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13 year sucking off her dog

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Hey guys I sucked on my dog’s dick today! I hope y’all enjoy reading about my first sexual encounter

So I have been pretty well versed with sex and stuff since I was 10. I saw my mom masturbating in the kitchen one day and ever since then I started doing lots of google searches and stuff. I masturbate almost every night using my ipad. Yesterday when I was looking through some sites I found a video of a woman sucking off her dog. I never even considered the idea that dogs had sex too until now. My family has a great dane and I heard they have the hugest cock sizes. I started planning it out. My plan was to wait until my parents went to sleep then at 1 I was going to sneak downstairs and go to the garage where my dog sleeps for the night. Everything went according to plan and I got to the garage. I started by slowly rubbing his penis trying to get the skin to peel back and expose the dick. After some time I successfully got him erect. I started by licking his cock with my tongue then slowly started suckling on the tip. He kept whining and I eventually started giving him a blowjob. His knot was so big. After a good 10 minutes or so of sucking he finally came. I tried drinking it all but I ended up making a mess all over myself. I have to admit This was super fun. I’m kind of excited to see if I can fit him inside. Does anyone have any tips? I want his doggy dick inside of me so bad. I’ll be doing it sometime this week so please tell me anything I should know for my first tine. Oh also if you have any questions about me feel free to ask, I enjoy answering sexual questions.

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  • Reply Just a filthy slut ID:1cp0nzn0opxp

    Oh I loved letting our dog lick my pussy. I started when I was 11 and it was my favorite thing to do when I was alone. I’m grown now and it’s been a while but would definitely love to do it again!

  • Reply ade le carré ID:4bn00en3fia

    Any chance any 1 wants wank with me over my horns story. .I’ve been waiting my whole life to find like minded people. …let’s get in on

  • Reply ade le carré ID:4bn00en3fia

    I thought I was alone…I love sex with dogs …and I’m a big fat cat. 100%in to everything

  • Reply Dott ID:28xm8yx743

    100% fake

  • Reply Chris ID:9ypp41melrt

    I would love to watch this and even do something with you if you want. Email me [email protected]

  • Reply Kim ID:1dpj9ibyt7ra

    I want some

    • James ID:4bn00en3fia

      Hi kim where are you from. I want some too that would be lovely

  • Reply Horny Hoe ID:1cqqsdzbb85i

    I want my dog to lick me but he won’t do it, so now I’m left bein horny

    • Rico Suave ID:2wcg8yx6ib

      Two words: Peanut Butter

    • Baddaddy ID:1dy6yk1ua2kl

      Rub peanut butter on that pussy and ass

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    You are a100% filthy slut and I love you. We could swing with other couples. All bi of course. Have you eaten pussy yet. How old are you. Under 18 I hope, Under 14 would be even better. You could come and live with me. I have a yellow lab. Might not be as big as your great dane, but you would like it I’m sure. Let’s talk

    • Doggy style for life ID:1dhyk2clqy9f

      Put cream or peanut butter down there

    • Doggy style for life ID:1dhyk2clqy9f

      All you have to do is put cream peanut butter anything a dog likes rub it on your vagina and butthole down your handsome days your hands and knees the dog will automatically put his nose between your butt cheeks record it show it to us

  • Reply John ID:e5w0yxia3tf

    When I was younger .. my neighbors .. let me hous-sit .. for them and earn a few bucks on the side. ..watching and feeding their dog was also part of the job … I went over the house to check on everything to make sure everything was okay .. also to make sure the dog and plenty of food and water …I was “:Horny” that morning .. so I sat in the kitchen chair and pulled down my pants .. I called the dog to come over to me … the dog walked over and finally was so close that the dog’s face was only a couple inches from my now “hard !” erect circumsized cock getting himto lick the tip of my cock and suck on my mushroom shaped cock head I got him to do it and Damn the sensations of the dogs mouth on my cock ..well I ws in heaven !!!!

    • Steven H. ID:2wcg8yx6ib

      When I was 12 my female cousin said she’d let the dog hump her if I did it too. I wanted to see her do that so I agreed. So she got on all fours and the dog was humping her like he was actually fucking. It was great. When he did it to me she laughed. Long story short, one thing led to another and she pulled down her shorts and the dog really stuck its dick in her. My own dick got hard watching this. However, as soon as he was done, she said I had to do it too. I said hell no. She told me that I had said I would. I said I didn’t agree to let him stick it in for real. She said if I pulled down my shorts and let him just hump, then fine, but if its dick went in my butt, I had to let it do it. Finally she talked me into it. Of course after about 3 humps the damn dog’s dick went right up my butt. My cousin laughed her ass off and said if I jumped up I had to start all over so I better just let it do its thing. Anyway, I did and it was embarrassing. She thought it was funny as hell.

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    I would love try sucking a dogs cock

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    We have five Great Danes we’ve rescued over a years time and the one thing they fell into a windfall because my wife and I enjoy using them on her. I’ll help her suck and fuck them for hours. Wish I had ten more

  • Reply Chloe ID:57vwz5d66mr

    I’m still too young to do stuff like sucking or anything but I’m 11 and let my dog lick me every day some times a few times a day whenever I’m home alone

    • ILUVDOGPORN ID:1dbexvdja3vi

      Where can I chat with u about sexual stuff with your dog. Reading your comment made my dick hard.

