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Gay Boys’ Room

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That’s what the boys called it, one said “Don’t go in there, that’s for gay boys.”

“Oh!” One of them whined, because he had his knees tight together. “I really have to go!”

“Well, you don’t want anybody thinking you’re homo, so go over there.” He practically hopped to the bushes, but the other boys were watching me.

So, I went back to patting my sand-castle with my little plastic shovel. It was cold, and muddy, but there was still snow on the ground, mostly over by the fence.

So, I got a bucket of snow before it turned slushy, but the corner fell off my tower anyway. The important thing was, I dressed up for cold, and wet. My rubber boots, overalls, a long sleeve turtle neck, and a knit cap. Oh yeah, and a mask too, of course.

Finely, the boys left, so I pulled off my hat, and tied my hair up on top, so I could twist it around, and pull the scrunchy over the bun. Then, I put my hat back on, and pulled the hood up on my jacket. I even pulled my turtle neck up.

I don’t know if I really looked like a boy, but I dropped my shovel in the bucket, and looked around. They left me alone on the playground, unless there was somebody hiding in there, but it was really warm in the restrooms. There were funny toilets up on the wall, and I flushed them to see where the water came out.

There was a little one, like a potty, low enough for that boy. The one that had to pee? I guess he was about 5 years old, but his fly was high enough to use the little one on the end. Then, I checked the stalls. Sure enough, they had toilets in there, but bundled up like that.

I was starting to get sweaty in the pits, so I took off my jacket, and checked the inside of the door for a hook. To hang it up, but before I did, I saw some graffiti. When I pulled my jacket aside, I saw a picture of a dick, and a mouth with a mustache, and a nose.

That’s it, he didn’t even have eyes, but you could tell he was a man, because of the mustache, and the dick was hairy too. That had hairy balls, but nothing else. Not even abs, or legs. Just a cock, and balls in the middle of the door.

Below that, somebody had written [Fags Suck Dick] in crayon? I took off my gloves, but it sure felt waxy like crayon. Baby blue, so you know a boy wrote it, but not that one that had to pee in the bushes. Even though it was cold, because if he had written it, then he would have known.

The boys had to tell him, but I didn’t know whether I should stay in there. I went out to the door, but then I remembered my coat, and went back for it. Then I put it on, and sort of paced back, and forth by the mirrors. That made me sweaty again so I took it off, and checked the mirror.

Somebody had scratched 4 letter words in the plastic, so you knew it was plastic, but they also wrote [Jerry is a Homo] I shook my head, telling myself the boys were wrong, and feeling stupid, because boys that age. They call everything gay, or homo, and everyone a fag. They even called me a faggot when I was a girl, and I didn’t even have my hair up like a bobble hat.

“Huh!” I grabbed my jacket out of the sink, then “Huh?” The door opened, and I got scared, so I went back to the stall all the way on the end. They didn’t have a Handycap stall, I guess because it would be too hard to roll a wheelchair across the mud, but I left footprints, and I didn’t look back to see if he caught me running to the stall, but when I latched it, it made a loud clack, that echoed all over the bathroom.

The Boys’ room. The gay boys’ room it turned out. He got in the stall next to me, and asked ‘you homo?’ Real low, but I could hear him.

‘mh hm?’ I was afraid my girly voice would give me away, but then I heard him try to pull the toilet paper off the wall.

“How do you get this out of the way, of the glory hole?”

“Imnuh?” I don’t know, but he got the idea, and dropped his pants. Then, he got down on his knees, so his dick stuck out, under the stall.

“You like sucking dick?” He pinched it, and waved it around, but I didn’t know what to expect. Okay, yeah, a glory hole, and homo boys coming in for a big fat gay orgy, but I guess I imagined the same boys.

The ones that told the Kindergartener that it was homos only, and he didn’t want to go in there, unless he was gay, or he wanted them to think he was a fag?

“Go on, huh. Oh yeah.” He pushed his pants down, with his hand in his pocket. “Almost forgot.” He pulled a rubber out, and backed up to put it on.

This wasn’t a little boy, I could tell. Looking back at the picture on the stall door, I wondered if he had a mustache, to brush through gay guy’s pubes? I don’t know, but I guess that’s why so many have mustaches, for oral sex? Ask me why cops, sheriffs, and army guys do too? Maybe it’s just to look more like cops, sheriffs, and army guys, because the gays like men in uniform?

I shook my head, and saw someone wrote [Sat 5:00pm] on top of the toilet paper thingy in gold ink. I was just early, I guessed, but finally, he stuck his dick back under the wall, only with a rubber on it.

It wasn’t as big as the one on the door, but I’d never seen a full grown adult dick in real life before. I’d never even seen a little boy’s hard, but I thought about going behind the bushes to see how little that little boy’s was, pissing.

