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Camping night Gail, My sister and me

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I wrote about playing with my cousin and fucking an older one on here. But after making love to
Becky my cousin about 5 times she stopped doing it or wanting it, I assumed it was her conscience
know we were first cousins. I was wrong she had gained enough moxie she started dating Robin her future husband. Her sister Gail still came yup to our house to hang out with my sister Sherryl over weekends.
Gail turned into a horny little bitch at 14, she not only wanted me to play with her, but she often had “play” sessions with my sister also. All weekend Gail was having orgasm after orgasm from the two of us, god knows how many times the nymph came! One night around midnight as we slept out in tents the girls (both of them) climbed inside my tent while I was in the house taking a piss. They were both waiting for me to open the tent fly and come in both naked. I at this point had fingered Gail quite a bit and nuzzled her tiny globes of titles and her tiny nipples… Now both lie in wait to attack me.
Gail had told my sister about me making love to her sister Becky who was 18, she told her all the details about how we had intercourse and how I spermed her. So as I opened the flap there they lie both spread eagle waiting for the “finger man” to make them wiggle and cum. I just sighed and told Gail I’d masturbate her, but she’d do Sherryl. I sat down kinda between them and then Gail got up and moved their pj’s over and laid at Sherryl’s feet, So I spun around slightly and began stroking little Gails lips, I could tell that she’d already had some stimulation either from herself or my sister.Her lips we wet and the outer flaps drooped inward, I began to massage them and her button on her cunt and she responded by opening her hips and legs and bending her knees to allow a full view of her precious little opening, I slid my middle finger inside and it glided down to my knuckle, she squrmed on it and moved her ass to accept more soon my entire finger was inside her hole. She was quite smaller than her sister in body size but her cunt opening streached much easier than Becky’s. She kept moving he ass side to side and up wards making my finger slide in out and around her hole, I pulled my finger out and began our usual two finger fuck, both move slowly expanding her flesh to accept them I them curled them and let my tips flick at the interior of her uterius. She liked that and her ass broke off the floor of the tent. Gail was not tending at all to sherryl who was just watching everything happen. I continued fingering Gail, then I felt Sherryl’s hand latch onto my cock through my boxers, it’s always hard when I’m playing with Gail! Sherryl groped to fnd the slit in my boxers as I kept Gail tossing and turning under my fingers, She found it and her hand wasted no time latching on to my cock and began to pump it. Her hand seemed so small comparing it to mine or the times Becky had jerked me off. She wasn’t violent, just slowly tugging it making my cock skin move up and down. Gail by now was orgasming her little hips pressed upwards towards the tent top and my fingers were both deep in her enough to feel her uterius tremble she was shuddering and Sherryl knew the sign and plopped her head down and began sucking Gails nipple . “O my god that was so fucking hot, i was thinking of you inside my sister and it got me even hotter…..” My fingers lid out of her and she gave me a big kiss on the cheek! Then she sat up and pressed forward and kissed me on the lips… “thanks” , I half ignored her as my sister was continuously tugging my member up and down… She had a firm yet soft grip on it. Soon I felt my scrotum warm and knew Sherryl would be making me ejaculate my sperm . She stopped and my nuts filled with precum and she removed her hand. Gail got up and without a word look at my sister and left the tent.

