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A southern girl pt1

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I live in a rural part of the deep south on a small farm with my dad,I m seventeen with 30 d tits firm body and I love wearing shorts, my dad and I workedon the farm and my first cousin would help us,one night mycousin and iwere walking and when we decided to go into the barn, soon we were kissing and I felt his hand on my ass, he smiled and said we should have sex at first I was reluctant but I said ok. We looked around first to make sure we were alone and then we undressed, he got behind me as we stood there and kissed me as he played with my tit with one hand and rubbed my pussy with the other it felt goodsoon I felt his dick get hard along my ass crack and I got on my knees andsucked his 8″ dick. After he was hard I got on my hands and knees and he was behind me and slid his dick intp me , soon he was fucking me hard and it felt great, then he pushed deep and I felt his hot sperm rushing in ,his sperm felt great inside of me and after he pulled out I stayed there as he slowly pushed into my ass after he wasall in he slowly fucked me until he cum again, the we laid there naked ,hesmiledand said we should keep doing this and I agreed, and often . He asked if I might be willing to have a three some and I said I d try it.The next evening we went out to walkand he smiled after we got away from the house and said he had a threesome ready for me and if I wanted to go to the barn, I said ok and we went.After we got into the barn his friend was a young black guy,atfirst I wasn t sure about it then he kissed me and soon we all were undressing, I got on my knees and I started sucking the black guys dick he was big at 9″ and soon I had them both hard and I laid downon my back and spread,they took turns eating my pussy and sucking my tits and then the black guy laid down and had me squat downon top of him I slowly lowered myself down until I had him all inside of me then my cousin got behind me an he slowly slid into my ass and both fucked me until they cum inside of me filling me full of hot sperm , I loved it alot they took turns for abit after fucking me that evening I enjoyed italot

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  • Reply BBCclut ID:1ejdkh2gopri

    I hope she gave him her virginity like a good little white girl, I also hope that you’re biracial, I also hope that other black farm hands got to help or at least got some of that pussy* too.

  • Reply Stephen ID:1cu5ew8ohycw

    My mom had a similar experience. She was a 16 y/o farm girl in Nebraska who got fucked by a 56 y/o black farm hand.

    • BBCclut ID:1ejdkh2gopri

      Please read comment above