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Wife agrees to please another man

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Wife agrees to blow another man but things turn to intercourse

Kimberly had been the victim of some level of incest with her father, and I suppose a part of me wanted to be a knight in shining armor showing her the way to true love. That’s why I eventually married her. Though we had met through a mutual female friend, I should’ve taken into account that Kimberly was blowing me in a parking lot two hours after having met. With that little bit of baggage and hindsight, I approached Kimberly three months after marrying her with a sudden proposition.

Kimberly had just come home from work, and while her daughter was out of the kitchen, I walked up behind her to whisper a question in her ear. An older gentleman, Carl, had made her acquaintance as a salesman for a home improvement company. Carl was easily 20 years her senior, and therefore, mine too. I met Carl the second time that Kimberly and he talked about business. He was already in her house where I was now living when I came home from somewhere. She introduced him, we shook hands, but I left them to themselves to continue talking.

Kimberly asked me a couple questions inviting me into the living room of the extremely small two bedroom house, so I sat down at some point to fully join them. Carl was intelligent and well-mannered, somewhat tall at maybe 5 feet 11 inches or an even six feet certainly almost towering over me at 5 feet 6 inches, and Kimberly at barely 5 feet 3. Because he was intelligent and interesting and seemingly genuine about his business dealings with her, he was I suppose attractive but not necessarily handsome. He had the face of a man who had been around the block, battle scars from a somewhat hard life in some way, with two divorces under his belt. Carl and Kimberly concluded their discussion about five minutes after I had left the room since I had nothing more to say and really didn’t want to come off as the man who needed to be involved all the time. Kimberly is smart and somewhat shrewd with more of a lack of trust in people than I had at that time in my life, both of us in our mid-20s then.

When I approached Kimberly that fateful day to whisper in her ear, I said, “I was having a deliciously hot, erotic thought recently darling.” She looked down and back at me over her shoulder with a smile completely unaware of the content or direction of my next words.

As I rhythmically kissed her neck gliding down her shoulder, I whispered, “I would love to see you suck Carl’s hard cock in front of me one night and swallow his semen.” Kimberly moved backward toward me as if she hadn’t heard me correctly. I continued, “I would want you to be completely naked when you suck his cock, and I have worked out the details of this hot scenario if you’d care to hear.”

Turning directly in front of me now, first losing most of her smile then regaining half of it again, she asked, “You want to watch me suck Carl, the salesman’s cock and swallow him? Here in the house?”
“Yes,” I said, “Right here in the living room. I don’t know yet if we should tell him beforehand in order to get his agreement or if it should just happen out of the blue.” Being a decent salesman, I knew that phrasing it as a foregone plan put her in the position of objecting right away or not. It’s like when you get the paperwork out and put a pen in front of someone to sign the agreement in order to let them sign or give you an objection which you try to overcome. You’re always pushing forward assuming the sale.

Kimberly thought for a few seconds, then said, “Are you for real?” and laughed. I moved forward and kissed her with closed mouth but sensuously on the lips and said. “Yes, I am totally being serious.” I followed with, “I figure that we are young, sexually active people, and what better way to prevent the possibility of infidelity, (which had already happened as alluded to previously in my telling) than to allow for it as a matter of course without emotional guilt or jealousy.” I continued, “We would both be participating in a sexual adventure with forethought and confidence so that no one gets hurt, and it’s all above board especially as I’m the one who has proposed it for us.” Finishing my sales pitch, I said, “I am willing and eager to watch you suck Carl’s cock, naked, and to see you swallow his semen while I probably jerk off.”

I walked away giving her time and space to mull it over, and honestly, I thought she would reject the idea, but apparently not out of hand as she got busy in the kitchen without saying another word about anything.

A couple hours later as I was out of the shower drying off in the bathroom, she came in, placed both hands on my bare chest, and while getting close to my face agreed to do it as long as it was what I really wanted, and if I wouldn’t get angry about it later and certainly it couldn’t be used against her in any future argument about anything in the world. Though I caught on to her placing all the responsibility of the idea on me, and certainly it was my idea, I could see that I had sold her on the idea for whatever reason. A week later she informed me that Carl was stopping by at her invitation on Friday around 6:00 after he got officially off work to join us for dinner at the house. Her dinner invitation was a nice touch I thought.

