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My sister the preteen cam model 1

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Discovering My 11 year old sisters secret naughty side

Growing up,, my little sister had always been pretty much my best friend. We were raised by a single mom who worked hard to provide for us, which meant most nights I would watch my sister while mom worked. Mom was an exotic dancer, something I always had to keep a secret from my friends.

My sister was 4 years younger than me and we shared so many interests, so we always had something to do until late in the evening. Shelly was beautiful, short, petite, with sandy blonde hair and deep blue eyes, her smile was beautiful and sweet. Just before she turned 11, I noticed the budding breasts start to push out her tshirt. It was in that moment that I became infatuated with her in a way that a brother shoildnt feel about his little sister.

It was just after her 11th birthday that she started hanging out with a new group of friends and wouldn’t get home from school until late in the evening. She became more secretive, never saying where she went or what she was doing. Her clothes became shorter and tighter. Which set my teenage hormones on fire. Seeing her breasts develop, seeing her bare lags and her bare stomach. I began madturbating to thoughts of her.

Mom didn’t seem to care how Shelly was dressing or that her friends were known troublemakers. Mom had even started to teach Shelly how to put on makeup and bought her the short and tight clothes that she wore. When Shelly got home, she would instantly go to her room and lock herself away for the rest of the night on her laptop.

At school, I started to hear rumors about a girl named Sadie, the guys would talk about seeing her cam chats and how hot she looked when she got naked. I was curious about this girl and began trying to figure out the website. Once I had the address written down, my best friend pulled me aside

“Dude, you don’t want to go to that website, at least not for Sadie”

“Why, what’s wrong with her”

“I don’t know how else to say it, but Sadie is yout sister” he said, my whole world was rocked with that news

“How? She is only 11” I replied

“On there she claims to be 18, she shares the chat site with your mom also’

It was at that point that I was rendered speechless. My mom had been another source of fantasies. The gorgeous busty blonde woman who dressed just as skimpy as Shelly around the house. I tucked the piece of paper with the web address on my pocket and thanked him for telling me before I went to the site and found out.

That evening, I was in my room reading. Mom was at work, and I finally heard Shelly get home around 8:30. I heard her bedroom door close shortly after she got home. I took the piece of paper from my pocket, should I go on the website? Did I want to see my sister in a way that a brother shoildnt, did I want to watch my underage sister do who knows what on an adult site?

I said fuck it in my mind and opened my laptop, opened my browser and typed in the address. The header read “Sadie and Precious”. The chat was starting to fill up with guys as the screen said the chat would start soon with an hourglass over the gray rectangle.

At 9:00 the hourglass disappeared and there was my sister sitting on her bed in black bra and panties. Her makeup was done in a way that made her look older than 11, I could see how people would be fooled into thinking she was 18. Seeing my little sister in lingerie gave me an instant boner. I couldn’t help but undo my pants and start to slowly stoke as my eyes examined my preteen sisters body

She seemed so confident as she responded to the men and women that were commenting in the chat box, at an increasing pace I saw the words that someone had tipped her. Hiw much money was my little sister making

“Thank you all for the tips, I’ve reached the first goal” she said with a smile

That was when she unhooked her bra and let it fall down her arms and she tossed it aside. My little sisters breasts were on display and they looked amazing. I was still slowly stroking my cock when she leaned forward ans picked up a wand vibrator and leaned back on one elbow. She started to rub her crotch with it. My little sister was at a level of hotness that I never imagined possible.

The tips continued to pour in, she was putting on a show with the vobrator. She smiled and announced she had reached the next goal. She put the vibrator down and I watched my 11 year old sister slide her panties down her skinny and sexy legs. Her bald pussy now on display for all to see. My heart raced as I started to masturbate a little faster. Shelly was masturbating for the viewers on the website and the tips were pouring in even faster. She was moving the vibrator faster over her young pussy and moaning, nit loud enough to hear it through the walls. My eyes were locked on her pussy as I brought myself to orgasm. I laid there watching the rest of the show until she brought herself to orgasm and ended the chat.

Laying there, I started to concoct my plan, I needed to get closer to her without her knowing it was me. Before falling asleep, I knew that I needed a burner phone and a prepaid credit card, I also knew where mom stashed her tip money from dancing and had been sneaking a little money here and there that supplemented the money mom gave me each week for staying home with Shelly.

I knew what I was about to embark on was forbidden by society, but I didn’t care. I had seen my preteen sister naked and I needed more of her

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    This is an Excellent story. It really grips the Imagination making it seem like you are really there doing it to sandy your self. Wich is Excellent as I love reading
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    Wow that is big wow can’t wait for part. 2

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    There’s definitely nothing better than your preteen sister

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