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First Time Having Sex with my 14 year old Son (True Story)

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True story of how I took advantage of my son being sick and had sex… enjoy!

Hey. Most of you guys remember me from the story where my brother brutally raped me. I got lots of negative comments on it, some being that the story was fake or it was wrong of me to suggest that I wanted my daughters to be raped. Well, all I would like to say is that I don’t really care if you think that my story is fake. If you choose not to believe my story, then that’s on you. But I was really raped by my brother at the age of 12 and I prefer telling my story cause I still find it hot to this day and I would like to introduce my children to something of that extent. Well, I have finally succeeded to seduce my teenage son and here’s the story. 😉

So, 2 weeks ago, my son Kevin (who is 14) was sick and had somewhat of a cough, runny nose,etc. But the main thing was that he had shivers at night. Now, some backstory. I’ve caught my son Kevin looking at me and checking me out multiple times when I would come out for the bathroom or when I would wear really tight pants that would show off my ass. I mean, what more can you expect from a teenage boy who is obviously horny all the time. Since I loved incest after what my brother did to me, I decided to act upon my sexual urges and fantasies of my son. So after dinner that day, I gave Kevin some cough syrup (i gave him a bit more than he needed) so he would “feel better”. Afterwards, he went to bed. After that, i went to my room, rolled up a joint, smoked it and began to masturbate lightly to some incest porn on my laptop to get in the mood. After about 10 minutes or so, i was feeling pretty fucking horny (and high) so i closed the laptop, threw out the joint, and crept into kevin’s bedroom
i saw kevin shivering under his blanket so i decided to go “warm him up”
i went to the other side of the bed and slipped into bed
my motherly instincts took over first so i checked his forehead and felt it was quite hot
but he was still shivering somehow
so i decided to rub his body a little bit
i started with his chest and just slowly rubbed my hands over it so he would get warmer
about 5 minutes or so later, i guess he awoke because he called out “mom?”
his voice sounded pretty sore
so i hushed him and said “yes… it’s me. I’m trying to help you feel wamer. don’t worry.”
and i continued to massage his chest
but he was still shivering so i told him to get closer to me
i turned to the side so my ass was facing him (i was just wearing my yoga pants and a red pantie underneath)
i slid up real close to him and made sure i positioned my ass right next to his crotch
kevin didn’t make any attempts to move away but he also didn’t make any attempts to touch me or hold me
he remained very rigid for a copule of minutes before i finally felt his dick slowly becoming erect
i guess he was becoming stressed and nervous that i would notice so he tried to move away
but i didn’t let him and pulled him closer
i told him “you need the body heat. don’t move away. it’s fine”
i felt kevin nervously sigh and his boner kept on getting bigger
until finally it was fully erect and i felt it poking my already wet pussy
i smiled as i felt it twitch against my wet pussy
after a minute or so, i reached over with my hand and touched it through his pants
“what is this?” i asked mockingly to my son
“i’m sorry mom, i really am, mom.” he said, growing nervous and anxious
it was really funny as i watched him sweat over what i would do to him
“its ok… it’s just natural” i told him as i slowly rubbed his dick through his pants
“mom.. what are you doing?” he said as i kept on rubbing his dick
“just trying to keep you warm, kevin. now be quiet and try to go to sleep.” i told him
after a while, i felt his breath quicken so i knew he was about to cum
but i couldn’t let him cum without even fucking me first
so i stopped stroking him, got up real quick, took off my leggings and panties, and got into bed again
i was really horny now and i put my soaking wet panties in front of his face
his reaction when i slid into bed naked and my panties on his face was amazing
“mom! what are you doing?” he said, clearly confused but still pretty horny as i felt his dick poking my ass still
“shhhh… just be quiet and smell it.” i told kevin as i turned around on my side to face him and i rubbed my panties on his face
he let out a soft moan as he sniffed it and the wetness rubbed onto his face
i smiled and began to kiss his forehead as he began to sniff the panties by himself
i felt his dick poking my pussy now so i slowly touched it and guided it towards my pussy
my son gasped
“mom… are you sure?” he asked, scared.
i gave him another kiss on the forehead and told him “yes. anything to make you feel better.”
and with that, i slowly put his dick inside my pussy
he let out a moan as he lost his virginity to his mom
i made him shush so his sisters wouldn’t hear
when his full cock was inside of me, i let him take over
he grabbed my hips and pulled me closer as he started going in and out
i moaned as this was possibly the best feeling ever
feeling your son fuck you in the pussy
and being high made it even better
he was moaning too but it was really hard as his dick kept on slipping out due to the weird position we were in
so i made him stop and i turned over so i was in missionary
i told him to get on top of me as i spread my legs
my son moaned and he shoved his dick into my pussy again
i can’t tell you how hot it was as i saw him through the darkness fuck me
it was so erotic
i made him bend over and we began kissing on the lips as we were fucking
he was a pretty good kisser for being a virgin… i was actually impressed
he bent down to kiss my neck too as he kept on slowly pounding me
i put my legs around him in order to get him closer to me as he fucked me
i couldn’t take how hot it was anymore and i came before my son did
i moaned into his neck as he kept on fucking me and soon after i came, i felt him cum too as he twitched inside my pussy
he slumped on top of me as he began kissing me intensely now
we were both sweating hard and gasping for air
he rolled over and smiled at me and told me “i love you mom.”
i smiled and kissed him once
“shh, now try to sleep now. I’ll try to help out some more.” i said as i got down in the blanket and saw his dick slowly becoming flaccid again
i grabbed his dick and slowly put it in my mouth and licked it clean
i heard my son give a soft moan and i continued to slowly lick it
his dick didn’t get erect again but i didn’t care because his flacid dick meant that he was falling asleep
i continued to suck on it even after i heard him lightly snore
after about half an hour, i was also pretty tired so i got up, gave him one last kiss, and turned around and slept with my ass right next to his dick (in case he needed to fuck again the middle of the night)
i woke up this morning and felt my son tap me on the arm
he sounded anixous and scared
“mom, mom… i’m so sorry. i feel really bad for taking advantange of you. mom… please i’m so sorry.”
he was pratically crying
i guess he didn’t remember much due to the cough medicine i gave him or he was too out of it last night to remember what happened
so i calmed him down
and i explained to him what happened
and that it was fairly consensual 😉
and its ok that we did incest
because we love each other and that’s what people who love each other do
it dosen’t matter if we are related by blood or anything
he seemed to calm down and i smiled and kissed him on his lips
he didn’t kiss me back at first but after a while he started kissing me back and really intensely too
he got on top of me again and pulled down his pants
i smiled and opened my legs for him
he slid it in and started moaning like crazy as began fucking me
he started kissing me again and making out with me with intensity
i looked into his eyes as we were fucking and it was so erotic
he fucked me in missonary for about 5 minutes or so before he told me he wanted to try something different
i asked him what and he said he wanted to try fucking me in doggy style
i laughed and said sure as i turned around and got on all fours for him
he moaned and held my hips as he slowly thrust into me
this time he wasn’t fucking me slowly anymore but instead he was fucking me with vigor
i was having a hard time trying not to cum too early when suddenly i felt kevin come into me
i couldn’t hold it back then and i came too
we both started moaning like crazy and he began kissing my neck and playing with my hair as he came
i loved it and he told me “i love you mom. you’re really hot.”
i told him “i love you too kevin. don’t be afraid to let me know if you want to do it again. i’ll always be ready for you.”
and with that i gave him a quick smooch on the lips and went to the shower

Me and my son have regular sex now and it is quite amazing. I want to introduce my daughters (13 and 11) to sex next, so if you guys want to help out or just want to chat about nasty stuff ;), email me at [email protected]

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    Kay that hot xd what you with cockmeat on Valentine’s Day xd

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      Summer, I took it to one of my friend’s place. it had a ribbon with a heart on it that was tied to its cock. Me, my friend and her daughter took turns sucking its cock and balls for hours. Even though it was painful for cockmeat we forced it to cum many times for us.

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      Summer, I think so too,LOL. It will be so humiliating for cockmeat,LOL. We have had a warm winter so couldn’t take cockmeat for some cold walks in the park as often. However, today was perfect. I asked a friend to meet me at the park. I got there first and hiked a short way to where I chained it up. The weather was a cold 22 degrees but no wind at all and very sunny. I walked back to my car and waited inside for her to come. Ten minutes later there she was. I said come on I have a surprise for you. I took her to where cockmeat was outside for 15 minutes. She loved it and the both of us took it on a nice hike around the park. After a long hike I grabbed its cock and pulled it to a hereby park bench. My friend and I took turns sucking on its giant gorgeous cock. cockmeat did not have the ball stretcher on and knew it was going to get a release. its balls were very full because cockmeat had not cum in a few days and really really needed to. After some good long cock sucking I made it cum in my mouth. The warm cum felt good in my mouth. I then kissed my friend and passed half of the load to her. There was plenty of it for sure. Having cockmeat out in the cold winter made us women so horny for its cock. By the time we got back to the car cockmeat had been outside and very cold for 90 minutes, LOL. But that’s what cockmeat is for. its just a sex slave for us female to enjoy using.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay has cockmeat ever had sex with animals before if so how old was he and I’ll love to hear stories

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, This would be the first time cockmeat had sex with horse or any animal. It is going to take awhile to set up but will let you know when and what happens.

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      Summer, No not at that age. I only started it to not wear clothing at age 12. That is when I removed almost all of its clothing. Did keep one set just incase. At 13 I then got rid of those items as well. I strongly feel cockmeat should never get to wear or have clothing. I kept it naked ever since. At about 13 and a half I found out girls and some women had taken photos of cockmeat. I decided since its for the female’s pleasure they may take all the photos they want. I do not consider how cockmeat feels about this. Instead I have groomed it so that it must pose for them. Many women and many girls have naked photos of cockmeat and I think that is good. Since age 13 all family photos only show it naked while anyone else in photo has clothing on. I diffinently want cockmeat to understand this is normal. After all it has no clothing what-so-ever anyway and the way it will remain.

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    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, You did and thank you. Not sure when it will happen but let you in on it. It has been too long since I took cockmeat to the mall to show it off. This has to happen soon and will. I just love putting my sex slave son on public naked display. I want it to understand females get to see its naked body and no I don’t care how cockmeat feels about this. Two of my friends want to come along as well. HeHeHe.

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      Summer, There are times we females keep the ball stretcher on cockmeat for two reasons. One is because it can not cum or very hard too. The second is when it gets a hard cock it is more painful for cockmeat because of the tightness and since its balls can not raise up. This also provides more ball sack stretching. This means we females are able to have more fun with cockmeat. If we want it to cum the ball stretcher is taken off. Have not done the horse thing yet but working on that. I will keep the ball stretcher on so cockmeat stays hard but not able to cum. This should provide better pleasure for the horse with its cock staying hard longer. You know I love to degrade cockmeat and keep it in its place. Doing this would be perfect for that.

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      Summer, The new longer ball stretcher has become even more uncomfortable for cockmeat. It seems as time goes on this is more apparent. Of course this really really bothers cockmeat. The burning feeling has intensified in its nut sack. In a stern voice I told cockmeat you should be happy about that even if it hurts a lot. That pain means your ball sack is being better ripped apart as it should be so those big balls dangle way way down from the body. Now I don’t want to hear any complaining do you understand. So that ball stretcher is going to stay on and rip rip rip its nut sack for some extremely low hangers, hehehe.

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    Michele, That’s because he is getting to understand naked is the way it should be. Good to hear he had to go naked for your female friend. Now do it more often. Also have him naked for girls too if possible. Since he was naked at home how about taking your son naked to a friend’s house. Make sure no clothing is taken along. This way he knows it will have to be naked on the ride over but also for the visit. The visit should not be short and if you can have other women and even girls there too. What will be on his mind is that while he can not see them naked but the other way around. Also he’ll know the women and girls will get to view its body all they want and noting he can do about it. At the same time he will not get to see them naked.

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      Summer, As you know cockmeat only gets to the ball stretcher off for sex or once very three days for cleaning but goes back on. Well, it was time to increase its balls hanging lower so I showed cockmeat a newer and longer one. It measured 4.2 inches instead of the last one at 3.6 inches It was also heavier too. Being so long it took some work to get the stretcher on its balls but did tighten the bolts to put the two pieces together. Boy did that provide lots of good ball stretching. Yes, it was very uncomfortable for cockmeat but told it the stretcher must stay on. I checked cockmeat ever so often to make sure its balls didn’t turn blue which is not good. However, that did not happen. Of course cockmeat did not like it but so what. it said its balls hurt and has a burning like felling in its ball sack. I said to cockmeat, that means your nut sack is being ripped apart and you should be okay with that as that’s what we females want. That is we want those huge beautiful balls to hang extremely far down from the body and you will do that for us females. you will not question this as well. So long as it’s not unbearable the ball stretcher stays on.

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    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I am working on it. I would love to degrade cockmeat by forcing it to fuck a horse. Of course we would film it and take photos. My female friends are looking forward to it. I will allow females to take all the photos they want and to do whatever they want with them. That’s because cockmeat is nothing but a naked sex slave for female’s pleasure.

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    Yes I want to know more hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, That evening cockmeat was sitting on the floor in front of the couch. it isn’t allowed to use the furniture. I sat next to cockmeat placing my hand on its knee saying, I hear some nice photos were taken of you. cockmeat face turned beet red. I said, I don’t care how embarressing it is you must pose for them. I brought you up proper which is that you are nothing more than a piece of meat and will never be anything more than a piece of meat. your place is to be used for the female’s pleasure no matter what that might be. you have no right to not let females take photos of you. I’m sure many more will be taken as well especially of that cock and balls but that’s what they are for. Do you understand me. cockmeat said it did. I then said good and remember you can’t refuse to do so which means girls also get to take them.

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    Kay yes please tell me how girls started taking pictures of cockmeat xd

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Okay, this happened when cockmeat had just turned 14. it was already hung like a horse. I was at a friend’s house with her two young daughters and a friend of one of the girls. The girls kept giggling and couldn’t stop. When my friend left the room I went over to see what they were looking at. I assumed they were looking at photos of puppies or kittens but was wrong. That’s when I was shocked to see the three of them had naked photos of cockmeat on their phones. They were of it with a soft cock and also with a full hard-on. Some of the photos were close ups of its cock as well. There was even photos of cockmeat on its hands and knees taken from the back. These showed its cute butt and legs spread to see its huge heavy low hanging balls. I didn’t say anything at the time to the girls or the mom but thought about having them delete the photos. The next day I had lunch with a different female friend. I mentioned to her about the photos the girls had. That is when she opened up her phone and said, you mean like these. Yes, she also had naked photos of cockmeat. She explained her daughter took them and passed them on to her. That’s when I realized females wanted naked phots of cockmeat and why not. To me cockmeat is nothing but a play thing, a sex toy, an object and its body is indeed something to be used for their pleasure which includes having such photos. I should not have been surprised by this at all. That night I had a talk with cockmeat. Will add that next if you want to know what was said.

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    Kay with cockmeat big cock and balls have you ever thought of having cockmeat have sex with female horses for fun and film it as a way of degrading cockmeat more xd

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, That sounds very hot. It would be good to see and film to degrade cockmeat which I love to do. It puts and keeps cockmeat in its place. A woman is unable to take its full lenght because its cock is so large but a horse could, LOL LOL. Would you like to hear about the first time I discovered girls took photos of cockmeat naked. It happened years ago.

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    Michele, Good. Now try to increase his naked time even more. I have found it is best to make your son go naked for other females. ado you have any friends who would like or don’t mind seeing him naked. If so then do it but again only if they are okay with with.

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    That’s very bad and immoral, and it is an act of indolence and irresponsibility. How will a fully grown woman have sex with her own son. I advice you please better stop it before it gets back on you. “not even ashamed”

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    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, cockmeat was forced to give each of us woman a load of cum. it came one time in her mouth and another in mine. There has been times when cockmeat had to cum many times to satisty all the females sucking it off, LOL. There is something I have to mention. Since its balls hang lower its cum loads seem to be larger. Of course its loads were big to begin with but bigger now with those huge things hanging so far down. I did not know this would happen and love it. Did you think this might be the case with cockmeat.

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    Kay I am surprised how fast my son got use to no underwear going commando as they say. I then took away his last two underwear so now has to sleep in the nude. This really seems to help.

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Michele, Now increase his naked time. Do this by having your son go naked after washing up for bed time. This means you tell him to go wash up before going to bed and must stay that way all evening in front of you and your daughter. Make sure he stays naked for at least one to two hours before bed time. You and your daughter of course keep your clothes on.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay how horny was cockmeat when he was three years old and how did you handle him as a kid and train him hehe xd

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    Kay how good has cockmeat gotten at sucking male cock and how many male cicks do you have cockmeat suck hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, While cockmeat has to live on cum alone have found there are things in it where too much is not good. I had to cut back on its cum diet because of this. Actually I love this as it keeps cockmeat very hungry all the time. This forces it to eat the cum it gets because it needs something in its stomach. This as made cockmeat suck cock like you wouldn’t believe as it needs something to live on. This also forces it to suck as much cock as I want it too. it eats about 10 loads of male cum every day and doesn’t waste a drop, LOL,LOL,LOL. cockmeat can make them cum faster than I ever could, HE,HE.

  • Reply BRILLIANT ID:4bn00en3fia

    Now Leave Your Comment… LOVE U

  • Reply Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Summer, All the women at the party are dominant and have enslaved their husbands or boyfriend. Two of them are married and one has a boyfriend slave too. The other three women are single. Everyone had clothing on including the male slaves but not cockmeat. it has none and don’t care how it felt naked at the party. I tied cockmeat to a bed by the wrists and ankles so it couldn’t move. I let the three single females take turns sucking cockmeat off. Two of the three made it cum in their mouths to swallow its tasty teen ball juice. After that I told cockmeat in front of everyone, I now have no use for you. So where do you go when we are done with cockmeat. I was talking about putting it outside in the cold. My friend who owns the house said she has a strong chain around the tree. I grabbed my colt and lead cockmeat outdoors. After locking the chain to its collar I said to it, now you are unable to go anywhere and must stay here as you should. I also told it, And I do not want to hear anything from you. you will just have to make do. Note, it was 42 degrees with a light breeze. The feel like temperature was around 36. Of course the temperature slowly dropped as the night went on. cockmeat was out there for hours before the new year came in but so what. That’s where it belongs. It was close to one in the morning before retreving cockmeat. Yes, cockmeat was very cold, feel like temp was now at 34 degrees, Which the women loved. it spent over four hours out side which I think that is great and what cockmeat is for, LOL, LOL.

  • Reply Amyjones ID:13rtsh3xt7di

    Sounds a little like my life

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay that’s awesome xd please tell me more xd

  • Reply Ashe ID:5rhsm6se43

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    I got a bounce back.

    Thank You.

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  • Reply Michele ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Kay Gosh, I can see why you like to show off your slave naked. I bet the females appreciate what you are doing for them. Good to know cockmeat must go everywhere and do everything naked. Have you compared its size to the biggest cock reported. I’m sure you are proud of your slave/son.

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Michele, There was a guy with a 13.5 inch cock that is on record but don’t know how it was measured. As I have said taking the measurement under the cock adds 1.5 inches where as I measured cockmeat on top. Knowing that my slave may have a cock as big or close to the biggest on record. The girth is even more important to a female’s pleasure. The fattest cock reported is 6.25 inches around but cockmeat has one that is 6.5 inches. That means my slave has a cock has long and thicker then any I know of. I am very proud what cockmeat sports and love showing it off to any and all females who want to see it. Or use it for that matter, LOL.

    • Michele ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Kay Your slave does seem to have a really huge one. Even its balls are nice and big. No wonder you keep it naked. That is naked for you and your female friends. In my situation I am not able to have my son naked all the time. How will this effect the way he behaves and respects and treats females as better than him. Will it?

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Michele, It will not be as good as keeping your son naked all the time. But I realize my situation is very different and lucky to be that way. It is best to keep a male slave naked all the time if wanting it to understand its place which is to serve the female. cockmeat will never get to wear clothing as this makes it easier to serve females. That is better for us women and girls. I love the fact cockmeat knows it will never own or wear clothing and must be naked the rest of its life. This is the best way to put a male in its place and keep it there. But I know most situations do not allow this. However do keep your son naked as much as possible if you want him to respect, obey and behave properly. This really works when naked for the girls.

    • Michele ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Kay I am ready to try this so what are the first steps in getting my son to accept his nakedness as a way of life or as much as it can be in my case.

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Michele, The best way to condition your son to do away with clothing is to start slow. The first thing is get rid of his underwear if has any. Going naked under his pants in public sets the tone. After a few weeks or less make your son sleep in the nude. If he has pajamas through them away now so there isn’t anything to wear at night. This future trains him to accept going without clothing later on. Will tell you more but let me know how this works out.

    • Michele ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Kay I got rid of all his underwear except for two to sleep in only. After a few days I will through those out as well so he has to sleep in the nude.

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Michele, Good you are on your way to teaching him the proper way to be. he will respect all females for sure and that’s what you’ll find. Let me know how sleeping in the nude goes.

    • Michele ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Kay At first he wasn’t so sure about sleeping in the nude but now loves it. No underwear when going out of the house but for pants. What next.

    • Michele ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Kay Have done as you said. My son is now nude in the evening after washing up for bed time. That means naked two hours or more. I want him to get use to being naked for us and is working.

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Michele, Increase his naked time by having your son eat breakfest in the nude. No need for him to put on clothes when getting out of bed in the morning.

    • Michele ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Kay I now make sure he has to eat breakfast naked in the morning. he also stays that way a little longer if I can work it out.

    • Michele ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Kay I’ve told a friend of mine that my son goes naked at home and hope it is fine with you. She smiled and said it is your house so set the rules you want. My friend will see my son naked for the first time and can’t wait.