When that Friday arrived, Kimberly and I had already made the plan of how things would go step by step. We agreed at my suggestion that Kimberly would at some point while relaxing after dinner excuse herself to go to the bathroom. She would then get cleaned up nicely in the bathroom and come out wearing nothing but a long sleeping gown leaving her regular clothes in the bathroom. While I was only setting things up for her to suck Carl, I also asked that in case either he or I got unusually hot and bothered, and the timing and the moment came together in the right way that she insert her diaphragm while in the bathroom so that we could quickly move to having him fuck her in our bed without pausing for contraception. This was the mid-80s and HIV/AIDS was a big thing in the media, but Kimberly never made me wear a condom. She only would insert her diaphragm which she used because there was a problem biochemically with her taking the pill. I always loved the spontaneity of it as opposed to a condom which never felt right on me and honestly was a pain in the ass to put on. The only unknown now was whether he would actually go through with it since she never asked him beforehand. We both worried that we would somehow embarrass him by our seemingly presumptuous planning keeping him in the dark. I could tell that he liked Kimberly, and therefore being a man, would be inclined to have free sex if offered. Still, we weren’t sure even as he arrived in our driveway.

Kimberly’s daughter was with her dad when Carl pulled up in the driveway. He and I sat together in the living room making idle small talk when Kimberly invited us into the kitchen. I guess we wanted to try to get Carl relaxed and maybe provide some mild flirtation. Kimberly and I were products of our parents who married or were adults some time in the 1950s, so I wasn’t a wild and crazy guy like on SNL in the 70s, and we really weren’t swingers in the traditional sense where we were accustomed to meeting people just for sex and no one had illusions about future friendship or having dinner like good middle-class hosts. So, there we were having Carl over for dinner anxiously waiting to see if our plans would cum to fruition. Sorry I had to do that.

Kimberly was actually pretty good and adept at slipping in sexual innuendo from time to time, and we were all sitting in the living room relaxing to some more good conversation when Kimberly got up to excuse herself to go the bathroom with a quick sidelong glance at me. We hadn’t practice anything down to the tee so that there wasn’t a precise time when she would get ready.

My curiosity along with the need to know got the better of me as I suddenly found myself talking to Carl while Kimberly was in the bathroom stripping down into her nightie and inserting her diaphragm mentioning that dessert that evening was going to be special. With curiosity, Carl asked me what I meant, so I said that Kimberly and I thought it would be nice and interesting to offer a nice gentlemanly man like himself a blowjob from my wife. Kimberly was coming out of the bathroom as I got past the blowjob part. I assured him that we were not trying to embarrass him or to insult any sense of propriety and morals that he might hold dear. I could tell on his face as Kimberly came into the living room with her nightie on that he was surprised at first, maybe thinking that she just wanted to be more comfortable and closer to being ready for bed when he left. I also caught the look of physical interest from him, and I felt more confident that things wouldn’t blow up on us.

Kimberly sat in the reclining chair at first “accidentally” bringing her nightie up enough to show part of her clean, shaved, exposed pussy. She made chit-chat for another minute then stood straight up in the middle of the living room in front of Carl who was sitting on the couch. She had a sheepish grin on her face. She took her glasses off and rested them on an end table near her and lowered herself onto her knees but holding the bottom of her nightie up just above her knees. While on her knees looking straight at Carl and occasionally up at me, I formally announced to Carl that I wanted very much to watch Kimberly give him a blowjob and assured him that she would also swallow all of his load, his semen. He didn’t need to worry about any kind of mess or wild shots going everywhere. He shyly smiled slightly and almost whispered, “Okay.”

The only portion of this evening practiced was that on cue when I said “okay” to her she would lift her arms straight into the air allowing me to pull up on her nightie with my thumb and index fingers at the shoulder straps lifting it up and off her exposing her completely naked body with saggy tits drooping and nipples dangling like peas. Carl just said, “Oh wow.” Kimberly scooted on her knees toward Carl between his knees, reached over and started slowly unzipping his pants as if she were being recorded for a porn film.

