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Penny’s Oral Exam 06

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Ethan learns something incredible about Aubrie. Penny runs into Dwain again and receives a asspounding to remember.

“Mnngh mnngh mnngh!!”

The sweet muffled moans of a young woman filled the cool air, coupled with the slap of skin on skin, a lewd morning song for anyone who was in the park.

Ethan slammed his hips forwards roughly, loving the way his cock was stretching the tight shithole of his date. He looked down at her, enjoying the fuck-addled expression on her face and relishing the fact that it was his cock that was making her feel this way.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and he had asked Aubrie to pack them a picnic breakfast for the park. Sweet Aubrie had agreed immediately and exceeded his expectations by not only packing a selection of delicious sandwiches and coffee for him, but also her piss bowl and some cold cum dip from the fridge.

Ethan had enjoyed a leisurely morning on a checkered blanket under a tree, watching Aubrie dip sandwiches into a little container of cum then lapping his piss out of her bowl like a bitch. By the end of breakfast, he was very very hard and of course, it was only proper for Aubrie to help him solve his problem.

Which was why he decided to make use of some of the park’s fuck equipment.

Public fuck equipment had started becoming more common a decade ago. The government ran a study and saw that public sex related injuries were usually a product of misuse of public property. They provided sex furniture in a few public areas and toilets and immediately saw a decrease in public fucking tragedies. Ethan hadn’t had any reason to use them before. He kept Penny’s education at home, sticking to mixers if he needed a quick fuck to clear his pipes.

Now though, he saw their beauty and their purpose.

This particular setup was a standard fuck table made out of concrete. The table was just a simple rectangle tilted at a 45 degree angle with a set of adjustable cuffs hanging from the top and the bottom. Aubrie’s ankles were spread and cuffed to the top of the table and her wrists to the bottom, forcing her young body into a bent position with her defenseless holes facing out.

Ethan thought she looked absolutely delectable. Her red hair had been pulled into two neat plaits earlier in the day, but now, the curls were falling out of the plaits. Aubrie’s face was red from Ethan’s earlier dickslapping followed by several rough backhands. After a nice long deepthroating session, he put her on the table, pulled out her anal plug, and then fucked her shitter.

“Mnngh mmmnghhh mnghr!” Aubrie moaned around her plug. Ethan could see her tongue swirling around the metal toy, cleaning and sucking it for later use. Even though her mouth was stuffed, he could easily make out the words she was trying to say.

And those words were once again, ‘Thank you sir!’

It was something of a mantra to her, Ethan realized. Aubrie whispered them reverently each time, her mind fully committed to submission and accepting that everything Ethan did to her was for her own good, a gift to be cherished.

Ethan slammed his hips forwards, leaning over her to use his weight in pounding her exposed turdcutter.

The orifice was a bright red, puffy from all the friction and the abuse it was taking. Ethan grinned at the sight of Aubrie’s large rings flopping up and down. The almost industrial look of the steel D-ring on her clit contrasted so sharply with her sweet and loving personality.

“Does it hurt?” Ethan demanded as he forced his meatrod deep into Aubrie’s chafed anus. He grabbed the plug in her mouth and pulled it out for a moment to hear her reply.

A tear slid from Aubrie’s hazel eyes but she smiled up at him happily and nodded.

“Yes sir, thank you sir! Thank you for fucking my ass! Thank you for the morning painal!” she gasped out.

“You’re welcome, slut! You need to be reminded of your place as a lowly slave, don’t you?”

“Yes sir! I’m a slave! I’m a cock-loving whore who needs to be put in her place! Thank you sir for reminding me that I’m a stupid slave!” Aubrie said breathlessly, pushing her hips upwards to meet every one of Ethan’s powerful thrusts.

Ethan slowed his hips at those words. He frowned.

“Did I say you’re a stupid slave?” he asked.

Aubrie’s sex-addled expression turned confused.

“No… no sir?” She looked surprised, as if no one had ever asked her that question before.

“Who said you’re stupid?” Ethan’s frown deepened.

“My… my ex-husband….” Aubrie said, her tone going quiet. She stopped moving her hips, but her hole was still pulsing, still clenching around Ethan’s cock. “He always said that I was too stupid to know what’s good for me.”

Ethan shook his head, slowly pushing in balls deep.

“You may be a slut, a slave, but you’re not stupid. Stupid sluts don’t know their manners and I’d say you’re one of the most well-mannered slaves I’ve ever met!” Ethan told her, punctuating his words with powerful, slow, deep strokes into Aubrie’s bowels.

“In fact, I’d say you’re a good girl,” Ethan added.