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Michele, Good. Please tell me how it went with your friend seeing your son naked for the first time. Remember this is good for his contioning.

    • Michele ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Kay It went really well for the first time him being naked for other females. At first he didn’t want to do it but I put my foot down. My son was naked for her three hour visit so I am happy. She seemed to like it too.

    • Michele ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Kay I took your advice about my son going naked to one of my friend’s house. He was so surprise when I said we were going and did not let him put anything on. Me and my daugther did get to wear what we wanted and it was a little cold out too. My son had to travel naked in car and had no choise but to stay naked. There were lots of females too. Three women and four girls. It was lots of fun for them at the same time it made my son respect them being naked the whole time.

    • Michele ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Kay I admire the way you have raised your son and keep him naked. It most be difficult for him to always be naked not to mention for all the females seeing he that way. Is there anytime or anyplace where he may wear clothing. I bet there isn’t, hehehe. Do you really have no clothing for cockmeat, your son. If so I think it is great.

  • Reply Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Michele, I think every female has the right to know the size of its male sex organs. All my female friends and their daughters know its measurements as they should. Even when completely soft and as small as it gets the lenght is 7 inches and thick. That’s bigger than when most men are hard. You might think a cock that big doesn’t get much longer or very hard. However its cock gets really hard and tops out at 12 fat inches. This measurement was taken on top from base to tip which may be shorter but a true lenght of a cock. If it is taken under neath it can add up to 1.5 inches but I do not go by that. its balls are also twice the normal size for a male. So you see its male parts are just magnificent.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay how are you how the slave been how was your Christmas and new years hehe mine was good

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Christmas and new years was just fine. Santa gave cockmeat a special gift. When it opened the box I loved the look on its face. it seemed a little scared because the item was a longer , heavier ball stretcher. I told cockmeat it was going to wear it soon no matter what. On new years we went to a party at one of my friend’s house and of course I took cockmeat. Nothing like starting the new year off right with all the females there getting to view my naked sex slave teen son, LOL LOL. Will tell what happened next time on here.

  • Reply Michele ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Kay If you don’t mind telling me just how big is your slave/son. Maybe you said it before but I didn’t catch its size.

    • Popparocker ID:1csliids7v1x

      All mothers should introduce their children to the wonders of sex

  • Reply Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Michele, Has been told finding a dentist was not easy. A friend of mine convinced a female dentist to at least hear me out. The day they can over to my place we first talked about it but she wasn’t quiet sure yet. I asked if she would like to meet my slave and the dentist wanted to. So I called cockmeat to come here from a back room where it was. it walked in with its huge meaty thick cock swinging with each step. As soon as she saw it there was a big smile on her face. I told cockmeat this dentist wants to look at you and if she likes what she sees will become your dentist. Now isn’t that nice so let her get a good look at you. The dentist loved its large appendage because she couldn’t take her eyes off of it. From her chair she reached forward to take its hands and bring cockmeat a step closer to her. The dentist then said to cockmeat, Your mother is right. you must not wear clothing. If you want me to be your dentist you have to arrive completely naked. Do you understand cockmeat. it said it did of course. She did mention this would have to be done after she had closed the shop. I said yes and that’s good because I can take it after work right when you have closed.

  • Reply Michele ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Kay No need to worry how your slave feels being naked all the time and in front of females. Tell me how you found the right dentist for cockmeat.

    • Doga ID:vagbil1d9j

      Don’t mind me; I’m just a man looking to apologise to those here who were offended by me last year.

  • Reply Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Michele, That’s a very good question and will answer. To be honest I don’t care how cockmeat feels about others, especally women and girls getting to see it naked. I have raised cockmeat to understand it is owned by all females and should always be on full naked display for them to enjoy. However my situation is different than most. A friend of mine is a nurse and takes care of its medical needs if any. In my mind cockmeat most attend school naked as well. Lucky for me a friend knows a woman who home schools her two daughters and willing to do the same for cockmeat. I think it is great cockmeat has to go to school always naked and for the teacher and the girls, both younger than it, get to view its body. Going to school this way is a very good lesson for cockmeat and how it should be treated. At no time does it get to see them nude. It is proper for it to stay naked while females should have clothing. So not easy but a male slave can and should be kept naked. The hardest thing was finding a dentist for cockmeat as that has to be done in-house. While talk more on this.

    • Doga ID:vagbil1d9j

      Still using that name, hey Janet? Now look, I once again apologise to you for my behaviour. But you weren’t exactly nice to me either. Now… Are you willing to move on from all this?

  • Reply Michele ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Kay I couldn’t agree more with what you are doing to cockmeat. it should have to stay naked 24/7/365 for you and other females and now it has no choice. That is perfection. I do have some questions such as what do you do if cockmeat goes out where clothing might be needed. Not saying your slave should get clothing just wondering what you do then.

  • Reply Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Michele, I feel cockmeat is not entitled to any modesty. its place is to always be naked for us females. As I got rid of its clothing one set was kept but locked up. cockmeat was forbidden to ask for this clothing as well. Only I decided if and when it would get to have them which was almost never. At that point I didn’t think my pleasure could be any higher but was very wrong. When I through out those last items it was so much better for me and other females. We loved knowing it how had to stay naked forever. I also liked knowing cockmeat could do nothing about its nakedness. You see it was impossible for cockmeat to enter a department store with nothing on, hehehe. With no clothing I no longer had to deside if it might be too cold for cockmeat or perhaps others could see it. This was a big waste of my time and cockmeat did not deserve that. Now it just has to go naked where ever we females want to take it. We also love that this is on its mind as well. This teaches cockmeat a good lesson for sure in how it should be used for the female’s pleasure. At the same time its feelings mean nothing and it knows that. Only females feelings matter. After all cockmeat is just a sex slave.

  • Reply Michele ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Kay I do think it is hot when a male doesn’t wear clothing most of the time but the best is always having to go naked like cockmeat He He He. Love that you are teaching it has to go naked outdoors in winter with the cold and snow. Must be very thrilling for you, your friends and their girls. I know that must be even better for females.

  • Reply J D ID:61c509ljfic

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  • Reply Gabriel ID:1d0oqy5eoqjv

    Reading this story was fabulous lucky kid fucking mom and on regular basis and maybe get his sisters involved can’t wait to read

  • Reply Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Summer, I talked to the woman who helped me take cockmeat naked through the mall. I explained without her this would not have happened so I asked what I could do for her. She took her time but finally said, I want to suck its cock. I then told her of course you may. She was surprised and asked me how cockmeat would feel about it. I said it doesn’t matter how it feels its just going to get its cock suck by you. We both giggled. I said I will bring cockmeat to your place for this to happen but she told me she lives in an apartment complex and others might see naked cockmeat arriving. I said so what, its the one naked not us. We both giggled again. I then suggested to meet at a park which she was okay with. This may happen in a week or two I think.

  • Reply Michele ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Kay I think it is so hot the way you make your son go naked all the time. How does cockmeat feel about letting all the girls and women see its naked body while he does not seem to see female’s bodies or at least not often. You do seem to love putting cockmeat on naked display don’t you. The way your son is built who can balm you. It is so sexy cockmeat never gets to wear or even own clothing. Could you tell me the temperatures cockmeat must go when outside. Does it go naked in the snow. Does it get that cold by you or not.

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Michele, Yes it must be difficult for cockmeat to have to go naked all the time. I don’t see how it could not. There is a double standard here in which females get to see its body while cockmeat may not see them naked. I do think this is proper and the way it should be. I’ve raised cockmeat to understand it is disrespectful to females to wear clothing as that is something only females get to do. That means its has to go naked outdoors in any and all weather. After all there is nothing for it to wear. Some of the weather cockmeat has been naked in includes 35 degrees for four hours in a park. We love taking it naked for long walks in the forest as well. At times it was in the upper twenties but cockmeat had to endure this for almost three hours. Other times it was naked in low twenties for two hours and in the upper teens for one hour. So you see cockmeat can become quite cold but we females just love this even more then in nice weather. That’s why it was trained to do so without question. It does not snow much here but when it does we take advantage of it. cockmeat must play in the snow as the young girls like to force it to make snow angels. There were times with no snow on the ground but then it started to. This was no reason to cut our time in the park or forest. When there was lots of snow we tied its hands and feet and covered it up in snow which made it shake really hard. When it the snow I did put a time limit anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. We females don’t want to harm cockmeat just enjoy it,LOL.

  • Reply Nicko88 ID:1dn5cblit8q7

    Kay and Summer: It is nice that you two are able to have such long discussions. But I must say that it is extremely rude the way you have completely hogged this thread when it is not yours to take over. It does not belong to you two. You are a guest here. For those of us who want to read comments other than yours, it is nearly impossible to do so. Please stop and take your discussion to a place that you own and leave this thread back to the writer and the guests who respect it. Thank you.

  • Reply Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Michele, There is no situation where I’d ever let my son wear clothing. it is kept naked all the time as there is nothing for cockmeat to wear. With no clothing it forces cockmeat to be naked so that all women and girls get to view its body anytime they want. it is always naked at home so female visitors may enjoy its nakedness. I do take it that way to my female friend’s homes as well. it must be naked out doors in some public areas too. That means long walks in a park or forest in cold winter weather. Of course cockmeat is cold but that’s the point. We females love that it shakes and shavers but still naked for us. I feel if it’s wrong for cockmeat to wear clothing then it is wrong to wear them no matter the weather. So temperature don’t matter. So long as it is naked it is perfect. So you see I’ve thought cockmeat it does not deserve to wear or even own clothing. it has been in a constant state of nakedness now for years and will stay that way forever.

  • Reply #METHIRD ID:8ipk2h7dfy4

    This is kind of new to me: Is it real? does anything go? Is it legal? Reading these story’s has brought back some memoirs, things I thought I had forgotten from my youth like; having a guy fuck me in the ass and making me fuck and suck his dick like a girl, he made me fuck other boys and girls. reading these comments and story’s makes me want to tell my story’s

  • Reply Thoma ID:1d4ceqn6oq1r

    Hi I’m Thomas and a fan of incest too but never had the chance or opertunity to make it happen though so it is a fantasy for a very long time I always wanted to get it on with my sister anway I really liked ved your story and like to hear more

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay my future wife told me sex slavery legal now is that true if so fucking wow hehe .Kay please tell me more about what happened hehe xd

    • Owen ID:26bzubkm4

      Loved reading this! Hope theres more!

  • Reply Mike ID:b92pe5ilcdp

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  • Reply Michele ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Hello Kay Nice that you did get back to me. Kay is my middle name and Michele first name but since we are communicating that’s what I’ll use now. You say that your son is always kept naked but are there some clothes just incase and is there any situation where you let him wear something. Like what you do to your son. I also love the name you, cockmeat, that you gave him. Hee,Hee,Hee.

    • J D ID:61c509ljfic

      Just go for it girl your life is your own love iy

  • Reply Anonymous 2. ID:e4jrcmpqvev

    Your story sounds amazing. I’ve been In an incestuous threesome with my parents for 10 years. They’re the best fuck & sucks ive ever had. I don’t want to lose this. The things we do. WOW! You will have an amazing time & tons of sexual fun. Be patient, take your time. Enjoy 🍆🍆

  • Reply Paul ID:1cyit7azkg8z

    That is so hot I wish I had a mom like you😘

  • Reply Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Kay, Hi. I’m a divorced mother of two kids a girl and boy. My past husband wasn’t very nice to me or all women and that’s putting it nicely. I want my son to be different. That is for him to totally respect, obey and consider females as more important than he is. The way you keep your son naked has intrigued me. Does that make him truly believe in the things I just mentioned to include that females should never be treated has objects but the opposite for him is fine. Must say the way you are bringing up your son is proper.

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Kay, Glad to hear you want to make your son go naked so he respects, adores and obeys all females. I can assure you theses desires will be achieved if done so. Since my son, cockmeat, never gets to war clothing or cover its body in any way it understands it is just an object for the females pleasure. it also understands it is the property of all females and they may use its body as they see fit. Also being naked all the time it knows it has no rights what-so-ever. That is something only females have. Instead it must only comply with the female’s wants and needs. Is your name Kay like mine?

  • Reply Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Summer, Yes, I would not mind at all if she uses it for her sexual pleasure as I owe her for the naked slave mall walk. However I don’t want to say something that might be uncomfortable for her. Therefore I must be careful in letting her know it’s okay to use cockmeat. Do dought she will do this in the mall because she works there. Will keep you posted.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay yes but do you mean by serving up cockmeat for that woman xd hehe

  • Reply Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Summer, How thoughtful of you to be proud of me and the way I have trained cockmeat. I am a firm believer in all mothers should bring up their sons and use them the way cockmeat is.I do have a small dungeon in the basement for my fun. There is a cage where cockmeat must sleep, a pole to tie it up to, a chair to tie its legs and arms so it can be used for hours, and a potty chair so we females are able to piss in its mouth in comfort. That is for our comfort not for it. There is no way I could do the mall thing without the help of the security guard woman in charge. I owe her so am thinking about serving up my naked hung teen sex slave if this woman wants. Do you think I should.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay I’m proud of you you trained your slave how a slave should be Kay do you have your own sex dungeon to put cockmeat in hehe my future wife and I have a sex dungeon of our own hehe

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay that’s awesome xd your a good master to your son slave cockmeat and that’s fucking hot xd

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, After the woman left I stayed there for a short time because it made me so happy to have my slave naked in a mall. We were next to a major department store so many people going in and out saw how I was treating cockmeat. To me this is how it should be in life as I love people seeing, especially females, the naked body of my slave, its over sized cock and over sized balls. However it was time to get going so I ordered cockmeat with a command like a dog, GET UP. Now FOLLOW, saying loud enough so people could hear. I told cockmeat the only way out for it is going through the busy center mall. As we got closer a young woman slapped its naked butt. Of course I didn’t care. There was plenty of shoppers in mall’s center court in line ordering or sitting at tables to eat or drink. I stopped cockmeat so we could look at a beautiful decorated tree. Naturally this was so people could get a better look at cockmeat. After a minute I ordered cockmeat to HEEL and FOLLOW again just like you would a dog, On purpose I used the steps because it would be difficult for cockmeat with its huge heavy low hanging balls and it was. Every few steps its balls got caught and crushed between its legs, OUCH. Hehehe. I told cockmeat, you better keep up or else. About three times its balls got pulled hard out the back of its thighs. Hehehe. This almost caused it to trip, Hehehe. When getting to the second floor we walked the corridor where first coming in to the mall. As soon as I put cockmeat in the car I called the woman in charge of security to say we were out of the place. I could hear her giggle too. I bet she had a good time watching the security monitors, Hehehe.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay it’s awesome that women got to enjoy your son at mall hehe what else happened xd

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I thought how wonderful it was to be well dressed sitting on a nice chair holding a leash connected to the collar on my naked slave on the floor in a mall of all places. This is what should be done to all males especially young ones to teach them a lesson. A woman about 30 to 35 sits down next to me and says, I am Femdom myself and have enslaved my husband but you have taken it to a new level. I think it is great you have scribbled his brain so much in order to have the slave naked in a busy place like the mall. I really admire your domination skills. I thanked her and said, I want this thing to understand it doesn’t deserve to wear clothing and its body is for the female’s pleasure. That’s why it has no clothing and therefore must remain naked all the time. She got a funny look on her face and said, You mean your slave is permenently naked and not just today in public. I said, Yes, it only wears a collar and leash never anything more. She said, That is complete and total enslavement of a male and think it is perfect. I then said, it hasn’t worn clothing for almost five years now and never will. She said, he looks young but cute. I replied, I wanted to properly train my son so this started at a young age. She got that funny look again and said, So the slave is your son and the training started when it was a boy. I said yes of course, so much the better for us females. She said, Well you have brought up your slave to correctly always obey a woman no matter how difficult for him like having to go leashed, naked in a busy mall. We need more mothers like you to properly raise their sons. I thanked her again as she left.

  • Reply Philip ID:sbvynu83xnn

    Hey so I know this was posted a few years back but was wondering if u have any new updates with the others ??

    • Jayne Powers ID:7zv3j3g0d2

      I truly congratulate you as another 😊! I don’t have any sons but I did introduce my 13 year old daughter to sex right after she had her first menstrual cycle! Now she joins me and my husband every time we have sex 🥰🥰😊😊😈😈

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay that’s hot and awesome what happened to cockmeat hehe any one else use him at mall

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I slowly walked my naked slave to one end of the mall and found the woman who has a stand in the center was now there. So I stopped to say hello. She was smiling and said, Nice to see you again. She then turned to cockmeat and said, nice to see you again as well. Her eyes then locked on to its giant gorgeous cock and huge heavy low hanging balls. I was so happy for her and want this woman got to look at. After all this is what cockmeat is for. I curested its cute teen butt saying, let her look at it, let her get a good look. It did not matter to me how cockmeat felt about females getting to view its naked body and its huge sex organs even in a busy mall. Next we walked the mall back to the center on the first floor passing many people in line to get their coffee order. Continuing two older girls giggled as they watched cockmeat. They then walked faster then us and stopped to get another look at the naked sex slave I had on a leash. The mall had some nice soft chairs at this end so I sat down. I ordered cockmeat to sit on the floor next to me. There was a woman who kept looking at us and finally got up, walked over to us and sat on a chair by me. More on mall walk later.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay that hot what you did to cockmeat I think it’s great you got him well trained xd tell me more

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, That older woman really seemed to enjoy looking at my naked sex slave but why not. Most females would love to see a well hung good looking naked male teen. It must of been breath taking for her but then she did something I did not expect. She reached forward and grabbed its nut sack pulling cockmeat closer to her. Since its balls have really been stretched her hand easily fit around its ball sack between crotch and top of balls with room to spare. With her other hand she ran her fingers slowly up and down the top side of its cock. Mind you I see nothing wrong with this and is how cockmeat should be used by any female regardless of her age. it knows it has no other purpose in life and the way I brought it up. It does thrill me to have females use cockmeat for their sexual pleasure but thought this might be a little too much for the mall and did not want the woman in charge of security to call and say to leave. My fun was just starting. I said ,we are going to shop now to the older woman. She then said to cockmeat, sweetie so nice to have you go naked for me and made my day. We continued walking to one end of the mall with lots of people looking and wondering what was going on, hehehe. At the end I looked down to the second floor to see if the lady who works there selling things in center of mall. You may remember I talked about her before. However she was not there so walked cockmeat on other side of the mall toward the other end which is long. I would stop and window shop but this was more for the females to get a good look at naked cockmeat. A couple of middle aged women even touched or pitched its teen cute butt ,hehehe. I walked cockmeat around to where we started which is the center of mall and took the steps down to the first floor. There were more people there to show off my naked sex slave/son. As they ordered coffee or at a table they stared at cockmeat. So many getting to see what I am doing to it made me so hot. More to come.

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    Summer, Yes I did that Saturday which was yesterday. This time I tied its wrist with a cord then put it through the collar back ring. This left its hands behind its neck and elbows straight up. I then brought the cord down its back and around its waist. I tied the cord on the lower back waist. This left cockmeat fully exposed, helpless and nothing it could do about it. I started at center of mall on second floor and walked it through the mall with its huge cock swinging left and right with every step. I did not put the ball stretcher on cockmeat as I wanted them to hang really free and low. Boy did they flop and bounce around as them slave balls hung so very low. The ball stretcher is doing a good job for sure.The females loved seeing its naked cock, naked balls and naked butt. To me this is normal and the way cockmeat should be used. It just thrills me so much to put my naked slave/son on display. There was an older woman sitting on a bench who couldn’t take her eyes off of cockmeat. Obviously she was enjoying this and thought good for her. So I walked up to this lady and said hi. She then said what a wonderful young man to know his place. he is so young and hung which makes it better. She also said, sweaty I am so glad you has noting on. I’m sure you understand she has every right to take you naked while shopping. She then did something I did not expect. Will tell later.

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      U fucking snitch do you know what happens to people like yourself hmmm it’s just a story just like your story u told many years ago or did you forget I didn’t forget infact it on another system and people are reading it every day

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay how did thanksgiving go and did you take cockmeat to mall yet hehe me and my future wife been working on things together yips xd

  • Reply Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Summer, cockmeat will never get fat from its cum diet. I give it just enough to live on and nothing more. Yes it seems cockmeat eats a lot of cum but it works it off by doing many tasks around the house. This last week it had to rake up a big yard full of leafs. I also took it to my friend’s house where cockmeat had to do the same. It is very exciting for women to have and see a naked male work outdoors for them especially out in the cold which helps to burn off all that cum intake. I keep cockmeat hungry as well so it must eat that cum because it never gets anything else. As you know I never allow cockmeat to wear clothing to include outside in winter. This also helps to burn off the heavy cum diet since cockmeat shacks and shivers so much in these low temperatures. Plus when I have no use for cockmeat I chain it up outdoors on the deck not only in nice weather but on a cold winter day as well. Sometimes this can be for hours. So it will never become over weight form such a big cum diet. HEHEHE.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay how things going with you and cockmeat. Me and my future wife been busy lately I hope cockmeat getting fat off his cum deit

    • Matt ID:1ejq32wf7u0l

      If anyone wants to chat about incest and other stuff email me at [email protected]

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay how cockmeat health doing with being on a all cum diet and what you plans for cockmeat this holiday season xd

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      SUMMER, First I want to take my naked cockmeat to the mall pretty soon. For Thanksgiving and maybe Christmas I plain on going to friend’s house. While we women have a wonderful meal cockmeat will be chainned up outside in the cold, hehehe. cockmeat seems to be doing just fine on its cum only diet. it gets plenty of horse, donkey and female cum to live on. A little male cum too. I will always make sure my property stays healthy.

