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part 3 on show

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Mr Collins said to call him Peter. He was a little tubby and as I had been told by my older friend, totally hairless and totally nude and his cock was way big.
It was kind of really sexy to see another nude body that had no hair, just like mine.
I was nude already and could kind of feel the two nude mens eyes glued to my body, I loved the attention, It was making me super horny. My whole body was tingling and I could not stop talking and fidgeting, bouncing from foot to foot.
Oh look his stiffie is bouncing and wriggling and both his hands were on his big cock..said the man

Mr Collins laid on the thick carpet, his bum was big and super sexy, To my surprise Alex asked him to stand again and spread a plastic sheet on the floor.
Mr Collins laid down again and Alex started pouring baby oil all over his bum, tons of it.
Then more from a new bottle.
His bottom wriggled like crazy and was glistening sexily.
As directed I eagerly lay down on him, my three and a half inches and my belly and chest soon smothered in slippery oil. It so funny we were all giggling loudly, it was almost impossible for me to stay on top of him.

Alex held my ankles and began to push and slide my wriggling body up and down Mr Collins arse, it felt so wonderful.
Especially when my stiffie slipped into his warm and oily crack and even more so when I felt my cock tip slip against what must have been his hole.
I was literally laughing and moaning. When Ales pushed faster and harder we we all in sexual heaven.
Mr Collins just moaned and moaned.
Alex made his way to the side of us and his hands began to caress my tight bum .As he did so his weight pushed my cock deeper into Mr Collins oily crack, Then he began to thrust, ohh shit it felt so amazing. One of Alex hands kept thrusting my oily bum down into the mans rising to meet my cock
The other hand had difficulty spreading my thrusting bum cheeks both because of the slippery skin and because I was out of control wriggling.
Suddenly if got a bit of a shock, my belly seemed full, then I realised that I had been so far out to space with pleasure that I had not really noticed any kind of pain at all.
I had suddenly felt full because his finger was fully embedded in my arse, all the way.
I even found myself pushing back.
so that as my hips rose, his finger went deeper still.
Very soon I was actually bucking like a horse, I so wanted that finger to go deeper, my bucking sent Mr. Collins into a frenzy.

We were catching our breath, all laying naked on our backs. Both mens cocks were dripping sweet cum and I could not help it, I rolled to both and slowly and longingly sucked the remaining cum and swallowed all.
Owww said Alex, I do feel kind oily and we all laughed like crazy.
We will all need a shower I said.
No need, said Alex, I have a pool out back and tons of soap.
You have a pool? I asked surprised.
Yes laughed Alex, why want to bring a friend over for a swim pretty boy.
I smiled at him and replied, well I just might, would you mind? I asked teasingly.
Fuck no said Mr. Collins can I come, he laughed.
oh by the way, what is that enema thing you spoke about.

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    This is hot 🥵!

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    I never got to do anything with my cousin but when I was 10, I met a strange man who brought me to his car and had me get naked before he unlocked the car and let me get inside then he pushed my mouth onto his penis then into my butt. He finished inside my butt then plugged it in with a toy. He took me home then went at me again and finished all over my face. He told me that I am not allowed to remove the plug unless I use the toilet or clean it and my butthole in the shower. I can only take it out if a new person uses me like he did and tells me I can take it out and keep it out. If anyone wants a young pansexual boy, I have a Kik LeeOh13.

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    Loving this wishing I was the boy

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      d love to chat with you

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    Great story, more please keep it cumming