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A lonely girl pt 1

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I m fourteen with a firm body and nice tits , it was summer and school was out I lived in a nieghborhood where there wasn t many people and I was bored.One day after I got up and dressed for the day , I was wearing shorts and a tshirt , I decided to go out.As I was walking a mini van pulled up beside and the guy in the passenger side smiled and asked me if I was alright and I said yes and he smiled and told me how beautiful I looked and asked if I needed a ride anywhere , I smiled and said I had no here special I was going and he asked if I wanted to ride with him and his friend for a bit, I said ok and he got out and let me in the back and he joined me, we drove around for a bit and we chatted I like them they were nice, he told me how nice I looked and soon he kissed me and I liked it as he kissed me more soon I felt his hand on my thigh caressing it I didn t mind,his friend found a quiet place to park and joined us, then I felt my shorts being undone as I was kissed and his friend got down and took them and my panties off, he adjusted me as I was kissed and I felt him start eating my pussy I moaned and soon my top came off I was braless and the guy kissing me was sucking my tits I moaned in pleasure and then the other guy straightened up and slid his pants down his dick was hard he had about 7″, he smiled as I watched him slowly slide into meit hurt a little and soon he was inside me and he started fucking me it felt good and I moaned alot as he kept going and soon I felt his dick swell and he pushed into me and I felt his hot sperm rushing into me. After he finished he pulled out and the other guy had me on my knees and resting on the seat as he pushed in to my ass,it hurt and then he was fucking me and soon enough I felt his hot sperm to.Afterwards we talked I told them I loved it and they asked me if I was submissive and I said yes, they smiled and asked me if I wanted to be there sub sex slave and allow them to use me any way they wanted and I agreed to

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  • Reply Emily ID:1ck78njowllr

    I was 13 and hung out with 3 boys from 14 to 17 the 17yr old had a car. My mom thought it was weird cause I hung out with three guys and she seen me kiss all three and they grab my ass and tits. One day my brother 22 walked in on me and all three guys fucking my mouth was full of cock and so was my pussy and ass they kept right on fucking me. When my mouth was free I told my brother please don’t tell our parents” he didn’t” I dated all three guys till college

  • Reply 🤬Hank ID:jtqrk7ra2l2

    I kinda liked it simple straight to the point.. if you would have said they raped you and kidnapped you then made you there slave every one would have thought it was the best ever. Since you agreed to be a submissive slave and liked what happened . The perverts can’t jack off to it .

  • Reply Tt ID:bgggn0c43

    This was shit don’t write again

  • Reply Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk0b

    Sounds like a really smart good girl that daddy would love to meat lol.