  • Reply Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Jj 1Jjcyit7azj7vh, No I have not done that here but do allow any woman or girl to take all the photos they want of cockmeat. After all that’s why I keep it naked in the first place. I truly believe its body is nothing more than something to be used by females for their pleasure. They must be somebody I know and pics taken in person. So, many women and girls have lots of naked cockmeat photos. That is how it is to be used and see nothing wrong with it. They even have pics of its huge hard cock. I don’t care how cockmeat feels about them having these photos so long as it understands it must pose for them.

  • Reply Older guy ID:pvkvh4k0b

    Hi , Kay its been awhile since we last talked

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Older guy, Yes it has. What have you been up to? What do you think of some of my last comments?

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay yes I agree completely those girls should see cockmeat naked hehe tell me how it goes when it happens have fun xd

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Glad to hear you agree that those girls should get to view my young hung teen naked cockmeat, hehe. Will let you know what happens. it is going to take place during a week day about the time the girl’s school lets out, LOL.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay me and my future wife are enjoying ourselves in between work . Kay have you ever took cockmeat to a sex dungeon for use yet if so how it go hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, No I have not because cockmeat would have to be at least 18. Yes I would and meant in the future. Do use it at a friend’s house who does have a basement dungeon. If you remember me taking naked cockmeat to the mall as I loved that so very much. Well I am going to set it up again. There is a grade and high school for girls here by. It would be great if they get to view my naked sex slave at the mall don’t you thing so.

  • Reply Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Summer, anyone, I understand as I too can become very busy but I try to get on here at least every other day or two. Now on to taking cockmeat to work on last Saturday. The women there noticed the bigger ball stretcher right away. They could not get over the length of it or how much its balls are getting stretched. They asked cockmeat if its balls hurt and it said yes. The women laughed and said good as they should. I mentioned the ball stretcher is very unpleasent for cockmeat but not unbearable. cockmeat said it also feels a burning like feeling in its nut sack that is more intense then the last stretcher. The women asked why is that. I told them it is because its nut sack is being pulled apart. They giggled at that. I said this way is better because a heavier weight would have to be removed a lot so its balls wouldn’t turn blue and get damaged. its nut sack would develop scares and become hard to stretch. The way I am doing it provides continuous pressure which rips apart its ball sack the right way. This makes its nut sack weaker and weaker which means its sack can only stretch and stretch some more. That nut sack just gets so shredded. The women asked if the stretching will be permanent. I replayed yes it will and that’s the point. They said its balls should hang down to its knees and just giggled and giggled. I hope they do, LOL

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  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay sorry I’ve haven’t been on much been busy with my future wife and things I think cockmeat balls going to hang very low hehe I’m happy cockmeat filling his propose as a sex slave and your son how he been at work and me and my future wife been working hard she excited for our future as I am .xd

  • Reply Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Summer plus all, The next morning after letting cockmeat out of its cage it rubbed its balls. I am sure that new ball stretcher was uncomfortable for cockmeat. I said we females want your balls to hang as far down from the body as possible because we like them that way. It doesn’t matter how unpleasent for you them balls must get stretched really good. After all your body is nothing more than something to be used for the female’s pleasure anyway. The only reason you exist is for the superior Female to use it as she sees fit. you have no other purpose in life so just realize that nut sack is going to become very elongated whether you like it or not. Today is Saturday which means you’ll have to work at my friend’s store so eat your breakfast. Of course its breakfest is a jar full of horse cum. More to write about taking cockmeat to work at the store later.

    • Matt ID:1ejq32wf7u0l

      I emailed you Janette the start of my email is tuck… and so on.

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  • Reply Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Summer, Looks like you don’t get on this site much anymore as my last three comments have gone unnoticed. If you get this I want to tell what happened lately. A few days ago I received the third and longer ball stretcher. Instead of 3.1 inches this one is 3.6 inches and half a pound heavier. After cockmeat took a nice hot bath I said I need to check out your balls. They indeed hung lower but told it that’s not good enough. I then opened the table draw next to the couch I was sitting at. When it saw the longer unit its eyes got real big. I just said it must go on so no complaints. I instructed cockmeat to hold its cock out of the way and pull its balls down as hard as it could. It took some work but finally got the stretcher bolted on. What a nice tight fit. I loved the way it squeezed and pushed down its balls. It must have been unpleasant for cockmeat to sleep that night. At least it took off somewhat having to sleep in a chilly basement while caged. More to come on this.

    • Jj ID:1cyit7azj7vh

      Kay do you have pics of cockmeant, would love to see

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Jj, I have not posted any pics of cockmeat but will tell you what happened a few years ago. I was at a friend’s house when her two daughters and their fiend were giggling and giggling. I assumed they were looking at photos of cute puppies and kitings on their phones. When I took a look the three of them had naked photos of cockmeat. It really surprised me but maybe it shouldn’t have. I said nothing but the next day while having lunch with a friend I mentioned about the photos. My friend opened up her phone and said, do you mean like theses. Yes, she had many photos of cockmeat just like the girls. I never thought females would want its photos but then why not. After all I do keep it naked so all females may enjoy seeing its body. I decided that since cockmeat is for the female’s pleasure it was going to continue posing for them. That evening I talked to cockmeat saying I know women and girls have taken photos of you but how do you feel about it. it said it was embarrassed. I explained it doesn’t matter how embarrassed it becomes you must let any and all females take all the pics they want of you. After all didn’t I raise you to understand your body is nothing more then something for women and girls alike to take pleasure in. So I want you to pose for all the photos they want to include ones of that huge hard cock you got. It does not matter how you feel about this. Besides you know you have no choice in this matter.

  • Reply Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Summer, As you know we females just love taking naked cockmeat to a park or forest for long hikes especally in cold weather. Well the fall colors on the trees were out and so beautiful. it was very cold at 36 degrees which was about 25 below normal. So much the better for us females. Me and three of my female friends with cockmeat headed to the park. Of course we were dressed for the temperature but so was cockmeat. That is it wore a collar, its ball stretcher and nothing else. We spent a lot of time enjoying the fall collars but having cockmeat naked with us made it much better. As a matter of fact we liked it so much we stayed and walked longer then first thought. We stayed warm with the clothes we had on but cockmeat just got colder and colder which us females really loved. You see to me its body should always be on naked display for females to enjoy. The place and temperature has nothing to do with it. What was important was it was naked and cold for our pleasure and boy did we females love it. By the time we got back to the car cockmeat had to spend two hours in 36 degrees with a slight breeze making it closer to 32 degrees and at times down to 30, hehehe.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Chance I started enjoying sex at age three I was told sex my whole and enjoyed it

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Matt does your mom family do incest me I grew up being trained to be used as sex slave from age three where you trained that way

    • Chance [email protected] ID:js7wpmt5lnr

      Summer what age did you start enjoying sex

    • Matt ID:1ejq32wf7u0l

      Summer I wish i was like you and grow up that way. My mom had big perfect boob which she would love to show off with low shirts and when I was 6 years old she would make me wash her ass and boobs so I got very turned on by all this when I turned a teenager. Can I have your Email to talk further?

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay I love how you made cockmeat drink your pee hehe I used to use my slaves the same way clouding my bitch of an ex I use him as human toilet paper made him eat the shit out of my ass after I shit I made sure he ate every bite of it to hehe he was a good bitch and I love how you made cockmeat lick your friends clean I remember making my slave walk on all fours eat out of bowls while I fingered fucked him I should of use a shock collar on him he name was Jessie . My eat tho was a good shit eating and Jessie was a good slave I made Jessie nurse on my cockmeat he ate every bite of my cum hehe

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  • Reply Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Summer, Did you see and read my last comments posted almost 8 days ago on making cockmeat drink my piss and lick me and female friends clean after we have peed? Please read and let me know what you think, okay.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay how things with cockmeat what you done with cockmeat since we lasted talked

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    • Matt ID:1ejq32wf7u0l

      Hi summer, how do I go about getting my mom to do this with me?

    • Pervo ID:1dyuc7a9yu56

      That’s so hot, You could expand that story and put it up on here 😋

    • Matt ID:1ejq32wf7u0l

      How big is your mom’s boobs? Did she ever suck your cock?

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  • Reply Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Summer, There are times I have done this to cockmeat. Sometimes I pee in large glass and make it drink it all down. When taking a leak I have it lick me clean of piss as it is better cleaning for my pussy. I also allow any of my female friends to do the same. Sometimes I don’t let cockmeat stop until I cum because it feels so good and it has to swallow all of my pussy cum too. The best was when naked cockmeat and myself went hiking in a park on a very hot day. I brought lots of water for me but cockmeat was forced to drink my piss from a bottle. it had no choice because if it didn’t drink from its bottle it would get way too thirsty. I just loved having it forced to drink my pee like that. As far as shit no. I do not like that at all and can be dirty. That is something cockmeat doesn’t have to do.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay have you ever thought of using cockmeat as your toitet making him drink your piss and eating your shit when you got to go to bathroom and making him lick you clean afterwards hehe

  • Reply Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Summer, Yes I do when it can be done. You see cockmeat has chores to do in and outside so can’t walk it around like a dog. This means outdoor chores in winter as well. it also has to go to school and work at my friend’s store on Saturdays. When I am able to I do and love to do that to cockmeat. I usually take cockmeat to the park and make it walk on all fours with a leash on its dog collar. Young girls really like doing this with cockmeat as well so I let them when ever time permits. They just love using cockmeat as their doggie. The bigger ball stretcher has been ordered and can’t wait to use it on cockmeat.

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  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay do you make cockmeat walk on all fours most time and make him act like a dog every day and do you make him use bathroom outside in yard how does that go hehe

  • Reply Doga ID:vagbil1d9j

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  • Reply Doga ID:vagbil1d9j

    I’m back to apologise for being rude to those who emailed me earlier this year. There’s no excuse for my behaviour to you all & I guess it’s your choice to forgive me, or not. I’m very sorry nonetheless.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay how far you got cockmeat balls hanging right now hehe and have you been letting cockmeat use bathroom in yard on all fours or do you let it use the bathroom in house hehe xd

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I haven’t measured its ball sack lately but boy do they hang low. I check cockmeat out after it takes a very warm bath every third day. As you know cockmeat must wear the weight all the time but gets to take it off every third day for cleaning but must be less than one hour. I smiled when getting to see its now elongated nut sack. cockmeat got red in the face as I did this. it said its balls get in the way when walking around or when trying to sit down. Of course i told it that’s the way those balls should be. We females love huge nuts like yours that hang very low. And we also like that they flop and bounce around so much that it is difficult for you to walk or do anything. you should be happy those big balls hang so far down from your body that they give you trouble because it pleases us females. I told cockmeat the ball stretching will not stop as I want them to permanently hang as low as I can get those balls. cockmeat doesn’t know it but I’ve ordered a longer and heavier ball stretcher and will have to wear it as soon as it arrives.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay yes my future wife does and me and planning on having most of my body hair removed for good and I agree it makes everything look bigger down there when shaved I hate body hair so does my wife to be. Hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I loved the look on the teacher’s and girl student’s face when seeing the bald cock and balls cockmeat now has. They thought it was great and really like it. I think it’s better for sucking on its cock and balls. Also better and easier to attach the ball stretching weight as well. Can’t wait to use a longer and heavier one on its balls, hehehe.

  • Reply BillyTheClipp ID:1bfehpbx6ik

    God, such a good story. I wish i could have mother like this especially that i love incest like nobody else i ever known. If i will ever get a wife i hope she would love to do some of that stuff with our future childrens

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay that hot and awesome I’m glad the girls at cockmeat school enjoy it so well .I know my place as breeding stock .what else have you done to cockmeat lately hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Does your wife to be make you shave down there? I just shaved my son/sex/toy bare. it no longer has any pubic hair and much prefer it that way. To me its cock and balls are more out there, more visible, better to look at and of course more fun to play with. its cock and balls are now as naked as can be, hehehe. Can’t wait to drop cockmeat off at school and see what the teacher and girls think.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Okay cockmeat deserves every drop of cum you feed him and how good has the girls gotten at school at sucking cockmeat off and do you think I should be used as breeding stock hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, The girls try their best but its cock is so big it is hard for them to get it in their mouth. However it don’t matter as cockmeat is just being used for their pleasure and the girls do have lots of fun with it. cockmeat has been groomed to understand the teacher and her daughters may use its cock and balls anytime they want. All the girls have to say is we want to suck its cock. cockmeat knows it must go to the chair where its hands and ankles are tied to back and legs of chair. They then take turns sucking its cock and balls all they want. So does the teacher. This can happen anytime at school and as many times as they want. cockmeat knows it has nothing to say about this and must comply. Yes,yes,yes you should be used as breeding stock and have sex with any female your wife wants but never up to you. Just like cockmeat is used by women and girls for their sexual pleasure. it has nothing to say about how its used. It is only up to the females and I mean it. I see cockmeat as nothing more then a sex toy and so are you.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay how did cockmeat first learn to jerk off did you teach how to like my parents did

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Pretty much like you I think. As you know I do not let cockmeat wear clothing even when really young. Well that long, fat cock swinging and its big balls heavy with cum would flop all around with every step. I knew it needed a release for those beautiful over full dangeling nuts. I couldn’t help myself so I grabbed its cock and said you need this almost as much as I do and jerked cockmeat off to a load of cum larger then I ever seen. cockmeat was embarrested but felt better. A few days later I took naked cockmeat to a friend’s place. She too could not take her eyes off of its cock and balls. I watched her pull it to her by the balls and sucked it off really good. So pleasing for her so not long after let all my female friends play with cockmeat. What do you think about making cockmeat have a cum lunch at school while the teacher and her girls get real food.See my last post on this about two days ago.He,he,he.

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    I was a married man of forty four years working from home and only went into the office but once a week to check on things.
    The secretary was a nice blond girl, still single at twenty eight years of age with a nice trip figure. She was always dressed demurely with no cleavage or anything like that. As far as I knew she did not have a boyfriend. I found out later that the boyfriend she once had was killed in an accident some three years previous, so she was still pretty cut up about that. The office was in an old building and the windows stretched from almost the ceiling to the floor. Whilst, we’ll call her Lisa, would be wearing a dress which came down to her ankles, it was obvious that she did not wear a petticoat underneath because you could see the outline of her legs when she stood in front of the window. I thought this was pretty sexy.
    One day, I was going through some accounts with her and we were both standing either side of her desk, leaning over to one another whilst pouring over these accounts. I then noticed that I could look straight down the slight gap her high collared dress to her navel. All she had on underneath was a skimpy bra and panties and she had the most beautiful white body. It was so white that she had obviously never exposed it to the sun. I was so embarrassed that she would see what I was looking at that I went round to stand beside her so that I couldn’t look down her dress.
    Another time, when I breezed into the office, it was a Friday and during my visit happened to mention that I was off sailing, (I had a little 26ft yacht) when I finished work. Lisa said, “You lucky thing” so I said jokingly well you can come too if you would like, as an empty gesture. To my great surprise she said that she would love to. I arranged to pick her up on my way down to the boat.
    We set sail out of the harbour, on a run, in a lovely force four breeze and Lisa was enjoying the experience. (Sorry but this site restricts the length of the message)

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay I’m happy to see you training cockmeat more my future wife got more plans for me and I’m glad cockmeat doing good at his job as whore and a good cock sucking at work and thing new happen yet Kay hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, As you know cockmeat is on a full cum diet. That means it must take a jar full of horse cum to school for lunch time, hehehe. This was not done last year as it is something new. The teacher, friend, knew it was cum but got a big laugh when told it was horse semen for cocokmeat to eat. Her two girls didn’t know but when they found out they made a funny face and said yucky. Now the girls love watching it have to drink the cum setting on the kitchen floor while they eat their good food at the table.

  • Reply Kay ID:fx7qotid4

    Wow this story realy made me sad i am 15 year old boy and i realy want to fuck my sis how could you fuck your son that easy i usaly wait for my sis to fall a sleep to touch her ass and Masturbating for her ass sometimes she sleep naked and that realy help me to cum i hope we will fuck one day

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Very easy really since I’ve enslaved him years ago and keep it naked. So very easy and since he is always naked there is no problem. Being naked, no clothing at all, can’t but help it to understand its place and what it is for. Why are you sad?

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay how cockmeat health doing with being on a full cum diet and have you made cockmeat suck males off yet yourself hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Yes but you should look at my last post 3 days ago, okay. it mostly eats female, horse and donkey cum. cockmeat never gets anything else. That is I do give it a vitamin pill to make sure it stays healthy. cockmeat will no longer eat regular food like I do and all other females do.

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Looks like you don’t get on this site anymore. If you do see and comment on my last input dated five days ago, okay. Kay

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay that’s hot .how many males is cockmeat sucking off now hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, When picking up cockmeat Saturday from work the women told me they could play with its cock for a very long time. This is because the stretcher kept its balls from rising making it hard for cockmeat to cum. They stroked and sucked that cock all they wanted. Also this provided even more pain for cockmeat to bare. I told them it was fine because females are able to use cockmeat for longer and pleasure not to mention more fun. Of course it wasn’t fun for cockmeat but that doesn’t matter. Keeping the sex slave hard for longer times only helps to stretch apart its ball sack to a greater length. cockmeat sucks about six cocks and swallows all each Saturday at work. it also sucks, swallows about 12 during the week. cockmeat does lick and swallows more female cum then that, 20 at least per week. Don’t forget all the horse/donkey semen it must eat everyday as well.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:5rhtp0920k

    God I wish I could of been be your son instead of the child of a Christian family. (as it can see, it hasn’t worked)

    • Komi ID:bk97bri8j

      I know how u feel

    • Komi ID:bk97bri8j

      My fam expects a perfect godly girl but instead they got a 13 (soon 14) year old slut

    • [email protected] ID:5rhtp0920k

      smh that how it be, 20 years old this year and still a virgin can’t do a thing as the fam expects me to get a good christian girl.

    • jtbl12 ID:8bvvy07d9i

      @Komi you sound delicious I would love to eat you all up. contact me [email protected]

    • [email protected] ID:5rhtp0920k

      @Komi you sound like the perfect slut i would love, contact me at [email protected]

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay I think your doing a great job with cockmeat and I hope you get it’s balls to hang low as possible with our damaging cockmeat balls and I think you and your son are going to have fun together and have a lot ❤️ f loving time together milk him well Kay hehe xd

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Even if I’m into heavy ball stretching precautions are taken to not damage cockmeat. Saturday was the first day cockmeat worked at my friend’s store since school started. With school it can not work there during the day. When I dropped cockmeat off at work with the new longer ball stretcher the women could not get over it.They loved the longer and heavier unit now used on its balls. They made fun of cockmeat by saying, That must hurt does it. When cockmeat said it does they just laughed at it saying we don’t care and it should as it means your ball sack is being stretched apart. When I suggested I leave the wrench incase the stretcher needs to be removed the three of them said no way. We do not want the wrench because it has to stay on no matter what. They then all snickered. One of them cupped its balls saying we need to stretch the hick out of these things. We want them to hang as far down from your body as we can get them. We just don’t care how much that ball sack has a burning like feeling while doing this.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay how things with you cockmeat how’s cockmeat schooling going

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, It is going good. The teacher and two girls love having naked cockmeat to look at. They also like the bigger ball ( ouch ) stretcher it now has to wear. Did you see the last two comments I made. They were done six and seven days ago but didn’t hear what you think. Please let me know,hehehe.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay have you hooked up cockmeat to a cock milking machine again and if so for how long. And does cockmeat teacher use him and have sex with him along with there girls at cockmeat school

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I have let my friend the teacher know she is free to use cockmeat for sexual pleasure all she wants. This is good for cockmeat to understand it is a sex toy and its body is to be used by females of all ages. It also makes it understand it must comply with the female’s wishes. Keeping it naked and never letting it wear clothing is better for females so it is good for cockmeat as well. Yes the teacher has used it sexually which to me is normal and the way a super hung teenager male should be used. Last year she would play with its cock and balls a lot stroking it to a massive hard-on. Sometimes in front of the girls but would take it to another room to suck it off. She told me she loves its huge thick tasty teen cum. This school year she will teach her daughters how to enjoy sucking on such a giant gorgeous cock. I see my son/slave as a sex toy/slave so don’t mind this at all. As a matter of fact it thrills me they get sexual pleasure by using it as a true sex slave.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay how did cockmeat school day go and have you start having cockmeat suck males off yet hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Since cockmeat only works at friend’s store on Saturdays that is went it sucks off males, about six each day. Couldn’t wait to drop off cockmeat at school last Wednesday because my friend, the teacher, and her daughters love having it naked there all day. it had nothing on more then a locked collar with tags and carring a book bag with straps on its back. Otherwise completely naked and bare foot too. That’s how a boy should attend school. The teacher knew what the ball stretcher was and giggled that cockmeat had to wear it. The girls never having seen one wondered was it was. We told them it is to stretch its ball sack so its big beautiful balls hang way way down. After hearing that the girls agreed. My friend said that big of a ball stretcher must be very unpleasent for cockmeat and asked if will stay on all day. I responded, it doesn’t matter how unpleasant for cockmeat it must stay on. The teacher said, it might be difficult for it to concentrate in class since it hurts it. I said, well it isn’t coming off because I only care about stretching those wonderful balls. She laughted and said good it stays on cockmeat.