He watched as Aubrie’s eyes went glassy with unshed tears. Her ex-husband probably never said that to her if this was how much it affected her.

“Really, sir?” she asked, gasping as Ethan plunged his cock into her shithole again.

“Yes, a good girl who packed a nutritious breakfast for her master and herself, a good girl who deepthroated like a champ, and a very good girl who thanked her master for the morning painal.”

Ethan slipped his fingers into Aubrie’s empty pussy and curled them upwards, stroking her insides expertly. Her eyes rolled up into her head and she moaned long and loud.

“Thaaaank you siiiiir!” she managed to get out. The tears that she had been holding back now leaked out. Ethan couldn’t resist licking them off her cheeks and pressing a tender kiss to the top of her head.

Satisfied that he had made his point, Ethan resumed his punishing pace, intent on pounding all remaining thoughts out of Aubrie’s red little head.

He stroked her cunt walls with his fingers, rubbing the spongy wall at the front. Aubrie went cross-eyed, looking at where he was frigging her vulnerable pussy.

Ethan wanted to test how well she resisted her orgasms. A good slave wife would never dream of cumming without permission.

Aubrie’s chest was heaving, her lips quivering with the effort of holding back her pleasure. Tears and sweat poured down her face as she tried to breathe through the bliss of having her shithole wrecked and her cunt teased.

“Ooo ooooohh ohhngh thaaaaaank you siiiir!” Aubrie moaned, her hips trembling violently. Her body wanted desperately to cum, to cross that peak of pleasure and fall into a chasm of orgasmic bliss. But her mind refused vehemently. She knew that as a slave wife, it was her duty to serve cock and a huge part of cock servitude was understanding that her pleasure was secondary. Any gratification she received over the course of her subjugation was a gift and much more than she deserved!

“Your cunt is clenching so tight, are you going to cum?” Ethan growled.

Aubrie shook her head frantically.

“No sir!” she whimpered, “I won’t sir, not unless it pleases you!” she said breathlessly.

Ethan yanked on her clitring with his free hand, making Aubrie all but scream in pain.

“And if I want you to cum like this?” he demanded, jerking on the steel implement.

Aubrie’s mouth was opening and closing, her brain unable to process how her cunt was in so much pleasure and her clit was experiencing such terrible pain.

“I… I will sir!” she managed to say, “I’ll cum anyway master wants!!” Aubrie panted out earnestly even as her eyes began to roll up into her head. Even though she had several years of servitude under her belt, she was still quite young and hadn’t experienced all the ways that pleasure could be wrung from her body, willing or otherwise!

Ethan grinned to himself.

“Tell me, slut. When’s the last time you came?” he growled.

It took a moment for Aubrie to focus, the pain and pleasure making it difficult for her to think.

She bit her lip and looked up at Ethan from under her lashes.

“4 years ago,” she managed to gasp out.

Ethan’s hips stopped of their own accord for the second time that day.

“You’ve been cum-free for 4 years?” he asked, flabbergasted. His cock twitched hard in Aubrie’s ass. A woman’s pleasure was the sole responsibility of her husband. He decided when she would experience bliss and when she would be in agony. Ethan considered himself a traditionalist when it came to a wife’s orgasms. Mainly that they were to be given sparingly to keep her in a constant state of arousal and horniness. A wife’s desperation and frustration was part of her submission and how she showed her respect for her husband. Even then, he had never even considered the possibility of permanent denial. Health officials encouraged cum-control for women, but not outright permanent denial.

“Yes, sir. My ex-husband trained me not to cum,” Aubrie said guilelessly.

“And you’ve never once cum since then?” Ethan asked to confirm.

Aubrie quickly shook her head.

“No sir! I’d never disobey my husband on such important matters!” she protested.

Ethan didn’t think it possible, but his cock got harder. The fact that Aubrie had gone four entire years without ever crossing that peak of pleasure, was a testament to her submissive discipline and dedication. He started to thrust slowly as he processed that little tidbit of information.

It had always been a secret fantasy of Ethan, a woman so subservient, so disciplined, that she would willingly give up all her pleasure for him. There wasn’t a consensus on whether this was good for a slave wife or not, but most men liked to see their wives cumming themselves stupid so it was usually a moot point. Still, there was a group of people who proclaimed the benefits of cum-denial for women. There were devices that could be implanted in the pussy or the ass to help slave trainees control their orgasms. Those same devices could be used to ensure that a woman would never cum again. Certainly, Ethan knew one or two couples who were wholly into the cum-denial and edging, but never had he known a woman who had gone literal years without it!

Ethan was seeing Aubrie in a whole new light now. Her dedication was quite moving.

