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it’s nothing you won’t see when you’re older: Part 8

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I have Faith and somebody gets jealous.

The exams were over, so Faith and I were finally released from our studies and free to get on with the serious business of teen romance.
It seemed like so long since our last date. We were getting on so well and I was making great progress – if you know what I mean…
We had both ended up naked in my bed for the first time and and she let me finger her fanny.
I know she loved it!
I hoped see hadn’t “gone cold” while we’d been apart.

We arranged to meet at the tennis courts again. Faith went there with her dad, but he was practising for a competition so he left us to our own devices.
My girlfriend was just as beautiful as I remembered – if anything her hair had got longer and her boobs had got even bigger.
We played a couple of sets. It was hard for me to concentrate when she was wearing that short, little tennis dress that she knew I loved.
I was constantly distracted by the way her boobs bounced under her shirt and
I’m sure she knew what she was doing when she stretched or bent and allowed a flash of thigh or a glimpse of her frilly panties.
I’m sure every man there was hoping to see what she had up there, under her skirt.
But only I would find out…


The tennis was fun, but we had better games in mind so, after playing for long enough not to make our intentions too obvious, we made our excuses and left.

We made small talk as we walked the path towards my house, but slowed when we neared the bushes where I had taken Faith for a furtive snog a few weeks ago.
She seemed thoughtful and nervous today. She took a deep breath and grabbed my arm.
“Come on then”
She pulled me into the foliage.
“I should have done this last time, but I didn’t know, so I’ll have to do it now!”
She pulled at my shorts.

“Hey, what are you doing?” I chuckled.

“Hold still. I can’t get the button undone if you won’t stand still.” she scolded. “I forgot my manners last time, so I owe you, don’t I..”

“What? You don’t owe me anything.”

“Well you gave me a lovely organism last time and I didn’t give anything back.”

She pulled out my cock and started to wank it like I had shown her.

“Oh, er, my. Well that’s great. Thanks. But you don’t have to.”

Faith was concentrating, working out what to do. Pulling and jerking, feeling my dick harden and twitch, studying it closely and trying to make it work properly.
“No I’m your girlfriend, so it’s my job isn’t it.
Wendy’s magazine, says so.
Ohhh look!”

She shrieked with delight, thrilled to have created the spunky fountain spurting towards her, but hopping out of the way to avoid a soaking.

“I did it.
I gave you an organism.
I did do it right, didn’t I? I’ve never seen one before.”

“Oh God yes. You certainly did it right” I gasped, “but it’s called an orgasm not an organism.”

“I don’t care! I did it, like a good girlfriend should!
Come on. Let’s go to yours!
Bet you can’t catch me!
Last one to the chip shop’s a wally!

She bounded down the path as I struggled to get my sticky, wet cock back into my shorts.
I charged after her grabbing her from behind, wrapping my arms around her and grabbing her tits. I didn’t care who saw us.
“Now who’s a wally!”

“Oh you dirty boy! Can’t you wait till we get home!”

She was obviously up for it.
She hadn’t “gone cold” at all.

Stacy was waiting for us when we got to my house.
It was a bank holiday weekend, a tradional British holiday that has something to do with the church calendar, but no one seems to know why. It’s enough to know that it’s a three day holiday when everyone lets their hair down and has a good time.
Lots of people go away during the bank holidays and this weekend my parents were in Yorkshire at a wedding and Donna had gone to stay with one of her friend’s.
So, only Stacy and I were the only ones at home.

“Hi, lovely to see you again.” My big sister greeted Faith. “I’m just doing lunch, if you’d like anything.”

“Oh no thank you,” Faith replied, “We just ate out.”

She meant the chips, but Stacy giggled at the double entendre. Neither I, nor my girlfriend knew why.

“Okay, just let me know if you change your mind” She left us alone and we made our way upstairs.

To my bedroom.

At least I thought it was my bedroom.
Stacy had been busy, making it fit for a young lady to visit.
The floor was cleared of rubbish.
The dirty clothes were in the laundry basket where they belonged.
The shelves had been dusted.
The carpets vacuumed, the air freshened.
And, of course, the bed had been made – complete with fresh linens.

What a great sister!

Faith walked in ahead of me and pulled the curtains shut.
I closed the door behind us.
We were, truly alone together, at last.

We didn’t waste any time. It was only a few minutes before the floor was once more littered with our clothes and the clean white sheets were creased by our hot, sweaty, naked bodies.
We kissed and caressed; fondled and fumbled; squeezed and suckled like the young lovers we were.