    • [email protected] ID:19ez1s6pmg4v

      @Kay. My 1st wife’s name was Kay. One hell of a fuck! Shared my taste in young girls. She used to find them and then watch me fuck them. Trouble was that she was crazy as a loon. Hide it really well though.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Gavin we all horny here that why my future wife loves me so much hehe

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay my future wife plans to keep my milked and fucked she milk me for my seed and she plans to sale my seed for over 300 dollars a drop. What you think about it hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I feel clothes on cockmeat are useless. That is why I don’t ever allow it to wear any or to own any. it must always be naked for females to enjoy. Since I got rid of all its clothing at age 13 cockmeat could only be naked. That meant it must attend school naked as it should. cockmeat therefore has been home schooled by my friend who also does the same for her two daughters. Yes, cockmeat spends the whole day there naked for all to see but mom and girls of course remain clothed. School starts Wednesday but they will see something new cockmeat is wearing. That is a long heavy ball stretcher for the first time, hehe.

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Tuesday night I had cockmeat take a nice very warm bath for school the next day. I took a good look at its balls and yes they did hang lower then ever. It has been two months now ( one month with first, one month with second stretcher) so it was time for the third one that’s longer and heavier. I had to work to get it on because the stretcher was so tight. This length plus added weight gave cockmeat an even better ball stretch. I love the look being over 3.1 inches and over 3.1 pounds. But not so much for cockmeat however it is going to stay on as I want maxium ball stretching for cockmeat. School started Wednesday and couldn’t wait to show it off there, hehehe.

  • Reply Nick ID:1e82qotqt7sg

    Mom would have me give her oral and masturbate her

  • Reply Gavin ID:mzgdgchj

    I’m very horny now

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay what all you done with cockmeat in last few days since we last talked hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Summer is almost over which means cockmeat will not be working everyday at friend’s shop. it will work there only on Saturdays though. The good news is cockmeat will attend school naked. I drop it off at a friend’s house so it has to stay naked all day. The teacher, my friend, and her two daughters love that they get to see cockmeat naked all day long. School is for learning and I think the girls get a wonderful education on what boys have, hehehe. How about you???

  • Reply Honkytonkman69 ID:sbrp9kjele9

    One of hottest mom/ son stories I’ve read loved it

  • Reply Miley ID:1e7pk3kjgv5e

    Why is everyone still commenting and voting on this story? this story was posted 3 years ago.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay I think what you did to cockmeat at the dog park is hot and one of my dreams and not just in a sexual way as a therian it would help me feel better in a mental shift hehe I hope you made cockmeat use the bathroom at dog park on all fours hehe that’s something I want to do to hehe

    • ? ID:ffhv718rk

      Give me a way to contact you

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer it didn’t have to go but if it had too!!!

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Being used as breeding stock hehe and cock milking for my cum 🦊❤️Kay does you son enjoy being a slave how horny does he get every day and I’m being milked alot lately hehe I love my future wife hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I don’t care if cockmeat enjoys being sexually used or not. I’ve raised it in such a way it does not understand even if not liking what is going on. it only knows any woman or girl has the right to use it for her pleasure anytime, anywhere. Females love its teen cum load being so large, thick and tasty. because of this it is played with and sucked off a lot by them. Has far as I am concerned they may do this as often as they want. So cockmeat gets its cock sucked off and forced to cum many times. So much so it becomes sore from doing so but as I have said that does not matter.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay is sex slavery fully legal where you are because it’s amazing hehe ❤️

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, If it isn’t I’ll still enslave cockmeat forever. In about one week cockmeat will have to wear a heavier and longer ball stretcher. This may hurt it somewhat but I do not care. The only thing important to me is getting its bg balls to hang as far down as can be done. LOL. What has been happening to you lately.

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, What did you think of the way I took cockmeat to the dog park? Let me know, okay.

  • Reply Older guy ID:pvkvh4k0b

    Hi , Kay , we need to reconnect , and I also completely agree with Summer , I still keep my female naked & she’s currently pregnant with female number two

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Hi Older Guy, That’s fine by me so lets do.

  • Reply DarkAction ID:2nhiwvrk0i

    Love the story Jan. There’s no mention of a husband! Are you married and is he fucking you as well? Keep giving your son his medicine, twice daily!!

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay do you make cockmeat walk on all fours like dog and if so do you make cockmeat walk on all fours like dog in your yard and make him use bathroom in your yard like dog to hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Funny you mentioned that because that’s something I just started about a month ago. This happens when my female friends come over. I make it walk on all fours treating like nothing more than a dog. its not only walked around on a leash by me but my friends as well. How humilating for cockmeat to have to be walked all over the yard like that by females. If a woman takes her panties off and sets on a lawn chair cockmeat must lick her to a very good climax, hehehe. The most thrilling thing I did was taking cockmeat to an actual dog park. Yes this was in a public place. I didn’t see anyone at first but a short while later two women walking their dogs came from behind a building and some trees. They just snickered and gave cockmeat a good look. They went to their car but did not get in. Instead they continues to watch. As you know cockmeat has some very very large heavy balls that hang nice and low from the stretching. This makes it hard for cockmeat play fetch but ordered it to anyway. I tossed a ball and made it go after it. With those balls it was difficult for cockmeat but I didn’t care. I told it to run fasted and faster. This caused its balls to flop around like crazy and get caught between its legs almost making it trip, hehe. The two women couldn’t stop looking and laughing at what was going on in front of them. Later on a mother and her three daughters stopped at the dog park, Well the girls could not get over my naked dog. I had cockmeat turn to with its but towards them. This provided a great view of its huge low hanging balls. The girls got a good long look for sure, hehehe. When leaving I walked past the two women who kept watching the show. They made the comment,That’s some special dog you have while laughing. I reponded by saying, yes it is and it even properly wears its dog tags. When they looked at the tag the women said look its name is cockmeat and laughted and laughted. I just replied, it’s the perfect name for it if you know what I mean.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay I believe all children soon as there born should be used as sex slaves a child proposed is to serve the sexual needs of there parents and other adult Kay what would you like to do to me and with me hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I’d do the same to you as I do to my son. That is you would never get any clothing spending your whole life naked. Like my son you would be taken naked to all my female friend’s houses. It would give me great pleasure passing you around to all the women and girls to use your body as a sex toy. I would make you understand that’s all you are. you would be broken down to not think otherwise making it easy for them to do what ever they want with you. I would enjoy this just like I do with my son/sex/slave.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay what you think my small cock should be used for hehe and would you use me to feed cockmeat more cum

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, It doesn’t matter the size of your cock. cockmeat will be ordered to suck and swallow all the cum that comes out to it. I would really like to use you since cockmeat needs cum to eat, never getting other food.

  • Reply Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Summer, Since cockmeat has such large heavy balls it is able to cum more often and in bigger amounts than any other male I know of. Me and my girl friends have forced milked it 4 times in one hour with no problem. We give it a short rest then do it again. The most was 12 cum shots in four hours of playing with it. This of course is very unpleasant for cockmeat but I nor my female friends care. I want cockmeat to learn it has no choice. I want females to know they may use cockmeat for any and all their sexual pleasures as they want. Just like cockmeat as no say in never getting to wear clothing it has no say as to which women, how many females, or where it can be used for their enjoyment. I want cockmeat to understand its body is nothing more than a sexual toy for all females to play with. it exist only for female’s pleasure and I truly believe this and have no concern its being used this way. To me using my naked/sex/slave like this and also watching other females have fun with it is normal and justified. Stretching its balls is something I will never stop doing. In about another 12 days I will make cockmeat wear a 3.1 inch stretcher for more ball stretching. This will be very tight and uncomfortable for cockmeat but it is what I want as it will make its balls hang lower.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay what other plans you have in cockmeat ball stretching and how many times can cockmeat cum in row before before he goes dry and can’t cum nothing more

  • Reply Gary ID:4aosu2u0hrj

    I like too read your other stories where can I find them?

  • Reply Jax ID:1edj4g4n3bgn

    Hey kay u looking to fuck someone again?

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay I think what you did to cockmeat at dinner was awesome funny and hot as fuck hehe did you all have sex with cockmeat at dinner party xd

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Yes we all did. We sucked off its huge nice cock for many cums then had cockmeat lick us to a wonderful climax. While females get to use cockmeat for their sexual pleasure most do not want to have a child. However, one daughter of a friend does want a child by cockmeat. She is hoping for a boy that has a huge cock just like cockmeat does. If cockmeat gives her a boy she will enslave it, use it for her pleasure and also pass it around for other females to use as a sex toy as well. She plans on keep it naked from the get go unlike cockmeaat who had some clothing in its preteen years although not much. Of course cockmeat has not been allowed any clothing now for over many years.

  • Reply Miley ID:e3l61lloxnl

    How does a story like this get over 1,000 votes? I know the story was posted a couple of years ago but WTF.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay are you still using cockmeat as a breeding slave for other females if so do any young girls get bred by cockmeat

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, You wanted to know about the dinner party so what do you think of it. cockmeat is used very often for the sexual pleasure of women and girls. That’s why I always keep it naked. That way it understands it is nothing but an object and sex toy and only exits for female’s sexual enjoyment. I do mean nothing else. Keeping it naked with no clothing at all, always naked 24/7/365 trains it to understand this and to not think otherwise. Let me know if you like and why about the dinner party, so don’t forget.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay how did the dinner party go and what you all do to the slave hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, The dinner party went great. As we females sat at the table I made cockmeat serve the meal. I then ordered it to sit on the floor while we had a delious supper. cockmeat could only smell and watch us eat a nice meal. After we were done I told cockmeat to get its meal in a jar. The women all laughed as it returned with a glass jar full of horse sperm. My friends snickered as it had to eat the horse cum. You could tell by the look on its face it did not taste good. The women mocked cockmeat by saying, How do you like your meal, bet it tastes terrible, but you have to eat it anyway. your mother is right you don’t get regular food just cum so you better swallow it all because you get nothing else. After it was done I had cockmeat stand next to me .Sitting at the table. I rubbed its stomach saying, Now that’s better your tummy absolutely full of horse sperm and nothing else in there just like it should be. Well my friends busted out laughing and laughing. They really loved seeing that.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay would you ever consider feeding cockmeat breast milk as a bed time snack hehe and are you going to start having cockmeat suck males cocks for more cum soon hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, cockmeat sucks off about 3 to 5 males per day at the place it works. The women who work there just love humiliating cockmeat like that.. I have been invited by a friend for supper tonight. There will be two other women for supper as well. Of course I’ll take my naked slave along but it will not get any of the great food we will be having. Instead I will bring along a big jar full of horse sperm for it to eat, hehehe. How humilating to have to swallow it all in front of us four females. LOL. I will let you know how it goes.

    • 16yslut ID:1cxbgjrecbj9

      Holyyy you guys are almost in the thousands of messaging here 😆

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay my future wife isn’t going to put me on a fully cum deit as you done to cockmeat my future wife is going to let me eat normal food with cum in my food and cum as snacks on side along with her breasts milk as a bed time snack you done awesome job with you slave hehe my future wife going to allow me to eat normal food for all three meals with cum as snacks or cum on top my food .xd

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I think it’s great that your wife will make you eat food with cum on it. If that’s what she wants then that’s what you must do for her, hehehe. Also the breast milk is good too. All that should put you in your place.

  • Reply Technology_ljpr ID:bra8bi2k0a

    The Pros and Cons of AI

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay how good is cockmeat at sucking cock how many times can cockmeat get men to cum in row hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I don’t know yet. it is learning to suck cock though pretty good but so far just one male at a time and one cum in mouth at a time for cockmeat to swallow. Guess what, cockmeat is now on an only and full cum diet. it gets no other food but semen to eat. I do allow two vitumin pills per day and water to keep it health but nothing else. What do you think of that. Would your future wife like to do that to you.

  • Reply Erik ID:5x836gbz8r9

    Your mail does not work?

  • Reply Erik ID:5x836gbz8r9

    Love it!

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay is cockmeat sucking cock at work yet hehe if so how many cocks does it suck a day

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Yes, cockmeat is sucking cock at work. The women there chain it up by the ankle in a back room where they let guys in to use cockmeat. Right now about three guys use it per day but maybe the female workers will add more, hehehe. I see it as another sourse of food for cockmeat, LOL.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay would you like it if cockmeat sucked my cock and drinked all my cum would you want that hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, If I wanted it to it would have too,, hehehe. When I dropped off cockmeat at work I said to it, show the ladies what you are wearing. The female workers said, look it has a longer and heavier ball stretcher on. They loved cockmeat had to wear it all day, hehehe, I told them it is going to stay on all the time except for one hour washing every third day and that’s all just like the other ball stretcher it had to wear. Also, cockmeat is almost on a full cum diet, LOL.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay what else happened at mall hehe did anyone have sex with cockmeat at mall.

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, No one had sex with cockmeat but lots of females sure enjoyed looking at its giant gorgeous cock and those big beautiful balls. Loved putting it on naked display for all to enjoy and glad the women and girls got to see its naked body. That does thrill me like you wouldn’t believe. I do think some of the women would like to do more with cockmeat so I am planning on going back to the mall for a second time, hehehe.

  • Reply Ren ID:41ery97d1

    Please t ell that story too!

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay how much do you love your son /slave do you ever think of him as a mate and husband and have you ever thought about having a secret wedding to marry him .

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Yes I love my son very much but to me it is a sex toy, a slave that I own to be used for my pleasure. Can’t really marry your son so it would not be a wedding as most would think. If I did the wedding would happen just like I said in my older post. I sure you still are able to read them if don’t remember.

  • Reply Todd ID:1dqo1mw2a3xo

    You are definitely so hot. Your son is a lucky soul to have a loving mother like you.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay when you going to start having cockmeat suck male cocks for extra cum hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer,, After cockmeat took a nice warm bath I checked him out. Its balls did hang lower especaly when warmer. I told cockmeat it had the 1.9 inch, 1.9 pound ball stretcher on long enough, 30 days,and time to move up. I retreved the next size, 2.5 inch long and weighting 2.5 pounds. This kept its balls tight and unable to asend up word. The added weight also provided more ball stretching. I had to be careful to not pinch its nut sack when bolting the two piece ball stretcher together. About three hours later before bed time I looked over its balls. They seemed okay, not turning blue as I don’t want to injure cockmeat. it did say the bigger ball stretcher hurt more. I said it will have to stay on just the same as we do need to stretch those balls really good. Like before the stretcher will be on three days with only one hour off the third day for cleaning and that’s it. cockmeat will have to suck and swallow fresh cum from a cock but need to make sure the guys are clean meaning no medical problem of any kind first.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay you ever have cockmeat suck a males human cock and drink a males human cum hehe if so how much

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I haven’t yet but may do so in the near future to make sure cockmeat gets enough cum to live on. it doesn’t like that idea at all but will do it anyway. Funny you should ask that. That is because the women at the shop where cockmeat works know a lot of men who want to be sucked off and want to use cockmeat for that. They have a private room in back of store were they plan on chaining up cockmeat and have it suck cock to swallow lots of cum. It will be part of its work duties, hehehe. cockmeat will soon have to take the larger ball stretcher too. I can’t wait.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay I’m glad to hear cockmeat is almost on a full cum deit .Kay would you ever let cockmeat eat male human cum with the horse cum or just horse cum

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, cockmeat now only gets a jar full of horse cum for lunch and supper with some donkey cum for a late snack. its breckfest is 75% horse cum as well but soon to be 100% like lunch and supper. I may use some human male cum if needed and don’t care what cockmeat thinks of that. If it can eat nasty tasting horse and donkey semen it surly can eat male cum. it does swallow lots of female pussy cum as well from me and my friends.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay my future wife uses me to make children for her and her family she loves to milk my cock hehe. Kay did you teach your slave how to jerk off at early age like I was taught or did he learn on his own hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, If the relationship is working for you both then so be it. To me an Owner and slave can never be equal. The Owner is always above the slave. They own it and use it anyway the Owner wants. Where as the slave must accept its lowly status and want to be used by the Owner for their pleasure. That’s what should keep the slave happy. This unequal relationship is what the Owner/slave is all about. This means cockmeat is just an object, toy, plaything to be used as I see fit. Yes it has excepted its lowly status as it should. Hope to hear more from you.By the way cockmeat is almost on a full cum diet, lol.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay my future wife knows of you and no my future wife wants me as her equal and her soulmate and husband and sex slave and my future wife wants me to eat normal food and her cum and breast milk as snacks and she loves me very much .

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, That’s great for the both of you. Glad it is working out for the best. However I do love my naked/son/sex slave very much but maybe a little differently. What is latest your future wife has used you.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay does this mean your saying sex slavery legal right now here and I think it’s so hot what you did .

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, It looks like society is going in that direction especially if the slave is a male. I truly loved the look on peoples faces when walking my naked slave all around the mall. But females seemed to like it best. Some males just looked the other way with a few seemed interested. The females had a different reaction. Most loved the sight of a naked male slave because they really watched cockmeat and or had a big smile from ear to ear. I think I know why. Women don’t like it if a male forces its nakedness on them because it means he is doing only for his pleasure. Females much prefer a woman forcing the male slave to go naked because they know she is doing it for her pleasure as well as for all other females with no concern for the male what-so-ever. Does your future wife know about me and how I have enslaved and use my son/naked slave/toy. If not you may because I want to hear what she thinks. Would she like to do the same to you.

  • Reply Sam ID:9cebcqrk

    I truly love your story I am going to email you so we can talk more I also truly love incest

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay based on what you said you did at mall and all the people that saw it sex slavery must be legal there and practice widely that was awesome you taking cockmeat to mall tell me more

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, It made me so hot my panties were wet. My two friends followed us home in their car. I had cockmeat lick me to an extremely good orgasm that was the best ever but not so. I made cockmeat keep licking until I had another one but even better. My whole body shook. Next I owed my friends for helping out at the mall so ordered cockmeat to lick them both until each came. All that cum is good for cockmeat since it is on a cum diet, he he he.That evening before putting cockmeat to bed in its basement cage I got another licking by my slave. I think it’s good it has to go to sleep with mommy’s taste on its lips and mouth.

  • Reply dpfreeze ID:1wws51dt0i

    I love your conversation, but how come you didnt get arrested parading a nude cockmeat in the mall LOL? As Summer has said – awesome!

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      dpfreeze, Because the woman in charge of mall security knew this was to take place, kept mall guards busy else where and because she knows one of my friends so didn’t mind doing this. Although I do not think she would have gone along with it if it was a naked female.

    • dpfreeze ID:ehkti1i43

      thank you Kay – as I said, Awesome. But what is your next plan?

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      dbfreeze, I became so hot after that I had cockmeat lick me to two satisfing orgasms. Next I ordered it to lick each friend, two of them who helped out with mall walk, to an orgasm as well. I wouldn’t mind going back to the mall with naked cockmeat but maybe this time go into some stores.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay that’s awesome and hot hehe I’m happy for you hehe

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay that’s awesome please tell me more

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, As we walked through the mall food court we got many looks. One woman standing in line to order food could not take her eyes off of cockmeat and turned around 360 degrees to enjoy the scene. We were at the one end of mall so turned right in the center and headed through the mall. A woman who had a stand in the center of mall walkway smiled at seeing naked cockmeat. I continued until there was four old females sitting on two couches facing each other. They pointed and said something to one another so I stopped and turned cockmeat by the leash so the women got a good full frontal view of my slave. Next I walked the slave in the mall enjoying the reaction from people seeing my naked slave. In the center there is a large open area where people drinking coffee from a coffee shop. I continued to a glass case where watches for sell by a female about 20 years old. She did not know what to think but then I told cockmeat to stand still even though it was. This let her know she could enjoy its nakedness. She did stare at its huge naked cock and balls. On to more walking the mall. A girl of about 12 or 13 and her sister about 10 or 11 walked pasted us. When they did the older girl said , let it all hang out. I just giggled. I walked cockmeat all the way to the other end of the mall. I took the steps to the second floor to watch cockmeat have a hard time with its big weighted stretched balls. With people in hearing range I said to cockmeat, I don’t care if you are having a difficult time you better keep up with me do you hear. At the top my other friend gave me the sign everything was okay. Since people were watching I stop and looked cockmeat in the eyes saying, There is no other way, you’ll just have to walk back through the naked to get out. However I took my time window shopping, stopping then moving on to next shop to do the same. This let lots of females view cockmeat. I noticed there was plenty too. I was in pure ecstasy walking my naked son/slave around.

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, As I paraded cockmeat through the mall there was no drought people knew it was my sex. slave. its massive cock swinging with every step. its huge weighted stretched tight balls were bouncing off of one thigh then the other. What a sight. No wonder the women and girls couldn’t take their eyes off of it. When I got to the end cockmeat had to use the escalator which is not easy on bare feet but I was wearing shoes so didn’t care. I was about to leave when the same woman selling stuff in the center mall I noticed she was looking at cockmeat and really smiling. So I walked over to her and said, hope you had a good day selling your items. She replied, Yes and looks like you had a good day too. We both giggled. I added, It is about time I took my naked son shopping with me. She said, I thought he looked like your son. You said about time taking him naked but is this the first or do you mean he’s naked more than just at the mall. I replied, This thing never gets to wear or own any clothing. I’ve kept it naked for years and that’s how it will stay. The woman touched its chest saying to cockmeat, Your mother is right. you don’t get to have clothing and must stay this way. you should also be happy your mother took you naked to the mall because she is enjoying it. My friend signaled it was time to go so I said goodby to her. The woman said to me , hope to see you again. Turning to cockmeat she said to it, hope to see you again too. We with my two friends walked through the food court to leave where we came in. What a great time at least for me, my girl friends and other females at the mall but maybe not so much for cockmeat but that made the mall trip better. More to add later.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay I thought your last two comments were amazing and I agree

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Glad you did. That’s why I keep my son naked/collared 24/7 so it can used for the females sexual pleasure at ant time, any place.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay did you take cockmeat to mall yet if so what happened

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Yes I did and how great it was. We did this Saturday because the woman in charge of the guards had set it up that day and my two friends could help. cockmeat knew nothing of this and it is normal for him to ride naked in the car since it has no clothing. it may have thought we were going to the park or forest or to one of my friend’s house so my slave was not concerned. But when we turned into the parking lot of a large mall cockmeat became somewhat worried. After all it was wearing nothing but a leather collar and a ball stretcher. I ordered cockmeat out of the car and put its hands behind its back which I then locked with hand cuffs. Next I clipped a leash to its collar and said let’s go. cockmeat only said, mom but I told it, you’ll have to be naked since you have no clothing and don’t deserve any anyway. We headed to a main entrance on one end of the mall. I was so very, very nervous but also excited. I took a deep breath and entered the mall where the food court is. There were several people sitting eating and surprised at the display. Need to break this up because too long so will tell more on my next comments.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay I agree sex slavery should be legal. I believe that sex slavery should be practice in this country and that people of all ages should be used as sex slaves for others to enjoy. I also know a lot oft churches even here practice here in my state and I hope this country keep moving more in that progressive way I want thatt

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I want that too. That’s why I love using my son as a sex toy and also passing it around for other females who want to use it for their pleasure as well. What churches and in what states are the churches in. Would love to know and may move there.

