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Tummy Tucker

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I shouldn’t have snuck out, let alone looked in his window, but then I saw something I’ll never forget.

His real name was Mr. Terrell, and he lived next door to a friend of mine’s house. So, I wasn’t exactly peeking in random windows around the neighborhood.

I knocked on her window first, but for once it wasn’t as dark in the side yard. Because the light was on in the garage next door, and while I waited for Jainey to get up, I looked back.

He was working out, and I thought he was just fat, but when he put his arms up, his short shirt showed the bottom of his belly. He’s also black, and I noticed that he wasn’t saggy at all. In fact, it looked surprisingly firm, and even a little perky?

I know, that’s got to be the wrong thing to say about a great big grown man’s belly, but it just surprised me. Then, he picked this big weight up off of these hooks he had, sticking out of square metal poles. He squatted, then pushed up again, but he just held up the barbell on his shoulders.

Instead of picking it up off the floor, and holding it high over his head. I looked up, and I guessed he probably had a high enough ceiling to do that, even as big, and tall as he was, but he didn’t. He just squatted back down again, and stood up, 2 more times. The last time, he did it real slowly, and his knees were shaking, but he still hung it back on the hooks.

Panting, he put his arms down, and his shirt hung over his tummy again, but he went over, and poured water in a glass from a sink over by the washer/drier. My eyes went wide, because turned around like that, I saw his big butt sticking out of his shorts, and if anything, they looked even harder.

Of course, they’re muscle and not fat, but didn’t Jainey say something about him being a football player? Not like an NFL football star, but just in college. Yeah, she said that’s how he payed for his degree on a football scholarship, and he’s a Dentist now, I think.

Now, it’s hard to imagine those big fingers holding that tiny little drill while you open your mouth for a filling. “Hum!” I covered my mouth when he turned around. He had the front of his shorts bent down, and his boner out. Pulling it so the black skin wrinkled up around the dark red head, then popped almost over it.

Not all the way over it, but then he pulled it back, and forth again. Walking over and carrying it to a work bench, where he picked up a dumbell, and carried it over to a mirror. Then, he stood there, pumping his arm up and down with one hand, and the skin back and forth on his cock with the other. Then, he switched hands, and I heard Jainey whisper.

‘he doing it again?’

“UH?” I turned around, back against the wall next to his garage door, and felt my heart pounding with my hand. I could barely make out her hair, looking over the fence. It’s black too, and straight, but in the shadow, I couldn’t even make out her eyes, or anything until she smiled.

Then, the door knob rattled. “Who is it, out there? I told you.” He flung it open, and Jainey dropped back down behind the fence. “Who the hell’re you?”

“I’m sorry, mister. I didn’t mean to step foot in your yard, I’m just seeing if my friend’s home.”

“That Indian girl?”

“Yeah, Jainey?” Her name is Jainmarudevi, after some God guy Rishbhdev’s mother, and the Jain part is to remind her she can’t eat carrots, potatoes, or anything else that comes out of the ground, because it’s sacred. That’s just her first name, so we call her Jainey for short.

“Well, all right then, just try not to skere th’ neighbors likeat. They might think you a burglar, and shootcha.”

“Okay, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

She giggled behind the fence when he shut the door. ‘he gone?’

‘i think so,’ the light cut out, ‘yeah.’ So she could climb up the fence, and scramble over. Hang down, and drop on her feet. She had to get dressed, and sneak out through the back yard, before she put her shoes on, and met me by the fence. She’s not supposed to sneak out, either.

“So, what did you see?”

“He was working out, come on.” I ran off so she would follow, and I could ask her about what I saw. She couldn’t tell me much more than I could figure out for myself, but we giggled, and joked about it.

Oh yeah, he didn’t see me through the window, because he had the light on, and it’s dark out in their side yards, but then I bumped his wall when she scared me. So, he heard me, but she’d snuck out before, and watched him work out. Also, she’s pretty dark.

Not black, but really dark for an Asian. From India, but she’s not Hindi, their Jain. I barely know anything about that except she can’t eat carrots, onions, or garlic. Her mom cooks really well, especially considering she can’t use Garlic.

