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I married a hooker 2

So she could get a Green Card. The stupid bitches all try and steal from me said Dimitri, now your going to see how I remind them who owns who. #

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I’ll give you the best orgasm online and trust me you’ll feel heaven with me #

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This is a request for gaping pussy queen I didn’t know what animals to choose so I just chose wolfs I guess #

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Tommy and his sex doll present

Tommy Johnson heard the doorbell ring few minutes after he’d settled down to watch the rerun of a baseball game and wondered who could be calling at that time.Despite the fact... #

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Unwanted orgasm in public

The headline sums it pretty up. I had an really big orgasm while sitting in the bus and this is my story. I’m a 20 years old guy I’m straight and I’m addicted to orgasms.... #

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Wheelchair lady gets fuck by handsome stud

I met a girl from my past I was 28 she was 27 we have first knew each other from elementary school or in our area of the state it was called middle School. I meant her mother and her... #

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I need a good fuck, seriously I need a good fuck I really need a cock a big cock #

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Female Hysterior

Sexually suppressed Victorian London in the early 1900, female hysteria as it was called them, was rampant. Dr. Bingham special in its treatment. #

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Big sister gives a little brother a boner

My name is Ben and I loved to get naked with my sisters I was just 10 and my little sister was 6years old and my oldest sister was 12 . We were out side on a hot summer day and I said... #

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