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Curious little siblings

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A true story between a young twin brother and sister.

My name is Lea, I was 9 when I had my first sexual experience, It was with my twin brother Lino.

My brother and I have always been close, as close as most twins are I assume. We took baths together, had sleepovers in each other’s rooms, spent all day together. One weekend our parents decided to let us camp out in the backyard in a tent. Lino and I were so excited to sleep in a tent we set it up at 3pm and played in it all day until it got dark.

I remember falling asleep, it was comfy in all the blankets and Lino was rubbing my back. It must have been past midnight when I woke up to Lino holding me tight, my back pressed up on his stomach. We cuddle all the time so it wasn’t strange, but what scared me was how he was moving. I woke up to him rubbing against me, I got nervous he must be having a nightmare. I turn the best I could, just barely looking over my shoulder at my sleeping brother. He looked like he was in pain. I wiggled to get free of his grasp when he moved against me faster, my pajama bottoms almost coming off my butt. I feel a hard thing on my tailbone, it must be one of our flashlights.

Lino started to groan in what sounded like pain, maybe he’s really having a nightmare.

“Lino!” I whisper shouted, he didn’t stop. The flashlight began poking me in my butt and I flinched.

“Lino!” I say louder. Immediately he stops and sits up, he shoves his hands into his lap and he’s breathing heavy. It must have been really scary, I see that his bottoms are a little wet, he must have peed himself.

I got close to him and rubbed his back, “it’s okay it was just a dream” I hug him. “Are you okay?” My face painted with worry.

“Lea- it’s embarrassing” Lino brushed me off. I wasn’t sure what it was but it didn’t matter, he is my best friend and my brother.

“Lino,” I rubbed his shoulders, “you can tell me anything, you know.” His blue eyes caught the light from the back porch our parents left on, he was looking at my pjs. I looked down to see what was going on.

Lino pinned me on the air-mattress below us, his young body on top of me, min under his. “Lea, I need to get rid of this thing and you can help but it has to be one of our secrets.” He was staring at me Intensely.

I giggled “get rid of what Lino? You know I’ll always keep a secret.

He smiled wide, his dimples showing, he pulled down his pants and something bounced out. It hung off him lowly. It looked hard and painful.

“Oh my god Lino! What is that?” I whispered. He giggled, “it’s called a cock, you can do a lot to it and it’s fun.”

I opened my mouth in Aw and I felt warm for some reason. “You can touch it, taste it and some other things we can try if you want, it could be really fun, but I haven’t tried it.” He said. I smiled, “can it lick it?” I laughed.

Lino got off me and sat on his heels. I sat up and in front of him, I reached out and grabbed it in my hands. My tiny hands were a bit small against his cock. I leaned down and stuck out my tongue, I touched it to the tip quickly before pulling back and giggling. Lino sucked in air and I looked up worried. “I’m sorry did that hurt?”

“No no it makes it feel so much better” He said touching it. I smiled brightly and leaned down again stuffing it into my mouth and sucking on it like one of my push popsicles. Lino let out a loud noise and pushed himself into my mouth. His cock his the back of my little throat. I pulled back and coughed, spit stringing from the tip to my mouth.

“Lea, that was so fun” Lino bit his lip and touched his penis. I frowned “it’s big! It hurts my throat, maybe we can do something fun for me” I sat back into my blankets.

Lino pouted for a second before her looked at me, “what if you show me yours.” I looked at him and smiled wanting to try. I was excited, almost as excited as being allowed to sleep in the tent. I took off my pants and slid off my white panties. My small hairless pussy was full exposed to my twin brother. He looked at it and he got close and started to touch it, I watched curiously. It didn’t feel good enough to make the noises Lino was.

He leaned down and kissed my little flower, I jumped, he looked up at me and we smiled at each other before her attached his mouth to me, I didn’t feel much until soon it felt hot, my legs shook with every lick and sucking motion Lino did to me. I grab onto his soft black hair and make a soft moaning noise, my tiny body jumping my twin brothers mouth.

All of a sudden I felt like I had to pee, “Lino-“ I was cut off by an eye rolling sensation. My body tensed before I was twitching against Linos face, he held onto me sucking at my tender parts. I started to cry, tears streaming down my face, Lino pulled away scared that he hurt me as I jumped the air. I grabbed my little pink pussy and breathed heavily.

“What happened!” My brother asked. I laughed, I don’t know but it was nice. I hummed and closed my eyes pretty tired from the whole thing.

“So you want to do it again?” He wondered, his cock jumping by itself. I couldn’t keep my eyes open much.

“Yeah, I had fun” I smiled tiredly, my body going limp. Lino got really close to me, he got on top of me and hugged me.
“I think I found a way to have fun at the same time” he whispered in my ear.

“Hmm” I try to open my eyes, but mom us usually puts me to bed at 10. After all this I’m so tired I could just fall asleep right now. Lino rubbed my pussy and I couldn’t move although it’s so sensitive.he rubbed harder and harder until all of a sudden he slipped inside me fast. My eyes shot open and I went to scream but Lino covered my mouth. He didn’t move for a second not knowing what to do now. I stared at the scene wide eyed.

My twin brothers cock was deep inside my body. My pussy lips stretched around it. Lino was in between my legs, he pushed in and out as I stared at it penetrate me, my mouth was wide open but no sound came out other that I high pitch squeal every-time his hips connected with mine. It could be because I was tired but I swear I saw his cock in my tiny body.

Lino has his eyes closed and he groaned and shook, his small arms barely able to hold him up as he thrusted into me. I held onto his arms and kissed him, he collapsed onto me and shoved his tongue in my mouth. I returned the kiss, I shoved my tongue deep in his throat, he was jumping anymore but his cock was twitching, he moaned for a whole minute straight as my pussy filled with hot liquid. I thought he peed inside me, I was okay with it because it felt good and I know my brother and I would always keep a secret.

My brother didn’t move, his body was crushing me, my small underdeveloped body. I wrapped my legs and arms around him. His cock still twitching inside me. He groaned deeply, his voice scaring me has never sounded that deep.

I think about this incident all the time. This was purely consensual experimental sex, and I have no shame in sharing and admiring that I still get off to the thought of me and my brother losing our virginity and learning together.

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