I’m pretty white, so there’s a chance he could see my face, in the light through the window if I looked too close, but we joked about why they’re called “Thick.”

“Yeah, maybe a little too thick?” Not just around the middle, “And how does he keep his tummy that firm without getting abs?”

“Oh, he does crunches, but hanging up.” She swung out on the monkey bars. “Uh,” dropped her knees, “Like this and, uh!” Back, and forth. “This, and uh, uh!” One at a time, cross crunches only hanging so she can’t touch her knees with her elbows. “That.”

“That must be really hard.” I had to go around to the other end, and climb up. “Uh, like this?” She dropped down, and nodded. “His belly looks really hard too.”

I dropped down. “Yeah, and his butt, too.”

“Yeah, and his muscles!” Her eyes wide and excited, flexing like him, only not like him. Because she’s an Indian girl, and he’s a big ass black football player. So, he’s got muscles to flex, and a big thick dick to play with when he gets hard pumping iron, so we got lots of giggles, and she finally stopped laughing to tell me. “More’n that.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, you bet. Some times Karla comes out.”

“Who’s Karla?”

“Karla Terrell?”

“Oh yeah,” Mrs. Terrell, “I didn’t know her name is Karla.”

“Yeah, she really likes him pumping iron too, so sometimes they do it right out in the garage while Leo, and Bebe are upstairs asleep.”

That’s their kids, she sounds like Baby, but it’s actually spelled Bebe. “Are her big boobs real?”

“Hah, yeah. Real floppy, and saggy. Wrinkled too, there all covered in stretch marks.”


“Yeah, and she’s white, so you can really see them too.”

“Shut up, stop it.”

“Sorry, TMI?”

“Yeah, a little.”

So then, she got tired playing on the playground, and once she yawned, I got tired too, so we said “G’night,” and I went home. I couldn’t stop thinking about his body, though. Especially his belly, because it’s just weird to see a belly that big when it isn’t fat, flabby, and saggy. It’s not just his shorts hanging up either, because he pulled those down, and it didn’t even sag when he was pumping iron in one hand.

Of course, also his thick dick. It wasn’t as long as some, I’ve seen since on the internet. I never really looked at dick picks on the internet, before that. I wasn’t old enough to ask grownups to send me theres’, but I knew that sometimes, they send them without you even asking. There not supposed to do that neither, but then I started going out to see him.

Every other night, it turns out he works out every other night. Sometimes he gets a boner, and sometimes he doesn’t. It’s his house, and one time I even saw his wife come out, but I took off before she got naked. Ew, I know I’m not supposed to to shame anyone, and he sure seems to like it, but still. Ew, I don’t have to like it.

He dropped his shorts, and took off his pants, so I could see him naked, first. I swear, he looks like a big baby. Except for the hair, and the muscles. His legs don’t stick out like a baby either, but for all the world, he looks like a giant baby. Right down to the baby belly, and that’s where the similarity ends.

Of course, he’s hairy, and his hairy legs. Jain’s right, his 1 thigh looks about as big around as her waist, but also his balls are hairy, and there’s a little bit around the end of his BBC, so it looks even bigger, but holy shit! I don’t know how much of that fat thing she can fit in her mouth, but I wasn’t sticking around to find out.

I know, that’s no excuse for what I did to my brother. My little brother, he’s only 6, and just barely finished potty training. He still wet the bed, and I never even thought about him, in any sexy way. Unfortunately, he’s still got a tummy. A nice perky little baby belly, and his shirt kept pulling out when he reached out for mommy or daddy to pick him up.

“Up mommy up.”

“Not right now, hon. I’m busy.”

“I’ll take him,” I took his hand, “Come on, let’s go play in.” I opened up the door under the stairs “The basement.”

“Okay.” I had to hold his hands, and walk him down the stairs, since there’s not any railing to hold onto.

“Let’s play exercise.”

“Okay.” We didn’t have any weights let alone any racks like the one He uses to do squats in front of. No mirror neither, but we weren’t really working out, to build muscles. That’s just what I told him, for an excuse to touch his body.