Faith was more confident this time, not only running her hands over my back and chest, but reaching down lower to grope at my arse and play with my dick.
And she knew what she wanted from me too, dragging one loving hand away from her breast and shoving it between her legs
“Do me like you did last time. Please.” she asked, breathily, parting her thighs to permit unbridled access.

I didn’t reply – my mouth was too busy sucking on her newly released tit, but my fingers went to work, without delay. They rubbed and circled at her fanny, pushing through her folds, enjoying the increasing moisture as they pawed past her petals.
I palmed her rhythmically from top to bottom, those fingers sliding along her slit, whilst my thumb and palm nudged and rubbed at her clit.

Faith was getting what she wanted.
She moaned and squirmed her approval. “Oh, oh. Oh yes. Dan yes, that’s the spot. Oh my god. Finger me. Stick in there, like last time.”

“Let’s try this first.” I whispered.

“No don’t… Ohmygod.
Are you going to?. I didn’t think boys really did that!
Ohhh hell. Don’t stop.”

I didn’t stop.
My head was between her legs.
My mouth on her cuunt.
Lapping her labia.
Splitting her slit.
Tasting the soap from her morning shower, the sweat from the tennis court and the unique personal tang of her feminine juices of arousal.

She grabbed the back of my head, keeping it in place.
“Oh, oh shit shit shit. No one’s ever… Oh…”
My tongue was at her clit. Flicking and licking, like she had never thought possible.
I could barely hold her down as she wriggled beneath me and when I sucked on her nub….

She spasmed and squealed in delight. Out of control, as her orgasm tore through her.

She was so much louder than either Stacy or Donna had been. Naturally I assumed that was the result of my oral prowess.
I must be getting better….

It took a while for Faith to come back down. She kissed me hard on the lips, not seeming to mind the taste of her sex on my lips.

“Oh my god, Dan. I didn’t think boys did that for real. I thought you all just wanted to get off yourselves, but that ….. that was amazing. Thank you.” She kissed me again until….
“Oh hell sorry. I’m forgetting my manners again. Sorry. I need to do the same for you.”
She shuffled down the mattress until she was facing my cock.”

“It’s okay Faith you don’t have to, if you don’t want to. Just use your hand again if you like. I won’t mind.”

“No. I need to. You deserve it and the magazine says I’ll have to do it one day. It’s only fair. I’ve never tried before, though. Sorry if it’s not very good.”

She kissed it.
Timidly, on the head.
Then she took hold of it.
Keeping it still whilst she licked at the shaft.
Experimenting, licking longer and harder as she got the hang of it.

“Oh yeah,” I felt my own breath becoming ragged. “That’s good Faith, really good. Just keep going.”
I wasn’t trying to pressure her and I really didn’t need to. My girlfriend was determined to do Wendy’s magazine had told her she must.
She opened her mouth wide and closed her lips around my cock, sucking me into the hot, wet haven.
With a hand at the stem and her lips over the helmet she nodded her head back and forth, sucking and licking as the magazine had instructed.

It was good – all blow jobs are – but I told how well she was doing, how special she was making me feel, what a great girlfriend she was.
My cock swelled and twiched within her and then I started to tense as I felt that familiar stirring in my loins, overcoming my teenage resistance.

I warned her that it was time and she knew what to expect, but she didn’t pull away. I guess the magazine had told her that good girlfriend’s swallowed for their men.
So I spunked into her mouth.
I good load shooting straight into her virgin throat.

She choked, gagged, coughed, spat and coughed again.
“Oh fuck, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.” She apologised so quickly that she hadn’t even noticed the splatter all over her face, neck and tits. And she didn’t know she had got any in her hair until she visited the bathroom.

I assured her that I didn’t mind, it felt great and she didn’t need to swallow, but she insisted on licking me clean anyway. She told me that it tasted nice and opened her mouth afterwards to demonstrate that she had taken every drop.

We lay together for a while holding eachother, caressing gently, neither of us demanding or expecting more.


It was approaching the hour when I had to return my girlfriend to her parents. We dressed, washed up and went downstairs.
Stacy was waiting for us.
She smiled.
“Oh, I’m having some ice cream. Would you like some.” she offered kindly.

“No, thank you, I”m okay.” replied Faith, politely.
My sister whispered something in her ear, “Oh, okay then. Yes thank you.”
We all tucked in to the raspberry ripple before I walked my girlfriend home.

I held Faith tight, by my side, as we reluctantly made our way back to her house.
She looked up at me, “Stacy seems nice.”

“Yeah, she’s not a bad sister, I suppose. And she likes you. What was all that whispering about.”