He never thought it possible, but he was really falling for her fast and deep!

With that in mind, he pumped his cock deep into Aubrie’s shitter and blasted her rectal walls with his jizz.

“Fuck yes!” Ethan growled and unloaded his balls into her bottom. She moaned softly, eyes closing as her ordeal came to an end.

They remained in that position for some time before Ethan finally disengaged his dick and started letting Aubrie out of her restraints. He helped her down from the fuck table and massaged her wrists and ankles.

Aubrie gracefully sank to her knees on the grass and began to clean his ass-juice covered cock.

“Thank you sir,” Aubrie whispered again when she was done.

“Good girl,” Ethan said in response, stroking her messy hair. He pulled her to her feet and hugged her naked body, enjoying the feeling of her bare tits through his shirt.

She was the one, he was sure of it, and Ethan was going to do everything in his power to make sure Aubrie became his second wife.

“C’mon, I’m taking you home.”

🙟 🙞 ○ 🙜 🙝

Penny swung her little purse and hummed to herself as she strolled down the street.

Daddy had been going out a lot lately, being all secretive about it. Well, Penny thought it was silly to pretend that he hadn’t met a young woman that he really liked. The happy glow he got whenever he came home was proof enough!

While Penny was pretty happy that her father was going out and meeting women again, she couldn’t help but feel a little neglected. Her holes weren’t as sore as they used to be when Daddy had all the time to focus his cock-drilling efforts on them.

Which was why she was on her way to her father’s friend’s house.

Brody Gonzales had two sons, Kyle and Warner. Kyle, only a year older than Penny, was still living at home. He hadn’t wanted to go to university just yet. Warner was already studying some fancy engineering course somewhere else. He was in his 3rd year already, but since the campus was only in the next town, the older male made frequent trips back home.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, Daddy was out on a date, and Penny was on her way to see if she could coax Kyle into using her anus for a bit. If he wasn’t available, Nyomi said she would be dildoing on cam until the afternoon. Maybe Penny could go over and practice their muffing for their Lesbian practical. Apparently, a double-headed dildo deepthroat kiss was worth a lot of points!

Maybe she could even convince Nyomi to go to the new shop in town. It was a bubble tea store with cumflavourings. Daddy had started saving his cum for Penny in the fridge and adding it to her food at home. It was supposed to help her get used to the taste. He had started adding piss to her drinks as well. Penny found the taste and the smell of urine and cum disgusting. But it was the good kind of disgusting. It was the kind of disgusting that made her stomach turn, but also the kind that would fill her with that humiliation she craved so much. The adrenaline that came from being degraded made her pussy drip every single time. Just normal girly things, really!

“Excuse me, miss!”

Penny turned to look at the source of the voice.

A sleek grey sedan had rolled up next to her and rolled down the window. A dark skinned man wearing a pair of sunglasses leaned out of it and motioned to Penny.

She moved closer quickly, having been taught to obey commands from men without question.

“Do you know where’s the Domestic Affairs Bureau?”

The familiar voice was dark and smooth, sending a tingle right to Penny’s unruly cunt. The man pulled his sunglasses off and Penny gasped.

Those blue eyes, the short dark hair and the aura of confidence, it was the man from the mixer, Dwain Gary!

Penny boggled at him for a moment. She never thought that she’d meet him ever again.

“Mr Gary, sir!” she said in surprise.

He frowned at her.

“Do I know you?” he asked.

Penny blushed. He probably fucked loads of girls in his free time. He probably wouldn’t remember her at all.

“You taught me how to take a throatpiss and a throatpie at a mixer,” she hedged.

There was a brief moment of silence before understanding dawned on his face.

“Miss Penny Wolfe! You looked good with a white dragon,” he said at last, looking her up and down with approval. He stuck his arm out of the car, palm facing outwards.

Penny obliged by putting her right tit into his palm and letting him have a good squeeze.

She moaned softly, then bit her lip so as not to draw attention.

“The Domestic Affairs Bureau is on Poplar Avenue,” Penny managed to say.

“Mmmm,” Dwain said, dismissing her words outright, “There will be time for that later. Right now, you’re coming with me.”

As if bespelled, Penny’s legs took her to the passenger seat where she sat her ass and cunt down onto twin dildos.

This, at least, was familiar. Penny buckled her seatbelt and then gasped as the car began to move. Unlike her father’s car where the dildos were stationary and only the movement of the car made them vibrate and move inside Penny’s body, the ones in this car were apparently attached to the motor because they began to thrust into Penny’s teen holes!

“Oooognh!” Penny moaned softly as the car sped away. The dildos pumped into her roughly, stretching out her shithole and her pussy with each inward stroke.

