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First Time Having Sex with my 14 year old Son (True Story)

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True story of how I took advantage of my son being sick and had sex… enjoy!

Hey. Most of you guys remember me from the story where my brother brutally raped me. I got lots of negative comments on it, some being that the story was fake or it was wrong of me to suggest that I wanted my daughters to be raped. Well, all I would like to say is that I don’t really care if you think that my story is fake. If you choose not to believe my story, then that’s on you. But I was really raped by my brother at the age of 12 and I prefer telling my story cause I still find it hot to this day and I would like to introduce my children to something of that extent. Well, I have finally succeeded to seduce my teenage son and here’s the story. 😉

So, 2 weeks ago, my son Kevin (who is 14) was sick and had somewhat of a cough, runny nose,etc. But the main thing was that he had shivers at night. Now, some backstory. I’ve caught my son Kevin looking at me and checking me out multiple times when I would come out for the bathroom or when I would wear really tight pants that would show off my ass. I mean, what more can you expect from a teenage boy who is obviously horny all the time. Since I loved incest after what my brother did to me, I decided to act upon my sexual urges and fantasies of my son. So after dinner that day, I gave Kevin some cough syrup (i gave him a bit more than he needed) so he would “feel better”. Afterwards, he went to bed. After that, i went to my room, rolled up a joint, smoked it and began to masturbate lightly to some incest porn on my laptop to get in the mood. After about 10 minutes or so, i was feeling pretty fucking horny (and high) so i closed the laptop, threw out the joint, and crept into kevin’s bedroom
i saw kevin shivering under his blanket so i decided to go “warm him up”
i went to the other side of the bed and slipped into bed
my motherly instincts took over first so i checked his forehead and felt it was quite hot
but he was still shivering somehow
so i decided to rub his body a little bit
i started with his chest and just slowly rubbed my hands over it so he would get warmer
about 5 minutes or so later, i guess he awoke because he called out “mom?”
his voice sounded pretty sore
so i hushed him and said “yes… it’s me. I’m trying to help you feel wamer. don’t worry.”
and i continued to massage his chest
but he was still shivering so i told him to get closer to me
i turned to the side so my ass was facing him (i was just wearing my yoga pants and a red pantie underneath)
i slid up real close to him and made sure i positioned my ass right next to his crotch
kevin didn’t make any attempts to move away but he also didn’t make any attempts to touch me or hold me
he remained very rigid for a copule of minutes before i finally felt his dick slowly becoming erect
i guess he was becoming stressed and nervous that i would notice so he tried to move away
but i didn’t let him and pulled him closer
i told him “you need the body heat. don’t move away. it’s fine”
i felt kevin nervously sigh and his boner kept on getting bigger
until finally it was fully erect and i felt it poking my already wet pussy
i smiled as i felt it twitch against my wet pussy
after a minute or so, i reached over with my hand and touched it through his pants
“what is this?” i asked mockingly to my son
“i’m sorry mom, i really am, mom.” he said, growing nervous and anxious
it was really funny as i watched him sweat over what i would do to him
“its ok… it’s just natural” i told him as i slowly rubbed his dick through his pants
“mom.. what are you doing?” he said as i kept on rubbing his dick
“just trying to keep you warm, kevin. now be quiet and try to go to sleep.” i told him
after a while, i felt his breath quicken so i knew he was about to cum
but i couldn’t let him cum without even fucking me first
so i stopped stroking him, got up real quick, took off my leggings and panties, and got into bed again
i was really horny now and i put my soaking wet panties in front of his face
his reaction when i slid into bed naked and my panties on his face was amazing
“mom! what are you doing?” he said, clearly confused but still pretty horny as i felt his dick poking my ass still
“shhhh… just be quiet and smell it.” i told kevin as i turned around on my side to face him and i rubbed my panties on his face
he let out a soft moan as he sniffed it and the wetness rubbed onto his face
i smiled and began to kiss his forehead as he began to sniff the panties by himself
i felt his dick poking my pussy now so i slowly touched it and guided it towards my pussy
my son gasped
“mom… are you sure?” he asked, scared.
