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Innocent Little Ann

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My favorite day when I was 16 was when I took care of my 7 year old sister

Ann and I had a pretty busy day. It was a pretty hot day so we decided to get ice cream then we went to the pool. I of course had to help her get dressed.. but damn a swimsuit looked good on her. When I helped her get dressed, it was hard not to lick her little virgin pussy. It was beautiful without any hair on it. When we got back from the pool Ann told me she wanted to take a bath, of course by now I knew I had to help her. This was my chance to touch her. This was my chance to try and lick her little pussy. We went to her bedroom and I locked the bathroom door once we were inside. I got on my knees after pulling off her top. I took off her swimsuit bottoms and ‘accidentally’ rubbed her clit with my finger. I pretended not to notice I had done this, but she squirmed ever so slightly when I did that it turned me on. I stood before walking over and turning on the bathtub. I looked back her and smiled.
“Jack, I feel weird.” She said softly. I frowned and got on my knees.
“What’s wrong?” I asked softly.
“I feel.. I dunno.. tingly?” She mumbled. I smiled when she looked away.
“Where at, sweetie?” I asked, dropping my smile. She gestured at her pussy. I reached up and touched her clit. “Here?” I asked as I started to rub it gently. She let out a whine and nodded. I moved my hand before licking her clit. She whined and tried to pull away. I grabbed her hips roughly, making sure she wasn’t going anywhere.
“Jack stop!” She cried but I just continued to lick her pussy. I stopped for a minute and slowly stood, still holding her hips.
“God.. you’re so hot.. I’ve been wanting to touch you for years.” I said as I slid one finger into her tight pussy. “Ever since I caught you humping the couch when you were 5.” I smirked as she squirmed, holding back whines and moans. I added a second finger inside of her as I started to get hard. “Just relax.. I’m going to make you feel so good.” I promised.
“Y-You will?” She asked, starting to hump against my wrist.
“I will.. all you have to do is three things.” I whispered before she nodded. “One, dont tell anyone about this. Two, come into my room nightly so I can make you feel good. Three, dont let anyone else touch you here. Okay?” I asked. She smiled.
“Ok, easy.” She said before moaning. I immediately stopped when I heard the front door close. I picked up Ann and put her in the bath before I sucked my fingers clean, the taste of her pussy like heaven. I heard our parents walking upstairs so I quickly unlocked the door before sitting by the side of the tub. They walked in and smiled at us before telling us they were going to bed. After they left the room and went to their room downstairs. “Tomorrow night… come to my room.” I told her softly.

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