She grinned naughtily, a little embarrassed. “You mean the ice cream?”.

I nodded.

“She said it would help take the taste away and soothe my throat. She’d heard me sucking on your cock.
Was I really that loud?”

I chuckled, “Oh yeah. You must have been well into it.”

“Couldn’t you tell?” She gave my butt a playful slap. “Er, anyway. Can I ask you a question?”.

“Of course.” What did she have in mind.

“Well, I, er found something… under your bed when I was getting dressed.”

I was puzzled, “And why were you looking under my bed?”

She sighed and rolled her eyes, “I was looking for my knickers, wasn’t I?” I got another slap. “But I found a box under there. A little box…”

Oh… “You mean the rubbers.”

“Yeah,” Faith was embarrassed – we both were. “I mean you didn’t want to… You weren’t expecting me to… Were you?”

We were passing a pond. It was usually popular with kids eager to feed the birds and old folks needing somewhere to rest, but there were just the two of us right now so l sat her on one of the benches, looking into her eyes.
It was time for the most intimate conversation of our relationship.

I took a deep breath.
“Stacy gave them to me.
I didn’t ask her for them.
She could see how well we were getting on and gave them to me, just in case we might need them sometime.
She wanted us to be safe.”

“Oh, I see.” Faith seemed to be a little relieved.
“So why didn’t you? You know.. try to get me to? Well use one with you today.”

“I didn’t think you’d want to.
Well not yet anyway.
I wasn’t sure what to do on our first date, so I asked Stacy for her advice.
I told her about you and how we’d met and she said that I should try to be a gentleman. Find out what you liked, take things at your speed.
Not to rush you into doing things you weren’t ready for. You know, like a caveman bashing you on the head and dragging you back to his cave to have his wicked way.”

I paused. She giggled politely, encouraging me to continue.

“Well just because this was the week that Stacy gave me some rubbers, it didn’t mean it had to be the week when you had to wanted to use them, did it?
Who knows when that will be – if at all,” I added quickly, I didn’t want to sound presumptuous.

“Okay, I just thought that you might have been disappointed.” She shook her head, “I should have knownyou were a gentleman. Thank you for not rushing me.”

“That’s okay.” We hugged and continued on our way.

“It’s good that you have Stacy, for advice. I sometimes wish I had brothers or sisters to talk to. I have to borrow Wendy’s magazines instead.”

“Well don’t knock it.” I kissed the top of head. “They gave you some very good ideas today.” I joked.

“Well you had some good ideas too. Where did you get those? Was that Stacy too?”

“Er yeah… she helped.” I wasn’t going to admit how much she’d helped!


“Dan! Telephone!”
Stacy called me from the hall (it was a landline – there was no other sort), “It’s Faith” she whispered with a grin, as she passed me the handset.
I’d only taken her home a few hours ago. What could she want now?

“Oh hi Dan. I forgot to ask. Are you busy tomorrow?”

“No of course not..”

“Good, I know it’s rude of me to ask, but could you give me a hand with my French homework? I can’t make head nor tail of it but it’s probably the same assignment you did a couple of years ago, so I’m sure you’ll know what to do?”

“Sorry, love, I was crap at French. I dropped it last year.”

“Oh that’s great! Can I call round after lunch then? About 2 o’clock?”

The penny dropped.
“Can your parents hear you?” I asked.

“Yes that’s right.” Came her reply. “So 2 o’clock, yes?”

“And there isn’t any French homework, is there?”

“Oh don’t worry about that? I’m sure you’ll be able to help.”

We said our goodbyes and I told Stacy that Faith would be calling tomorrow.
She suggested that I gave one of the rubbers a “test drive” so I wasn’t all fingers and thumbs and confusion if we decided to use one for real…


My beautiful, sexy, grinning girlfriend arrived at 2pm, precisely the following afternoon. We kissed at the door and Stacy shouted, “Hi,” from the living room, not wishing to intrude, but wanting to reassure Faith that she was there if she needed her.
But at that moment, Faith didn’t need anybody except me.

We went straight up to my room and snogged on the bed, both fully clothed but our hands roaming freely over eachother’s bodies.

“So what about the homework then?” I asked, motioning towards the school bag, she had brought with her.

“Oh I’ve just got some makeup and stuff in there.” she explained, “This is the only French I’ve brought with me.”
She pointed at her white tee shirt with “Je t’aime Paris” and a picture of its biggest landmark over her left boob.

“Oh, well even I know that means “I love Paris.”” I told her.

