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Good Kids Who Couldn’t Wait

We’d been holding out, but we couldn’t help ourselves. But after the time we fucked in the bathroom at church, that made it even harder. #

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New invention goes wrong

This is my story of enduring the most shameful day of my life. I made a big mistake by leaving the house and getting trapped in crowded places. I’m a straight guy but I love prostate... #

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crazy online chat

since I was 15 I love going on online chat rooms and sexting random older men. Though I have a boyfriend now I love very much I still very much enjoy sexting with other people on the... #

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Outdoors Fail

It was late at night when Mr. Pain met his girlfriend at that party, in the Universities…Lights were off, music was loud and the atmospere full of smoke, alcohol and swet was... #

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Looking for Sugar Daddy

A recent story of mine was a a frat party. I was vibing, drinking, having fun with my friends and a guy had came up to me. He was brushing up on me and I had no complaints. Few words... #

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First time with a white girl

Back in college I used to be the “massage guy” people would come to me for massages. I had a friend with two white roommates and I gave a room full of women all massages. I tend... #

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My Favorite Lebanese Sausage

I was only 23 when I came to Dubai to work. Just newly separated from my ex husband who was my first in everything. I met Loc, my favorite Lebanese “sausage” in the first company... #

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Rent-A-Daughter – Part V

Chapter Twenty: Tomorrow? In surprise, I shifted in the bed to look directly at her, and almost knocked her off me. “What?” “Everything’s already packed. I almost wasn’t going... #

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Rent-A-Daughter – Part IV

Chapter Sixteen: “Where have you been?” her mother demanded. I hadn’t noticed before, but she spoke with a slight accent, something that sounded a bit Slavic, maybe Russian, but... #

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Rent-A-Daughter – Part III

Chapter Eleven: I didn’t plan on it, but when we saw each other again, once more we took things to a new level. In my apartment, she started to undress again like it was an everyday... #

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Rent-A-Daughter – Part II

Chapter Six: When I came out, I found Maddy lying on the very top of my couch, arms outstretched, like she was flying. It was adorable, and I smiled genuinely. She grinned back at me.... #

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Rent-A-Daughter – Part I

She’s a twelve-year-old girl with the idea to make some extra money by giving childless people the experience of raising a daughter. He’s a socially isolated comic-book... #

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