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This aint your summer camp

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Fiction, not for the faint hearted, murder, rape

I arrive in my new posting, I check in with the commandant, the sgt takes me to my office and room, everything is squared away, I walk through the camp, I check the work hunts, then I check the cooking hunt,

As time passes, I watch and learn who does what, as the interns, as we call them, have leaders, we let them think they are incharge,

I am walking through one of the woman showers and see a group of women washing themselves, this makes my cock get hard, I walk up to a young woman, she tries to cover her nakedness with her hands, I tell her hands at your sides, she does as told, the other stand and do and say nothing, I touch the girls b cup tits, they are hard and her nipples turn hard as I do this, I pinch one of her nipples she yelps, the one that thinks she is the leader of them comes forward,

She goes Major is there anything I could help you with, I turn to her, look her up and down, she is naked, c cups tits, big saucer nipples that stuck out a good 10mm and a hairy cunt, I tell her get back over to her shower, she goes please sir can I, BANG, the young girl drops into a pile on the floor, the woman stares at me with wide eyes and her mouth hanging open, I put my gun back into its holster,

I walk out of the shower, and back to my office, next day I walk into the showers again, a different group, are in there, I walk up to a girl that did not notice me come into the shower, I took my hand and pushed her to the wall, as the others watched I ran my hand up and down her back and then between her ass cheeks, I rammed my fingers into her asshole, she screamed out,

I woman came out of the crowd and she asked me for help, please Major can you help me, BANG, she fell to the floor, I pulled my finger out of the girls ass, she was crying from what she had just seen me do, I told her to follow me or I would kill her right where she stood,

I walked out of the shower with naked child in tow, we walked to my office, I asked how old she was, 12 she said, where is your mother and father, she said mother is in the hunts working and father is out in the fields, are you an only child, no she said her sister is in the cook house,

I took the child to my room and I took off all my clothes, I asked her had she seen a cock before, she shook her head no, come here child I said and she came right up to me, get on your knees and open your mouth, if you are good enough you will survive, she did as told, I put the head of my cock into her mouth, I told her to suck and lick it and move it in and out of your mouth, do not let it out of your mouth, she did her best for a newbie, sucking and slurping, she was quick learner,

Once she got me good and hard I told her to get up and bend over the table, she did, I got behind her, kicked her legs apart and pushed the head of my cock into her cunt, she cried out in pain, I pulled back and shoved again, I kept doing it till I was all the way into her tight and getting wet pussy, she cried and said it hurt so much, this only got me harder and rammed her harder

I was fucking her for maybe 5 min and my nuts tightened and I shot my load into her womb, I grunted as with each pump of cum into her, I pulled my hard cock out of her cunt and with panting breath shoved it up her ass, she screamed so hard she fainted,

I shoved all the way up her ass and started to long stroke her asshole, I pulled all the way out and then shoved balls deep into her again and again, she laid there limp as I fucked her they way it felt the best, her ass was so tight and was muscle spasming, I fucked her ass for a good 30 min as I built to my next orgasim, I pinned her to the table as I shot my second load into her, I grunted non stop, I dropped on top of her when I stopped cumming into her ass,

I laid on top of her as she cried softly, my cock slipped out of her ass as it got soft, she moaned when she felt me slip out, I got up off of her, pick up the phone and said into it, oven,

I went into the bathroom got into the shower and washed, when I got out the girl was gone, and no trace of her was there,

Week later I went to the shower room, walked in and found a girl, red head, 4ft, b cup, and a very light covering of red on her cunt, I walk up to her and told her to follow me, and other girl came over to me and asked me not to take her sister, I looked at the girl and she looked the same, twins, I told her they are to both follow me, or both will have to go and see the doctor Joseph

They followed me to my office, I took them into my room and as before I took off all my clothes, I pointed to one of them and told her get on the table face up ass hanging over the edge, she did as told, the other one I told put your face into her cunt and lick it not matter what happens, if you stop I will kill her,

She did as told, I get behind her and pushed my hard cock into her ass, she screamed as I broke her asshole open, I slapped the back of her head and she licked her sister cunt, I slowly fucked her ass as I enjoyed the seen of her tongue working its way through those lips, I told her to lick her asshole, and she did, I held on as long as O could but shot my load into her, I pulled my cock out of her asshole and she dropped to the floor, cum and blood leaking out of her, I told the one on the table get off and get on your knees and suck my cock clean

She got down and did as told, she sucked my cock hard again, I made her lay on top of her sister with her ass up, I pushed my cock into her ass and she screamed with gritted teeth, I fucked her ass hard and pounded her into her sister, she cried and whimpered and her sister under her cried out with each hard thrust into her, I was about to start to shot my load when I pulled out of her and grabbed her sister by her hair and yanked her to her knees and shoved my cock into her mouth and told her to swallow my cum,

I dumped my load into her mouth, through gritted teeth I told her not to spill many of my load, she swallowed it all, she kept sucking till my cock went soft, with sweet dripping off of me I sat on a chair and I watched them as I had one sister lick the others asshole clean of the cum and blood,

Once I was cooled down, I picked up the phone, Doctor, I went to my shower and when I got finished they are gone

I did this for a number of years, had my pick of fuck things, only good for one thing, some I used a number of times, those ones the phone call was Tattoo, later on during the end of the encampments one would have to be careful as the trains stop coming with holiday seekers,

By the end of it all I fled to south america, and made my way to Canada, I set up a big ski lodge on a lake, 200 seat restaurant, a 100 seat lounge with four big surround fire pits, outdoor patio area that seats 150,

I still own the Lodge and no one knows that we have an underground head quarters here, as a group of us still led are lifes in are Black uniforms,

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