Dwain reached over and slapped her tits roughly, adding to her pain and pleasure. He reached down to pinch her clit, twisting it this way and that to make Penny squeal.

Penny was so distracted by the pumping dildos and her clit torture that she barely registered when they pulled into a driveway.

“Out, get over here.” Dwain ordered.

Penny could not disobey, not when he was using that tone of voice! She found herself standing weakly, pulling herself up and off the dildos using the frame of the car. She tottered over to the door on unsteady legs to where Dwain stood.

Dwain slapped her hard, leaving a red mark on her cheek. Penny yelped, more from surprise than from the pain. She cradled her face and gave him a confused look.

“When a man gives a command, you should always respond with a quick ‘Yes sir’. Do you understand?” he said in an even tone.

Penny nodded.

“Yes sir.”

Dwain slapped her other cheek. Penny squeaked again.

“As a slave trainee, you should be grateful to receive any form of instruction from a man. Do you understand?”

It took Penny a moment, but she quickly realized that she hadn’t thanked him for his earlier slap and corrections.

“Yes sir! Thank you sir! Thank you for slapping this slave and reminding this slave to be grateful and well-mannered!” She said immediately.

Dwain gave her a single nod, looking pleased at how well she took instruction.

He unlocked the door and grabbed Penny by the back of her neck, pushing her inside roughly.

“No clothes past the foyer,” he said.

Penny quickly pulled off her baby tee and her skirt, toeing off her sandals and leaving her purse at the side of the hallway. Dwain shut the door and it clicked with an ominous sort of finality.

This was it. This was the first time Penny was alone with a man in his own house, about to have her holes pummeled in a largely unsupervised setting. Her heart beat fast in her chest. At the mixer, everyone was fucking everyone and people knew to keep an eye on the girls who were offering their holes up to the adult men. But here, it was just Penny and Dwain. Her father didn’t know where she was. Her friends didn’t know where she was. Even Penny herself wasn’t exactly sure where she was! Her holes had been too horny for her to notice any special details of their journey over.

Dwan was taller, stronger than her. He could do anything he wanted to Penny and she would be powerless to stop him. He could humiliate and degrade and abuse her repeatedly until her teen body gave out. The fear and anticipation made her shiver and her pussy gush.

“On your knees,” Dwain ordered.

“Yes, sir!” Penny dropped down to the floor immediately, putting her hands behind her back and opening her mouth wide.

Within seconds, his cock was down her throat.

Dwain didn’t give her time to acclimatize to the oral invasion. He grabbed the back of her head and began to hump her face roughly, intent on using her mouth for his own gratification.

Penny felt a little dizzy as her head was jerked back and forth without a care. But all her deepthroat training paid off because her body had learned its purpose. Her mouth applied suction and her throat flexed. Her tongue curled and teased and lapped. All these things had become almost reflexive to her. Eventually, they would all become second nature, as easy and natural as breathing.


The sloppy sounds of a cock plunging into a wet mouth filled Penny’s ears. She looked up at Dwain but he wasn’t even looking at her. His eyes were closed, evidently enjoying the feeling of a teen throat massaging his dick.

“Down, slut,” Dwain growled, then jammed Penny’s head all the way down.

Ah, was that the command? Penny would have to remember that for the future.

He ripped her off, slapped her hard twice, and then jammed her back onto his cock again, repeating the words ‘Down, slut!’ to her.

He repeated his actions several more times until finally, after he pulled Penny’s mouth off his dick, he released her head and said ‘Down, slut!’.

Penny knew what to do. She slammed her own throat back onto that meaty, girthy sized rod, the one that seemed to fit so well in her mouth. She made sure her lips were sealed around the base, and sucked as hard as she could. She fucked her face onto his dick, eager to prove that she was a teachable slut, a girl who could learn quickly.

Dwain yanked her off again, backhanded her, then gave her the same command.

Back on she went without a second’s hesitation, shoving her face forwards so hard that her nose hit his pubic bone with a soft ‘thwap’.

“Hold,” Dwain ordered.

Penny obeyed, keeping her nose to his skin and her chin to his balls.

“Facefuck,” was the next order.

This wasn’t hard to figure out, but Penny had a bit of trouble getting started. Her balance wasn’t very great so she had to wiggle around a little in order to find the perfect position. She started slow at first, pulling almost all the way off, and then pushing herself all the way down. Up, down. Up, down. Then faster, and faster, and faster until she had a decent speed going.

“You’ll need to be faster than that,” Dwain said severely. He shook his head.

Penny pulled her head off for a moment.

“Will you train me, sir?” she asked earnestly, not waiting for an answer before continuing to fuck her face onto his dick.