After unzipping his fly, she unbuckled his belt, pulled the button through the hole to release his pants and told him to lift up so she could pull his pants all the way down to his knees, then over his knees and onto his ankles. Next came his underwear following the same path as I saw her sneak a peak at what she would soon have in her mouth as they came across his kneecaps. Carl was already erect with an impressive cock and big balls. As good hosts, she untied his dress shoes slipping them off followed by his socks. I got the feeling at this moment that Kimberly was keeping the prospect of Carl being naked and fucking her later in her mind, but she prefers men to be naked when she sucks their cock, but as with in the very beginning, she will suck cock through the fly of a man’s pants in a car in a parking lot.

As she got his shoes and socks off and finished pulling his pants and underwear completely off of his tall somewhat hairy body, Carl was getting his shirt and t-shirt off. He had already taken his tie off in his car. Kimberly moved the palms of both hands slowly along the top of Carl’s thighs kissing his thighs as her hands moved upward. Her kissing mouth got next to his big bulbous balls with her hands now on his stomach and chest as she raised her head from his groin, and while bringing her hands back down across his stomach took his now slightly purplish-red shaft into her hands. He could’ve been a male magazine model if he were better looking and younger, but his cock was a handsome sight.

Carl looked up at me sheepishly with a slight grin that almost asked for approval, so I nodded my head in the affirmative with a broad smile. Kimberly had his massive chisel in both hands now, so I began instructing her here and there. “Run your wet tongue all the way up his cock from his balls baby,” I said. She did as instructed and let her tongue slowly waggle and wiggle flat against his warm, hard, taut skin from his big balls to the tip of his cock and swirled her tongue around the top. I got a little closer and knelt down beside her to watch with great interest and growing arousal and desire at this spectacle.
I could see her instinctively grasp and squeeze around his shaft as her hands moved upward from his balls bringing a small glob of pre-cum out the tip of his head. Her tongue then her mouth engulfed his mushroom head and I heard the sucking sound as she took in and swallowed the tiny morsel of semen.
She moaned with delight as her after dinner dessert was salty tasting she said when I asked then taking in one motion about a third of his cock as she moved her head down then back up again as the blowjob had begun toward its goal of a full mouth of Carl’s semen. I told her to tell me what his semen tasted like when she was finished swallowing all of it. That’s a turn on for me.

With each passing sweep, I could see her thin layer of saliva left behind moistening his remarkably smooth, soft cock making his dick glisten from the light in the room. I have to admit his cock looked impressive, nicely shaped like a stalk of celery with that thick vein running up and down the back of it. There were other smaller purplish veins running along the shaft and that mushroom head looked like the handle of a baseball bat. I wondered if it helped bring a woman to orgasm. I went into the bedroom to strip naked then rejoined them with Kimberly alternating between long rhythmic motions up and down and bending down far enough to run the tip of her tongue around his balls. Carl didn’t shave his balls as is the norm for most men, so she unfortunately wasn’t going to take an entire ball like a jawbreaker into her warm, wet mouth to suck. I hated that she couldn’t and wouldn’t. I loved it when she would lick and suck my freshly washed and shaved balls as I dropped them gently onto her waiting mouth tea bagging her as I straddled her face jerking my cock looking down her naked body at her feet until I blasted all over her tits and tummy as a change up from straight oral sex or intercourse.

I began stroking while standing near them with simple liquid soap and saliva. I too was rock hard and was completely enjoying and getting off on my wife sucking another man’s cock at my direction and demand. I told Carl that he could speak to Kimberly about how good she is and how great it felt to have her sucking his cock, sucking all the semen out of his filled balls. She was anticipating a salty load when it came, but things changed slightly just about then. I decided to make this evening into a threesome of sorts but with Carl and Kimberly as the main act. I wiped my cock with a towel, put more saliva onto the head with my index finger and thumb and positioned myself on my knees behind Kimberly and slipped my smaller chisel into her pussy from behind.

With moderate back and forth pumps, she see-sawed between Carl’s big hard cock in her mouth and my cock ham slamming her thighs. Because I really couldn’t see his big cock in her hungry mouth, I stopped fucking her and asked Carl if he might accommodate his host. I asked them both to get up from the couch to walk over to the short wall near the kitchen. Once there, both naked, I told Kimberly to drop to her knees again against the wall and for Carl to take her head into his firm hands to begin fucking her mouth like a pussy. He obeyed and slipped his rounded mushroom head past her thin lips and into her mouth where he started the back and forth slow fucking of her mouth with her head against the wall. Since he was a gentleman and most of a man’s sensation is centered around the head and its rim, he only pushed the head plus another half inch to inch into and our of her mouth. He groaned with ecstasy measuring his entry into and out of her mouth. Once in awhile he pushed farther toward the back of her throat but never forcing a full gag.