“Yeah, we had a holiday there last year and we went up the Eiffel Tower, but it looks like you’ve got that in your pants!”, she giggled.

There was no denying it, I was hard as hell.

Faith took a breath. “You know I’m not here for homework. I’m here because… well I’m ready… if you want to?”

“Sure?” I asked.

“Certain.” she put her hand on my crotch. “You’ve been very patient.
Wendy’s magazine says it’s okay to do it on your third date but this is our sixth! Well, the seventh if you count that time you met my parents for tea.
I’ve made you wait for long enough. It’s time high time I let you put your Eiffel Tower into my Arc de Triomphe.”

I was sure no body had ever called it that before!
We kissed to seal the deal
And then it was time to do IT…

We had all afternoon, but we didn’t want to wait. We’d both fantasised about this moment so many times in the past and now we moved with urgency to live out our dreams.

I quickly stripped away her tee shirt and skirt, leaving her in nothing more than the matching cream underwear that I had asked her to wear to the school disco on a very memorable date.

Faith, meanwhile, fumbled at my buttons and my zipper until I was wearing no more than my newest Y fronts and far too much of my father’s aftershave.
She left the underpants in place and reached behind herself to unhook her bra, inviting me to spend some time on tits before getting down to the main event.

She gasped as I gorged on her breasts. One filling my hand and the other filling my mouth. Big and bouncy and beautiful, they would normally have been enough to please me on their own, but tonight they were no more than an entree.
The greatest prize was still to come.

Faith reached down into my pants to grab my swollen manhood. I thrilled at her touch and took it as my cue to slide my free hand under her silken knickers and stroke her cunt.
It was reassuringly moist, perfectly designed to receive a man’s cock and lubricating itself to accept mine, in the way that nature intended.

We hastily released ourselves of our underwear, tugging and kicking it away before lying naked, entwined, and longing for eachother like the young lovers we were.

I reached under my pillow, to collect my rubbers from their hiding place. Faith smiled nervously. It was time…

I quickly sheathed my cock and put my head between her legs, giving her slit a few long licks, to ensure she was still wet before we moved into position.

My girlfriend, flat on her back, legs akimbo.
Me above her, lining up my latex covered cock with her sacred slot.

I pushed into her virgin space.
Just a couple of inches.
It wonderful – even through the rubber – her body was warm and welcoming, stretching and opening up to accommodate my intruder.
I paused, expecting to find a barrier, but found none.
Faith gasped something about Wendy and a shampoo bottle and not to worry, so I pressed on.
Rocking into her, inch by inch, gently but relentlessly. Probing deeper, responding to her moans and movements, holding back my climax, as best a teenage boy can.

I came first (of course!)
Squirting inside her.
Out of control.
Filling the condom with my seed.

Faith squealed with delight as she felt me spasm within her and she squealed again a few moments later when I did my duty and licked and sucked her to a climax of her own.

We had done it.
Faith had had sex with a boy for the first time.
And I had had sex with someone that wasn’t my sister for the first time.

We had both loved it and loved that we had shared that pleasure with eachother.
We were a real couple.
Our relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend, consummated in the most carnal and vital way.

We had to do it again, of course.
It was only “missionary” again though – I think the “magazine” had told her not to go too far, the first time – but it was so much better than before.
We took our time
I stroked every inch of her wonderful body, while she caressed mine.
She concentrated on my cock, massaging it back to hardness before offering up her sodden cunt, desperate to feel me penetrate her her once more.

I drove in deep.
Possessing her body and soul.
Pistoning down inside her as she rose up to meet me.
Moving and melding with eachother in perfect harmony.
Sighing, panting and climaxing together, in a noisy, writhing, sweaty, tangle of teenage sex.

I’m sure Stacy must have heard us but she never said anything.


It was strange to see Faith back at school a couple of days later, looking all prim and proper in her smartly pressed, regulation school uniform.

We kept our distance, as though we were afraid that we wouldn’t be able to contain our urges, but we kept stealing glances and grinning at each other.

My mates were too busy talking about football and cars to notice my distraction but Faith’s pals were in no doubt about her weekend’s adventures. Buzzing around her like bees about a honey pot – grinning, giggling and blushing – the saucy lot.

Faith had never looked so happy, sexy or desirable.

I couldn’t wait for our next date.


I walked home, full of teenage dreams, imagining what Faith & I might get up to next.
But someone was waiting for me in my bedroom and she was far from happy.

“You’ve shagged her then!”

“What do you mean?”

