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Mother’s Union part 3

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Sam and Kim show off there knickers to anyone that wants to look,

Lauren and Kim are walking hand in hand past shops and cafes, but Lauren was heading for a particularly little shop, it sold sexy underwear and toys, Lauren knew it well, she bought most of her toys there, they entered the shop, you couldn’t see much from the outside, as they pushed the door open the middle aged lady behind the counter waved a greeting, Lauren smiled and said hello I have just brought my daughter to get her some underwear, we will just have a look about if that’s okay the lady smiled and said thats fine if you need any help just ask, ok replied Lauren, I think we will be fine, Kim is still holding Lauren’s hand as she walks behind her, Lauren says you can pick something that you like and I will pick somethings for you aswell, kim wanders up and down the looking at the sexy skimpy underwear, she stops and feels a dark blue camisole top its so soft and she hold it against her chest and turns to look in the mirror Lauren is watching her closely, thinking what Kim would look like in it, Lauren walks toward Kim and says that’s lovely, kim says it’s beautiful and so soft, Lauren says you will need some sexy knickers to go with them, kims face lights up, Lauren says there are some just over there have a look, so kim goes to have a look, Lauren follows her, Kim picks out a pair that match they are the same colour but not as skimpy as Lauren had hoped, but as Lauren looked closer she realised that they were more or less transparent, Lauren imagined her wearing that sexy combination and thought it would look better with stockings and suspenders, so she asked Kim if she would like that, Kim smiled and hugged her, Lauren stopped by a shelf off sex toys, she picked a few and they headed to pay, the lady behind the counter looked at Lauren and said you have made some good choices, Lauren said Kim here has a good eye she loves to feel sexy, I’m just paying, the lady says you will definitely look and feel sexy wearing these and then holds up the vibrators, Lauren says oh there mine, As they leave the shop Kim holds Lauren’s hand and gives her a kiss on the cheek, they are walking back, Kim says to Lauren hey look over there its Mr Tim talking to those girls and he is definitely looking up there dresses, mmm says Lauren lets go see if he is hard for them like he was for you, Kim smiles, they go over to Mr Tim and say hi, Mr Tim turns, and both Lauren and Kim check his bulge, he is hard it looks a decent size, Mr Tim says hi, have you two ladys enjoyed your shopping trip, and looks at the bag Kim is carrying, Lauren says we have just bought Kim a few things to wear, oh let me see what you have bought, Kim opens the bag, Mr Tim looks in the bag and says they look very nice, I would love to see you in them, Lauren says I bet you would, do you not like the ones she has on, i saw you looking at them before, and you were looking at those young girls just now, well yes says Mr Tim I like to look, Lauren says we know you like to perv on these young girls by the size of the bulge in you trousers I bet you like to wank your cock looking at little girls knickers and shoot your hot cum thinking about their virgin pussy’s, your a naughty teacher aren’t you Mr Tim, Lauren says to Kim see how hard he is do you want to show him your knickers again so he can wank over your pretty knicker covered wet pussy, kim shallows and nods and says yer, well Mr pervy Tim do you want to follow us so you can wank your big cock looking at her wet knickers, oh yes I would love that Mr Tim answers, so they head for the underground car park, halfway down the stairs, Lauren says okay this will do, Mr Tim says we can’t do it hear someone might see us, Lauren says it’s here or nowhere, Mr Tim nods, Lauren tells Kim to sit on the steps and open your legs nice and wide and lift your skirt up around your waist for this perv sorry i mean Mr Tim, Lauren tells Mr Tim to stand infront of Kim a few steps down, right get your big cock out, Mr Tim slowly unzips his pants and pulls out his hard 7 inch cock, Lauren tells Kim to pull her knickers up tight against her pussy, Mr Tim could see how wet this young girls pussy is, he reaches out to touch it but Lauren smacks his hand away and tells him no, you not touching her pussy, and she is not showing you her sweet cunt, well not today anyway, just wank your cock shoot your cum, Lauren tells Kim to rub your pussy over your knickers Mr Tim will like that, Mr Tim is wanking faster and faster, Lauren says to Mr Tim would you like me to wank you while you look , oh yes says Mr Tim please, so there is Kim legs spread wide rubbing her pussy, Mr Tim with his cock out and Lauren wanking him telling him to shoot his hot cum over her little girls knickers, Kim is rubbing faster and harder moaning, Mr Tim is breathing heavily and as kim starts to cum Mr Tim grunts and starts shooting hot cum the first shot lands on Kim leg, the second shot lands on kims hand she smears it on her knickers and rubs it in, Lauren squeezes his cock to get the last few drops of cum from his cock, she has cum on her hand so she licks it up, there is cum on Kim’s legs Lauren tells kim to taste it she gets it on her finger and sucks it from her finger, well says Lauren do you like cum, Kim says it tastes funny, Lauren says soon you will love the taste, Lauren tell Mr Tim to give her his phone I will give you Kim’s phone number, Mr Tim hands his phone to Lauren, she types her own number in not Kim’s, she wants to see how much of a dirty perv he is, as Kim straightens her clothes and stands up abit unsteady on her feet, Lauren grags her hand, and they head back upstairs, Mr Tim is just standing there his soft cock is still sticking out of his trousers cum dripping from the end, his mind is racing, it’s been the best day ever since he started looking at little girls, he stuffs his cock back in this trousers, sits on the stairs and sends a message to kim, Thank you, maybe you could send me a picture to remind me of our special encounter, as Lauren and kim are laughing kims says i really enjoyed that, you made me feel great, Lauren says your sexy and beautiful and you deserve to be looked at, send me a picture when you try your new clothes on, Kim replies definitely, oh and why have you been telling everyone that your my mum, well says Lauren it makes them think I’m bad for showing my daughter off to them, it makes them feel horny and it makes me wet, my pussy needs attention so when i get home i will be trying my new vibrators I have just bought, kim says what do they feel like ? Lauren says toys are great they make me cum hard, but nothing feels better than cock, they find the coffee shop where they find April and Sam are sitting, April is sat close to Sam looking at her, stroking a stray piece of hair from her face, Sam see her mum and Kim, Sam runs over to her mum and hugs her, Sam is super excited telling her she has had a great time, Lauren says you can tell me all about it later when we get home, Sam kisses her mum softly on the lips, and hugs her,
Kim is sat on her mums knee, showing her the contents of her shopping bag, April hugs Kim and kisses her on the lips, she pulls back and says can i taste spunk on you, Kim nods her head, yes it was Mr Tim’s spunk Lauren wanked him off and he shot his cum on my knickers so I tasted it, the biggest grin spread across April’s face and all she said was your the best little girl I could ever want, I love you.
Lauren says to April Thank you that was the best day ever, shall we go to the park and get some ice cream for the girls
In the park Sam and Kim are sitting on a bench licking there ice creams chatting excitedly about there day, and looking at the new outfits that they had been bought, April and Lauren told each other about how they had displayed the girls and what they had done, men are still walking by the girls trying to get a look at there knickers.
As Lauren is driving home, Sam is sat next to her, tired after her day, Lauren says you can take your knickers off now if you want, Sam lifts her dress and pulls her wet knickers down, Lauren can see how wet and excited her little pussy is, she says to Sam have you been playing, Sam sleepily says i played a bit, Lauren says would you like if we played together later, yes says Sam I would love that.

Part 4 coming soon

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    How old was the daughter?

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    Mmmmm so hot …made my cock throb …keep going

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    Great story I love it when mothers get off on showing off there slutty daughters
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