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My little sister loves it

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I started abusing my little sister when I was 12 and she was 6, now I’m a grown man and she’s a teenager and she is a cock loving slut.

When I was 12 years old me and my mates started to use my 6 year old sisters mouth.

It all started one day when my sister, Emma, was playing with her doll in her bedroom, I got bored and decided to mess with her, I took away her doll and she chased me around the room, then when she was really begging for it back I just came out with it, “I’ll give you it back if you suck my cock.”

“Huh?” she muttered, not knowing what I was talking about.

I grabbed my crotch, “This.” I said, but she still looked confused, so I pulled my pants down and showed it to her, “Suck on this and I’ll give you your doll back.” I said.

She flat out refused, so I pretended that I was going to pull her dolls head off, and she backed down, “Okay – I’ll do it.” She said.

I told her to get on her knees then I stepped up to her while rubbing my cock to get it hard, “Alright, open your mouth.” I said, she did and then I slid it in to her mouth, “Close your mouth and suck it.” I said, she sealed her soft wet lips around it and started to suck, her tongue was so wet and it felt great.

I held her doll behind my back and with my other hand I held on to her head and helped her move it back and forth and to get my cock deep in to her mouth and to the back of her throat, she sucked it real nice, “Okay, open you mouth…” I said, then with her head tilted back a little and her mouth wide open, I ejaculated on to her tongue, her small mouth filled up quickly with my sperm, “…Okay, close your mouth now.” I said.

She closed her mouth with her cheeks puffed out, then I told her to swallow it and she chugged it back 3-4 times, then I told her to open her mouth and stick out her tongue to prove she had swallowed it all, she did, there was just a bit in her mouth, forming like a web around the sides of her mouth.

“Okay, seen as you’ve been a good girl, you can have your doll back.” I handed it to her and she smiled, “Thank you.” She said, hugging her doll.

I did the same thing a couple of days later, but this time I got her to get naked and lay down on her bed with her head hanging over the end, and I stood at the end of the bed and face fucked her while stretching my arm out and rubbing her small pussy.

I told my 2 best mates about what I’d done but they didn’t believe me and they demanded proof, so I took them home with me one day after school.

My mom stepped out to the shops, so I took my mates upstairs to Emma’s room, I took her precious doll and she knew the routine, she took off her clothes and laid herself down on the bed, “Watch this, lads.” I said, then I took my pants down and stood at the end of the bed, then I put my cock in her mouth and face fucked her while rubbing her soft pussy.

“Holy shit.” – “No way, man, what?!.” my mates said in disbelief.

I fucked Emma’s mouth and ejaculated straight down her throat.
“Can I have my doll now?” she asked.

Then my mate asked, “Will she let me do it?”

“You can have your doll back, but first you’ve got to suck their cocks too.” I told her.

So she laid back down, she wasn’t happy about it and huffed a little, but did it, then my mates stepped up and took turns fucking her throat and rubbing her pussy, I was a bit jealous at one of them because he his cock was a bit thicker than mine, Emma had a thin neck and you could actually see the lump of his cock inside Emma’s throat moving while he fucked it.

Every few days after school they’d come round and we’d take turns fucking Emma’s throat, it was a great time, after a couple of weeks we didn’t even have to take away her doll, she had gotten so used to us abusing her that should was already naked on the bed waiting for us when we went upstairs.

My mates keep asking me if I’ve fucked her and when can they fuck her, but I wasn’t doing that yet, her little pussy needed to mature a bit before she had a cock inside her.

It was shortly after her 8th birthday that I finally popped that cherry and fucked her brains out, and she even liked it, and let my mates fuck her too.

Emma is 13 now, and I still fuck her to this day, in fact I fucked her just last night when she slept over at my new flat, I also have made new friends and Emma’s pussy has been host to all of their cocks, she’s very accommodating, she’s a proper slut now with big tits, and she loves getting fucked all the time.

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    She’s the perfect sister, but you should’ve fucked her when she was younger at six. She would’ve enjoyed it. At least you get to fuck her every day now.

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    Absolutely perfect indeed, loved the story and oh so true. When you start them young they absolutely love sex in any hole. My daughter between 9 and 13 has so many sleep over I was constantly drained on the weekends and had to go back to work to get rest. She had 3 to 5 friends over every weekend for years and I fucked and sucked every single girl. TO this day some are married and still fuck me and some even bring their own daughters and their hubbies know nothing about it. Young girls and pussy is simple amazing

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