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My cousin sexually groomed me

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When i was 8yrs old and up to 13yrs old my older cousin sexually groomed to think these things were okay

At the age of 8 my mom worked late so my 15 year old cousin watched me and one night he asked for a hug while watching tv so i did and i wrapped my arms around his neck and his grabbed my butt and grinded me on his clothed member i thought it was normal so we “hugged a lot until it got to the point where when i took a bath he’d get in a hug me.

I never told cuz at the age i liked “hugging” him i let him grope me and grind onto me and when i turned 9 it got worse he used to lay me down naked and rub his cock on my private and at the age i loved it because i thought this was “playing house” i never told because when he cum on my thighs he always made me soak and he’d tell me so my mom wouldn’t notice our love marks.

i never told and she never found out when i turned 10 bills got tighter and my mom.worked everyday so he’d pass up hanging out with friends and make me give him blowjobs and i liked it at that age and he took a video of me sucking him off and that video is probably getting some pedophile off right now.

when i turned 11 i thought we were in love he fingered me it hurt at the time but he said i needed to be ready for his love stick. And when i turned 12 he took my virginity it hurted but after a while puberty hit and i loved it i got wet and was able to cum and he took more videos.

When i was 13 my mom caught him filming us fucking and i had bloomed a little getting taller thicker thighs and tits and she beat him and i told her when i found out it was wrong i began cutting and i tried to kill myself more than 6 times and i officially hate men so im.lesbian now and i hope all the perverts jacking there shrimp dick to this burn in fucking hell

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  • Reply Not silly ID:g0zx5ns43

    Use a sharper knife.

  • Reply Robert ID:29kcg01e42

    Why would we burn in hell?.. you’re the lesbian, and you admitted you liked it.

  • Reply Lauren ID:1ftrttz8rc

    Y’all should stop judging her because she said she turned lesbian. I mean turning lesbian is when u are attracted to girls more than guys and that’s literally the case here too

  • Reply Kay ID:1i2kovirk0c

    You shouldn’t let it bother you, my brother did same with me. I lost my virginity at 12. He shared me with his friends.

    My mom walked in one day, she said as long as they are not forcing you and you want to
    Week later she got me on the pill. Luckily I didn’t get pregnant those few months I did it without birth control.

    • hsebedredlah ID:13tccz1d9b

      agree with you.

  • Reply XXXXX ID:3i7mqpby8rd

    I see that you need help both in your personel life and on your reading, firts you cursed the sicko that get turn on by your story and then you curse the people that try to help you and wish for your hapiness wicth mean your a bitch toward everyone and that is a self-destruck attidute. Second i never wrote that a woman place is whit a man so buy yourself some glass and read carefuly . I can see you badly need help. theres no shame in asking for help, i know it noteasy, it took me years to have the courage to ask for help, for many years ether it was a male friend, coworker or a male relative, eveytime taht they will just slightly touch me, its not them but my fucking rapist that i feld touching me and even in my 30 i had sometime nightmare and will wake up cryng. and last but not least i did wrote taht if your a lesbian because tahst part of you then great but if its because of your experience whit that piece of shit then thats letting him win and you also wrote that being around man make you incofortable like it used to be like that for me becasue tour putting all man in the same basket and thats a mistake.SEEK HELP wish you a good journey on the path recovery and grow up.G.F.E.!

    • ur mom ID:1ek25leoic

      Damn, u jus got roasted fool

  • Reply Laurens place ID:4ke8j2ozj

    To all you who are gonna comment trying to convince me i should go back to my original sexuality fuck off theres to original sexuallity you idiot you know what you are when you express your feeling towards male or female he has not won me over nor will he ever and i didn’t force my self to like a women i fell in love with one and realized no man will ever be better than my girlfriend’s touch kisses and words so fuck off with your a women needs a man bullshit

    • Kingslayer ID:5wwp4wnov9j

      I think whatever dick ya got just wasn’t as good as mine and that’s what you truly need

    • A guy ID:5z0pzy0qj

      Kingslayer no one wants your dick weird ass mother fucker, go kill yourself

  • Reply Not alone! ID:3i7mqpby8rd

    Its awful what he did to you but by turning to lesbian instead of your true sexual orientationwitch i imagine was heterosexuel, you are letting him continue to control your life. Do not do the same mistake as i did and drop the lesbian stuff and go back to man and prove to him and yourself that you are a strong woman.

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

      Nothing can turn you into a lesbian. You might engage in homosexual things with other women, but that doesn’t change who, or what you are. Also, all this judging her, telling her that she isn’t who she thinks she is, “Which I imagine was heterosexual.” Coming from a stranger, based off a snap judgment, and a story you read is meaningless. It’s just as manipulative as trying to make a straight girl gay, or grooming your cousin to perform sex acts. Don’t try to be better than them. Be a better person, especially to people who’re already sexually fragile from being manipulated by family members, who actually know her.

    • XXXXX ID:3i7mqpby8rd

      It is really disgusting what he did to you. But buting all men in the same shit basket and changing your sexual orientation because of this piece of shit, you are letting him win over you. I have met some women that turned into lesbian after being raped and they hated all man but after some help, they luckely found a man that treaded and showed them love and respect and they stoped being lesbian because they realised they turn to women to try and find an escape and try to erase the awful experience they had. Also sadly the media do not talk about it but there are also lots of women rapist like that woman that got sexualy molested by her own mother since the age of 6 and at age 8 if i remember corectly, her mom female friend that was a doctor join her mother to rape her for many years, another woman was raped buy another woman but whn she asked a female friend of hers that was a police cadet hwat she should do, her stupid friend told her to tell no one and take it as a experience because no 1 would believe her because supposedly all woman are into woman and all man like to see 2 woman in bed, also another 1 hes a woman that when to a bar whit her 2 female coworker that they got her

    • XXXXX ID:3i7mqpby8rd

      drunk and brough her to there place and raped her for many hours and the next day and mnay more they bough her lots of stuff to buy her silence and sadly it worked and there are mnay sadly more story like this because all the media its about man being the rapist, pedophile, etc.. but never the woman and its a fact that many lesbian have no respect for other woman sexual orientation because tehy enjoy a chalenge or in my word they enjoy raping woman. So for your own sake and your futur do not let him win over u again and again by being a lesbian. If you where a lesbian not because of your awful experience i would say grwat for you because your sexual orientation is 1 of the most beautiful think that u can discover about yourself but if its because of him then you need to change back to your true self and seek help like i did.

    • Laurens place ID:4ke8j2ozj

      I turned lesbian because i was disgusted by boys so much i was homeschooled and couldn’t be around family or males until i met my now girlfriend who is way softer and gentle than a male could ever be now at 20 years old i still get uncomfortable around males i am a strong women and don’t have to prove that you sick fuck

    • Laurens place ID:4ke8j2ozj

      and to the xxxx guys i don’t need a man I’ve already found the love of ny life who is a women stop trying to force me to be with a male i didnt turn lesbian because i hate men i turned lesbian because the person who loves and makes me feel safe and strong is a women he’s not winning me over because he’s in prison and I’ve alrdy won im stronger than before and even though i csnt stand being around a male im not cutting anymore im able to work amd have a short conversation with a male just because some women find the right man to change them doesn’t mean some women have to do the same so stop forcing or male and women should be together bullshit on women this isn’t the old days where women barely even had an opinion you dumb fuck