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer,, Why haven’t I heard from you lately. Love to know what You think of my last comments 2 days ago or so. There is something I also want to tell you. That is guess where I went and with you know who, hehehe.

  • Reply Son ID:5rj17pw7d9a

    Best sex ever. True love.

  • Reply Satan ID:2rshks5rzyu

    You sick bastards, praying on the vulnerable. Jimmy Savile, Philip Schofield cunts. They’re traumatised for life now. Paedo speedos. Well you can speed off to Hell. It’s not cos you’re ugly or repulsive or anything. It’s just forcing yourself on someone crushes their soul. I know theres two sides. But this evil shit needs to stop. Lizards can get the gold sparkle from doing good and eating plants from now on. The sex abuse will make them ill. You are now evolved, demons. 🚬🚬🚬🌿🐇

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay it’s sounds like it’s already legal everywhere if you ask me males being enslaved is already normal Kay my wife to be said that’s sex slavery is legal it looks legal to me Kay how many other males have you seen already enslaved and how young where they hehe there should be a male slave kennel club now hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Yes it sure does seem that way now. We need to take away all rights for males because they do not deserve any. We need to pass laws that state males are nothing more than objects. We need laws that state a female may own a male. We need to make it that male clothing no longer exist. We need to pass laws so a male never gets to wear any clothing at all. We need laws that state males are unprotected. We need laws that allow females to own and do whatever they want with their male slave. We need laws that state all males must remain naked throughout its whole life and serve females that way. We need laws that allow a female to own/enslave a male of any age. We need laws where a female can go to a kennel of naked caged males of all ages so she may purchase one just like any object. We need these laws to protect females and their rights. To me that’s the true and only life style that should exist. I have a friend who has enslaved her husband and now her son as well. She makes them go naked a lot. Another friend has no husband but a son and two daughters. She has made him a slave and must serve her two daughters as they wish. he is passed around to the daughters female friends as well. its mother keeps him naked most of the time and plans to get rid of the little clothing she has for her son. She wants to keep it naked 100% of the time like I do with cockmeat. Other than that I have not seen many women enslaving men or their young sons. This needs to change. To make males comply mothers should strip sons naked and bring them up to serve females as their slaves that way. I’m sure you agree and so would many women if they saw the advantage to this wonderful life style.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay if you can take cockmeat in to a mall naked in front of 100s of people then isn’t sex slavery really already legal everywhere is sex slavery fully legal everywhere Kay because wow xd hehe❤️

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I don’t know if taking cockmeat naked to a mall means sex slavery is legal. But doing this is what makes it so exciting. If legal I wouldn’t need to plan with the woman in charge of security. I could just do it. Do think female enslavement of a male is becoming more common though. If you ask me males being put into sex slavery by women should be normal and legal. Can’t wait to shopping at the mall, hehehe.

  • Reply To summer and kay. If its not the same a ID:ndoolerm99

    Oh for fucks sake why dont the two of u take it off here

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay how things going with taking cockmeat to the mall and will everyone see him naked at mall and does everyone at mall know that cockmeat is coming and is there a place set up where people can play with cockmeat at mall hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Thanks for asking, everything is going fine. It takes a lot of planning for this but will get done. I have two have two female friends to help out, one on first floor and other up on second floor at other end of mall. The woman in charge of mall guards has to give the okay. She will keep guards busy but the four go us will be on cell phones just in case we have to leave. Of course no one there could know this will happen. Can’t wait to see the look on people’s faces when I parade naked cockmeat around the mall. They would have to know its my well hung teen son that is being used as a sex slave for sure. cockmeat doesn’t know this will take place because it has no reason to know. it is to be used as I see fit. For the first time no place will set up for females to play with cockmeat but maybe next time if all goes good.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay how cockmeat doing at work and what would you do to my cock and balls because they small hehe .xd

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, cockmeat is doing well at work. The females there love having it working naked with nothing on but a slave collar and now that ball stretching weight. They know it isn’t easy for it to carry the weight because of some pain cockmeat experiences. Just like me they want the discomfort because it means its ball sack is being stretched. The ball stretcher is 1.9 inches long and weights 1.9 pounds. The next one is 2.5 inches at 2.5 pounds but will keep this one on for a while. Third one I have for cockmeat is 3.1 inch and 3.1 pounds. For you I would force you to go naked in front of everyone to show and make fun of that small dick. I’d make you have sex with anyone or anything I want.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay do you let cockmeat bath himself or do you bath him and how’s cockmeat doing as a breeding slave.kay my future wife wants to use me to only have sex with girls and animals my future wife doesn’t want me having sex with adult females only girls and most the animals she wants me to have sex with will be female animals.my future wife said my cock to small for adults she said my cock made for use by children and animals only .xd

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, usually cockmeat takes its own bath but the door must always be open so mommy or her female friends may look in. There are times when I like to give cockmeat a bath because I love to wash its body, its cock its balls. I do make sure cockmeat gets a big hard on for me to suck off a nice clean one, hehehe. If your wife says your cock is too small and should only be used for tight pussies then that’s how it should be. I agree 100 % with her on this since you can’t please a woman with that thing. It would be funny for us women to have you and cockmeat stand nude next to each other. you with a tiny one and cockmeat bigger soft then your’s is hard. We would make fun of you for sure but praise all that wonderful meat cockmeat has dangleing between its legs, LOL.

    • Gabe ID:bpbfb6ym2

      .y mom was such a hot whore I had to fuck her when I was 13 she was passed out on the couch so I lifted up her skirt and pulled off her panties and licked her till she woke up .. she was shocked and angry but I told her I needed to have her.. she let me fuck her now 10 yrs later we are inseparable

  • Reply Horny Chad ID:1defaj9ymfz7

    All I can say is that I wish you were my mom.

  • Reply Adrian ID:1dlcre7yzzlw

    Janine, That was a VERY 🔥 story. Gave me a nice hardon. Have you started enjoying sex with your girls yet?

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay how horny does cockmeat get every day does he ever ask you to do stuff to him because he horny .and what do you allow cockmeat to watch on tv hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, cockmeat is allowed to watch almost anything it wants on tv. However, i do make it watch lots of female domination of a naked male slave videos especially if the female is never nude and male is always naked. I also make it read letters or stories on female lead relationships. All this is for its brainwashing and mind control to accept its place as nothing more than a sex toy/slave for females to use. With balls the size cockmeat has i’m sure it gets really horny and often. I do not allow it to control its sexual life style. it never gets to asked any female to use it. Instead it is always used for the pleasure of any female who wishes to and how and when she wants. cockcmeat has nothing to say about this or how or when it is used.

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, cockmeat is allowed to watch almost anything it wants on tv. However, everyday it must see a female domination video of naked male slave. All males in video must be naked while the female stays clothed. it also has to read stories or letters on female domination of naked male slaves. Having balls the size cockmeat does it can get very horny and needs release. The thing is cockmeat is not allowed to ask or part take in any sexual activities without female consent. But a female may do whatever she wants to it anytime she wants or see cockmeat do whatever she wishes to have it do.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay I’ll let you know when it does it be while away yet tell me what happens with cockmeat at mall hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I will tell you when taking cockmeat naked to the mall and what took place.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay my wife to be wants me not just as sex slave but as her husband mate for life she want me to cook dinners for me her to eat and she wants to cook me dinner to she loves me more as a mate Equal but when it comes to sex I’m her slave and breeding toy she plans to make me in to her family breeding slave and to make endless children for her and her family and she planning our wedding it’s going to me a naked sex slave wedding.xd

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, It is great you are going to have a naked slave wedding. That’s how a wedding should be. That is the male husband collared but otherwise completely naked while all females get to wear clothing. males do not get to keep secrets. Let me know what happens when it does.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay my wife said it’s legal here in a secret sense it’s still not openly practiced yet to show off sex slave but a lot of people here have sex slaves we well keep and I’m excited for your mall trip with cockmeat hehe tell me everything when it happens.kay how is sex slavery practice where you are hehe ❤️

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Same here but on a secret way of doing it between those who want to do that. My son could refuse if wanted but I raised him to comply with this life style so he won’t. It’s more aceptable here for a female to enslave a male, even young male, but not the other way around. Will tell you everything about the mall walk when it happens.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay my future wife said it’s now legal to have me as her sex slave and sex slavery is legal here now is that true for you and your cockmeat to Kay hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I do not think it is here at least not in the true sense. Where are you that it is legal? I think she is saying this as part of dominating , controlling you. If so it is a good thing to do to you after all she is your owner. The cum diet and ball stretching for cockmeat is coming along just fine, he, he, he. The mall trip is also going to happen, LOL.

  • Reply . ID:pjfn9t7ob85

    Children do not need to be “introduced” to sex at that age. ESPECIALLY Rape. If anything you’re saying is true get immediate help, and if your children have already experienced it? Turn yourself in.

    • anonymous ID:1cu46k5qnm2y

      1totally agree

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay I think cockmeat deserves to be tortured like that and I’m glad you getting far with cockmeat cum deit your awesome Kay xd hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Good to know you think I should and have the right to torture cockmeat that way. I want its big balls to permanently hang so very very low. HE HE HE. Going to the mall looks like it will happen. The woman who works security there will give date maybe soon.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay you think my future wife will get good breeding use out of me my future wife wants me to have sex with girls alot .

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I don’t see why not as you seem to understand your place. It is not up to you who you have to have sex with. That is something only up to her. She can make you have sex with any and all women, girls she wants. your place is to only comply. Like cockmeat you are nothing but a sex slave so don’t forget that. I have started cockmeat on its breakfast cum diet. So now it only gets cum for lunch, cum for supper, cum for a snack and now every other breakfast is cum. In another two weeks it should be on an all cum diet, can’t wait. What do you think of how I am stretching its balls by always wearing a weight on them.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay are you still planning on taking cockmeat to mall hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Yes I am but takes lots of plaining to do so. Have to hear from the woman in charge of mall security before we do it. The first time dropping off cockmeat at work with the ball weight the women asked what is cockmeat wearing. I said it is a ball stretching weight to elongate its ball sack so they hang lower. They giggled after hearing that. Then one of the female workers said I hope you stretch them balls real good so they hang down to its knees. That way cockmeat kicks its self in the balls every time it walks around. All of us females laughed and laughed at that. Don’t know if I can get its balls to hang that far from its body but am going to try for sure.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay that’s awesome and hot hehe your slave must be enjoying himself to hehe .❤️

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, After a full day with the ball stretching weight on cockmeat said he can really feel some hard tugging and small amount of burning like feeling. I told cockmeat I know it doesn’t feel good but it is not suppose to. What that means is it is working good to elongate the ball sack. It also does not matter what you want but what I want. And I do want those big beautiful balls to dangle far down from your slave body. I love that look so that is what I’ll get. By the way the first weight is two pounds. The weights will permanently stay on its balls to continue stretching and stretching them. I will take the weight off only every other third day for cleaning but just one hour. Then the weight goes back on. cockmeat is unable to remove the weight because it takes a special wrench that I keep locked up.

  • Reply Slaveboy ID:7ylj5bb9m2

    Kay do you ever peg cockmeat? It would probably be fun to peg him with no lube at all, completely dry with a big fat dildo that rips him inside don’t you think so?

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Slaveboy, I have not done that but like you said to peg my slave dry with a big fat dildo that rips it inside. Would have to use a gag because of the pain, he, he, he.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay yes I’ll love to hear what it was hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I gave cockmeat a gift that was heavy and in a box. When it opened the box cockmeat didn’t know what it was for. There are four weights each one longer and heavier. I told cockmeat the weights are to stretch the balls on a sex slave. I will start with the smaller one then work up to the bigger one but it will be up to me when going to the next size. Those huge balls should be hanging as far down as posible with no max limit. The greater the length those huts hang down away from your body the better for me. However, for you it will be difficult to set or walk and forget about running as that will become impossible for you. The weights come in two pieces and are put together with two bolts. Will let you know how it goes. By the way its cock and balls are still a-little raw and sore from all that birthday party action, he he he.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay that’s fucking hot I love how you use your son as a slave me I hope to be used for breeding proposes hehe I know me future wife wants me to make her children nonstop hehe I’m excited

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, To me cockmeat is just a piece of meat and nothing more. its only purpose in life is to be used for my pleasure and any other female I wish. it is also just a sex toy and that’s how cockmeat will always be used. I did give cockmeat a gift but of course it was for my enjoyment not its. Would you like to know what it was.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay that’s awesome tell me more

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, balls the size that cockmeat has means it must release their load even more than normal ones do or get very sore. Well of course we females didn’t care and just kept cockmeat from cumming. After such a prolong time its balls became swollen, heavier and gnarled up pretty good. This did not stop us as I sucked one sore nut, too big to get both in, munching on it. My friends chanted, chew those balls chew them good, go ahead eat its balls. This would have been painful for cockmeat but more so because those things were so sore from not getting to cum. Have to admit it was very exciting for us to see and hear cockmeat moan, groan and strain on the restraints but could do nothing about it. I gave its other nut the same treatment than so did all my friends. To make sure it could not cum we slapped its big balls really hard to continue our female pleasure. This lasted for hours before we allowed it to cum. Normally cockmeat has quite a big load but this was something else. its cock gushed and gusted its thick creamy ball juice. What a cum load as its whole chest up to the neck became covered in baby badder. Before releasing cockmeat from the restraints we dined on all that delicious teen cum.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay I love how you use you slave . Me I’m enjoying myself on things I hope you and your slave have great time today and I hope your slave son enjoy his work today hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Saturday we had a birthday party for my son. That is it was more for us than cockmeat. I invited many of my female friends over but no males. After it eat a nice big peice of cake I pointed to the chair and cockmeat knew what was coming. it sat with its butt near the edge and legs back and on the arm rest. Next we tied its hands behind the chair. Then we tied its legs to the arm rest by the ankles and at the knees. This prevented cockmeat from excaping or to move much. This left its cock and balls valuable and out there for us females to take advantage of which we really did. All of us, six, women, took turns sucking on its massive cock and balls too. We just kept sucking and sucking on that giant gorgeous cock. it is so fat we had to force it into our mouths. This of course was unpleasant for cockmeat but we loved it even more. We continued to suck and play with its cock and balls all day long not one bit concerned about cockmeat. We did not let it cum at least not yet. Us females wanted to keep playing with it but stopping at the point before cockmeat could cum. WILL ADD MORE NEXT TIME

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay what did the females at cockmeat work think about cockmeat eat horse cum in front them hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, The three women working at the store can’t get over how cockmeat has to eat cum for lunch. They think it is very degrading for cockmeat and that is why they watch it swallow the whole jar full of nasty tasting semen. They as well as I can not wait when it gets only cum every day for lunch just like supper. Maybe this will start next week. By the way a friend of mine has a daughter unmarried with one girl of her own. She thinks cockmeat is cute and wants it for breeding. She really, really loves its huge cock and balls. She is hoping cockmeat can give her a boy as hung as it is. If that happens she will always keep her son naked and watch and pass it around for other women to use as a sex slave.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay what’s your plans for breeding hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, First of all cockmeat has to please all females with its huge hard teen cock if they want. it has nothing to say about this as cockmeat must comply and have sex with any one I want and a female wants. I have taught it how to use its super sized cock to please a woman. Since it is so large and thick it slowly inters a woman’s going back and forth. After she becomes excited she is able to take more but the most any woman has taken was nine inches of that fat cock. it never gets more of it into a female’s pussy just too big. Being very thick it gives a woman the best enjoyment and best orgasms ever. I have no problem with all these females using its body for their sexual pleasure because that’s what cockmeat is for. The women do take the pill but someone wants more from cockmeat. Will tell you on next posing. Any comments on the women at the store love watching cockmeat have to drink all that horse cum for lunch.

  • Reply Cosmic ID:3zxjrjpezrb

    Mom , you sound amazing, I think I wouldn’t mind you being my nurse maid either. And , as tempting as your daughters sound, my freedom is worth far more to me, but thanks for the offer.

  • Reply MikeR ID:bo32uid9k

    I wish I had been more mature when I was about 15. Thinking back now my mom constantly walked around naked in front of me or at best in bra and panties. She was a thick woman with big breast and I wanted to fuck her so bad. I think she might have wanted to fuck be too but I guess we were both to afraid to make the first move. I stole pairs of he panties to smell them and Jack off in them. She must have known as I put them back in the clothes hamper. Damn wasted time and wasted cums !

    • Jacqui ID:5q8ituf49a

      MikeR..The things that we think of now if only we had done them back.
      I have had similiar situations myself..Dam it.

      As you say wasted time and wasted cums im sure your Mom would have been a choice fuck..

      Jacqui at [email protected]

  • Reply Gordon F ID:1es77e2pptud

    I really enjoyed your story. I began stroking my meat to it. I was 14 in 87 when I came on to my adopted mom. I wasn’t a virgin though as I had already fucked my next door neighbor at 12. My adopted mom was 5’2, had a nice hour glass figure for 42 years old. Her boobies (jujuz pronounced juujuuuuzz in Cree language) were a a nice size. Small 34B cup. Stretch marks and fried egg looking when she was on top of me. Needless to say, I am a real good kisser too. Still am at 50. I still my adopted mom on and off. I remember kissing her passionately downstairs at our house and at first I thought she was going to slap me but no, she welcomes my kisses. I then push the boundaries and began fondling her soft small jujuz. I heard her whimper about. She then looks me in the eyes and asks, “Are you sure you want to do this because if we do this, it changes everything but I am okay with it. You’re dad sucks in bed anyway.” With that I asked if anyone was coming home soon. She said no, they are in the city (Winnipeg MB, Canada). I take her into my bedroom and we begin to strip our clothes off. I remember looking at her small tear drop looking 34B cup jujuz for the time. I slowly put one in my mouth and start sucking on both sides one by one. She grabs my hair gently and slowly twirls my hair with her fingers. I look up at her as she asks, “Do you like my jujuz Gord.” I said yes mom. She wasn’t bothered by my calling her mom still.
    She immediately returned the favor by beginning to suck on my uncircumcised 6.5 hard cock. I am pretty average size. Not big as 8 not less than 5.5. in fact she said having it that size is lucky. I then continue to to let her suck my cock. I blew my load inside her mouth and she said she loved how my cum tasted like licorice. She then mounted me and man her saggy floppy fried egg looking jujuz with some stretch marks really turned me on. Needless to say she was the best I ever had. Still is at 78 years old now.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay do you have any plans to use cockmeat as a breeding slave yet and how happy is cockmeat with his life hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Yesterday, Friday, when taking son to the store the first thing the women who work there said, there’s cockmeat, there’s our naked cockmeat. They love having it to work naked in the store. One of them asked want’s in the glass jar. It looks like…is it… semen. I said it’s not just semen but horse semen at that. What is it for they asked. I replied, it is for cockmeat to eat at lunch time. They could not get over it. I also said it only gets horse cum for supper and sometimes a little donkey cum for a late night snack. it will have to eat this every other lunch but leading up a full cum lunch someday. Hopefully I can put cockmeat on an only horse/donkey cum meals with no other food. They just giggled and giggled. I asked if they would keep the jar out so the stuff gets warm, more nasty and pungent. The women said that would make it hard to eat and swallow. I replied, that’s the point and we all laughed except cockmeat. The women said the perfect spot is on a counter where the jar of cum will get lots of hot sun light from a window. Will talk about using cockmeat for breeding maybe next.

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    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, When dropping off cockmeat at work the female clerks started to tease it. They said , look it has its name on a dog tag attached to the collar. Do you like your name. son replied, that is my name because that’s what i am. She said, that’s right you are nothing but a piece of meat and cock is the kind of meat you are. I then said, I’ve made sure it understands its just a cock and set of balls, nothing more and to be used for female’s pleasure. That is why its cock and balls must always be put on full naked display. The women laughed and said, that cock and balls are for us to use as we please isn’t it. son replied, yes they are. One of the women took hold of its cock pulling cockmeat along saying, come on we have to put you to work now.

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    PLEASE give us more updates I really loved this and would love to continue reading these!

  • Reply Jacqui ID:5q8ituf49a

    Interesting reading a few years back both of us discussed the situation with our 3 siblings.
    If now was back then we would have.
    Jacqui [email protected]

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay you going to take cockmeat to mall in front of public hehe ❤️

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Thinking now more than ever so may work on that. I ‘ll let you know if and when.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay your a great mother cockmeat deserves to be used as nothing but a sex toy for females for rest of it’s life he’s nothing but a sex slave that what good sex slaves for hehehe keep up good work Kay hehe yips

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, The next day I took cockmeat to work the ladies were waiting. It was a chilly rainy day but so what. One of the clerks said to cockmeat, I like your collar. It’s a leather locking type with ring in front. My son replied, It is my only clothing and must consider myself properly and completely dressed when wearing the collar. She then said, That’s right cockmeat. Never any clothing for you just your slave collar. Talking to me she asked if I take it out in public. I responded, More for semi-public play but a few females have seen it naked. Her answer was, No no, if I owned this thing I’d take it out naked in very public places all the time. I replied, that I am thinking about taking naked cockmeat to a mall for some nice shopping. She got excited and said, Yes, that would be so perfect. She then said to cockmeat, I have plans for you. Grabbing it by its cock she led cockmeat to a back room as I left for work.

