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Cat: Exhibitionist

First 3sum

My girl friend decided to surprise me by waiting completely naked for me to come home to. Well obviously I was unaware of her plans and normally I would have called her to let her know... # # #

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The Gift

The gift My wife Marina is a 45 year old Russian woman,165 centimeters, slim sexy build with small breasts with very pretty normally hard nipples. We have been together for almost 20... # #

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Alexis pt3

Wednesday ____________ I woke up the next morning with something pushing on my clit it took me a second to realize what it was and when I finally figured it out I heard the voice of... # # #

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Project renovation

“But Mom, I want to go with my friends for Summer camp?” “Well you can go after we are done with the modification.” “No way!” By then the school... # #

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