Though I realized that I should’ve had Kimberly lie across Carl’s lap on the couch while sucking his cock initially, the better to witness the blowjob for me, I now decided that my go-to conclusion would happen. I asked Carl if he would like to fuck Kimberly in our bed to which he replied with an eager “yes.”

Feeling ritualistic if not theatrical, I asked him to pick her up and carry her like a bride across the threshold into our bed. He smiled and picked her up with little effort her arms swung around his neck and a girlie smile across her face. While he had fucked her mouth against the wall, I thought she looked so hot, so sexual, almost beautiful and not ugly as the day is long as my mother had remarked a couple years earlier when they met.

Carl gently laid Kimberly onto our bed and without prompting almost instinctively, he knelt down to lick her quivering clit. Kimberly ran her fingers through his hair for a few seconds then reached over to the night stand drawer to open it to pull out a small tube of sex lubricant and placed it on the bed next to her limp eager body. Carl looked up, wiped his mouth then looked at me. I said, “Okay now Carl, it’s time to slide your cock inside her.” Kimberly then opened the top to the lube and as Carl stood up, she squeezed some thick gel-like lube all over the big mushroom head of his massive cock. The lube was slow to move with gravity, and the rim of his head kept it from spilling over onto the bed.

After Kimberly put the lid back on the lube and pushed it aside, Carl lowered himself into position lining up his mighty hammer with its target, the soaking wet tunnel leading into the dark recesses of my wife’s pussy and the womb which was hopefully covered and protected by her diaphragm which had never failed, which is to say that she had never gotten pregnant. I was torn between allowing him to shoot everything deep inside her because of the diaphragm or to have him pull out so I could see him blast successive ropes of semen onto her flat tits and tummy maybe even reaching her face. In my perfect world, he would go to the bathroom after he was done while I feverishly fucked her seeing his globs of fresh, hot semen glistening up at me driving me crazy with added desire until I came inside her instead.

Carl slowly got the position just right, felt the warmth emanating from her pussy cave and then began to slip and slide into her with his hips wriggling side to side so the insertion wouldn’t be savage but erotically sensual. Like a dentist working a tooth from side to side to extract it, Carl slowly, almost accidentally if he weren’t fucking her, slipped his big head in along with another half inch causing Kimberly to gasp slightly even though she had put lube on him. Older men like Carl know how to be sensuous, and they appreciate foreplay more than younger less seasoned men. As Carl continued to slide in and his body upward toward her he leaned over and kissed her lower chest stopping to suck her nipples one then the other, allowing her pussy the time to accommodate his huge hard cock simultaneously expanding to take him in yet contracting right afterward intuitively grasping at his cock to tighten therefore heightening his sensuality and ensuring that his cock would eventually succumb to her tight, wet pussy drawing by the laws of nature his thick, pearly white cloudy semen and sperm out of his cock racing toward the womb. I wondered if she would feel the blast of his escaping semen hit her diaphragm as she claimed mine had done once before. She told me that she thought she felt something as I came one time, but my desire was for Carl to be a great shooter with lots of semen coming out. I am not a big shooter.

After sucking her nipples for a couple seconds, he continued his snake-like slithering and sliding sinking his wide cock further and further into her while she moaned, her moaning becoming more reckless with every inch of his invading cock going deeper and deeper. He eventually reached her neck and began kissing at her neck like a panting dog until he lifted his torso up almost fully inside her bringing his knees completely onto the edge of our bed and starting the still slow but precisely paced back and forth fucking motion making Kimberly open her eyes widely realizing that another man with a huge cock was fucking her in our bed while I watched with my own hard on aching to cum.