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    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, When dropping off my son the second day of work the female workers were all smiles. One of them asked cockmeat how do you like never getting to wear clothing and always having to go naked. cockmeat replied, i don’t were clothing because i don’t deserve to have any. my place is to stay naked so females may use my body as they wish because that’s what it is for. She then said, That is right honey, you must always be naked for us women. I said, its kept naked to make it vulernable and easier for females to use it anytime, anywhere they want. The woman said, I love the way you are bringing up your son. As I left the store I said, Don’t worry cockmeat is only able to think it is nothing more then a sexual toy for females to play with. I have made sure of that.

    • Thomas ID:1dop668b5lal

      My mom taught me from a very early age that I was there to please and obey all women, and if I wasn’t front and centered naked when she had her female coworkers come over ,it was my ass. I had to wear a chasity cage since 14yr old, I was used only for moms pleasure and her friends, lots of time on my knees going down on them,and denied any type of release for myself. Until my 21st birthday!! I was allowed to take the cage off and have my 1st orgasm.

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    Kay that’s hot and awesome xd please tell me more hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, At my place of work I’d think of cockmeat a few times in how it had to go to work naked for the women there. It is a clothing store for women so no male clothing at all. I think it is great mind molding for cockmeat to work there seeing all that female clothing but nothing for a male to wear. The store closes the same time my business does so the two women were gone when picking up cockmeat. My friend the store owner was waiting for me but only for about ten minutes or so. Not talking to cockmeat I asked my friend how did cockmeat work out for you. She said it was well behaved, obeyed and the three of us loved having naked cockmeat here. I then noticed cockmeat had some lip stick on its cock, LOL. They must have had fun with cockmeat which I am more than fine with. After all that’s what its for, HEHE. I feel all moms should send their sons naked to work. This needs to be something common. What do you think of that???

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    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, This was not planned but just did it. I reached for its cock and stroked it. My son was stunned and said mom. I then said females like to see a nice cock like you have but like to see it hard even better so I am going to get you really hard and big for them. Don’t you want the women to see your hard-on. I don’t care if you are embarrassed and there is nothing you can do about it. See how I am able to stroke that cock and get it hard and you are not able to do anything about it. That’s proof you are just a sex toy for females to play with. I stroked it fast then slow then fast again to get it as long and fat as possible. When stroking it vigorously its huge heavy balls bounced and flopped around a lot. The three women couldn’t take their eyes off of its sex organs. When its cock was so fat I could not quite get my hand around it is when I stopped. I said , now that’s better. They have something really nice to look at, hehehe. Remember these women are the boss of you and may do whatever they want you. As cockmeat you must comply, ok. I then left to go to work at my business. More to this is coming.

  • Reply Keith ID:2px1ognmp8z

    Dam wood love to see a video of this

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay how’s things with cockmeat today and the slaves job today and what all have you done to cockmeat for last two days hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Yesterday I was very excited because cockmeat was going to work naked at friend’s store for the first time. As we walked in the two female workers there got the biggest grins seeing cockmeat for the first time. My friend the store owner introduced us to them. She told them my son would have to work there naked because its mother does not allow it to wear clothing as I explained before. The women giggled and one of them ask, wants your name sweety. it replied, cockmeat. They were surprised or thinking they did not hear right so asked again. Well my son correctly said, my name is cockmeat. That’s when they giggled and giggled. One woman said, well cockmeat does have a lot of meat there, and the three of them giggled even more. I then said, That’s why I never allow cockmeat to wear clothing. it must understand it must remain naked so females can use its body whenever they want. I also want cockmeat to know that is the only reason it is for. Then I did something not planned. More on that later.

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    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Not sure but it started to jerk off at 12, but maybe sooner. I do not let cockmeat jerk off as its cock is for my pleasure as well as for other females. If cockmeat does jerk off it is only because we want to watch it to do so, again for our enjoyment not its. I don’t care how cockmeat feels having to jerk off for us. As a rule it just has too. This Thursday naked cockmeat starts working at my friend’s store. While my friend has seen cockmeat naked and used its body many times it will be a first for the other two women working there. They of course have been told of cockmeat, how it lives, how its kept naked and how its used by females. They are really looking forward to having it work there, he he he.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay do you ever use drugs like Viagra to keep cockmeat cock hard for hours for better use and is cockmeat thankfully for what you do to him as a sex slave does he thank you for it .hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I make sure cockmeat thanks me for keeping it naked. I make sure it always thanks me for putting it on naked display. I make sure it thanks me as well as other females who use its body for their sexual pleasure. I make sure cockmeat understands its nothing more than a sex slave, a sex toy for females to use and abuse. it even thanks me every time I say it has no rights what-so-ever. HEHEHE. Being a normal teenager cockmeat doesn’t need viagra to make it hard often. it is also easy to keep it hard for long periods for our enjoyment. But if I need to I would. Maybe I may try something like that in the future.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay can’t wait to hear what happens on cockmeat first day of work hehe I love how you use your slave Kay hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, its almost done with school so next week cockmeat will be put to work naked at my friend’s office. Will keep you posted. its cum diet is coming along just fine. cockmeat only gets a jar fulll of horse cum for supper but nothing else. Can’t believe it is able to have all that horse sperm in its stomach.HEHE. The jar contains about 110 normal human male cum loads. HEHE. I will soon make cockmeat eat cum for every other lunch meal.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay what’s the job cockmeat will have to do naked and I don’t know what my wife to be wants when it comes to cockmeat yet . On mother’s day last month how bad did cockmeat cry about being over orgasmed and how many hours total did you and the other females share him for on mother’s day hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, cockmeat did grown and cry a lot on mother’s day. But it being tied up real good couldn’t do anything about it. The more we played with it the more sore it got. However we forced cockmeat to have many many many orgasms over and over again. It became so painful for it to cum but we made sure it did. We just kept using it for hours and before we knew it eight hours has pasted. I willl have cockmeat work for the female friend of mine that at one time I was going to give it to her. You may remember she is the one that was going to make it work at her business if took ownership of cockmeat but I’ve decided to keep it. it will have to work in an office where a total of three women work no males. Will update you when it happens.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay how’s cockmeat cum deit coming. Have you ever thought of letting cockmeat get you pregnant hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Have not thaught about getting pregnant by cockmeat because I don’t want anymore kids. cockmeat is just fine. Do you think your future wife would want to have sex with my son who has a huge cock but a boy of 16. Some may think it’s very harsh or even cruel cockmeat is always kept naked. While it can be difficult for it especially naked before women and girls who are always clothed but never it. Naturally I do not care nor do I have any concern how cockmeat feels about this. its only place is to be naked for the females pleasure so that’s how it will always be. By the way none of my adult female friends are against this treatment of cockmeat. They love the fact with no clothing it has to stay naked for them to enjoy looking at. My friends also have told me many times, kept it naked. LOL. I think I have found a job for cockmeat since its school is almost done for the year. It will be its first job having to work naked, hehe.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

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    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Do you think your wife to be would like to have sex with my son since it is a boy but has a huge cock even though she wants small cocks.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    How many women girls in your community see your naked son and how many people in your area enjoy see you use your son

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, A lot of women and girls have seen my son naked. We have a small family but it has to go naked on all and any get togethers while others wear clothing. Grandma, my mom, thinks it is so cute cockmeat is always naked all the time. Grandpa just goes along with it and knows how strongly I feel about this. All female visitors get to view its nakedness all they want. I always take naked cockmeat when going to see them at their place because they love to see it arrive naked and has to stay that way for their viewing pleasure. Two neighbor friends get to see it naked too along with a few girls that live close by. There is also my sister and her two daughters. I would say in all about ten women and eight young girls get to see a naked cockmeat often. Almost all of them use its body for their pleasure as well. That is nine women and seven girls.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

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    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, cockmeat says the horse cum tastes very, very nasty, and of course it would. However I made it clear it has to eat the stuff or it goes hungry, hehehe. So you see it has no choice and it shouldn’t. Because the horse semen is so fowl tasting and hard to swallow makes it so much better for me. Good to hear how you are being used by your soon to be wife. I find it to be perfect. Since you have such a small cock does she have sex with males that have a bigger one to satisfy her.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay I’m glad you stepping it up on cockmeat cum deit hehe . What do you think my small cock should be used for and how she it be used hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I have mentioned what your small cock should be used for in the past but will say again. its only for animal play and girls to have fun with. Adult women should have a nice big cock to play with, hehehe. How about telling me what she does with your body and cock as love to know. cockmeat starting today only gets a big jar of horse cum for supper, nothing else to eat, LOL. Maybe two weeks on this then do the same for its lunch.

  • Reply tim0069 ID:1ryy9gql

    Loved the story, would love to hear about your two daughters. always open to talking about nasty stuff. feel free to email me [email protected]

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay that’s awesome and hot I’m happy for you cockmeat doesn’t deserve human food anymore that I agree . Kay does cockmeat ever disobey you if so what punishment you give it when if doesn’t obey hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, cockmeat never disobeys as I taught that its body is for female’s pleasure and they may use it anyway they want. It doesn’t matter how difficult that might be for cockmeat. Some time ago when training cockmeat and it even slightly disobeyed I would lock it up in the basement cage for all females to look at. Or I would chain it up like a dog outdoors in the back yard and leave it there for awhile. This was especially effective in cold weather. You can see why it doesn’t disobey anymore. But sometimes I do these things anyway because I love doing it to cockmeat. Tomorrow I am going to step up its cum eating diet. it will only get horse cum for its supper meaning no more regular food at that meal.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay good how many bowls of cum is it eating and how the feeding today go

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I am taking it slow so its body adjusts to cum instead of food. Right now it gets a bowl of horse cum for supper on every other day. After a while its supper will be all cum. Next I’ll be doing the same to its lunch. Finally breakfast is going to be cum as well. I figure it may take about two months for this to happen. At that point cockmeat will have to survive on total cum ( horse, donkey, human female ) for the rest to its life. No more regular human food for cockmeat forever. I want it to understand just like it doesn’t deserve to wear clothing it doesn’t deserve food for humans.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay have you took cockmeat naked to the mall and doctor yet if so tell me how it went xd

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Don’t know of any doctors office where someone could go naked there. However, I have a friend who is a nurse and comes over to the house if cockmeat needs anything or sometimes I take him to her home for care. This does not happen much as cockmeat is young and healthy. The hardest part was finding a dentist and had to be female. Fortunately, the nurse knew a dentist and talked her into caring for cockmeat. Once she saw how cute and handsome it was she had no problem. I caught her taking a peak at its massive cock and balls many times as cockmeat was in the chair, LOL. I see no problem with this as its body is for the female’s pleasure anyway. The only thing is the appointment has to be right after closing time which is okay with me. I would just love to take naked cockmeat to the mall with me. In this day in age mothers should have the right to have their sons naked while shopping in any and all malls. Not only should this be normal but the law for boys to comply with mom’s wishes. It would be so wonderful for all the girls and women to see the young naked boy bodies while shopping at the same time. However great care must be taken to do this not to menition lots of plaining. Still looking into it , hehehe. By the way its ‘ diet ‘ is coming along.

  • Reply Isaiah ID:fnqqqurzzj5

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    My mom is Christian & not too attractive but sometimes I get hard looking down her shirt.

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    Kay you still thinking about whoring cockmeat out and what kind of school education do you allow cockmeat to have hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Still thinking about it but don’t want to over use cockmeat as I want to use it for myself as well. Some people may not think too kindly of that as well. So no money of course. As far as education for cockmeat I do send it to school and will up to the 12 grade. Lucky for me I have a friend who home schools her two daughters and was willing to take on my son. Yes, he attends school at her place while naked the whole time. The three of them wear clothing of course but not cockmeat ever. I drop it off on the way to work and pick it up after on way home. I think it is good cockmeat has to stay naked in front of them all day long which includes during winter. To me it is the best training I could provide for it. That is a boy sex slave should never get to wear clothing so its always ready to be used by females. All boys should have to attend school naked.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay I love how you started cockmeat on his deit and do you think with my cock I deserve to only have sex with little girls and boys and animals more and I hope cockmeat respect you more you are his master hehe XD 😘

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Yes cockmeat not only respects me very much but all females as well. I have raised it to understand all females are far superior to it. I have raised cockmeat to understand it is very insignificant. I have raised cockmeat to understand it has no rights whatsoever. Only females have rights. I have raised cockmeat to understand females have the right to use and abuse its body for their pleasure in anyway they want. I have raised cockmeat to understand it is nothing but a sex toy, an object, a sex slave with no other purpose in life then to be used that way. Nothing helped to groom its mind better then to keep it naked 24/7/365. it will never get to wear clothing or cover up because it is way too insignificant. Always keeping cockmeat naked even outdoors in winter weather has really helped its training. it is treated like an object because that’s what it is. it doesn’t even have the right to wear or own clothing because an object shouldn’t have clothes. So keeping cockmeat naked everywhere is the best thing I have ever done. Oh my yes, with your small cock you should only be used to please girls and for animal fun. But never for an adult female to use because its way too small.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Andersc057 is any of your friends being used a sex slaves by the family or in a normal incest relationship

    • andersc057@gmailcom ID:1ej5mgcy12o7

      Well I’m currently using a friend as an online sec slave them I’m kinda with this incest family and I love sharing with them and using my friend as the slave

  • Reply andersc057@gmailcom ID:1ej5mgcy12o7

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  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Andersc057 do your parents and family have sex with you to hun if so tell about it sweetie

    • andersc057@gmailcom ID:1ej5mgcy12o7

      God I wish they did I’d love an incest family 🤤 that is literally a dream for me

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay do you like how my family started sex training me at age three and what age you think a male slave should start sex training at hehe .xd

    • andersc057@gmailcom ID:1ej5mgcy12o7

      Also sex training at 3 is amazing I wish I had that in my life 😍 sadly I’m 15 and not trained 😔

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Before we left the ranch my friend said, wait I have something for you. She returned with two jars. One was full of horse sperm the other full of donkey sperm. I turned to cockmeat saying, looks like you are going to get something to eat tomorrow after all. You should have seen the expresssion on its face, hehehe. I told cockmeat to thank her. it said, thank you but I said now thank her proper. cockmeat replied, thanks for the animal cum because i don’t deserve to get real food only sperm to survuve on. I was happy and told cockmeat that was much better and a proper answer. I was so hot and wet couldn’t wait to get home to have cockmeat lick me. I did cum a lot and had my sex slave all of the stuff. When done I made the statement, and that’s your dessert. What do you think of the way I started cockmeat on its sperm diet. I just had a thought. That is its cock when soft ( smallest possible ) is bigger then yours when fully hard. That’s so funny and what do you think of that as well.

    • Foxy ID:7zv3j3f08k

      I’d like to hear about it

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay I can’t wait for you to tell me more of what cockmeat did when he had to eat horse cum and what else did you make cockmeat do after he ate all his horse cum .hehe and my cock is five inches rock hard and inch half in thinkness.hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, After cockmeat swallowed a little of the semen it made a funny face and said it doesn’t taste good at all. I told cockmeat that’s the point. We females want to see the sex slave eat horse cum for our pleasure not yours. it said the stuff tasted like hay, no wonder, hehehe. I ordered it to swallow all as you are not getting anything else to eat. I couldn’t believe cockmeat swallowed it all after all it was so hungry and had to choice. If it didn’t cockmeat would go hungry so it had to. After cockmeat eat its supper,LOL, we headed to my car. Standing there I rubbed its stomach saying, that’s what I like, my sex slave with a tummy full of nothing but horse cum. Me and friend just laughed at what cockmeat had to do. How degrading for it. TO BE CONTINUED

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay how did cockmeat do with his first eating horse cum

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, This is what happened yesterday. cockmeat had breakfast but only a very small lunch. it also did not get anything to eat for supper. it had to just watch me have a nice meal. This was to make it very hungry. That evening I said let’s go get you something to eat but cockmeat had no idea what was going to happen. We visited my friend who has a horse ranch. cockmeat was on a collar and leash but nothing else. She told me to put it in the barn for now so I tied it up in the horse stable. After an hour her and i walked back to the barn with a jar containing nothing but horse cum. We estimated there was about equal to 115 human male cum loads in the jar. Her and I giggled as I handed the jar to cockmeat saying this is for you to eat. You should have seen the look on its face,hehehe. TO BE CONTINUED

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay do you know my dick size and if you do how do you think I should be treated for it

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, No I do not know your dick size but what is it, soft, hard, length, thickness.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

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    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I really do want to see and hear how your wife is using you and raping you. Yes she has the right to let her family rape you, her sex slave. Hope she uses a very large dildo on you so it really, really hurts. Would love to hear all the details on what has happened so far and what happens in the future. Will talk about cockmeat eating horse cum for the first time tomorrow.

  • Reply andersc057@gmailcom ID:1ej5mgcy12o7

    Kay do you have any socials I’d love to chat about fantasies with you 😊

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, No I don’t use socials at this time. maybe in the near future. Tomorrow supper is going to be a little different for cockmeat if you know what I mean,LOL.

    • DaddycumNme ID:1cmhuwb4a2ub

      Can we chat about fantasy

    • DaddycumNme ID:1cmhuwb4a2ub

      I have a lot of real stories and fantasies I want to fulfill

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay do you plan on whoring out cockmeat to make you money hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, That is not a bad idea. Bet lots of women would like to use its tight attractive teen body not to mention its giant gorgeous cock for much pleasure. They would also love to take its huge, thick, sticky, creamy load of cum to taste and swallow. Since cockmeat never gets to wear clothing it is ready to be used for their enjoyment. All I have to do is drop cockmeat off at their place and leave. I could pick cockmeat up when they are done with it. The only thing I would be careful about is not to whore cockmeat out too much as I want to use it for my sexual pleasure as well. Tomorrow evening I will start cockmeat on its cum diet, hehehe.

    • andersc057@gmailcom ID:1ej5mgcy12o7

      VengfulOne I tried adding you and it was invalid 😔

  • Reply matt ID:1e4m08ho8yci

    mom’s should teach their sons and let them turn fantasies into reality

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay what do you think my future wife should and will do to me when she marrys me hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, your future wife should be able to do whatever she wants to do to you. After all your are nothing but a sex slave that’s suppose to be used for her pleasure and not the other way around. Maybe she might pass you around for others to enjoy or to have you strip you naked in front of other females to make fun of or have them use you. I do think she should put you on a heavy cum diet like I will do with cockmeat. But this is all up to her. However would love to hear what she does now and in the future as well.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay that hot and a truly wonderful mother’s day I’m happy you all had fun with your sex slave hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, cockmeat will soon start on its cum diet. Just like it had to learn to live without clothing it will have to learn to live on cum and not regular food. its diet will be mostly horse cum but some donkey semen not to mention female pussy cum too. I will start slow as first but gradularly removing food from its meals and replacing them with cum. I think that’s really hot too.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay I agree with and enjoy the fact that you going to make cockmeat live on horse cum for now on its fucking hot and me I would make small cock males have sex only allow to pleasure little girls and animals never adult females I do agree with some of your small cock ideas but here some my own ideas on them hehehe and love to hear about your mother’s day with cockmeat.xd 😘❤️

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Mother’s Day is suppose to be a special day and it was. I invited three of my friends over who are also moms. When they arrived they looked over its naked body like a delicious piece of meat and knew they were going to get to use it. I had it seat on the edge of a chair with a soft cushion. Next we tied its wrists together and pull them back so its elbows were pointing up. After tieing the cord to back of chair we put its legs on the arm rest to tie them up behind its knees and also its ankles. This not only left it unable to move but its cock and balls where now in perfect position for us to enjoy and boy did we. Us moms took turns sucking on its cock and balls over and over again. it has too much meat so can’t take all but loved forcing that fat cock in our mouths as mush as we could. When we bobbed our heads it caused its cock to jam on the back teeth. This was very unpleasant for cockmeat but our sucking keep it nice and hard to enjoy. We made it cum many times so all of us got to swallow lots of that wonderful teen cum. it came so many times it became painful for cockmeat but of cause we kept forcing it to cum some more. We did not stop until we were satisfied. What a wonderful mother’s day as we fested on its cock, balls and cum.After all this is what my sex slave is for.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay what all you do with your slave cockmeat today hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, First I want to finish my wedding story. At night after all done it’s time to really use my sex slave. I would tie it up spread eagle on the bed. I’d force it to get a huge hard-on which really, really hurts it but provides the thickest cock possible. This gives me great pleasure for riding its cock for many orgasms. After resting I go at it again and again. its cock is so painful as it strains on the cock ring. What fun for me. You have not made any comments on the question of what to do with males that have a small cock. Read my answer and let me know what you think. Also what about I make cockmeat eat a huge bowl of horse cum at the wedding. I had a perfect mothers day using cockmeat but will tell more next time.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    To ineedamommy I will be your mommy Im trans mtf and I’m pansexual I’ll love to have you. Are you male or female and what age where you when you started your sex training sweetie

  • Reply Rahul ID:8mn7rjcxia

    Janine I mailed you my comments by reading the story but mail I’d was wrong , can you share any other mail I’d

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    To older guy would you like to use me as sex toy to I’m pansexual and how hung are you hehe

    • IneedaMommy ID:2px1mmwnvhu

      Do you want to me my Mommy Summer?