    • Doggydog ID:3vi1l2ug8rb

      You sound pretty sweet!!

    • Rueben ID:1ck6x9ja7v7r

      11 year old pretty pussy…

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      Ruben, I would love to put a rope around your neck and hang you from a tree.

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      I seen my daughter 12 and her 14 year old friend in the pool area they was letting my bull terrier licking their little pussy,s out and watch my daughter jerk off the dog and help put him in side her they didn’t believe it when I said do you want help her friend was in heaven the dog had just knotted her after 10 mins he lost his knott she was dripping with cum later that day they told me they do it quite often I sat and watched her friend help the dog licks her out beautiful sight

    • Brent ID:1ftmz4qd9i

      My cousin Kathy and her friend love letting my dog lick their pussy.,s love watching their smooth little pussy drip with cum. You got one very lucky dog how long have you been letting the dog lick your hot little pussy Chloe

    • Anonymous ID:pq3rj4hhon5

      You are 11 your not to young for anything you do sexually. But guys over 18 are legally too old to do anything with you. But with your dog is not a bad place to start

    • Josh ID:1bfepuyz6i9

      Very nice I would have liked too watched that then lick and fuck u myself and u suck my dick xx

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      Your never too young

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      I would love to put my big black dick inside of you message me

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    Let the dogs cock in your ass and mouth full of dogs cock filled with cum in both holes

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    Love you sucking dog cock all the cum squirting as it is cumming till the end when you get to fuck him

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      Mommy tell me more

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    Next time record and post it

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    Honestly getting so proud to be apart of this generation. I love the feeling of fucking, sucking and getting licked by a dog. Amazing.

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      Id lick all the of that dog cum out of you

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    First time I did it was my neighbor’s dog. After that I was hook so hot

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      You still f****** the dog

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    Ive sucked dog cocks since i was 10 and still love it. I let them fuck and knot my ass too.

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      I want it too pls

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      Me too I started at that age

    • Steven H. ID:2wcg8yx6ib

      @Me I was 12 when I did it.

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    I like reading these taboos on net. Years ago we had to house and pet sit for my husbands parents when they went abroad for their anniversary. She had two thoroughbred labs with all those documents about bloodlines etc. She took good care of them and even left a recipe on how i must prepare their good. They got our phones connected to their security system so we can also monitor things online of we’re busy.
    When we went over to feed the dogs they always came over and stuck their noses between my legs and when i bent down to put food into their bowls they try moumting. So we got a little suspicious. Lomg story but when they got back home we saw via their security cctv how my mother in law does all sorts of things with those dogs while father in law watches and joins in.

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    Omg I just went and house sitting at my sisters house while they were gone two weeks on holidays she has a male and female dogs big dogs I sucked that dogs cock than I let him fuck me while I ate the other dogs pussy was awesome 2 weeks I need dogs their always horny

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    My husband has tons of all sorts of porn including animal stuff with all sorts of animals. I’ve seen those but never bothered much. But during the total lockdown during covid i was incredibly bored and started touching and exploring our rotties. It was fun. Surprisingly. Lol

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    Dogs are amazing and there cock wow my gf loves it

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      My dog fucks me every night we have a relation between us
      One day i saw him horny and gave him a blow job ever since when ever i’am sleeping he comes to me and licks my pussy he even tears it sometime

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    I had a 3 some with my male and female dogs sucking my dogs cock and eating and fucking my other dogs pussy it was so awesome…. love it

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    Just do it I was 12 when I first sucked and fucked the family dog and I’m now 71 and had many dogs do me, go for it sweetheart.

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      When I was 12 I got a German shepherd male dog and he would come to bed with me at night id shut the door and id suck his cock atleast a couple times a day always got turned on making him cum

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    • Rueben ID:1ck6x9ja7v7r

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      Glad I’m not the only mature person on here.
      67 M, very active.

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    Try putting socks or something on his feet because he’s going to scratch the fuck out of you

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      My dogs would have the biggest hard cocks around me. They always wanted to get their nose between my legs. They’d follow me around and bite my butt and make me squeal. One day the boys cornered me. Both their cocks were throbbing trying to taste my pussy. There was so much of the red part sticking out and it was all wet with precut. It turned me on so much. I slid my panties over and exposed my big clit and one of them starting sucking on it

      Drove me wild.
      I got down on the floor so I could spread my legs wide open so they would lick my asshole all the way up to my clit.

      One of the boys really liked my clit snd was sucking on it and the other was tongue fucking both my holes and I started jerking off one of them. I coaxed his big cock to my mouth and sucked on it until he flooded my mouth with hot cum. He wouldn’t stop Cumming. It was like a fountain.
      So much fucking cum
      It was so hot.

      I want to know what that jack hamnering cock knot feels like in my pussy as his cum shoots stream after stream flooding me, filling me to the top.
      Then have my other one lick it out and suck on my clit some more.
      They loved my huge tits too.
      The one that sucked my clit loved to suck my tits too.
      I looked forward yo being alone with both of them every chance I got after that time they put me in the corner.

      They loved their cocks getting sucked on.
      They’d come lay in front of me with throbbing pulsating cocks, precum drooling from them knowing I’d have to suck on it.

      My pussy is throbbing so hard right now.
      I miss having horny male dogs to suck on and I miss the way they tongue fucked my ass and my pussy and suckled on my clit.

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