I tried not to giggle, but I pushed my coat off my lap, and kicked it over to the corner. “Go on, don’t be shy.” He wagged it like a tail again, but I had some idea what to do. I’d seen cam girls, mostly sucking dildos to pretend it was a real cock.

So I got down on my jacket, and tried to remember. “Huh! Yeah, that’s right. Suck it, suck it just like that.” My hat kept bumping up when my head hit the wall, and then if fell off, but I sure was glad I didn’t wear the pink jacket. It wasn’t warm enough, but that would have been a dead give away. “Huh, faster, I’m almost there. Faster, faster, uh! HUH?”

He sounded surprised, after he said he was so close, so he knew he was about to cum, but I pulled out, and held it up. Just to watch it splash out, and fill up the lose baggy nipple in the end. I couldn’t help giggling, and squishing it around in there with my thumb, but then he pulled back.

His knees disappeared, and his dick slipped out, but it was already going soft. I heard his belt buckle, and then he flushed the toilet. It was really loud, but then I waited for him to leave.

“You want a blowjob too? Go ahead, and get your dick out, little boy. Don’t worry, I don’t care if it’s small. I like little dicks.” Now, he wasn’t even trying to sound older, and manlier. Now, he sounded faggy, and even a little girly.

“Hihnoh! I’m a girl!” I grabbed my coat, and saw the latch wide open. I didn’t even lock the door? I must have remembered it wrong, I definitely locked the door the first time I came in. “You just got sucked off by a girl, you homo fag!”

I almost made it to the door, but then he held his hand up, so I couldn’t pull it open. “NH!” As hard as I pulled the handle, it just slammed back.

“Huh,” he grabbed me. “It’s okay, I like girls too.”

“Nowm!” He picked me up, and covered my mouth, but I kicked, and squealed.

“Don’t have any tits?” His other arm tight across his chest, he took me back to the stall, in the corner.

“Don’t rape me.” I shook my head, backed up to the toilet, and holding up my jacket, protectively. “I’ll scream.”

I took a deep breath, but he held his hands up, and I finally looked up at his face.

“Okay, okay, don’t scream.” He held his hands up. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Well, you grabbed me, and kidnapped me, and.” I just broke down crying, so he picked me up again. Gently this time, and he sat down to hold me on the toilet.

“Sh, sh. It’s okay, I couldn’t rape you if I wanted to. After that great blowjob you gave me. Was that your first time?” I nodded. “No wonder you’re so scared, but it was super brave of you to come in here.” He was one of the boys, I saw him, and I think I even recognized his voice.

This close, I can’t be sure because it was still echoey, but even through the mask, I think he was even the one that told this little boy that this was just for fags. I finally giggled, a little.

“No girls allowed?” I joked.

“It’s okay,” he patted my shoulder. “I won’t tell, but you like homosexual, and bisexual guys?”

“Oh,” I felt stupid. “You’re a bi guy.” After he just told me he liked girls too? Duh.

He shrugged, “I don’t know, actually I’d never been with a gay guy before, but I’d like to. Just to be sure, how about you?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know, I guess I just like boys, and.” I pointed at the door, “Gay guys, I guess they felt safe?” I took a deep breath, and sighed. “I thought there’s no way one would want me, but I wanted to trick one, I don’t know why.” I looked around at all the dirty words, written in marker, and crayon. Scratched into the plastic with something sharp. “And, I guess it was kinda like playing Lara Croft, exploring a tomb?” [Sat 5:00pm] “Mystery solved, I guess.”

But I stopped crying, and I felt better. “You got a phone?” I nodded, “Well, maybe if I can find another boy, and he wants to try a threesome, with a girl…”

“You mean it!?” I felt around for my purse, then I remembered leaving it at home, so I could carry the bucket, and shovel. I just wanted to see if snow, and sand stuck together better than wet sand on the playground, because the playground sand didn’t stick like it does at the beach, even with salt water! I tried that too.

“Oh,” I shook my head, and gave him my number. “No dick pics, though. Unless I tell you it’s okay, because if my mom catches me sexting, she’ll take my phone away, and lock me in my room until I’m 18.”

Just like when dad found the camwhore sites on the computer, from me looking up how to masturbate, only I didn’t have a dildo to suck, and get wet.

“Okay.” He kissed the hair on the side of my head. “You ever been molested?” I shook my head. “How old are you?”

“10?” Ididn’t ask him how old he was, because he’d only lie and say he’s older, too. You can’t trust boys, especially child molester boys, except to lie to you.

“Well, I don’t want to make you do anything you wouldn’t be comfortable with, but. Huh?”

I took his hand, and clamped it between my legs, so he couldn’t pull it out.

“It’s okay, you can touch it. Don’t be shy…”

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