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Mom son real incest

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A real life true confession between mother and teenage son.

Hi, I’m 41 year old widow. My son is currently 19 years and goes to college. I have an elder daughter as well who is married and stays with her husband. Let me introduce you with how my sex life started with my son about 4 years back.
I have pretty much big boobs for my age and not overweight.

Around 4 years back my daughter left home to study in college and used to stay in hostel in another city. Since then we moved to a small 1 hall kitchen flat (studio apartment). My son used to sleep with me. It was not unusual for him to try to hug me, keep his hand over my waist and sleep. He would sometimes try to cup my boobs in the middle of night which I would move his hands.
Since after his puberty it was the first time we have been sleeping in same bed, every morning i used to notice cum stains in bedsheet. Which i obviously noticed and had smelled as well while cleaning the room, after my son used to go to school. To be honest i really loved his cum smell and could say it was thick.
One fine morning i was able to see my son rubbing his dick over bed at around 5am or so. I was able to see moving in bed and knew he was stroking/rubbing. That day i noticed huge cum stain after he left for school. I had seen him doing such many such incidents but what i noticed more. Was he would try to cup my boobs in the morning and i knew he had a erection.

Since i was so attracted to his cum and i hadn’t had sex as well since months, one fine day i allowed him to cup my boobs and acted as if i was in sleep. I was literally very horny and my nipples had became erect. This had become a routine for us and i always loved him cupping my boobs and he mostly have thought I wasn’t knowing.
Also when he would cup my boobs or touch my waist hugging me and sleeping i have had felt his erection bonner quite a few times. It was hard rock and felt huge.

After a few days i wore a buttoned gown and slept, in the morning while he was cupping me, after a while, i moved to his side and hugged him and slept. His head was drowned in my boobs. He hugged me over my waist with his face over my boobs and slept peacefully. It was something I missed.

This happened for few more days and one morning around 4-5am, while I was hugging him, i could feel him cupping my boobs while his head was over my boobs. He was trying to kiss or suck my boobs over my gown and i could feel it.

I knew he was horny having an erection and didn’t wanted to scare him hence after around 15-20mins, i lifted his face, gave his forehead a kiss and asked if he isn’t feeling sleepy. He nodded and put his face over my boobs and slept again.

Since this was routine for us, he now used to hug me and sleep over my boobs as soon as possible only. He had once successful open my gown button as well and slept with his head over my boobs.
I got to know in the morning around 4:30am when i wokeup. I could feel his lips over my cleavage and cupping my boobs. I had erect nipples by this time.
I kissed his forehead and guided his face towards my boobs and open rest 2 buttons of my gown myself as well for the first time. Because by this time i was very horny and wanted him to suck and fondle my boobs very much
As soon as i unbotton my gown, he successfully took my boobs off the bra and he mouth was sucking my boobs. I wanted to moan but was forcing his head slowly more towards my boobs to suck my boobs. After few minutes he just said i love you mommy. I kissed his cheeks and told him to sleep. He slept with his hand over my boobs and face over my bare boobs. I unhooked my bra from inside and set it free.

After about 1hr or so he again started sucking my boobs and fondling them..i wokeup by then and it was morning 6:30am. I could feel his boner over my tummy/thigh.

I guided his head to kiss my chest cleavage and later towards my neck. He was more into sucking my boobs. He kissed my cheeks himself few times while sucking my boobs and told i love you soo much mommy. I told him i love him too alot and kissed his lips for the very first time. We kissed again and soon we had a sloppy wet morning kiss. He just confessed how much he wanted to kiss me and suck on my boobs in sleepy voice. I could smell his breath but was so much aroused. I just told him I’m his mom and always his. He then came over me and pressing my boobs, kissing sucking them and kissing my neck and lips. I removed his tshirt he was wearing. He has average body with light abs. I was able to see his dick popping out of his shorts and was able to feel it rubbing over my while he was on top of me kissing me.

He was trying hard to remove my gown later since i had spread my legs, he remove my gown till my ass while rubbing his dick over my pussy and kissing me. I slide my hand down and held his dick. I could feel how he felt. Could feel him feeling so good. He didn’t say anything but i could see in his face. I grabbed his dick and stroked lightly. I removed his shorts and underwear. He was now laying fully naked with erect dick just for me. I assisted him removing my gown and while he removed it, came up over me rubbing his erect hard dick over my boobs. I could see his dick rubbing between my boobs. I’m not sure where he learnt all this. Mostly he seen this on porn. His dick was dark hard thick, i was able to see his dick rubbing between my boobs and wanted to suck it so eagerly. I held his dick and pulled it slowly towards my mouth. He knew and he came forward. His testicles and dick were above my face. I could smell his dick sweat. I missed it so much. I made me so aroused. The natural aroma of a man’s dick and testicles aroma. I tooo his dick inside my mouth and could feel his excitement on his face. I licked his testicles, kissed dick on all sides and sucked him. I hadn’t had dick since quite a few months. I sucked his dick for few more times. He then went to suck my boobs and then soon he went down kissed my navel, licked it. And went down to sniff mt wet panties, it was wet since entire night. He kissed my panties quite a few times, fingered slightly from sides. Tried to lick my pussy from side and later removed my panties. It was hairy. He was licking it and felt soo good. I called him up and kissed him. He went back to kiss my pussy within no time. He started licking up and down l, lifted my both legs and licked down towards my ass hole as well. I was shocked. He came up, tired and we kissed alot. He was trying to insert his dick inside my pussy. I guided his dick and he inserted it and then he was fucking me for about 30 or so in missionary position. Then he unloaded his warm cum inside my pussy. He had creampied ne so much that it was leaking from my pussy.
Later we had kissed and slept for an hour or so..when we wokeup again we had a fuck session again.

That was our first sex.

That day when we slept after sex i asked him.if had any girlfriend or got chance to lick a pussy and if he had got any blowjob.
To which i got to know that he lost virginity just few hours back with me.
He had got blowjob previous from his ex girlfriend. And he had fingered her girlfriend but i was the first girl whom he ate pussy. Also he confessed he used to sniff panties from the bathroom and knew how my pussy smelt already and was eager to eat my pussy.

Since then we had sex mostly everyday. Had bathroom sex. Eaten eachother even without taking baths. We even had golden showers in bathroom and he had fingered my asshole as well and enjoyed every single day since them till now

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