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A collage professer pt1

I m a thirty five yr old collage professer with 32dd tits fit body and great looks, after a class one day I had one of my guy students in my office to talk about his grade in my class... #

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GloryHoles, The Addiction

Growing up there was an older part of town, filled with mostly closed stores. Only three stores seemed to be open every day. A beat up Liquor Store, and across the street an equally... #

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First bi experience

I was out of town on business staying at a nice hotel. I was horny and bored so I started reading the Craigslist personals. I realized all the women ads were scams and fakes so I was... # # #

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Dad becomes sugardaddy of daughters bestfriend

My name is Roger and I have been happily married to my wife, Maryanne, for over thirty years. I deeply love my wife and have to say that marrying her was the best thing I ever did in... #

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Main from Heaven

The life of a virgin young man changes when a Innocent Village woman begins working as a maid for him… #

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Second Day of Our Honeymoon

I just married my husband and it was the second day of our honeymoon. We arrived yesterday and we fucked all afternoon and night. My husband destroyed my pussy and ass and I really... #

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Moonlight Affair

The room was dark except for the moonlight coming through the terrace glass doors and the small candles surrounding the bed. The bathroom door opens and you step out wearing a wisp... #

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Bought daughters teacher a dildo

Was on the school council at my daughters school and had to visit a teacher at her home on a few occasions and we hit it off. I’d known her since she was very young and lived near... #

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The old furniture store

The first thing that Jennifer, when she walked into the old furniture store was the smell of the dust everywhere and, smell of furniture oil in the air. Senses she took in the small... #

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Sharing fantasies Pt1

My girlfriend and I have an active sex life and to spice things up a bit she asked me on bed one night, who did I think was the hottest celebrity? It wasn’t that much of a surprise... #

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Naughty teacher

Yes its a true story I was teaching night classes one year to supplement my income. I had about 12 students, all girls ages varying from 18 to 60. One in particular, Tiffany, stood... #

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Secret life of a nun pt1

When I became a nun I learned that I also became a slut of the faith,I m twenty four with 34 dd tits and an athletic body, I decided to become a nun and when I was accepted to the nunnery... #

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At the pool pt1 & 2

I m a 30 yr old single woman with 32 cc tits and a wonderful body ,I went to my apartment complexes poll one day wearing my bikini,after relaxing for a short time I decided to go swimming... # # #

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“Sasquatch” Bigfoot Story Part 1

My dad and uncle are on the search for a creature many call “Sasquatch” of Bigfoot. I also travel with dad and uncle on there research trips. My name is Angelia i’m... #

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Camping Trip

We’ve both been talking about this day and waiting for months and now it has finally arrived. It’s been a long flight from your home to mine but even though you’re... #

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Reasons why I’m single

Reason number 1: I dress like a slut and I like showing off – I literally went on a date today and wore a mini skirt and a tub top that barely covered my tits – once at... #

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Another story made by NovelAi

John wanted to masturbate, so he clicked on the computer in the darkly lit room. He went to a porn site and started watching some videos of women eating out men’s cocks. John... #

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I Was A Masseuse

I wasn’t married at the time so I had to work to support myself. I was a bartender, but when the bar closed I had to do something else. I was taking massage courses to have something... #

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Motel Theme Rooms

This started awhile ago. I was working in a go go bar and the dancers told me about this motel that had theme rooms. When I started dating Rocky, about a month into the relationship,... #

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No time for pimps the end

I have no time for little bitches! ? Is why do these haters keep reading my stories if my writing is so shitty. I know you are thinking maybe this time it’s actually readable... # # #

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Reading a book written by a youngster excites Zarina, #

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I have a question for some thoughts

Its funny, since I saw this site and started thinking about all the things that has happened to me throughout my life I realized after reading many of these stories, I was right. You... #

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My gym membership pt 1

I m twenty five brunette with 34 dd tits and a slim figure I wanted to stay in shape so I joined a gym , little did I know what what was going to happen. I went into the gym one afternoon... #

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