  • Reply Older guy ID:pvkvh4k0b

    To Summer , your a naughty perv , but being an above average male , all females should be slaves to hung males

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay what you think should be done with males with small cocks and how they should be used if they have a small cock hehe what should they be used as hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, More on wedding. I have left a bowl of horse cum on the lawn to bake in the sun. Horse cum is nasty but now it will be even more nasty tasting. With everyone watching I order it to eat it or else. If you don’t you know there is no regular food for my sex slave because you do not deserve to have any so eat up. Now degrading for cockmeat that others know it will never get clothing to wear and only semen to serve on. All the women would snicker as it has to swallow a very big bowl of animal cum. More to come about the wedding night. males with small cocks should be used to do the duty work women shouldn’t or have to do. They could have sex with them if want to but not recommended. Since it’s better to have sex with a large cock females would mostly prefer that. For matting purposes women would be encouraged to have sex with well hung males. This is to produce future males with very big cocks. It may take generations but males would become super endowed which is for the females pleasure. It would be so nice to see a mother walking in the mall with her naked 10 year son with a cock hanging 10 inches down and that’s when soft, LOL. cocks would become so large they get in its way but I don not care. HEHEHE.

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer,, I haven’t heard from you. Do get back to me , okay. What do you think of my answer about what to do with a males with a small cock.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay I agree with you I think there should be laws allowing females to use all males as sex slaves for breeding and to abuse sexual for there enjoyment I think your idea wedding is perfect for us males .young boys should be made forced to marry older women boys and adult men should be trained and used by females as slaves from birth and there should be laws making it legal to use males this way . What do you think how my love and future wife and her family will love me used me as breeding slave and sex toy hehe .

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I think and know the way future wife will use you is perfect. After all you are nothing but a sex slave and sex toy for her and any other females she forces you to have sex with. This is just like cockmeat is being used and you should be too. On to the wedding. It’s a beautiful day so we eat outdoors lots of wonderful food but not for cockmeat. By this time it hasn’t tasted real food in quite some time. That is because its on its special diet of you know what. Instead I chain cockmeat back to the pole where it can see and smell the great food we are having but it gets none. When ever its cock gets a little smaller then 10 inches the women have fun playing with it to make sure it is painful for cockmeat. The young girls take part in the action as well and giggle a lot as it is unable to do anything about it except moan and groan. HEHE,LOL,HEHE. After we females are finished eating cockmeat has to clear the tables and wash the dishes. Finally cockmeat has its wedding meal which ie nothing more than a big bowl of horse cum. Will add more later.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay that’s hot I believe us males should be used for breeding slaves sex toys for females pleasure and I believe all my cum should be used to make females children to enjoy and all children should be enslaved from birth as sex slaves that mine thoughts do you believe I should be used as breeding slave for females on breeding farms .xd hehe and love to hear more of your wedding.hehe do you think I’ll be a good sex slave and breeding slave for my she wolf and her family hehe.

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, The wedding cock ring on cockmeat it just perfect. It forces its cock to become and stay very, vert fat and a massive ten inches long. Since the ring will stay on this will become a permanent look for it, hehehe. Naturally it is somewhat painful for cockmeat but I don’t care nor should I. I do not want it to ever forget its cock belongs to me. When getting a hard on it becomes even more painful, and much bigger too. The women giggle at this sight and also take photos of it. Many more photos are taken by the female photographer as well. As you may know a close up of both wedding rings are usually taken while on the hands. The difference is our photo will correctly be of my hand with ring on finder but close up of ring on its cock. This photo of just my hand with ring and ring on just its cock will be hung up on a wall in the house for all to always see. This is the way I would have my wedding and also the way all weddings should be. What do you think of this wedding and also about what I wrote about moms should have the right to keep sons naked everywhere, have sex with boys, marry them and laws like this to protect women so this can be done. A new but better way of life for sure don’t you think. I do feel males should be used for breeding with choice only up to females forcing males to have sex with them at these farms.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay yes I’ll love to hear how you think a modern wedding should be.hehe xd

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, This is how weddings should be and the way I’d marry cockmeat if it were possible. I have a nice big back yard so that’s where it would take place. cockmeat is chained up naked to a pole while people arrive and chat for a while. cockmeat would be the only one naked as I want all to see why I am marring it. Yes it’s only because of its huge cock and balls. When time to start the females sit on the chairs but the males they brought along would have to sit on the ground next to them. These males although clothed would have to wear a locked cock cage under their pants. The person presiding over the wedding as well as the photogragher will be females of course. My best friend then unchaines cockmeat and brings it to me. She orders it to kneel before your Wife, and Owner to pay Her due respect. After the woman presiding says the normal things a young girl brings the rings to us. The woman presiding asks me, do you take cockmeat to be your property, to own it, to use its body in any way you wish for your pleasure and to keep it naked to make it easier to do so. After I say I do the girl hands me the ring I have for cockmeat but not the kind you’d think. It is a heavy duty metal cock ring and the kind that males should all be wearing. With its fat cock the ring fits really tight and unforgiving which is what I want. It is somewhat painful to get it past its cock head but push hard even so. After the ring is mostly on I have to pull hard on its cock and push very hard to get its ring on being tight as far as I can get it all the way to the base. This causes its cock to get fatter which makes the ring more uncomfortable, just what i want. I want cockmeat to know its cock belongs to me , not to him. Finally it gives me a beautiful ring on my wedding finger. The female presiding over the wedding says to everyone, I now give you Wife and Her naked sex slave. As we walk down the aisle I notice the cock ring is doing an even better job than I thought. Will finish later.

  • Reply MommyK4Yla ID:yq8b798k

    Awesome story had me wet at the lips! solid 9/10! Hahaha, have to leave room for improvement

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay would you even consider marrying your sex slave if you keep it .hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Well that is illegal so can’t think about it but may if could do so. I do not think a dad or man should be allowed to keep daughter or girl naked or marry a young girl but this should be more than okay for females to do so. There is nothing wrong with a woman having sex with a young boy because it’s her right to do so but never the other way around. Why can’t a 55 year old woman marry a 12 year boy if she wants. It would be wonderful for a mom or any female taking a naked boy or male to the park, to the zoo or to a big mall for all day shopping. Mothers should have the the right to bring up sons to never wear or have clothing to keep them always naked and naked everywhere. This should not just be normal but a law as well. Society needs to wake up and change this because it is way behind the times. We females need and want a world of naked males so they can be used for our rightful pleasure. Would you like to hear how I think a modern wedding should be.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay what age was it when you first started to sexual train it me I was trained starting at age three yd and what was the first sexual things you ever did to it

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I started its sexual training at a later age than you because I wanted cockmeat to understand and except what was being done to it. Even as a young boy it was very well hung and had a hard time wearing a bath suit. They would just cause him problems in not fitting right or too tight down there. One day caught him in the pool naked. he told me it was more comfortable so I let it go. That made me realize how much I enjoy showing off its well endowment. I began to have female friends come over and later with their daughters. I decided cockmeat needed to get use to females getting to see its naked body. That’s when I had it go naked all the time at home and sometime after going naked with me visiting my friends. At barely13 I got rid of its clothing. Did keep a jacket with removable liner, one short sleeve and one long sleeve shirt, one blue jeans and one pair of shoes but nothing else. After six months it wore there items only two or three times so I figured it was time to throw them out. It didn’t take long seeing it walk around all day with its huge cock swinging with every step. I got a strong feeling to suck it and did. As its training progressed had female friends and finally their girls suck on it too. I’ve molded its mind so deeply cockmeat is unable to even think of wearing clothing or that it is nothing more than a sex toy for females to enjoy. To me this is the perfect usage of my sex slave son. By the way cockmeat will turn 17 in six weeks and has not worn any clothing since it was 13. That is almost four straight years keeping it in total nakedness. HE HE HE.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay what all do you do to cockmeat cock and balls yesterday and how many enjoyed it yesterday with hehe and did you do and bondage with it hehe

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay I’ll love to be able to see cockmeat huge cock and balls I’m glad you milk them good I’m happy for you . Kay that being said I know I’m make my wife to be happy being her wife and mate sex slave I love her a lot . Kay are you sure you really want to give a cock that good away it only once awhile you get something that good 😊 I’ll keep that around that being me saying wow hehehe.

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, You are right of course that’s why not sure I”ll give it away. I just might keep it. I have done some research and found the biggest cock ever recorded is 13.5 inches long. At 11.8 inches my slave being still young could mature to an even 12 inches. Not sure how the biggest was measured but can add 1.5 inches if ruler is put under neath not on top like I did. So that would make its cock with the 1.5 added at least equal to the biggest. I also found 6.25 inches measured at mid section to be biggest around recorded. Well guess what. My sex slave measures at the mid point a hefhty and extremely thick 6.5 inches, gosh, wow, wow. If it hits the 12 inch mark I can say it truly has a foot long dong, LOL,LOL.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay yes I definitely do that awesome what’s does cockmeat huge cum loads taste like hehe and how you take care of those beautiful huge balls and cock of it’s you have any special cleaning methods for it’s huge cock balls and do you ever use cock milkers or electric stimulation to get even more loads of cum out of your slave cockmeat because that’s fucking hot Kay God and Jesus Christ and holy spirit really blessed you with a good sex slave I’m happy for you Kay wow .

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Thank you very much. its cum load is about three times the average male has, those balls just aren’t for looks. its cum tastes better than any other load I had the chance to swallow. Not only is there so much but very very thick creamy very white. it isn’t watery like some males have. it also shoots its load very very hard and strong giving me lots of pleasure not to mention great orgasms. Have used a milking device to force it to cum even more. Sometimes its forced milked so long it becomes unpleasnt for it but love doing that to cockmeat. More cum for every one right. Five female friends use cockmeat mostly to suck it off. A total of four daughters get to do the same. I have raised cockmeat that these females have the right to use it for their pleasure and the only reason it exist. So it accepts its way of life. By the way its balls hang down about three times further then other males too. Gosh they look so good hanging so far away from its body making them more visible as well and so hot to look at.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay how many females have let there girls play with it and what the girls do to it and how the adult females teach there girls how to use it hehe

  • Reply Terry ID:1efrdv52nlru

    I wish I was there

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay I think it’s hot that cockmeat will eat lots of horse cum hehe .. Im glad hehe how many inches is cockmeat cock you ever measure it’s cock hehe .

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I could not help not measuring its cock and my females wanted to do it has well. As said its gorgous cock is really massive and when cold the smallest it measures just over 7 inches. When fully hard it grows to a magnificent 11.8 thick inches. The ruler is placed on top from base to tip which I feel is a true way to measure a cock. it also has very huge heavy low hanging balls to help it produce an incredable amount of good tasting cum. its big beautiful balls are so large ( twice normal male’s size) they would drawf any cock except the one it has, HEHEHE. You can see why I keep it naked!

  • Reply andersc057@gmailcom ID:1i2lyuz0b0a

    I tried emailing you and it didn’t work 😕
    Could you try emailing me?

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay your welcome. You never going to degraded cockmeat by having him have sex with animals or just going to have him drink horse cum instead.

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I prefer to pass cockmeat around to females for their pleasure. That’s how I like to degrade it and to show it its place and what its for. That also pleases me when they use it.If I give cockmeat up It will go friend number two as said. I think it is great cockmeat will become the male office slut.Even if I do not make cockmeat have sex with animals it will swallow lots and lots of their cum as the only food it gets some day.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay I would give cockmeat to friend two with business they can use cockmeat as office sex slave but if you keep cockmeat enjoy him for rest of his life hehe .xd question how can I get jobs as office slut any advice

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Thanks for the help in saying I should give cockmeat to friend number two if not kept. She has three females, no males, working there and yes they would be free to take turns sucking off its cock when not busy at the office. No drought it would have to be their work place sex slave getting its cock sucked and drained all day long, HEHEHE. As far as advice don’t force this on a woman. Find dominant female who owns business and likes to strip a male naked to have it work that way. If done right you would be surprised in how many women would love that if by their choice not ours. It must be very degrading to be used as sex slave with animals but as a good sex toy you know they can use you that way. For me cockmeat will soon start its cum diet. That means not just eating a woman’s pussy cum but lots of horse and some donkey semen as well. Maybe some day that is all it gets to eat, HEHEHE.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay I know may she wolf future wife and her family will enjoy loving me which women you like best that you want to give cockmeat to . And I will enjoy having sex with both humans and animals because it’s what I want that makes me happy. XD 😘

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay as a sex slave would you rather see me have sex with humans of see me degraded to having sex with animals instead for everyone enjoyment xd hehe

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Both are good if it works for you. For me I prefer to pass cockmeat around like a piece of meat as I watch other females enjoying its giant gorgeous teen cock. cockmeat is kept naked so other females know they may use its body for their pleasure. Back to giving it away. Friend # 1, She is single 40 years old. She raises goats and cockmeat would have to take care of them like feeding and other things. it would have to live in an unheated barn with the goats but up in a loft. In bitter cold temperatures she would give it a blanket to help it sleep. She would not have it used by not too many women however her 18 year old daughter could. Friend # 2, She is also single, 44 years old and owns a business in which cockmeat would be required to work there. Yes it would have to travel naked in the car with her everyday and work naked except wearing nothing more that a collar. She would allow many women and girls to view its naked body and some times have big gang bangs at its expense. Both women see and would use cockmeat like a sex toy that it is. I am very gratful for that. Would you have any idea which women I should give it to if I do not keep it.

  • Reply Cunt lapper ID:2x0golecm9k

    I’d love to eat you’re girls little pussies an fuck an fill them with my hot cum then lick them clean. Then tung fuck there sweet hot little ass

  • Reply Cunt lapper ID:2x0golecm9k

    Hey I’d love to cum n your girls an lick there sweet hot little pussy

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay most of the animals where tied up for my use when I was ready to fuck them they where tied up in there stalls for me and talking about being given away Im my she wolf and future wife gift to her and her whole family as her and her family new wife and mate and there sex slave for endless use hehe I love my she wolf and her family hehe they own me now and I’m excited to hear more of your stories kay

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, As you know I may give my son to a friend when it turns 18 which is not for awhile. That is if I don’t keep it. There are some conditions that must be followed. Even though lots of women want to own cockmeat agreeing to these stipulations leaves but two women who can. Rule #1 They have to really, really, really want to own it. Rule #2 She should be much older then cockmeat because she would appreciate its huge cock and balls better and not to mention able to take greater pleasure in using its over sized appendage. Rule # 3 She must keep cockmeat naked at all times never letting it wear clothing no matter the situation and for the rest of its life as well. Rule # 4 She should have a house on a large lot so cockmeat can be naked outdoors as well without bothering neighbors unless she wants them to see her naked sex slave. Next time will tell you more about these two women.

  • Reply Older guy ID:pvkvh4k0b

    Hi , Miss naughty Kay

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Older guy, Hi older guy, how have you been and where have you been.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay one day my father mother decided to take me to my relatives farm as a reward for being a good slave they told me it’s a surprise I’ll enjoy because I loved ducking the dogs so much we pulled in to farm my relatives that owned farm came up said the animals are ready for him they took me over to barn said for me to enjoy my reward I asked what it was they said I get to fuck all the female goats dogs in barn as my reward then later we go out for ice cream I started with the goats there pussy are hitting them a human females I moaned soon I put my dick in first one I came with in a minute I fucked the goats and dogs for over eight hours the ice cream shop was almost ready to close after because I enjoyed myself that much I got a chocolate dipped in chocolate ice cream cone my favorite.xd tell me more stories of cockmeat Kay I love them

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, How do the animals stay still for all of that, just wondering. you must have been sore after all of that action, LOL. Nice they were true to their word and gave you the treat. Maybe next time I’ll talk about giving my son away to a female as promised but didn’t do yet, remember.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Yes you should be concerned even tho cockmeat your slave he still needs his well be well look after taking him into the cold without clothes or being able to stay warm he can get bad suck get froze bite you cock lead to his death yes I’m concerned for his will being he’s still another human it even says in bible in new testament about how slaves should obey there masters but it also says in Jesus words cruel master getted judge to when I got sick as a child sex slave I was tooken to doctor and loved my health wellbeing were still looked after that way I was alone to wear clothes God and Jesus Christ and holy spirit said slaves should obey master but it also says master should care for there slaves I’m surprised your son it’s bad suck now health well even when I was child sex slave my happiness well being was thought even after I was used please think this over .

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Thanks for the advice. What I should have added was we do make sure it does not get frost bite or any other harm even though cockmeat can become very cold but not sick. After all it is my property and will take care of it. It is so empowering for a female to have a male naked out in the cold at the same time she is fully clothed. We females just love that. Hope that explains it better. Any more of your stories coming.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay it wonder seeing how well you trained your slave . What you think about how I was raised trained Kay you like anything you love in my training growing up hehe .

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Sorry for not getting back sooner but was very busy with my job. Yes I like everything about how you were used. you were brought up to be a good sex slave because that’s what you are. How tell more and with great detail. Now I want to ask you something. Do you think it is harsh of me to not care at all about cockmeat having to go outdoors in very cold weather. I never give it a thought and don’t think I should. Me and female friends absolutely will never be concerned about how cold my sex slave is. After all it is nothing but a sex toy to be used for the female’s pleasure. In winter I never check the temperature and do not worry it being outside or the length of time. There have been many times me and my female friends have taken cockmeat for long hikes in the forest. It has even been so cold it started to snow but we never cut the hikes short. It doesn’t come up in my mind about it being in that kind of weather. It is something I feel I should not have to worry about and don’t as it is beneath me to do so. I am asking do you think it is wrong I do not care and something I never think about. Is it too harsh or not. Please reply with your honest answer no matter what it is.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay are you going to have cockmeat as a breeder to make you children and other females more children I was used as slave breeder growing up . Hehe I made children for other females when I was 8 year old any plans for it cum

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, No plans right now to use it for breeding but maybe in the future as I want to swallow its wonderful teen cum. I have figured out cockmeat will need 340 human size cum loads per day to live on. Of course that has to be related to equal in horse/donkey semen. This willl be done slowly over two months to get its stomach used to getting that much cum and only cum. Once there it will never come off that ” especial diet ” never getting regular food again. Oh, by the way I have a friend who is interested in using cockmeat for breeding. She hopes it will produce a son with a huge cock like it has but still thinking about do that.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay that’s awesome cockmeat going to be a good slave have fun with him hehe xd

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay good luck cockmeat deserve it and enjoy it Kay hehe but make sure cockmeat health is took care of and he gets his nutrients sex slaves more useful when healthy have fun 😊 tell me more later .xd

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I looked it up and the average male needs about 290 normal size human cum loads to live on. However cockmeat is always naked even outdoors. So it always fells somewhat chilly and sometimes very, very cold. I have chained it outside like a dog in 10 degree weather as well when done with it. That means cockmeat will need more cum to live on. I figure it may take 330 to 350 human loads for proper care with a vitamin pill to keep it healthy. Need to figure out how much volume that is in horse/donkey cum. Can not wait for it to only have cum in its mouth, only taste cum and nothing but cum in its stomach.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay I hope it cockmeat enjoys it’s cum deit when you do it tell my story of how cockmeat does with eating his horse cum deit I love cockmeat getting what he deserves he’s a good slave hehe I’m jerking off to this again.xd ❤️

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

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    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, Yes I do share it with other female family members like my sister, her daughter and two other cousins as well. I’ve raised my sex slave its body is for any female that wants to use it. I like the way the older women teach the younger girls how to suck such a large cock and enjoy doing it as well. Isn’t that what its for. That is why I keep cockmeat completely naked.

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      Summer, Good to know you feel cockmeat should have to drink horse cum. In order for it to work for me it will have to consume lots and lots of the stuff. Lucky for me I have a friend who owns a horse farm and can supply me with lots of cum. I will cut out one of its meals and replace it with a bucket of horse cum. That means one full meal will be all horse cum and nothing else. cockeat won’t turn 18 for some time. I am torn between keeping it as my sex slave or giving it to one of my female friends of my choice. There are two of them who really want to own it but will talk more about it later.

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      Summer, It is not easy for my son to stay naked and sometimes very difficult but I don’t care. My sex slave will not get to see a female naked but they will always get to view its body. To me this is how it should be used and will be. I also love the fact it is caught in total nakedness and can not do anything about it. What I mean is it does not get any allowance. Without money it is unable to buy clothing and even if it did there is no way it could walk into a department store naked to buy any. Neither would I or any of my friends would purchase clothing for cockmeat. So you see it has no choice but to stay naked. I do love it is unable to do anything about its nakedness. I also love this is on its mind as well. It makes my sex slave more submissive to my needs while its needs are never thought of as there is no reason for that. What do you think about having my sex slave drink lots of horse cum? Your story was really something, do you have more?

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      Summer, This is not something we have done. But since it is hung like a horse and cums like one have giving thought in making my sex slave drink a small bucket full of horse cum, hehehe. I am more into keeping it naked for my viewing pleasure as well for other female’s pleasure and of course sucking it off a lot. This is just like I said about the park in last comments. It did not matter to me how long cockmeat had to stay out in the park in below 32 degrees temperature. Instead it had to be like that until my friend’s daughter was finished on the swing which was over one hour. Heading back to the car I let the girl hold its leash. A good way to make it understand even an 11 year old girl is superior to it and and has the right to use it for her pleasure too. How about more of your fun times.