Dwain pursed his lips.

“That will depend on what else you can do, slut.”

With that, the older man stepped back.

Penny followed him quickly, trying not to let his cock leave her mouth at all. She followed him on her knees, shuffling forwards to keep her lips around his shaft at all times.

Dwain finally put a stop to it by planting a foot on her thigh and giving her a firm shove.

“Fold up,” he ordered.

It took Penny a second to remember all her classes.

Fold up was one of the classic positions. It was known as the pretzel sometimes. It was a must-know for all girls and a pre-requisite for the full nelson position that some men really liked. Penny learned about it at the start of Year 12 and it was one of the positions she excelled at due to her flexibility.

She quickly pulled her ankles up and hooked them behind her head, holding them up to expose her nether holes.

Dwain’s expression remained impassive. He moved away and came back with a large paddle.

Without warning, he swung hard, landing the flat part on Penny’s vulnerable cunt with a loud ‘SCHWLAP’.

Penny’s pussy juices splashed outwards even as she squealed. Dwain pulled back the paddle and looked at Penny expectantly.

She scrambled to think of what he might want from her.

“One, sir. Thank you sir!”


“Two, sir. Thank you sir!”


“Three, sir. Thank you sir!”

Penny’s eyes watered as she counted the vicious pussy spanks. Her mound swiftly turned pink then red from the abuse. Dwain did not let up, giving her twenty hard pussy spanks before moving onto her buttcheeks.


The sound of wood on flesh soon became the only thing Penny could hear. Her world tunneled down to the paddle beating her vulnerable ass and her own voice counting the strikes.

“Th… thirty sir, thank you sir!”

The paddle finally stopped.

Dwain was looking down at her with an unreadable expression. He bent down and gently wiped away her tears.

“Just a little more,” he said, kneeling between her legs. He gave no other explanation, just positioned his rock hard cock at Penny’s shithole and forced it inside.

Penny let out a pained moan. She had applied her special anal cream that morning so her hole was now almost virginally tight. Coupled with the brutal paddling she had just received, her asshole was in no condition to be taking a man’s thick shaft. But as a submissive teen and cocksleeve in training, she had no other choice but to accept the fate of her anus.

“Thank you… thank you sir,” she managed to whisper through her tears as Dwain began to pump his rod into her sore bottom. Her tightened teen turdcutter didn’t stand a chance at resisting the forceful invasion of an adult man’s fuckpole.

Just that morning, Penny had been thinking about how Daddy had been neglecting her anal wellness. Now she was getting her wish! Dwain was going to brutalize her shitter and there was nothing Penny could do to stop it!

Inch by agonizing inch, Dwain’s dick slid deeper into Penny’s rectum. The veins along his shaft seemed to scrape along her rectal walls, lighting her asshole up in pain. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks, born of pain but also submissive joy.

Penny couldn’t deny it. Dwain’s large hands were on her slim hips, holding her in place as he plowed her shithole. The way he was pinning her in place made her feel small and delicate. The way his hips were slamming into her bottom, sending flares of pain through her reddened ass, seemed to jolt and jerk her further down the path to proper slavehood. The painful drive of his cock into her vulnerable hole only drove home the point that she was nothing more than a cocksleeve in training. She was learning to become a fucktoy for a man who would eventually pierce her nipples and clit, owning her completely! So yes, the agony of having her asshole pulverised by Dwain’s ruthless pounding of her shitter was worth it!

“Open up,” Dwain ordered.

Penny let her jaw fall open.

Dwain got up then squatted over her face.

“Look what you did to my dick,” Dwain said severely.

There was a bit of brown on his cock and it was shiny from Penny’s ass juices. Humiliation burned through her young body, making her cheeks flush red.

“Sorry sir, please let me clean it up sir!” she whispered shamefully.

Dwain fed his cock into her mouth.

The disgusting taste of shit and ass musk immediately burst onto Penny’s tongue. Unlike all the times that she reluctantly cleaned her Daddy’s cock, this time Penny eagerly licked and slurped on the fuckpole in front of her face. Dwain was being so kind to her, giving her chances to learn, teaching her how to be a better cocksleeve, fucking her so roughly and letting her clean his shaft!

Dwain fucked into Penny’s mouth a few times, then went back to pile-driving her shitter.

“Look at you, juicing up so much,” he sneered at her. Dwain jammed two fingers into her cunt and frigged it wildly.

Penny screamed, trashing about as her cuntal walls were stimulated. Her pussy had always been sensitive to such stimulation.

“Please no, sir. Please, I’m going cum!!” Penny shrieked as she tried to get away from Dwain’s fingers.