His cute little 2nd grader body, all summer before he turned 7, and started 3rd grade. Before he grew out of his baby belly, but by then, I started working.

Being only 11 by then myself, the only work I could really get was baby sitting but you know. Nobody really thinks about trusting their little boys with a little girl like me. That’s how I got away with it for so long.


Celest (That’s not my real name, but you know what rhymes with Celest?)

The first boy I really had sex with was Jesse. I knew right away when his mom called him, and he ran out.

“Uh!” He stopped, and looked right at my too tight top until his mom slapped him.

“Don’t be a pervert, this is your baby sitter.” She shook her finger in his face.

“Sorry mom.” He didn’t cry, so I guess she hit him all the time.

“Mo,” I held out my hand, and he finally looked up at my face.

He frowned, “That’s a boy name.”

“No, it’s not just a boy’s name, it’s also short for Molly.” See what I did there?

“Now you be good for Molly, or I’ll eat your desert for you when we come back.” It looks like she already had plenty of deserts already, so he must misbehave a lot.

“Okay mom.” He hung his head.

“You must be good, and eat a lot of deserts, when your mom, and dad go out.”

“Uh huh?”

“What’s your favorite desert?”

“Tiramisu!” He grinned, “I bet it’s gonna be Tiramisu, cause mommy, and daddy are going to Olive Garden.”

“Yeah! And that’s got espresso in it, so I bet you get really hyper, huh?”

“Uh,” he shook his head. “What’s a xpetso?”

“Espresso, it’s a kind of coffee. Only the strongest coffee ever so it comes in teeny tiny cups like this.” I pouted, “But it makes you fat too.” I poked his tummy, but he didn’t giggle like Popnfresh. Sure enough, it wasn’t fat. Not at all. “You ever work out?”

“Uh huh!” He stuck his fists up on his skinny arms. “I’m gonna be big, and strong like daddy!”

“Yeah! You must have a mirror in here, somewhere.”

“Uh huh, in the bathroom.” He ran off down the hall, and I heard the toilet seat, before I looked in, and caught him climbing up on the counter.

“Oh yeah!” A 2 sink counter, 2 bedroom 1 bath, so their bathroom was big enough for the whole family. With 2 sinks, a counter, and one big mirror halfway across the wall. “That’s great! Show me those big muscles!”

I giggled, when he tried to flex his little arms, so I grabbed his shirt, and pulled it up over his tummy. He stuck them straight up, and let me pull it off, so he must be used to getting dressed by his mommy.

“Now, do you know how to do squats?” I looked around, and found a little broom behind the door. Apparently, they used it to sweep up litter from the catbox, but I unscrewed the handle.

“What’s that?”

“Put your hands up, and hold onto this.” I put it up behind his shoulder. “That’s right, now I’m going to have to spot you, so you don’t fall off, and hit your head, okay?” He nodded, so I cupped his buttocks. “Now, bend your knees, and feel your muscles flex. Huh!”

“Uh huh!” I licked a little drool out of the corner of my mouth, because he wasn’t as firm, and muscular as my little brother. More like he used to be, before he started working out, and actually building a little muscle. Still little boy muscle, but one big problem with the way I talked them into letting me molest them is, they soon get out of the sort of shape I like, so I have to find another one.

“That’s right, up and down. Up, and down, up and down.”

“It’s hard.”

“I know, sunshine, but it gets easier the more you do it, so keep.”

“No,” he turned around, and dropped the bar in the sink. “That part’s easy.” he pulled out his pants, and pointed. “But this part is hard. See?”

“Oh! My, uh.”

He nodded. “You know what to do with it?”

I shook my head.

“You put it in your mouth, and suck on it.”

“Where’d you learn that from?”

“My m.” He bit his lip, and shook his head. “My girlfriend.” He nodded. “I have a girlfriend, at school.”

“Oh,” I thought she smacked him, just for looking at me like that. Told him not to be a pervert, because she was jealous of me. His mother, molested him, before me.

“Well, what’s she like?”

“Suckin dick.”

