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Revenge of the Nerd

My neighbor’s daughter was the same age as me growing up. As we grew into teenagers she was kind of hot and I was kind of not. Lol. I got heavier and she got prettier. She would... #

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Am I wrong?

I work in the casino as a first responder. I do security when there’s no medicals going on. They recently hired a new slot tech, Melissa. Techs fix the slot machines when necessary.... #

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Not interested

So there is this homely chick where I work. I don’t know what she has but she has mood swings like crazy. One minute she is super nice the next she is super crazy and mean. Of... #

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Jeckyl, Hyde and Captain America

I was down in the dumps. A week ago my girlfriend dumped me for someone else and the heartache is such a bitch. My good buddy Mike was trying to cheer me up. He and his girl were going... #

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The company Christmas party

From when she was a little girl Jessica has always dreamed about being fucked by Santa. Fiction, MF, Oral, cum swallowing, pussy eating and just fun. #

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Well, one night, a girl and I were going at it pretty heavily in a parking lot after a date. While driving her home, she began giving me a little road head. I was getting really fired... #

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dragon hermaphrodite

The sun’s rays woke me from my sleep in my cave, I yawned heavily unhappy with the early wake-up call. I got out slowly and looked around, in the distance I could see a city of... #

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My son the bully

My name is Julie I am a single mum with one son named Danny who is eighteen and in college. I currently have a part-time job working in a clothing store selling clothes for both men... #

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Use Me

Mark meets an exotic girl who invites him to have his way with her voluptuous body. #

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Rape Lifestyle

Before being married off to my husband, my virginity was taken by my father. It was as a teaching technique and I had to learn how to stay silent, bear pain and allow myself to be used... #

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Red pilled?

so i just recently learned what the term “red pilled” means and i honestly think that’s what is happening to me. so a little bit of background to start. i’m 23 and am a very... #

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The Strangest Thing Part 3

What happens when your perfect world gets turned upside down? The weirdness has already begun, but it’s about to get a lot stranger… #

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The Strangest Thing Part 2

What happens when your perfect world is turned upside down? Where the only person that could understand fell down the rabbit hole with you. #

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Coming home from work

I just wanted to share what happened yesterday with my husband, it’s all I can think about today 🔥. Yesterday I texted my hubby while he was working that I’m so wet and horny,... #

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my confession

I’m 16 and love to masturbate to videos of old men having sex or sex stories about old men. I feel disgusting about it. My life is pretty normal except for that part. Recently,... #

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Me and Your Mom

“Ooh..Yes!… Right there! Right there!” I thrust my cock Into her and she moans more, “ughh… Im gonna cum!” Before I knew it all that creamy white... #

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Anal game

My boyfriend keeps wanting to have anal sex with me. My big concern is it being painful so I have been semi successful in evading the situation but he keeps hounding me about it. I... #

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Sex at the college party

I start licking her pussy while she starts giving me a blowjob. It was the most erotic thing I had ever experienced. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ella taking her pants and shirt... #

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A Surprise At The Party

I was at a party. A typical college party. Beer flowed from kegs and cigarette smoke filled the house. Men all moved about desperately trying to be cool and attractive for the ladies.... # #

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#scat Many years back We grew up pour, and we did not eat vary well It was just me (12 year old girl) and my mom , we had no one else There was this one time that I was constipated... #

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My first anal

We fix dinner and sat out back in the yard. I asked her if she wanted to stay the night, to which she said yes. We went back up a short while later😉. I ask if she wanted to shower,... #

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How I met my first hot granny

#granny #gerontophilia #GILF Have you noticed something about grannies? They seem to be getting so much younger and more attractive these days. When I used to hear the word ‘grannie’... #

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Lord Frieza fun

Lord Frieza was on earth in his final form as he decided to live there and wear girl clothes and act like a girl #

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My twisted mind

I’m horny all the time and I can’t stop thinking about sex, my fantasies have gotten way out of control. Let me share some with you. #

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