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What I Desire

Two highschool sweethearts been marry for 1&1/2 years.They are happily and deeply in love.Except here lately sex for the wife has been kind of dull. #

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Accidental encounter

In South Africa, Eskom ( Electric power supplier own by Government) implented load shedding. Lemme me introduce myself. I am known as Rider from my soccer playing days. The name stuck.... #

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A true die hard ass man

I remember about ten years ago I was in a adult book and video store and me the clerk and married couple were having small talk about things I cannot fully remember,but I do remember... #

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Sex Jokes and Riddles

I don’t own a few of them but I’ve changed them to my own liking. For the rest of them, I’ve created them on my own. Feel free to share them #

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Just Being A Nice Cousin/Pimp

My cousin wasn’t able to bang her swim coach. She was depressed and embarrassed. I couldn’t let her suffer when I knew there was someone else… #

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Gag Gift

A little sister catches her big sister in the act, so they have to have a little talk… #

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New Girl at School

In a small town with my minister dad, most people try to at least appear to blend in, but this new soccer coach and his family are different #

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Color Wheel

“Uh!” She came to the door. “What?” She held it open, “Scott’s not here.” She looked down, and pulled her jacket out. “Is it something... #

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Mr. E Dance

Elvis Costello (My Aim is True) A continuation of CU rAider, from the victim’s PoV… #

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Bachlorette party

Before Mark and I married my friends threw me a Bachlorette party and Mark also was picked his friends #

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Raped by classmates

Hi, my name is Lulu i’m a 14 year old girl. I’m kinda chubby and i have big tits. This is the story of when my classmate raped me. This happened last year, i had a few guy friends... #

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Good Kids Who Couldn’t Wait

We’d been holding out, but we couldn’t help ourselves. But after the time we fucked in the bathroom at church, that made it even harder. #

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New invention goes wrong

This is my story of enduring the most shameful day of my life. I made a big mistake by leaving the house and getting trapped in crowded places. I’m a straight guy but I love prostate... #

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crazy online chat

since I was 15 I love going on online chat rooms and sexting random older men. Though I have a boyfriend now I love very much I still very much enjoy sexting with other people on the... #

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