“Okay, okay, I get it, huh!” I licked my lips, and felt back around his tummy with my thumbs. His hips with my palms, and his cute buns with my fingers to pull him in, and rub it back and forth with his nose. “Hmnihn!”

“Don’t play with it.” He took my head, “Suck it.”

“Om! Hmn!” I let him pull his butt back out of my fingers, to hump my face.

“Suck that dick!”

i felt guilty, of course. After all the boys I molested, so when one dominated me like that, i submitted because i felt like that’s what i deserved. Also, I guessed wrong about him being molested before.

It turns out, he turned into such a little pervert, because his parents were still young, and sexually active. With each other, they hadn’t gotten bored, and found other people to sleep with behind each other’s backs, or turned kinky to spice up their sex lives, but from what I heard, they were probably headed that way.

His dad liked to make his mom get down on her knees, and suck him. I don’t know if she liked it, or she just did it to please him, but either way, that’s where he heard about it from. That little apartment was cheap, so it had really thin walls, and he heard his daddy say things like that in bed at night.

Then, he pulled out. “Mo?”

“Hm?” I blinked, and looked up at him. “Yes Jesse?”

“How do you.” He got a dirty little grin, before he said “Fuck?” And giggled, childishly, knowing he shouldn’t say a dirty word.

“You don’t fuck your girlfriend?”

He shook his head. “I’m sorry, I lied. I don’t have a girlfriend, my mommy says.”

“I know, she probably told you not to tell anyone she touches you.”

He shook his head, “Not me, daddy.”


“He says suck my dick, and then she says fuck me.” He managed to keep a straight face. “FUCK ME!” He yelled. “Like that!” He nodded.

“Oh, well we better go to your bedroom, where I can show you, okay?”

He nodded, so I picked him up, and he kicked his feet so his underwear could fall off.

“Huh, first I have to take my clothes off.” I put him on his bed, and he immediately pinched his shiny little pud to pull it. “Huh, you’re so cute and sexy, just the way you are.”

“I yam?”

“Yeah, you are.” I pulled my tank top off, and his jaw dropped again. “You like my titties?”

“They’re pretty little.” He looked up, with that doubtful face he got, when I told him my name was Mo.

I laughed, “Well you’re pretty little.”

He smiled, and shook his head, “I don’t care, take it off.” He pointed with both hands, so his little stiffy popped up against his tight little tummy. “Show me those titties. Yeah, shake your butt, and show me your titties.”

“You got a dirty mouth you little pervert.”

“Um!” He covered it up, in both hands.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell your mommy.”

“You promise?”

“Cross my heart.” He looked down, and started playing with himself, when I finally got my bra unhooked. One handed, so I could drop it from my arms. I couldn’t believe my luck, normally I had to trick them into doing something bad, like stealing so I could promise to keep their secret.

That’s how you can trust them, not to tell anyone they’re being molested. If they tell my secret, then they know I can tell on them, and they get in trouble too. Oh yeah, and swear words. That’s even better than stuffing a candy bar down there pants, for an excuse to fish it back out later.

Then, he said, “Mommy? Baby’s hungry.”

“Oh, you want some milk?”

“Oh yeah!” he grinned, and licked his lips.

“Come here, and shut your dirty little mouth. Pervert, you bad little pervert. Huh! I should spank your dirty little butt.”

He stopped sucking my nipple, “No don’t!” And covered up his buns.

“Oh, no. I couldn’t huh! How could I hurt such cute little buns?”


“Huh, yeah.” I took his head. “Sh, sh. Don’t worry, I won’t spank you. Huh! I couldn’t hurt these cute little buns, I love them.” I just said that, to feel them tense up, but of course. With a mom like that, the kind of mom that will slap their kid right in the face in front of the new baby sitter.

He called me mommy, just for an excuse to suck my nipple, but that’s when I decided how to handle him. He’s definitely a handful, but I’m not his mom, and he’s afraid of her. She hits him, and I’m giving him what he wants. Exactly what he wants from his mommy. Maybe he even remembers back when he suckled real milk from her titties, and maybe not.

“Smuip!” He licked his lips, and looked up. “You want me to fuck you now, Molly?”

