Cat: Exhibitionist

Addicted to Cum

I’m 17 and I’m addicted to eating cum. I just love the texture and feel of it. I don’t care who’s dick it comes off. I just need it all the time. # # #

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1st time we watched

This is a true story and it happened 4 weeks ago My name is Harry and my wife’s name is Jenny .We have been married for just over 25years. For a long time i have been asking Jen... # # #

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Foreplay with Amy

My step sister Amy was getting at that age where she is getting curious about male anatomy. I was 13 and she was 10. I would take a shower and she would walk in on me while I’m... # # # #

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Another Match Point

Another year, another Wimbledon, another semi-final … another match point. Tina had heard it said that history repeats itself, but this was surely pushing it. How could she have been... #

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Mandy part 5

I was getting nasty texts from Liam so I turned my phone off. Mum made up the bed in the spare room. Then I helped her prepare the evening meal. She had a part time job at the local... #

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Mandy part 4

Finally it was time for our holiday. It was January and there was snow on the ground but from the time we left the flat until we returned I wore the skimpiest of clothes. I was wearing... # #

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Mandy part 2

Over the weekend I couldn’t get Liam and his beautiful cock out of my mind. I was masturbating constantly. Every time I wanted to tell mum and Trevor I would chicken out. On Monday... # #

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