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A new begining pt 1

I m a twenty five yr old woman with 30 d tits a nice ass and body and a tight pussy, I had finially gotton out of a bad relatenship with a guy and a couple of friends of mine had decided... #

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Farm fun

A Fun Day at the Farm, Pt. 1 [Humiliation][WAM][Real-ish] ***DING DONG*** A deep pit forms in your stomach as you hear your doorbell go. Are they here already? You check the clock and... #

8429 words | 1 |4.25

My wife wants to suck my cock

I had just been married a few weeks, when suddenly my sexual appetite decreased. My newlywed wife thought the blame is on her as she couldn’t make me rise properly thus making her... #

492 words | 2 |3.75

Hired as the new maid pt 1

I m a twenty five yr old woman with 30 dd tits firm body , I decided to become a maid and work for a wealthy man , one day I responded to a call I recieved from a friend that knew of... #

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A massage

I m thirty yrs old with nice firm 32d tits and a firm body, I was feeling stressed and tense from working alot and I was having problems relaxing so a friend of mine suggested I get... #

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My first cum load

I had been jacking off a lot,I was 12 and always horny and playing with my dick. I have always sucked my dick and I was always getting my dick in to my mouth to my nuts this day was... #

337 words | 2 |4.33

A young nun

I m a twenty five yr old nun with 34c tits and an athletic body type,I was sent to a monastery in brazil to help the friars there. After I finially arrived iwas taken to the head friar... #

433 words | 6 |3.83

Ruth’s Horrible Morning

Ruth woke up from groans behind the wall. “Again…” — thought Ruth. She immediately realized that her sister was having sex right now. The screams and moans were so loud... #

350 words | 2 |3.40

Accepting that I’m a pick me

The term is often used to be derogatory or bring shame to women who understand their place but I’m learning to embrace it. Yes I’m a pick me, I want men to affirm me, I... #

393 words | 2 |4.00

my pantie fetish

We were both 14 , very close friends . Always with each other , and visiting our homes . We had been close since we were 7 . I had never thought about Maz sexually . This summer i had... #

629 words | 0 |4.20

The Physical Therapist

Amy was a red haired woman of 30. She was 5’8 with a slender build and with B cup tits. Phil is a Physical Therapy Assistant. He was 6 foot 7, muscular and handsome. Phil was at her... #

2082 words | 2 |4.27

Addiction to dick smell

Does anyone else love the smell of their boyfriend/husband’s dick, their own dick, or even just the smell of dick generally? #

201 words | 7 |3.67

Shadow Patrol

The sparse raindrops clung to the rusty shutters of a dirty bar that stood on the corner of a grimy city street. The neon sign flickered hesitantly, casting a faint light on the faces... #

1238 words | 0 |3.88

Conductor and violinist

I wanted to fuck her as soon as I saw that stern young face immersed in music. Irishka, a student at the conservatory, was a thin, beautiful brunette with a fashionable haircut (where... #

1456 words | 0 |4.25

Paypig for goddess

he London Underground is fairly quiet considering it’s a Saturday afternoon. There are only 4 more stops until Oxford Circus. My mouth is incredibly dry, and I can feel my heart... #

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A collage professer pt1

I m a thirty five yr old collage professer with 32dd tits fit body and great looks, after a class one day I had one of my guy students in my office to talk about his grade in my class... #

402 words | 4 |4.09