Author: Psiberzerker

Mia Moore

My mom is a basic bitch from a long line of basic bitches, and my father? He was right out of a romance story. # # #

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Biker Boy

My first boyfriend was a “Biker,” but in Elementary school, that ment BMX. He couldn’t get a motorcycle, nor even a moped, but he had a bicycle. # #

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I thought the smokers looked “Cool,” and the first pick-up line I thought of was “Can I have a cigarette?” #Long #Boring #Pros # # #

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Wicked Sister

I walked in on my brother, “Mom!” But he let go of his boner, and covered it up. #Groomed. I told you it took a long time. 😉 # # #

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1st O

The first time I felt sexy, I’d just gotten out of the shower, and I saw myself in the mirror. # #

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