Cat: Exhibitionist

Horny Teen 3

She stopped and told me that’s a good thing cause one of us might be a daddy. I told her that It was to early to worry about that. And that we should get cleaned up. So we all... # # # #

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Horny Teen

I’m a single dad and it was Friday night and no date with nothing to do. So I called up a friend to see what he was getting in to. Seems like he also had similar plans as well.... # # # #

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Horny Teen 2

Bunnie went nuts as a came in her pussy after she swallowed all that Mark pumped into her mouth. She remained on her knees with her body trembling as I slowly slid in and out of her... # # # #

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The Cabin 2

There was just something special about out big family. 4 boys. 5 girls. Mom, her sister Kate and husband Bill. And of course our leader, Dad. My dad. Well, after watching our parents... # # # #

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Ron and Kerry

Hi my name is Ron and my wifes name is Kerry. We are both about 45 and our 1st marriage. Our sex life is good but would like it to be better. We both love to be naked at home and sometimes... # # #

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Surprise Visit

Hi. I’m Dick and I hope you like reading about what happens one summer night with Mary a woman I lived with Mary and I were chillin im the back yard on a Saturday night. We have... # # #

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Gang bang (Sister)

My sister is so sexy that anyone who sees her wants to fuck her. Once it was his birthday. I called my friend. That day I saw my sister getting fucked. You too enjoy. My sister’s... # # #

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