Author: Psiberzerker


I never got the big deal with the beach. The water is gross, there’s nothing to play with, and the waves are so loud that you can’t hear anything. # # #

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Shirts, and Skins

My sister volunteered at the Rec Center. I never got the big deal with sports, like basketball.  Dad told her to take me with her, but I moaned. “Go on, you can use the exercise,”... # # #

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Handy Randi

When I got older, and passed my driving test, I got the old car. I guess I should be disappointed, but in some ways it was my first love. # # #

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I know it was stupid, and immature, but we’re playing Truth or Dare. My dare was to go in the boy’s room, and write a dirty word on the wall. # # #

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2 Cute

Trigger Warning: This one starts out with an excerpt of the most disturbing thing you could possibly read. Just for context… # #

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