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mom’s friend wants me to become a prostitute

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(Sorry for my english)when I was 14 Iwent mom’s friend because she is realy nice person she realy nice smell like flowers when when I went to her home I was happy to help her in home cleaning home and cleaning dishes and with cooking she nice person I ever meet😍but 1 day i was I left school and went to my mother’s friend I see her through the window with new person she give him money then he go too car she see me and he telling me not to tell anyone 1 tell her 1 don’t tell I will not tell anyone with smile🙂so we go toc her home and we cleaned dishes and when we finished it he telling me if I don’t have money I tell her I don’t have and he telling me and do you wana make some money with smile I tell her and how? And he telling me come her my to my bathroom and he shave my hair and some make-up and clothes and I was like girl and he telling me to go to the car and we went somewhere by car and I meet her pimp and that pimp he telling me come her in my room I was scared😥but he telling me don’t be scared he doesn’t bite so I go too pimp room I was and he telling me if I don’t want to prostitution because I was looking good and he telling me if I want i was realy confused but I tell him I have to think it through and he telling me ok but she telling if you just try I say him ok but 1 try and he telling me go to the wc a hole in the wall and locked and she come 1 person and give me his cock its like 12 inch was give him by hand and then he telling me give me blowjob but his cock disgusting but ok so I suck his cock and 5 min cuming inside my mouth and then he give me 20 $ he thank me and he go but wow 20$ so I give for day like 3 or give 5 guys I don’t know but then we go to home and he telling me if 1 liked and 1 telling her yes but that dicks smell realy bad :< and she telling me You’ll get used to it then we go too her home and then telling me if 1 have money and he telling give me your money and I say but why and she telling me because I give 50% and I you give me 50% that all was sad but he telling me its ok kido but I give you What would I take your virginity😉 and I was realy red😳but I take it and I go to her bathroom and she washed me and give me make-up and cute clothes and he give me some 10 inch cock inside my ass with lublicrant but it was a pain e but then he kiss me with with a tongue and touching my cock and he telling me if if I don’t want to be a prostitute not for yourself but for me i tell her yes only for you and I licking her pussy and he grab my penis and she gave me a condom and he puting my penis inside her pussy and we have sex and I cuming inside her like 4 min and I was lying in her bad he telling me im Realy good then he telling me I was realy great and he give me kiss and then I was go too home and sleeping and in moring I go too school 14h later I go too home and go too mom’s friend and ne give me make-up and clothes and we go tog and i go too his pimp room and I say yes and I was be his prostitution its been like 5 years and im happy and I learned how to shave my whole body and and little care of my self and with some crem and but make-up is realy hard and I was have sex with someone and but but only my love is mom’s friend and u wana marry her that all :3

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  • Reply Incest47 ID:712cx7z8rj

    Sillykitty:3 I would love to Fuck you and your mom and my email is [email protected]

  • Reply Paul ID:1dp85lyvptiu

    Hi, I love your stories. I remember you from your other one. My snap is paul721111. Hope to hear from you soon.