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      Summer, Glad to hear you say what happened last year in the park was hot and exciting for you as it was for the four females. I not only love keeping my son naked but like putting it on naked display for other females to enjoy. None of my female friends disagree in not having any clothing for cockmeat and making it stay naked. They like it better then having a few items of clothing and keeping it naked most of the time. They say it is so sexy there is nothing for my sex slave to wear and can only stay naked. So it will have to live a naked life. My sex slave is always taken along when visiting my friends while it wears just a collar and leash because they love that. To me that’s how it is suppose to be used and will always be used that way. Love to hear more about your stories. Did you have to go naked, if so where and how long.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    That’s hot Kay I’m glad you got a good sex slave to enjoy I remember good memories of my childhood as sex slave I hope it lives it’s life that way always Kay . Xd

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, My son will always live a life as a naked sex slave for mommy’s pleasure. it will have to spend its whole life naked never getting to own or wear clothing. Back to the true story. The woman waved for the others to come over which they did. She asked if I would repeat what I said to her friends. I replayed, Better yet I’ll have it say so. Without hesitation it correctly said, i don’t deserve to wear clothing as my body is for females to take pleasure in viewing it all they want. Therefore there is nothing wrong in forcing me to stay naked. You can’t imagine how happy I was in its response. The women loved it and giggled while giving its naked body a good look over. The girl remained in total awe at what she was seeing but said nothing. The woman that said hi to me told my son, That’s right sweetie you must always be naked. Another woman said, remember no clothing for you sweetie, as the group walked away. Me and my naked sex slave/son continued on our path which took us back to where I parked the car. What a perfect ending to a perfect day in the park. Do you agree?

    • HrnyStpDaddy ID:3zxjrjpi20b

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  • Reply Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

    Summer, Yes my son is a good boy because I raised it proper. That is I made sure it understands it is nothing more than naked eye candy for mommy and her female friends. Now to finish last year’s walk in the park. The experience was so beautiful and I don’t mean the park. It was so enjoyable to have a walk in a public park while holding the hand of my naked son. All of a sudden I heard some voices. Around a corner of large rocks and pine trees a group of females was headed our way. There was nothing I could do because we were in a clear area. So they were going to see a mother and her naked sex slave out for a walk as it had its slave collar on but nothing else. To me it is normal for other women even strangers to see it naked so long as they like it. The three women and one young girl stayed on a path that would cross over the path we were on. The women must have enjoyed the site because they had big smiles. The girl’s eyes were wide open in awe of what she was getting to look at. As they pasted in front of us less then 20 feet one woman said hi to me so I said hi back to her. The group stopped and the female that said hi to me walked back towards me. She pointed to my son and asked why is he naked? I calmly responded, he is naked because that’s the way it should be for all females to enjoy. So it never gets to wear anything at all. She said in a surprising voice, You mean he’s naked for just today in the park. I replayed, No I mean its in a perminent state of nakedness She said, Do you really mean your son is perminently naked. I then said, That’s right as I want it to understand its body is for the pleasure of females and therefore must always be naked for them. What I am saying is that its kept naked without clothing 24/7/365. She really liked hearing that. To be continued.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    That’s hot Kay I’m happy you having good time with your slave he sounds like a good boy hehe enjoy him well Kay you deserve it .hugs

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  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay do you let it sleep in a bed or do you put it somewhere else to sleep at nights and I’ll love to hear about the park

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I use to let it sleep in its own bed but no longer. For awhile I had it sleep at the foot of my bed outside the covers. Later on I regulated it to the floor next to the bed. Since a year ago I make it sleep in a locked cage located in the basement. The slave cage is long enough for him to stretch out but not able to stand up but can sit up. I do provide it with a mattress and small pillow but no blanket as it should never be able to cover its body. Yes it is chilly down there in summer and can be very chilly in winter months. I think it’s great it has to feel the cold as he tryes to sleep. This helps to make it understand its naked and for a good reason. It also makes it easier to have it naked outside in winter to include extreme cold temperatures. The way I see it he has no right to be comfortable. On to the park. This last year me and my sex slave took a nice long walk in a big beautiful park. I had shorts, shirt and a lite jacket unzipped as it was 70 degrees. Of course my son was naked except for a slave collar. It was just so natural for him to be naked out in nature while I got to wear clothing. It was so pleasing for me wish other moms could experience the same. its huge thick cock , even soft, and big balls would swing with every step. Because of the time of day there wasn’t many people around. Did see a few at a distance but not sure they could tell it was naked or not. If they could so what as I was not the one naked, LOL. Then it happened. Will continue later.

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Please Kay tell me more I loved being my family sex slave as a kid I’m proud your put your son to good use as a lover children should always serve there parents I’ll love to hear more kay

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Summer, I see no reason why my son should get to wear clothing. Just the thought of it would be upsetting to me. Instead I have raised my son to accept the fact it is nothing but eye candy for females to enjoy looking at. I brought it up to understand its body is something for women and girls to use for their pleasure as they want and that its for nothing else. he has been deeply mind molded that its only purpose in life is to be naked and used by females. I’ve made sure in its mind that its nakedness is not for its benefit but for that of all females. While this means he never gets to see them naked but rather it will always make sure its on full naked display for them. Have to admit there is one thing I make it wear. It is a black leather slave collar locked around its neck. I of course hold the key. There are two tags on a front ring. Top one says, ” name ” and below that ” cockmeat “. That’s so it and others know its true name because that is what it is and what it is to us females. Incase you are wondering cockmeat is the only name we call it and never using any other. The second tag reads ” Owners ” and below ” all Females “. I do take the collar off at night to rest its neck and sleep better but wears it almost all time during the day. Got too long so will talk about the trip to the local park next time. Kay

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  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Kay if you keep your son always naked how things go with that in public places what happens when everyone in public see your naked son you got any stories of that I can jerk it to

  • Reply Summer ID:4lo46wt0c

    Mick in my opinion all kids should pleasure there parents and serve there needs I did as kid best thing ever I hope you get some funs and had funs to

    • Tobby ID:6d0t8h049c

      Good mum

    • Kay ID:bpb0qzsm1hy

      Hi Summer, Yes I always keep my son naked as there should be no other way. I do not allow him to own any or ever wear any because to me that is wrong. So you see it has to be 100% naked 100% of the time. Since there is nothing for it to wear it has to be naked for every thing it does.As a matter of fact it has not worn clothing for years. Obviously there are places I can’t take him or things he is unable to do but the positives out weight the negatives. All of my friends get to see him naked when never they come over which is just perfect. It is very nice that ones that are moms allow their daughters to view its naked body as well. I always take my naked son when visiting friends as they love he has to travel to them naked and stay that way for the whole time. Lucky for me I have a friend who home schools her two daughters and does the same for my son. Yes I drop him off naked on the way to work and pick it up on the the way home. While the three have clothes on my son must remain naked the whole day for them. To me this is the best and perfect listen for him to learn. We also go to a park near us for picnics or just to walk around. I am into hiking in a forest that’s about 30 to 40 minutes away. Of course it is naked for the hikes and no I do not care how cold it is. To me temperature shouldn’t matter so walks out doors in winter weather happen often. So long as I or other females with us are properly dressed while it stays naked is fine. Will talk about a walk in the park when coming across a group of females next time if you want.

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    • Unfaithful and loving it ID:1ardd6tihk

      Its for pleasure. As long as everyone enjoys and theres no trauma then why not.

    • hornio ID:7rmvd6sozj

      we shouldn’t care abt it as long as there’s no trauma. ppl need to experiment with their sexual lives.

  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

    Jan Stein, How old is your son and what age did you first him?

    • Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

      Jan Stein, he was 13 5 the first time I sucked off that beautiful teen cock to completion. If you read my past posts I do not allow my hung son to wear or even own any clothing. This way it is always naked for mommy’s viewing and sucking pleasure anytime I want. he will be 16 in June. Hope to hear back from you.

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    • .. [email protected] ID:1cv19ibb6qi5

      WoW …. similar to how my Aunt taught me 🤔

  • Reply Micheal ID:kno4km2

    Hi Lauren. Are you going to post more comments on here, it would be great to here from you 😁

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    Doga, Give me your e-mail if you want to chat as I would love too. Kay

    • Doga ID:vagbil1d9j

      It’s printed down below in another comment, but I’ll type it again for you:
      [email protected]

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    Lauren, What have you been up to lately? Any more fun times to add.

    • Lauren ID:5fu3cxlfzz

      Oh yeah, plenty to add, how’s everything going with you and your son?

    • Sashin ID:mzgdt541

      You are so lucky

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    Michael, Any comments on some of my last posts.

    • Micheal ID:kno4km2

      Hi Kay. I have been wondering how you’ve been, we’ve not heard from you on here in a while…
      Oh and I’m interested in hearing what happens next in your last entry?

  • Reply Micheal ID:kno4km2

    Hi Kay, it’s nice to have you back…

  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

    Doga, Yes funny but very true. My son had to go naked in the cold outside for a long time.

    • Doga ID:vagbil1d9j

      Can we please chat via email, Kay? I could do with a friend right now. Please?

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  • Reply Micheal ID:kno4km2

    Kay, and what happened next, do you have anything else to tell?

    • Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

      Michael, That night after the long walk outside in the cold we took turns sucking off my well hung son.

  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

    Michael, Took my naked son on a long trip, 155 miles to see a friend of mine. It got cold for naked cock but so what. Her and I loved it more when hiking through a park for hours in 35 degree temperature. Only naked cock was without clothing of course.

    • Doga ID:vagbil1d9j

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    Lauren, Glad to see you on here again as well. I have been really great that is enjoying my son to the max.

    • Lauren ID:5fu3cxlfvh

      Hi Kay, I wish we could get to know each other better. But under the circumstances we shouldn’t give out our contact info. Eventually we’ll figure out a way. In the meantime keep enjoying your son’s dick, and I’ll keep enjoying fucking my dad. Smooches

    • Micheal ID:1cxlh9hms2wt

      Hi Kay
      I’ve just been looking forward to reading more from you on here, hope to hear more from you soon 😀

  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

    Michael, Good to see you are finally back on this site. Any response to my last comments?

    • Lauren ID:5fu3cxlfvh

      Hi Kay, how’s everything with you?

    • M ID:kno4km2

      Lauren, good to see you back on here too

    • M ID:kno4km2

      Kay, good to see you back on here, so what have you been getting up to lately?

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    P3d0G1rl , you have me really curious & very intrigued , could we chat else where ?

  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

    Danny, No I do not mind at all. I am 40 years old.

    • M ID:kno4km2

      Hiya Kay, not been on here in a while, how have you been?

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    Jim, We can talk if you want as I would love to.

    • James ID:5fu3cxj7vh

      Ur to much

  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

    Jim, Nice to hear fro you. I would also love to chat with you.

  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

    michael, But what. Don’t you still want to chat with me?

    • Jim ID:1d7b54zbnlhg

      Kay love to chat with you

  • Reply M ID:kno4km2

    Kay. Of course but….

    • Lauren ID:5fu3cxlfvh

      Hi M, thanks, it’s good to be back.

  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

    michael , Then where? Do you have a g-mail

    • Danny ID:bo1u6p0qj

      Hi Kay!, Do u mind if I ask hw old u are

  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

    Michael, So sorry but have been very busy. Any comments on my last entry.

    • M ID:kno4km2

      Kay. Rather not on here

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    Hi there Lauren, I’m not sure if you remember me but I’m sure if you remember by my Discord which was Kadachi/KadaSin, whichever the two helps you remember most
    But how are you lately??? And it’s been too long to talk to you. And how’s your family lately? 😊

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1ddde4zdubwl

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  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

    Lauren, So what you guys do to get some pleasure?

    • Lauren ID:bo1u6ovsz

      Hi Kay, I had a couple of D.P., between my son and dad, each took a different position with me, and each loaded me up with cum. I only wish I could have had a triple penitration😒😒😒

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    Lauren, I am just fine because I took two cum loads today. I love having my son’s sperm in my stomach. I get so much there is always some in it, LOL.

    • Lauren ID:bo1u6ovsz

      BTW, I don’t know if I told you, I’m a couple months pregnant and it could be my son’s or my dad.

  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

    Lauren, I would not fell comfortable putting my email address here. So may we communicate on this site like we are doing now.

    • Lauren ID:bo1u6ovsz

      Hi Kay. I don’t have a problem with it.
      BTW how are you today?

    • DLHCA ID:28arqeo3d1

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  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

    Lauren, I bet you really enjoyed it. Please tell me what happened with son and father 3som. How old is dad, your dad or his?

    • Lauren ID:bo1u6ovsz

      My dad’s 43 and it’s his dad too

  • Reply Lauren ID:5fu3cxlfvh

    It’s 1:30 am and I’ve been enjoying a 3som with my son and dad.

    • Lulu ID:vuf1ml9h

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    • Smu94 ID:26d4r4oic

      How old is your son? And how that it all start?

    • Brian ID:nhb46vt0c

      Sounds hot Lauren

    • Thomas ID:2px1mmwmvhu

      Would love to chat more about that Lauren! Sounds VERY hot!!!!

  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

    Lauren, So how do we connect?

    • Lauren ID:5fu3cxlfvh

      Hi Kay, Give me your email address and I’ll give you my WickrMe address

  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

    Lauren, I would love to chat with you about our lifestyle. Ask or talk about anything you wish. Can’t wait to hear from you.

    • Lauren ID:5fu3cxlfvh

      Hi Kay, I have both WickrMe and kik, but for obvious reasons I’m not giving that contact info on here

  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

    Older Guy, Then please give me your e-mail address so we may talk .

  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

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    • Older guy ID:pvkvh4k0b

      What I’m curious about is only to be shared with you , and not the other people or commenters on here

    • Lauren ID:5fu3cxlfvh

      Hi Kay, I’m loving every moment with him. I’d love to chat with you about our lifestyle .

  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

    Michael, Yes I do enjoy my son as every mother should. I’m very proud of him being so good looking and not just very well hung but extremely well hung it will never get to wear clothing so I can watch its over sized package swing and flop around with each step. My friends tell me to keep him naked as well. It is so adorable always having him naked. My friends also tell me it’s much better having absolutely nothing for him to wear instead of one set of clothing just incase. I agree with them so it will always be made to stay completely naked at all times. A friend told me she loves the way I put my son on naked display. I never thought of it that way but that is what I am doing and see nothing wrong with it. So it will always have to be naked for my pleasure and that of my female friends and their daughters too.

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    • https://t.me/Wlad_Nathrezim ID:1e439ow3lc6t

      You are a very beautiful mother. Who did you give birth to, a son or a daughter?

    • Thomas ID:2px1mmwmvhu

      Would love to know how the pregnancy turned out!

  • Reply Micheal ID:2wcnr0uzrc

    Kay. Did he finish raking the leaves?

    • Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

      Michael, Now to Finish, So perfect that women remain in warm house wearing warm clothes drinking hot coffee while my son has to toil naked outdoors in the cold weather. This is how I brought up my son to respect females. After about two hours and ten minutes he was done. Upon entering the house me saw my friend and was surprised. Not because she saw him naked as all my female friends and daughters have seen it naked many times before. It was because he was about to get a treat for the first time in front of a friend of mine. I instructed it to seat on the edge of a wooden chair, to lean back, grab the back chair legs with both hands, open legs wide apart and feet around the back of the front chair legs. This left its big beautiful package dangling, in front of the chair for mommy to enjoy. I gorged on its incredible cock and balls for a long time but not letting him cum. My jaw was getting sore so stopped for awhile. it was so big my hand didn’t fit around it. I showed it to my friend saying why do you think. She said it was amazing and couldn’t believe a cock so big and long could get so ridged. My son may have gotten a little embarrassed she got to see it in that state for the first time. As I stroked its huge pole I was saying don’t you like her seeing your hard-on? you know she has every right too. That is why you have no clothing. Always naked so females are able to look at everything. That’s what your body is for so no hiding anything. Let her look at your nice hard-on, okay. Now that’s better. I then had to force it in my mouth to complete the treat which is more for me, LOL. When I was ready I made it cum in my mouth with its warm, thick, salty and plentiful load of ball juice. Because its ball are so huge and heavy, got a release and in a warm house they tend to hang very low. As a matter of fact I love the way they hang so far down away from its body, so sexy. I cupped them with my small mommy’s hand which made its ball seem even larger.

    • Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

      Michael, I haven’t herd from you in over three days. Do you still get on this site? Read about my son working outdoors in the cold naked and what happens after. Then I would love to hear your comments.

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  • Reply Michael ID:kno4km2

    Hi Kay ‘SCSQ’. Are you still out their??

    • Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

      Michael., Yes I am still here. Have been checking to see if you responded to my last comments but you have not. It’s the one where I compare my son’s huge appendage to the biggest male porn stars. They really don’t have anything over him, LOL. Do hope to hear from you.

    • Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

      Michael, Let me tell you what happened today. The leaves are changing and falling off the trees because it’s that time of the year. It was also chilly outside but the leaves needed to be picked up. Even though my son has no clothing it must do all the outside work. The temperature was in the upper 40’s but with wind chill made it in the low 40’s. Just so you know the temperature means nothing to me as far as my son going naked outdoors. That is why I have no clothing at all for it. I sat down to have a since cup of hot coffee as my naked son raked the leaves. The door bell rang. My friend stopped by to say hello. I gave her some coffee too to warm up. That’s when she saw it naked in the back yard and loved it. When I told her it has been out there for over two hours she giggled and thought it was great. I then explained it was going to get a treat but only after it was done raking up all the leaves. No, it doesn’t matter to me how long the job takes even if its completely naked and bare foot and 42 degrees. WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO FINISH WHAT HAPPENED.

    • Mike ID:2wcnr0uzrc

      Kay. Are you going to finish what happened?

    • Micheal ID:kno4km2

      Kay. Not been on here. Do you enjoy yourself

    • Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

      Michael, Good to have you back. Did you get to read my finished store after he raked up all the leaves? What did you think of it?

  • Reply Anonymous ID:2wcnr0uzra

    Kay. You must be very good at it..!

    • Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

      Anonymous, Yes I am very good at it and love doing it so much.

    • Anonymous ID:kno4km2

      Kay. I’d like to here more stories from your passed …

    • Anonymous ID:kno4km2

      Kay. I’m wondering what happens next??

    • Micheal ID:kno4km2

      Kay. You are very good, do you enjoy yourself?

    • Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

      Michael. Yes I do really enjoy “it”. That’s why I always keep it naked. You see I do not allow my son to own any clothing. I’ve taught him clothing is only for females. I’ve taught him that females get to view its naked body. i’ve taught him it would be disrespectful to wear clothing in front of females. This is to make sure it can only be naked on all get togethers with my female friends and their daughters as well. We females do keep our clothes on of course. As a matter of fact it has not got the chance to wear anything for almost 2 years and 10 months now and counting.

  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

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    • Mike ID:kno4km2

      Kay. Yes you definitely like a huge one to play with and sucking off more than one

    • Older guy ID:pvkvh4k0b

      To , Kay I’d love to chat privately , through email you have me curious

    • Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

      Older Guy, Let’s first get to know each other on this site okay. What are you curious about?

    • Micheal ID:1e0iublgnkzg

      Hi Kay. It’s good to hear you enjoy it.

    • John ID:1ee2f9ngope1

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    • Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

      Hi Stacy, I know what you mean. It is great isn’t it. I do prefer my son to cum in my mouth. I what to taste him. Love knowing its load is in my stomach and part of me. Just love that my son’s sperm is a big part of my diet. What do you think that my son never gets to wear clothing? I always keep it naked, LOW.

    • Thomas ID:2px1mmwmvhu

      Sounds beautiful Stacey!!!

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  • Reply Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

    Hello Michael, Yes of course we can talk. It is normal for a son to think about sex with their mother and even more so for mom to think and want sex with a son. That’s why I do not let my son wear clothing. he has none and that is the why it will be. Just love to always be able to look at his perfect body and that giant gorgeous appendage it has. its balls are so huge heavy and low hanging which are able to give me so much thick tasty young cum to swallow. By the why he is always naked when my female friends come over. We get to wear clothing but never him. I even take my naked son along when visiting my female friends. It is very thrilling for me how much they want him naked. I believe my best friend wants to suck him off too so maybe I’ll share him.

    • Michael ID:kno4km2

      You really are an amazing mother, your son is very lucky I can only imagine what it would feel like to experience what he has! I love reading your stories they really turn me on!

    • Kay ID:8b9dwnboid

      Hi Michael, Good to know you like the relationship I have with my son and it turns you on. I have raised my son that it must always be naked for mommy. I have raised my son to always be naked so mommy can suck it off whenever she wants. I have raised my son it’s wrong for him to wear clothing. That means I do not allow him to own any. it doesn’t even own one sock, LOW. So you see the only way it can be is naked and love it. Get back to me soon.

    • Micheal ID:kno4km2

      Hi Kay. You really are a good mother to suck him off so much and swallowing his load, you obviously enjoy it and you do like a big cock too, I can only imagine what it must feel like to experience that…!
      Hope to hear more from you.

    • [email protected] ID:1a91eifz

      Hey Kay I would love to hear more storys, so can you email me please and I will tell you my age when you email me (;

  • Reply Stacey ID:1ah770lfzrb

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      Stacey your son is very lucky .

    • Thomas ID:2px1mmwmvhu

      Did you end up having his baby?

    • Thomas ID:2px1mmwmvhu

      Becky that sounds wonderful! With both sons!!! Would love to hear more!

  • Reply Lottie ID:vruzdym1

    Your an awesome mum! That was so hot!

  • Reply Oldman ID:5vakbs64zi

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    It takes talent to write a hot story. Fantasy or not, I’d rather assume it’s a Fantasy so I can sleep at night, but honestly. It’s better if there weren’t parents out there actively making their children do horrible things with child molestors, and rapists.

    Sometimes, there is no right, only wrong, and a rabbit hole that only reveals more layers of wrong, the deeper you dig. I fell down that rabbit hole in the 80s, because my father encouraged my half sister (His step daughter) to take risks, leading to her sexual abuse.

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