i gave him another kiss on the forehead and told him “yes. anything to make you feel better.”
and with that, i slowly put his dick inside my pussy
he let out a moan as he lost his virginity to his mom
i made him shush so his sisters wouldn’t hear
when his full cock was inside of me, i let him take over
he grabbed my hips and pulled me closer as he started going in and out
i moaned as this was possibly the best feeling ever
feeling your son fuck you in the pussy
and being high made it even better
he was moaning too but it was really hard as his dick kept on slipping out due to the weird position we were in
so i made him stop and i turned over so i was in missionary
i told him to get on top of me as i spread my legs
my son moaned and he shoved his dick into my pussy again
i can’t tell you how hot it was as i saw him through the darkness fuck me
it was so erotic
i made him bend over and we began kissing on the lips as we were fucking
he was a pretty good kisser for being a virgin… i was actually impressed
he bent down to kiss my neck too as he kept on slowly pounding me
i put my legs around him in order to get him closer to me as he fucked me
i couldn’t take how hot it was anymore and i came before my son did
i moaned into his neck as he kept on fucking me and soon after i came, i felt him cum too as he twitched inside my pussy
he slumped on top of me as he began kissing me intensely now
we were both sweating hard and gasping for air
he rolled over and smiled at me and told me “i love you mom.”
i smiled and kissed him once
“shh, now try to sleep now. I’ll try to help out some more.” i said as i got down in the blanket and saw his dick slowly becoming flaccid again
i grabbed his dick and slowly put it in my mouth and licked it clean
i heard my son give a soft moan and i continued to slowly lick it
his dick didn’t get erect again but i didn’t care because his flacid dick meant that he was falling asleep
i continued to suck on it even after i heard him lightly snore
after about half an hour, i was also pretty tired so i got up, gave him one last kiss, and turned around and slept with my ass right next to his dick (in case he needed to fuck again the middle of the night)
i woke up this morning and felt my son tap me on the arm
he sounded anixous and scared
“mom, mom… i’m so sorry. i feel really bad for taking advantange of you. mom… please i’m so sorry.”
he was pratically crying
i guess he didn’t remember much due to the cough medicine i gave him or he was too out of it last night to remember what happened
so i calmed him down
and i explained to him what happened
and that it was fairly consensual 😉
and its ok that we did incest
because we love each other and that’s what people who love each other do
it dosen’t matter if we are related by blood or anything
he seemed to calm down and i smiled and kissed him on his lips
he didn’t kiss me back at first but after a while he started kissing me back and really intensely too
he got on top of me again and pulled down his pants
i smiled and opened my legs for him
he slid it in and started moaning like crazy as began fucking me
he started kissing me again and making out with me with intensity
i looked into his eyes as we were fucking and it was so erotic
he fucked me in missonary for about 5 minutes or so before he told me he wanted to try something different
i asked him what and he said he wanted to try fucking me in doggy style
i laughed and said sure as i turned around and got on all fours for him
he moaned and held my hips as he slowly thrust into me
this time he wasn’t fucking me slowly anymore but instead he was fucking me with vigor
i was having a hard time trying not to cum too early when suddenly i felt kevin come into me
i couldn’t hold it back then and i came too
we both started moaning like crazy and he began kissing my neck and playing with my hair as he came
i loved it and he told me “i love you mom. you’re really hot.”
i told him “i love you too kevin. don’t be afraid to let me know if you want to do it again. i’ll always be ready for you.”
and with that i gave him a quick smooch on the lips and went to the shower

Me and my son have regular sex now and it is quite amazing. I want to introduce my daughters (13 and 11) to sex next, so if you guys want to help out or just want to chat about nasty stuff ;), email me at [email protected]

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    Wow what a great story. You should keep writing even better if it’s about your personal experiences. Can’t to read what happens next with you or your daughters.

    • JeffCoty ID:161rgapbd9ip

      Did you ever let him cum on your face or in your mouth. Did he a good sized load? Could he cum several times ?

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    If you both enjoyed it. Do it again. You only live once.

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