and he offered to let me stay at his place til my parents came home so I agreed and went in with him. We chatted for a while I was wearing jeand and blouse no bra I have nice tits and a firm body he asked if I had a boy friend yet and I smiled and said no he kinda smiled to and then he slowly took me into a kiss and whispered in my ear he thought I was sexy and kissed me again I enjoyed it and as we kissed again I felt him caress my thigh and I parted my legs a little as he slid his hand against my pussy ,soon I felt him massage it and I liked it. He whispered in my ear asking me to go gto his bedroom with him I smiled and went,soon we both undressed and I got on my knees and lifted his 8″ dick up and started sucking it after he got hard he smiled and had me go bottoms up for him and then he slowly slid his dick into my tight pussy soon he was fucking me I loved it alot and then I felt the rush of his hot sperm in my pussy and I felt it seeping into my cervix I loved it after he pulled out o got on my knees on the bed a we kissed,he asked me if I wanted to have sex regular and I said yes and then he smiled and said he had a couple of friends who would like me to and I said ok. We made plans to meet that weekend to go to his friends place in the country.I was wearing shorts and a top and soon after we arrivedi undressed for the guys and soon they took turns fucking my mouth pussy and ass I loved it alot and I let them fuck me often.

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  • Reply Night Rider ID:1eujel0zoq6t

    Use spell check for God’s sake, the story would be so much better.

  • Reply Dean whore ID:h4837tmv3

    I was a neighbor likr this but I made my cousin touch me when I was 11. I am 31 and I still want him to fuck me. I am Dean’s whore

  • Reply BBoy ID:1d8pwpwes3pm

    I’m serious I need to meet an underaged teenage girl to fuck and fill up. Please make it happen universe lol

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    16 year old pussy is one of the best

    • Jr ID:1e9enq5mt7vu

      Okay baby