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The story of how my dad groomed me

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When I was 10 my dad started to groom me to be the perfect slut

When I turned 10 or around that time my fathers gf left us. He got very depressed and even drank a lot. One night he came into my room. He was drunk and he sat next to me and smiled he said “you know I love you right baby? Do u love me” he asked. I nodded and hugged him “ofc I do daddy” I could feel him hug me back. I even felt him softly grab my ass but I didn’t think about it “would I lay with me baby” he asked. Ofc I said yes since he was sad. I wanted my daddy to be happy. We laid down and we slept together. Just cuddling but after a few nights of that he started sleeping naked. I didn’t mind at all. About a month after that I woke up and I felt something between my legs it was his cock. I didn’t know at the time and something was dripping out of it. I got up and he was still asleep. He later told me he wasn’t but at the time I thought he was and I went down and smelled his cock. It smelled good and the liquid coming out looked weird. Almost white but kinda clear. I went to lick it and softly licked it off his tip. When I did I was surprised. It tasted salty. I liked it but I stoped and I got back in bed waiting for him to wake up so I could ask him about it.
He slowly woke up and I turned around and looked at him getting the curage to ask. “Daddy what’s that” I posited to his cock. “That’s daddy’s lollipop. It’s there for you to lick and suck” he said I giggled softly “ that doesn’t look like one tho” I said smiling “ well yea baby it’s not sweet it’s salty but all daddy’s have one for there daughters to have as treats. Do u want your treat” he asked and I hit exited since I loved treats and I nodded. He sat up “get on ur knees in front of me so ur face is in front of it” I smiled and did as he said blinded by the promise of a treat. As A work year old I loved lollipops. “Start licking it like u would a Lolipop then I want u to put ur mouth around the tip and suck” he instraucted and I nodded and started licking up his shaft and tip it was so salty but I loved it “mm that’s it baby now start sucking” I smiled since daddy looked so happy and I opened my mouth and it wa sa tight fit but I got his cock in my mouth and starts sucking the tip “oh god baby your mouth feels good. What your doing is making me so happy. Your such a good girl” he praised me and I smiled and kept going wanting more praise. But after about 10 min he said something was coming “It’s coming baby. When u feel liquid in ur mouth don’t spit it out. Just swallow it for daddy ok” I nodded and kept sucking. Then I felt the liquid go in my mouth. It tasted so good I swallowed it like he said and then he pushed my head away but liquid was still coming out and on my face. I let it since I liked the taste and didn’t mind. “Thank u daddy it tastes so good” he smiles down at me. I was happy he was happy and wanted to keep making him happy.

I’ve done a lot with my daddy if u wanna hear more text me on kik. My kik is bella_quinn123

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