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Panty sniffing

Im a guy thats 34 years of age now, but i still remember to this day the panties and pantyhose fetish that i had over this yound chinese lady around 30 years of age at the time. I was... #

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Boss and threesome sex

After getting a handsome job I was the happiest woman in the world. But when my Boss started to flirt at first I objected. But due to compulsions and pressure I had to budge in and... #

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Wife’s desire to act in Porn Movies

During our honeymoon days I, to make my wife sexually active and educative, used to show her porn videos and have a good collection of porn material as library. I also taught her how... #

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My wife Tina is my personal pornstar. She loves for me to take pictures of her, and will fuck at any given moment. #

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Mom’s Ex Ate My Pussy Better Than Anyone

So, I was in a time of my life that I did a lot of drugs and one was meth. This particular time, I went to visit a family that I had grown up with. After a while, I asked about their... #

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finger trap jerking

Friend slept at mine on a Friday after school and we were playing in my room making paper animals and we got our cocks stuck in a finger trap. #

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Fucking a cute innocent real tight preteen at backyard treehouse #

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