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Nikki’s 13th birthday present

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My sister was turning 13 and she asked for a present was to have me, Devin and Randy to have a four way with her. But I decided she deserved more than that. She turned 13 on a Friday and I wanted to make sure my mom was out of the house. So I called her friend Cheryl and asked to have mom spend the night with her and she agreed.
Friday came and Cheryl showed up around 10 am and as her and mom were leaving my mom said she would be home around 12 tomorrow to take my sister out for her birthday. Shannon showed up first around 11. Her and my sister were making out on the couch. Shannon stripped my sister and went down on her. My sister hips were going up and down as she held Shannon head down on her pussy. My sister got off about half dozen times. I went and got my mom’s strap on and gave it to Shannon. She put it on and sat on the couch. My sister got on top and started riding Shannon. Shannon was sucking and pinching Nikki’s tits while Nikki was grinding on the strap on. After they got done Shannon got dressed and kissed my sister and told her happy birthday. Shannon left and my sister was about to get dressed and I stopped her. I told her that her birthday present from me isn’t done.
A little after 2, Devin , Randy and and Ian showed up. We took my sister down to the basement. We let Ian fuck her first because we knew he wouldn’t last long. Then me, Devin and Randy ravaged her. She was riding Devin and sucking off randy. She was having multiple orgasms when I was fucking her. After we all came we took a break. I asked my sister what she wanted to do next and she wanted to watch me and Randy do Ian.
Ian got on all fours and Randy was fucking him while I was pumping my dick in his mouth. I look over at Nikki and Devin was fingering her . She let out a big scream as she got off. I immediately came in Ian mouth and Randy came in his ass. We went upstairs to clean off. We took turns showering with my sister. When it was my turn with her, we were making out and she thanked me for her birthday present. I told her it wasn’t done yet. She looked at me and said she loved me. We made out some more and got out of the shower.
We all were in the kitchen and Devin asked my sister what else she wanted to do. My sister thought for a moment and hopped on the kitchen table and said she wanted us to take turns fucking her. We all took are turns and we all nutted on her stomach. My friends left around 6.
My sister and I were on the couch watching tv. She was still naked and her head was on my lap. She looked at me and said this was her favorite birthday. I told her it wasn’t done yet and she asked what else do I have planned. I told her it’s a surprise and she had to wait.
At 8 the door bell rang and I told her to answer it. She was still naked and I said that this is your last gift. She got up and hid behind the door while she opened the door. It was Gary and Rob. My sister opened the door all the way so they could see her naked. They came and kissed her and said happy birthday. They came over to the couch and sat down. They asked her what she wanted to do. She wanted me and her to suck them. They pulled down their pants and I went down on Rob and she sucked Gary. When Gary was hard he stood up and picked my sister up and he put her against the wall. My sister straddled him while he fucked her. I looked at her and she looked so beautiful as she was getting off on Gary’s cock.
They took my sister to her room they spent the next 3 hours fucking her every which way the could. My sister was cumming every couple minutes. I went in the room as she got on top of Rob and she asked Gary to fuck her ass like they did before. For the next 15 minutes they fucked her hard. She ended up passing out again. Rob and Gary finished up and they left around midnight.
I looked at my sister and she had cum all over her. I woke her up so she could get a shower. She tried to stand up but fell to the floor. I picked her up and got her in the shower. I cleaned her up and asked if she was ok. She said it was the best day of her life. After the shower I dried her off and took her to the basement. We were laying on the floor in front of the tv when I told her that there was one more present. She asked what it was and I got on top of her and said it’s me. I started fucking her and she wrapped her arms around me and said she loved me.

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  • Reply Karen and my daughter ID:3kfd37w7b0d

    This is what happened to us 3 years ago we were walking along on the estate near park etc and was large group of lads black and white and I asked if could move let me through and , they said shut ya mouth bitch ,, and so started arguing a bit and suddenly surrounded they grabbed us took us right down the waste land nobody ever about, and 1 black lad punched me knocking me down and then all kicked me and then they saw the coke fell out my pocket and so grabbed it and they all sniffed it up and then I light myself a cigarette and then heard get her and grabbed me and put knife to throat forced me give bjs and then, they did lots more coke and were totally wild like animals and 1 leader grabbed my 11 year old daughter and looked her saying mmmm and as I pleaded noo I was held down and bottoms ripped off and then felt myself being raped and then leader said daughter get here , and she wouldn’t so he grabbed her and watched me which turned him on soo much he just dropped bottoms took cock and made daughter hold it and start wanking him and after min he tore her bottoms off and said yh tear that up …. And he pushed her on floor Infront of me and the forced me watch as he pushed tip as opened her lips he violently thrust and she screamed out and that just sent them all worse and after he’d savagely raped her he smiled at me and moved cock and he forced it fully in her ass and nasty violently and rest lads now all had cocks out and daughter got gangraped anally tore her back to front and obviously bleeding etc and as each finished they cum all over her in hair etc and then after we just about to get away and they took daughter and said to her , your ours now , both do as I say or will show everyone the video of just right… And had no choice so from about year ago we go 9ut on Friday night, husband thinks it’s a club activity… But intact we have to go to the leaders flat and free drinks and forced both me n daughter to snort a desert spoon full in 1 go and then I

    • Jim ID:71ou0taghl

      I hope your daughter is okay

  • Reply Nuh uh ID:1dftqp0bwksy

    I mean, sex only? No money no games only STDS and aids? Damn that birthday was dogshit bro 💀🗣️🔥