“Well you’ve been for what I heard a bad boy” she was now looking at my cock as she said it. “Look, what ever you heard about Becky and me was that we both made a decision to do it together ” She just grinned and wet her lips with the tip of her tongue. Her hand was now back on my cock and this time slowly she traced the main vein on it. My shaft was as hard as ever. “Oh big brother do I excite you hehe” as her finger probed against the vein. “you know we shouldn’t be doing this don’t you?” I warned. ” It’s ok, I’ve wanted you to teach me about sex ever since the first time I watched you and Gail together.” Sherryl’s perky tits and nipples fully erect made a beautiful silhouette in the tent, it was obvious she was horny and wanted her big brother to make her squirm tonight… What happened next I wasn’t prepared for . Sherryl bent at the waist and took my cockhead slightly into her warm wet mouth. I pushed her back, “What the fuck are you doing??? ” Relax Gail and I watched one of Uncle Freds vhs porn movies last week and the women was doing this to her lover”. “But it’s not right for a sister to do it” “Just let me try it, you told me to experiment ,that’s what I’m doing”. She then resumed her position and had my tip in her mouth. Sherryl soon bobbed up and down on my penis but didn’t understand she need to suck as she went, “feel good”, she asked as she took a breath, “yeah, but ya need to suck on it like a popcicle ” She readied herself again and slid my cock into her mouth, this time her tongue lapped at its underside vein and she began to gently suck it. Up and down my cock’s shaft, deeper and deeper into her mouth and throat, my baby sister suck him. She was really getting the hang of it and yes I too enjoyed it. But she stopped. ” I want you to lick me” Sherryl said, “you know eat my pussy like the guy did on the tape!” WTF my sister after watching one porno was asking me you lick her cunt… She laid on her back and spread her lithe legs exposing her dark hair pussy to me. I lower myself downwards and could smell her musky odor flowering the air above her snatch. I began to lick lightly at her folded lips, taking one between my lips lightly sucking on it. She moaned, I continued tracing the folds up and down for a few moments and finally went for her clitoris, it was puffy and rounded engorged with her excitement. She squirmed as I licked at it, her ass rose off the sleeping bag and gyrated in the air lifting my face with her hips movement. “oooh, ohhhh, yes,yes right there!!!!!” she cooed as she neared her climax. She begged me to stop, Stop don’t make me cum yet big brother…..” I pulled back and a few second her lust subsided and her ass returned to the sleeping bag. “phew you don’t know what that felt like” Sherryl’s cunt lips pouted out side her pussy drooping and dripping wetness on the sleeping bag. Her pussy tasted good, I had never tasted a girls wetness before and I wonder that had she cum what it might taste like. So here we are a 16 yr old boy and his 14v yr old sister tasting each others love organ….

Sherryl hadn’t orgasmed yet and had dried up some before round two began, this time though she lay along side me and rolled on her side she smile slid over and kissed me on the lips, “i want you to love me” she whispered lowly as she laid back down, she tug at my now semi hard cock to please her. I took up where I’d left off prodding her hairy pussy lips and clitoris, Sherryl arched upwards again and my tongue followed soo her chest and tits heaved and her pebble sized nipple grew and protruded from her perfectly round areolas. She buck a few time and orgasmed riding my tongue and face her juice was like perfume as it drained onto my tongue and cheeks. What a wonderful flavor it had, I continued to lap at her and she moaned and lurched again. Another stream of pussy juice almost sprayed out of her overly wet hole and dripped off my face. Her legs were over my shoulders now as she pressed her cunt with her hips as hard as she could against my open mouth. ” ooohhh big brother lick me clean….” Soon she released her leg hold on my upper torso and slank off as her ass hit the sleeping bag. “Wow, you taste so good Sher” I smiled back with a dripping wet mug.

We laid there for about 1/2 hour and dosed off. About midnight Gail opened the tent flap and asked what was going on. I told her everything was ok we just napped. She laughed ” it was that hot huh!!” Sherryl was now awake and stretching “oh yeah better than I ever imagined” and she winked at me. “well i was getting lonely are you coming back to our tent?” My sister told Gail to go back to their tent she’d be there in a few. Gail slipped out and didn’t zipper my tent, i didn’t notice. Sherryl slid over to me put her arms around my neck and planted a big kiss on me then I slid my tongue into her mouth (she’ never been frenched before) and she accepted my tongue in her mouth and reciprocated it. What was that she asked, “a french kiss” I replied. “mmmmmmm” she cooed. Sherryl reached for my cock it was flacid ” ohh… your not hard” She’d fix that ,bending over she took my softy into her mouth for a second time and this time remembered to suck at it, within seconds my shaft grew from her mouth’s stimulation and soon I had a raging boner. As I unfolded in her warm wet mouth she continued to service him, sucking up and down it’s shaft. she place her hands along the sides of both of my ass cheeks to get a good rhythm bobbing her head up ad down on my cock swallowing my dick, she was really getting to me, once again I could feel my seed began to flow from my scrotum towards my erect pole. She slurped licked and teased my cock and about 45 seconds later I began to climax. Sherryl never had a spitting cock spewing it’s molten love juice before and I was too far gone by now and my sperm shot onto the roof and back of her throat… She never wavered she choked a bit at first, but drank ever drop of man cum I gave her, now she knew how i tasted as well. After my load subsided she release my cock from her mouth and wiped her lips no leaving a drop to waste, she giggled at the feat she’d performed and said,” you taste pretty good to big brother!!” She soo left for her tent, I’m sure she was going to tell Gail of our oral escapades.

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    The story all the time my sister what she got used to be fucked and walk into the room bend over the couch down look over her shoulder and say fuck me brother I came so many times in her pussy over the years I don’t know how she didn’t get pregnant