Dwain held on tight, working her cunt even harder than before. The pleasure built rapidly, bouts of bliss that flooded her pussy every time he pushed her G-spot.

Penny’s eyes widened. She hadn’t cum without permission in a long time but now, she might, she just might-

“No cumming!” Dwain’s voice cut into her panicked thoughts. The simple two word command seemed to seize control of Penny’s pussy for her. It was as if her slit had heard him and decided to obey. The wave of pleasure was still there, but when she breathed in deep controlled breaths, it didn’t peak and it didn’t break.

“Ooo oooohh hnngh yes, sir!” Penny whimpered. His powerful command had given her strength to try and hold on. She didn’t know how, but his voice held her pleasure at bay and until he gave the command, Penny was pretty sure her pussy would not be able to relax.

Dwain pinched her exposed clit and twisted it roughly.

“AHHHHHEIIEEEE!” Penny screamed! Her hips went crazy trying to get away from the clitoral agony. Pain burst in her nub, a deep visceral hurt that spread through her crotch. Dwain twisted it the other way, doubling her agony.

“Cum, slut!” He snarled.

It was as if his voice reached deep inside Penny and flipped a switch. Her pussy began to clench, convulsing wildly as she started to orgasm. All the pain she was experiencing was tangled up with pleasure, the bliss of being dominated and subjugated like the slave she was! Her shithole milked the cock that was invading it, squeezing it rapidly in hopes of getting a shot of cum inside.

Dwain obliged her, grunting as he filled her bowels with a large load of his cockjuice, pumping his jizz deep into Penny’s young shithole.

Penny could only lie there, gasping for air as she tried to process what happened.

This man, the man who had coaxed her throat into taking its first throatpiss and throatpie, had spanked her cunt and ass roughly. He had just railed her shithole so thoroughly, twisted her clit, filled her teenage body with so much pain that it became pleasure and deleted every single thought from her brain.

She whimpered when she felt him start pulling his cock from her ass. Shakily, Penny unfolded herself from her position and got on her knees to start cleaning.

Penny barely tasted the horrible musk of her own ass, too caught up in trying to make sense of how he could hurt her so much yet make her cum so hard.

“Thank you for hurting my shithole and my clit,” Penny whispered, looking up at Dwain’s unreadable face. His lips quirked, just a little, and he nodded.

“Go make some brunch,” Dwain ordered, “There is cold cum in the fridge. You’ll warm it up and drink it like a bitch.”

Penny felt her pussy gush in response. She hurriedly crawl off to the kitchen to peruse the available ingredients. After a quick look around, Penny made some turkey ham sandwiches with cheese. She made sure to toast the bread well and butter them before she put the cheese on. The heat would melt the cheese just a little so the ham would stick. Crisp lettuce leaves and thinly sliced tomatoes completed the little snack.

As for her own snack, Penny looked until she found a bitch cumbowl. She had seen these in stores from time to time and their school had taught them about it. These bowls were generally shaped like pet-bowls, only decorated with sperm motifs, or words about jizz and cum. Sometimes, there would be words like ‘bitch’ or ‘slut’ embossed on it. These were a little different from actual food bowls for pets. These were slightly bigger in diameter so that a girl or woman could fit their entire face into the bowl to lap up the cum.

Penny did not like puppy play. In school, the practical lessons were flat and uninteresting. She hated having to shit in public and she hated barking. She found having to eat with her hands troublesome. Penny grimaced as she poured the cum into the bowl and then set it into the microwave. While waiting for it to go off, Penny put the sandwiches on the dining room table and opened a beer for Dwain.

She could feel his eyes on her as she pulled the now warm cum from the microwave and brought it to the dining room. Penny hesitated, looked at the table, then at the floor. She sank to her knees carefully and placed the cum bowl on the floor. She was about to bend over and stick her nose in it when she realized something, good girls always asked for permission, right? She looked up at Dwain expectantly to wait for his next command. He looked a little amused at her actions.

“Eat,” Dwain said, pulling out a chair to sit down.

“Thank you sir,” Penny said.Only then did she bend over to lap at the cum.

Somehow, despite all the cumloads Penny had swallowed over her stint in Year 12, facing a bowl of cum felt different. When a man blasted his load into her throat, that was her serving as a cocksleeve. When Penny was licking cum off the floor, that was her taking responsibility for her mistakes and cleaning up her mess. But when the cum was in a bowl, warm from the microwave, it was more final. It was meant to be food, something that would fill Penny up metaphorically and literally.

Still, despite the disgust she felt at herself, Penny opened her mouth and began to lap.