“Huh, yeah. But first, you have to get it wet.”

“Get what wet?” He shook his head.

“Lay down,” I pulled my panties out of my sticky crack. “Huh!” I’m already wet, so I had to dry it out first, so he has to lick it to get it wet.

He shook his head, and pointed. “Not there, you pee out of there.”

“I know, but you pee outta there, and you asked me how to fuck?”

“That can’t be right.” He shook his head, and even crossed his arms.

“Well it is, if you want to fuck my pussy, first you have to lick it real good and get it wet.”

“Oh, oh kay.” I could tell he didn’t want to but once I put my knee up on the bed. He stuck his tongue out, and made the cutest little face. Eyes crunched up in wrinkles, like I was making him eat fish guts.

“Jesse, I did it for you, so it’s only fair.”

“Huh, your right.” He just closed his eyes this time, braced himself, and stuck his tongue out, to lick around.

“The inside, you have to lick out the inside, too.”

“Ymn!” He licked his lips, and grinned, then he scooted out, and kissed me hard.

“Uh!” I was so surprised, but I put my leg down, and he hung his head off the bed, so I could spread them, and he could really go to town. “You like it huh!”

“Yeah, it’s yummy, and doesn’t taste like pee at all!”

“Better than Tiramisu?”

He shook his head, “Nothing’s better than Tiramisu.” Little caffeine tweaker at 7.

“Huh,” I felt inside me, and a little more dampness coming out of my hole, so. “Well, I guess I promised, so okay.” I rolled my eyes, “I guess I’ll show you how to fuck me.”

Of course, it was just a big game to him, but he could barley keep it in. He tried humping, but that just made it slip out. “Say it.”


“You know what you want, beg me.”

“Fuck me?”

“Yeah, take it. Take this big fucking cock.”

“Oh!” It’s kind acute the way he’s trying to sound like his dad, but i just held him in by the ass. “Oh, ah ah! Fuck me, Jesse! Fuck me ah! I’m cumming, I’m cumming YES!” i faked it, so he stopped, and got up.

Panting on his knees, and wiping his forehead. He still had a rock hard stiffy, but it slowly started drooping until it hung between his legs. “Was that good?”

“Oh yes, of course.” I didn’t roll my eyes. I even patted him on his head. “The best I ever had.” Of course, it was the truth. The only boy i ever had, that knew enough about sex to go through with it, and willing enough to try to please me, but come on.

We’re talking about a little Vienna sausage here, not an all beef frank. I took him into the bathroom with me, and washed him off in the shower. Then, I got him ready for bed, and tucked him in.

I didn’t even think about going in there, after he was asleep. I knew from experience, the best time to get little boys is either at night, or when you put them down for their naps. They just naturally get erections in their sleep. So if you keep checking, eventually you’ll hit the jack-pot.

I’ve just never sucked a little boy dick like that when they’re awake before. Let alone had one yelling suck it while he tried to fuck my face. Take it while he’s trying to fuck me, and i have to hold him so he doesn’t pull out again.

“Huh!” For once, i didn’t feel guilty, but stupid for being disappointed. What did you think, you’d get fucked to a real screaming orgasm by a little prepube? i used to think that the best thing about them was they can’t get you pregnant.

Now that i finally lost my virginity, i was realizing that was the only thing, and it wasn’t as big a deal as i thought it would be. Of course not, how could it be, i mean look at it. i’ve got fingers bigger than that now.

So, I took a break for a while, and tried to get over my sick fascination for little boys and their baby fat bodies. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough.

The real problem was that he fucked me, and I don’t want him to fuck me. I’m a child molester, I’m not even a real pedophile. So the real problem is that he dominated me, and i even submitted at first. That’s why it was such a turnoff, and I never wanted to see him again.

I just had to rape a poor little boy to realize that, and what the cost of holding it back leads to, but that’s a whole ‘nother story, and I can’t tell it here. It’s against the rules.



I’m not complaining. Honestly 10 or older, unless they’re no more than twice their age is more than lenient. However, there’s still rules, and we still have to follow them…

Even though the whole point of taboos is breaking the rules.

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