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I love masturbating. Its my favorite thing to do I’m a 15 year old black girl and I work out pretty usually and I love the way my body looks, especially my pussy. It’s really small... #

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Real cheap animal Sex doll

This is more like an advice rather Then a Story. If you want to fuck an animal but cant buy one. Just buy a kids toy and a masturbator fleshlight. You can buy a standing horse toy that... #

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Getting fucked by my uncle

Last Monday, while I was shopping at a mall I happen to run by a sex shop, I thought it would be cool to check it out so I find myself walking in and looking around. I happen to go... #

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Back alley whore

It had been over a year since my divorce. I hadn’t had sex or been on a date in that time. I met a local guy online and had been talking to him for a few weeks, when he asked... #

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