The cum was thicker than usual, the result of having been refrigerated and then warmed back up. It was gooey, almost gelatinous in texture, bitter, and utterly repulsive to Penny. Yet with each curl of disgust in her chest, she felt her pussy tingle again. Even if her brain did not like it, her body could not fool anyone for all the slick that was gushing out of her cunt!

Bit by bit, Penny slurped and guzzled the disgusting cum, her slit dripping with each swallow. She felt the toe of a shoe rub up against her unruly cunt.

“Such a horny slut,” Dwain commented.

Penny coloured with shame even as those words stoked the flame in her crotch. She broke away from her bowl for a moment to look at him over her shoulder.

“Your horny slut, sir,” she said, trying to convey her hopefulness in her gaze.

Dwain held her stare for a moment then finally nodded.

“My horny slut,” he agreed.

Penny smiled, pleased at his agreement. She bashfully returned her nose to the cum and continued to drink.

🙟 🙞 ○ 🙜 🙝

“Is this your daughter?” Aubrie asked. She picked up the photo frame on the table and looked at it curiously. It was a picture of Penny in her Year 12 school uniform, skirt lifted to flash the photographer.

Ethan had decided to bring her home after their little picnic, intent on fucking Aubrie’s ass a few more times before letting her go home.

“Yeah, that’s Penny! She’s in Year 12.” Ethan couldn’t stop the pride from creeping into his voice, “She passed her Deepthroat Exam with flying colours the other day.”

“That’s quite an achievement,” Aubrie agreed with a tiny smile. “I remember when I did my Deepthroat Exam,” she said wistfully.

“Oh, her asshole is so cute!” Aubrie exclaimed, picking up a different frame. In that particular photo, Penny was on her back, legs pulled up to expose her bare pussy and asshole. Both holes were glistening with juices in the shot and Penny loved it so much that she was using it on all her social media.

“Yours too,” Ethan said. He grabbed Aubrie by the hips and bent her over the back of the couch unceremoniously.

“Oooo, sir….” Aubrie moaned.

Ethan spanked her ass hard several times, pleased when Aubrie automatically began to count the strikes. It was such a turn on when slave wives were well-trained.

Just as he reached the twentieth strike, he heard the front door open and Penny’s voice ring out.

“Daddy? I’m home! I brought someone with me!”

Penny stopped short in the living room.

“Oh, hi….” Penny said.

“Little biscuit, this is Aubrie. Aubrie, meet my daughter Penny.” Ethan introduced the two of them. Aubrie gave Penny a little wave from where she was still bent over the couch. Penny waved back, turning a little red at the sight of Aubrie’s beautiful body in the process of being wrecked.

“Daddy, this is Dwain Gary.” Penny stood aside to let the man behind her into the house. “Dwain, this is my father Ethan Wolfe.”



“What are you doing here?” They asked in confused unison.

Ethan looked between all three of them in surprise.

“You two know each other?” he asked.

“Yes, he’s my step-brother,” Aubrie explained. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, she didn’t try to straighten up.

Ethan took in Dwain’s very much darker complexion and hair colour, then looked back at Aubrie.

“You know what? Penny, shut the door and get our guests some refreshments. We need to have a proper sit down.” Ethan ordered.

Penny mumbled a ‘Yes Daddy’, then quickly went to the kitchen to get some snacks. Ethan pulled Aubrie up and pushed her in the direction of the fuckcushions. He was gratified to see her arrange the two cushions in front of the armchairs, evidently expecting to be serving the men while they discussed official matters.

Dwain offered his hand to Ethan, which he shook firmly, and then moved to take the smaller chair.

Aubrie immediately went to sit on fuckcushion in front of him, lowering her holes onto the dildos gingerly, then scooting closer so that her mouth would be within throating distance.

Penny returned shortly with two beers and some cut fruit. She placed them on the tiny coffee table between the two chairs then waited for her Daddy to sit down before taking her place in front of him.

“Now, how is it that you know my daughter?” Ethan asked curiously, pulling Penny’s head towards his cock. She stuck out her tongue and began to bathe his dick, knowing that she no longer had any part in this conversation.

Dwain undid his pants and freed his cock. Aubrie immediately opened her mouth as well, beginning to service her older brother’s shaft in a similar fashion. The room was immediately filled with the soft slurp and suck of mouths on cocks as the two girls began to polish the knobs of each man.

“I met her at a mixer a few months ago. I gave her a throatpiss and a throatpie at the time, then ran into her again today,” Dwain said seriously. He leaned forward, thrusting his cock deep into Aubrie’s throat as he did so.

