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Serve and Protect?

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Jack is a 10 year veteran of the police department in his hometown and is now a detective. One day a lady moved into the house behind him with her daughter. The daughter was smoking hot. She was all of 16. 4’9″ tall, with a beautiful ass and small tits. She did not really talk to him at all. I mean she was 16 and a bitchy little stuck up teen and he was a 32yo cop but Jack and the Mom got friendly.

Summer came and he threw a party and invited the mom and daughter and other neighbors. He spiked the daughter’s beer later on in the night. She passed out in the lawn chair and he carried her home for the Mom. The Mom kept apologizing for her daughter’s drunkenness. He said it was “ok”. He placed her in bed. Mom offered to fix a drink and he said ok. He spiked her drink as well and went into her daughter’s room after Mom passed out. She was wearing some short shorts and he pulled them down. He slid the crotch to one side and started rubbing her pussy lip between his finger. He then moved down and slid his finger inside her love nest. She moaned. He took off her panties and bent her legs and spread them. Inside the panties was a beautiful trimmed teen bush. It smelled like heaven. He started eating her out. She moaned with pleasure in her unconcious state. Her little clit growing bigger as he licked and sucked on it. He put two fingers in her cunt and that was all she could take. Her body became rigid as her muscles tightened bringing her into an orgasm. He took off his shorts and positioned her head to the side. She was way to out of it for a blowjob but he wanted to put it in her mouth. He put the head in and started jacking off into her cute little mouth. He came and she started drooling sperm as his love juices filled her. He went and checked on mom. She was out of it. He opened her mouth up and stuck his dick in. He started face fucking her in her chair until he came in her mouth. She swallowed it in her unconcious state. He went back to the daughter. She too had swallowed his load from before. He positioned her and pointed his hard cock into her slit. She moaned again as his head entered her. He started gently sliding in and out of her. She did not show any reaction at first. Just a happy look ln her face. He started rubbing her clit again and she started moaning. Eventually she let out one big moan and they came together. He got her dressed and covered her in the bed. He went out to the living room. “Round 2!” He thought. He took the mom and laid her out on the bed in the master bedroom. He took off her shorts and panties to reveal an equally gorgeous cunt. She was totally shaved unlike her daughter. It’s wonderful aroma filling the room. He bent her legs up and rubbed his dick against her clit. She giggled. He went down and started playing with her. Rubbing her clit between two fingers, fingering her and eating her out. She came. She came like there was no tommorrow. She was a squirter. Pussy juice just came flying out of her. Jack took his dick and began to fuck her. She was moaning with each thrust. He did the same maneuver he did with the daughter and began to rub her clit while he was pounding her hard. She let out a high pitched, “ahhh” as she came. It scared the hell out of him. He thought she woke up. He calmed himself down and continued until he finished in her. He got her dressed as well and placed her under the covers. He washed her drink glass and went home. The next day she saw him and thanked him. He thought jokingly, “damn was I that good? She was totally out of it but she is thanking me for fucking her and her daughter?” But it was for the party invite. Lol. Time went on and they got friendlier. He tried putting the moves on her but she thought they should wait. “Wait for what?” He thought. “Oh well” he thought he had a lot more of the spike recipe left. He can wait for her while he takes what he needs from her and her daughter.

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  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    I absolutely see more to the story keep developing to the point where you’re fucking them together at the same time they end up pregnant at the same time you eventually are fucking them when they’re awake

  • Reply Jermz ID:42p6pzb0c

    Omg this story is annoying af u used the word “He” like 200 times.

  • Reply Gape me virgin ID:5v81dmqr9

    Snap @gapemeplss