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Sibling love

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Taking younger brothers cum whenever parents aren’t home. (This story takes place when parents are away for a week, so I have to babysit my brother)

Long story short. My name is Amanda I’m 22 and I’m in very good shape with a big firm butt and I’m pretty sarcastic and almost goth-ish. My brothers name is Andrew, he’s 15 and he’s in decent shape as well. This all happened when he got into puberty and got his hormones. I told him I could help him with it but now we’re obsessed. And this is just one if our times.

(This story takes place when parents are away for a week, so I have to babysit my brother and my brother has to baby-fill me~)

Andrew slams me down on our parents bed and starts unbuckling his belt. “You ready for a pounding?” He says, “Yea, yea sure” I respond while taking his favorite position (me against the edge of the bed, ass high in the air and face down). He takes his dick and puts it between my ass cheeks and starts rubbing. “Holy shit Andrew. Just put it in already!” I say as I raise my voice. “Fine you fucking bitch. Stop stressing me.” He responds. “You fucking bitch!? What’s that supposed to mean?” I almost scream out in a sarcastic tone. He starts lining up his tip with my pussy and say “I mean that you’re MY bitch” he says as he slams his 7 inch cock Into me. *Aaaaggghhh!* I scream from getting the shock of so much pleasure. “That’s more like it. Your bitch. I’m all yours! The only thing I need from you is that you fill me up REEAAAL GOOOD!” I say. “Oh don’t you worry sis. I’m gonna get you pregnant. Then you can buy an apartment. We’ll move away, and be happy” he responds as he speeds up and starts going harder. At this point I can’t talk. It gets drowned out in pressure and moans. “Feels good to own my sister. Just to have a bitch seconds away” he says. The thought of that I’m actually fucking my brother turns me on even more.

About an hour goes by of continuous cumming and fucking. “I must have gotten you pregnant. I came like 6 times!” He said. “Well we will surely know pretty soon” I respond. There has literally formed a puddle of cum at my feet. So we climb into the bed and lay down together. He chooses to keep his dick in me even when we are just chatting and watching TV. (And yes our parents have a TV by their bed). After a few minutes of him touching, kissing and pressing himself against my ass he gets rock hard again. “Round two?” He asks. “Well I am your bitch, so do whatever you want” I say with a lustful but still slightly edgy and bored tone. So I’m on my way to get into position when he stops me. “No, no, no. This time we’re on the bed” he says. I get shocked but really turned on from the thought. I crawl up to him and gives him one of those sister pecks on the cheek and say “You naughty little boy~…” with a seductive and lustful tone as I get into doggy, but this time on the bed….

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  • Reply SubVirgin ID:2or2uchhrk

    Want someone to treat me like that and get me pregnant…

    • M. Lovdahl ID:fx7itcxib

      I want to rape and breed you

  • Reply DaddyMoe6t9r ID:gmirtbgm1

    Would love to see your pussy

  • Reply Basil ID:bqhjmpm3

    That is so hot. Since both of you are enjoying this then it is ok. At some time he will want to share you because it is so hot to share.

  • Reply Anonymously ID:bpcjnotv3

    What size bra do you wear?

  • Reply Anonymous ID:bpcjnotv3

    It’s okay to see each other naked and play with each other but don’t get pregnant

  • Reply Dan ID:135znlfv9j

    Would love to join in even if he is abit selfish haha

  • Reply Johnn ID:5u1d7c3v9d

    Call me Amanda 254-223-9499

  • Reply Richard ID:fzq6s2b09

    Please tell us more!

  • Reply Astro ID:2ljmgwr41

    Can i test u

  • Reply WILLIAM ID:fx6w3br43

    Have you ever suggested to your brother about a threesome so you can get double penetrated?

    • Amanda ID:2ll92i549a

      My brother is pretty selfish and would not like to share me

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    Great story Amanda would really love to know more or you pregnant yet would be nice to hear if you really are would love to see pictures

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:3zxjpfrsk0a

    what did your parents say when they found out you are pregnant? text me at (347)949-2811

    • Amanda ID:2ll92i549a

      Our parents have not yet found out, and I’m still not pregnant. Though they did find some left over cum in their bed. They got mad at my brother because he had been fucking someone in their bed. But they don’t know who he has been fucking~

    • WARREN KEGLER ID:fzq5op20i

      are you going to have your brother keep fucking you and do you only do it in your parents bed? want to text me and tell me more at (347)949-2811 I want to hear plenty more!

  • Reply Bill ID:3zxjn1pe49c

    Awesome sounds like y’all had a good time wish you had some pictures or a video though

    • Amanda ID:2ll92i549a

      I would have added some pics but my brother doesn’t like me sharing stuff like that

  • Reply E ID:n3emr9hrd

    Excellent! Make sure to tell us when he gets you pregnant!

    • Amanda ID:2ll92i549a

      Don’t you worry about it. I surely will!