“I will be honest with you Mr Wolfe. I find Penny to be an acceptable, trainable slut and I’d like to bring her home with me after she graduates. If you are considering suitors, I’d like to put myself forth as a possible candidate.”

Ethan looked at him and then down at his daughter in surprise. Her mouth was working diligently on his dick, but her face was flushed, evidently taken aback by his words as well.

“I am considering suitors for her,” Ethan said, “But I’m a little surprised that Andrew didn’t introduce us at the mixer.” He grabbed the beer, popped the tab and took a long deep swig. Dwain followed suit.

“Ah,” Dwain looked a little unhappy at that. “He probably thought that I would have my hands full with Aubrie and so wouldn’t have time to court a slut. I’m sure by now, she’s told you about what happened, right?”

Ethan nodded in understanding. As Aubrie’s closest male relative, Dwain would have to assume ownership of her and her body after her divorce. He would be in charge of her sexual health and submission. It was a huge responsibility and probably involved a period of adjustment.

“And you’re saying that given the chance, you’d marry my daughter?” Ethan asked just to confirm.

Dwain nodded, his expression dead serious.

“She’s very malleable, loads of slave potential in her,” he said, “I want to work with her, turn her into a pain-loving slut!”

Ethan nodded again, taking time to digest those words. He grabbed Penny’s head and pulled it back, forcing her to look up at him.

“Do you like Mr Gary?” he asked.

Penny nodded frantically, eyes wide with hope.

Ethan grinned, then looked back over at Dwain.

“If it makes Penny happy, you have my full blessing to court and pierce her,” Ethan said. Judging from the look on his daughter’s face, that would come much sooner than later. In fact, she probably would say yes to his proposal right now if Dwain brought nipple rings.

Dwain took a pull of his beer and then turned curious as well.

“And how did you meet Aubrie?” he asked, stroking his sister’s hair affectionately as she worked on his balls.

“Ever since my wife died, I’ve been focused on raising Penny the right submissive way. But now that Penny’s 18, I thought it was time I started dating again. I went to the Foster A Wife Drive a week ago and met Aubrie there. She gave me a perfect and enjoyable greeting and told me about her circumstances afterwards. I couldn’t resist asking her out and drilling her shitter.” Ethan chuckled.

Dwain let out a soft ‘oh’ of understanding, fucking roughly into Aubrie’s throat for a moment before letting her continue gargling his dick.

“Look at the two of us, what happy circumstances that I happen to be fucking your sister and you, my daughter!” Ethan laughed as he started to face fuck Penny harder. He raised his beer in commiseration.

“Looks like we might get to be a family,” Dwain agreed, raising his own beer to Ethan’s.

“Cheers to family,” Ethan agreed.

They exchanged knowing glances over the heads of the submissive young women. There was a special kind of bond between men that came from exerting their power over women.It was the confidence of knowing that they were in charge, that a girl’s body belonged to them and they could use it however they pleased.

“Now what say you we take this to the backyard? I feel like taking a leak.” Ethan said.

The two men rose from their chairs, dragging their sluts with them. Ethan waved at their neighbour who was looking on in curiosity. The neighbour nodded in understanding when he saw the two young women.

“Lovely sluts!” he called over the hedge with a large grin.

Penny blushed, still a little unused to being fucked in front of an audience that she knew, but Aubrie didn’t let it faze her at all. The two of them knelt side by side in the garden, hands behind their backs, mouths wide open in anticipation of golden male nectar.

Ethan and Dwain took careful aim and started to piss. Pale golden liquid shot out of their erect cocks into the waiting mouths of their wards. Penny looked a little repulsed at the taste of her Daddy’s piss, but she didn’t try to close her mouth.

Urine swiftly pooled in each of the girls’ mouths, filling them up to the brink. Ethan groaned in pleasure when he saw Penny’s throat work, trying to swallow quickly so that her cockgift wouldn’t overflow. Obviously, Aubrie had an easier time of it, having had more experience.

Ethan relished the sight. Here was his precious slut daughter and his new slut date, together on their knees, fulfilling their purpose as urinals without a hint of protest or resistance.

The moment Ethan’s bladder was empty, Penny’s mouth was back on his cock, sucking him hard. A few months ago, she hadn’t been able to deepthroat his cock consistently. Now, her lips reached the base of his shaft with little difficulty and she began to fuck her throat onto his rod by herself.

Ethan looked over at Aubrie who was doing the same for her step-brother.

“Cheers to piss-guzzling sluts,” Ethan raised his beer to Dwain once more.

Dwain gave him a tiny smile, “I’ll drink to that!”


Author’s Note: Um, surprise? Hahaha I hope the plot twist didn’t throw y’all off. Thanks for reading. Your comments keep me going.

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