Kimberly lay on her back eyes almost not blinking like a fuck doll as Carl now began picking up the pace balls deep pulling back 3 or 4 inches but not out of her before sliding like a jack hammer back inside all the way. I loved the sound of their hips and thighs clanging against each other with that fleshy slapping sound. I asked Kimberly if she put the diaphragm in, and she just nodded not even looking toward me only at Carl’s face while he fucked her oh so sensuously but with hard thrusts now. It had become an evening beyond what I had expected, and I was so turned on. I told Kimberly to put her nice feet onto Carl’s chest as he pushed her body back and forth on the bed with his forceful thrusts, confident and with deliberation, but not overly forceful. I have a major foot fetish so I love seeing women’s bare feet when watching porn videos and especially my wife’s feet now planted onto Carl’s reddening chest as he moaned and groaned while fucking her in and out. Up to that moment, Kimberly had been somewhat stone faced staring into Carl’s face with some slight slower, deeper breathing like she had been a concubine, a fuck doll servicing another man for my enjoyment only, but now, she began a heavier almost panting and moaning pace of breathing as she seemed to be giving in to the moment no longer able to pretend not to enjoy it in case I got unexpectedly mad. I told her to let go and have her orgasm if that’s what she wanted. She closed her eyes for a few seconds with her lips closed tightly breathing through her nose then she opened her mouth letting out a lung’s full of pent up air moaning out loud. Then, she said to Carl with the most serious and concentrated look, “Oh God, you are so hard. That cock is so thick and long. I can feel you all the way up. All the way in to my bones, Jesus!” I went to the side of them to watch, and with Kimberly’s feet still glued to Carl’s chest, I saw his thick, unbelievably hard vein-riddled pipe pushing its way deep inside her with no effort like a hot knife when it cuts through cold butter. Kimberly was moaning and groaning loudly now with no pretensions and no good girl wife facade.

I told Carl that he could French kiss Kimberly if he wanted to. I love kissing and find it absolutely intoxicating while making love. He waited for 3 seconds still fucking her picking up the pace arching his back to get all the way in. He leaned over, and their lips met, and I could see their tongues playing together with Carl’s back arched upward so he could both keep fucking her and kiss her sensuously since he was some 6 feet tall.

I said that he could switch positions so they did, and Kimberly went on all fours while Carl slipped all the way in with no resistance as Kimberly’s pussy was now completely sopping wet widening more and more with each previous thrust. She was as wide now as she would get as her pussy on cue was also grasping around his cock like an octopus envelopes its prey. His hips were slapping against hers methodically, and I couldn’t believe that this man, so much bigger than myself, could possibly fit all of his hard meat into her beautiful pussy, that he could bury all of it deeply inside her without bottoming out, without hitting a wall preventing him from going further.

I guess because of my foot fetish, I asked Carl to move her back into a missionary position, but just then, he exclaimed, “Oh my God, I don’t think I can make it. I’m going to cum now.” I don’t know why because I had earlier thought to have him pull out to cum onto her belly and tits so I could see his semen pooling on her when I fucked her, but since he was clearly ready to blow like a whale, I ordered him to pump all of his warm load as deeply into her pussy as possible. I told him, “Just shoot everything deep into her Carl. Give her all of it. Empty your balls and blow everything inside her.”

With that last comment, Carl let out a wail, and I said, “Keep fucking her through it all, keep fucking her in and out!” Carl arched his back thrusting his hips and cock into Kimberly with the first blast then started the back and forth fucking motion as he continued to almost scream. Before Carl finished fucking her, he had moved his arms under her reaching around over top of her shoulders with his hands on her shoulders grasping and holding her into place as he plowed her fast and hard at an incredible pace shooting every blast of his semen into her as deeply as he could. Carl fucked her like it was going to be his last time fucking anyone or anything. The rapid fire pace of his fucking and the constant, incessant slapping of skin against skin was so damn hot! Kimberly spread her legs as far apart as she could and moved her hips downward to let all his hot juice fill her insides as she said that she could feel his semen pounding against the protective diaphragm wanting to burst through vibrating the device the pistol-like shots! She looked utterly ravaged and sad that his huge cock filling every centimeter of her pussy was finished fucking her so hard and so good. Carl’s motion slowed like a carnival carousel coming to a steady but paced stop. Carl took one last deep breath and leaned over to French kiss Kimberly again placing the palms of both his hands underneath her head bringing her head up to meet his flushed lips as they feverishly kissed. I’m sure Carl may have thought this might be the one and only time he would ever get to fuck my wife, Kimberly, and to have her wet expert mouth suck his sex-starved cock, but he was wrong.

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    Way , way to over worded for my taste, so much so that I wouldn’t get hard it I tried. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good story just to long and drawn out to be erotic just a story ……sorry