Cat: Exhibitionist

I let my brother pee on me

I was sitting on the toilet having a pee when my brother walked in and saw me there. Hey I yelled get out I am going t the bathroom. He just stood and looked down between my legs for... # # #

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Wife of the party

I took the wife to the local for a drink and a meal. The food was great and the drinks were flowing. After a few drinks as she was getting loose we decided to have a dance. At 48 my... # # #

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My life with Mary 2.5

What was cool about the relationship Mary and I had with Bob never changed after the first 3sum. We still hung out did everything together, and Bob was never a third wheel. This is... # #

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48 states we run

next morning im up and driving as we only have a limited number of hours each day to get to the next location to stop for the night before we are forced off by night fall, we are running... # # # #

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