“Faith, of course!
Don’t deny it. I saw her at school. Prancing around like a queen.
A bet you did it right here in this bed didn’t you?”

“Well, yeah. Twice! Not that it’s any of your business!” I didn’t understand why my little sister was so pissed at me.

“If it’s none of my business why did you have to sneak about and do it while I was away for the weekend?
You didn’t even tell me!
And you wouldn’t have even known how to get her bra off if I hadn’t let you practice on me!”

“Bloody hell, Donna. Yes, I had sex with my girlfriend while mum and dad were away. I could hardly do it while they were sleeping in the next room could I?
And I didn’t tell anybody because it’s Faith’s private business, isn’t it?
What sort of a boyfriend would I be if I blabbed it all around the school?”
I paused, drew a breath and softened my voice.
“What’s the matter Donna?
Anybody would think you were jealous!”

“Of course I’m jealous, you idiot!” My little sister threw her arms around me.
“Stacy’s always got a boyfriend.
You’ve got Faith, now and I’ve got no one.” She sobbed a little.
I held her tight. “What about Sean? Did you two split up or something?”

“Yeah,” she sniffed, “You were right. He was too immature for me.
He kept going, trying to get me to suck his dick so I asked him if he knew what “going down” meant, but it was just like you said.
He’d got a clue!
He just thought it was what happened to football teams that finished at the bottom of the league.
He’s got no idea how to make me feel good. Not the way that you did.”

“Oh I’m sorry.
So did you dump him then?”

“Yeah, kind of. I told him we should take a break until we’re both a bit older, but he can ask me out again next year, if he still fancies me.”

“That was a nice way to do it.”

“Thanks,” she smiled a little, “but now I’ve followed your advice and I’ve got no one and Faith’s got you and it’s just not fair!”

“Oh I see. It’s all my fault is it?” I asked playfully, tickling her and trying to make a joke of it.
“You’re not jealous are you?” I asked in a silly voice. “You know what happens to jealous little girls, don’t you?”
I stood over her as though we were playing a childish game, roaring like a monster and reaching out to grab her in my claws.

Donna jumped and ran away from me, squealing and giggling like a little girl.
She scampered around the room, but she knew she couldn’t escape – perhaps she didn’t want to.
I wrapped my arms around her, holding her captive and carried her to my bed.
She continued to wriggle and squeal, but she didn’t mind being caught.
She knew the game.

I put her over my knee and pulled up her tartan school skirt.
“I’ll teach you not to jealous!” I announced in a playful bossy voice.

“Oh no Sir, please.” my little sister giggled.

“No, you’ve got to learn…!”
And I gave her a lesson. Spanking her beautiful backside, warming both buttocks in turn.
It was a game we both loved.
Donna continued to squeal and giggle. Wriggling on my lap and – no doubt – noticing the boner growing on my pants.

“Well that’s not going to teach me a anything” she taunted, “Do you call those spanks? I can hardly feel them.”

“Well we’d better get these silly little knickers off then, hadn’t we.” I responded with enthusiasm, pulling them away and baring her arse completely, enjoying its naked glory and revelling in the knowledge that it was totally at my mercy.

I slapped and smacked and spanked away at the soft, pliant, reddening cheeks, feeling privileged at the power and trust my little sister had granted me and delighted that she seemed to me enjoying the “punishment” just as much as I was.
When I thought she had had enough, l asked her the traditional question.
“Well girl. Do you think you have learned your lesson?”

“What lesson.” She shot back, earning herself another slap.

“Have you learned not to be jealous of my girlfriend?”

“No Sir, I haven’t.” Came her cheeky reply, “And spanking me won’t ever change that.”

I was intrigued, “And why not?” I asked.

“Well I’m jealous of Faith because she got fucked, so if you want me to stop
being jealous, it’s obvious what you need to do isn’t it?”

She was right, it was obvious…

I tossed her onto the bed.
“Right, you stay there until I get back” I ordered.
I stepped towards my door and then turned back to her, “And” I said as an afterthought, “Get the rest of those clothes off. I want you naked when I return!”

“Yes Sir!” was the eager reply.

I left my little sister to carry out my my instructions whilst I sought the help of our big sister, “Hey Stace, you couldn’t let me have some more rubbers could you?”

“Yeah, I think I’ve got some spare. I didn’t know you were seeing Faith tonight, though.”

“Erm,” I gave an embarrassed giggle, “They’re not for Faith…”

“Oh, er, well.
Who then?”
She stared at me, searching my face for clues.
“Not Donna !?” she exclaimed.

“Yeah,” nodded. “I know she’s young, but she’s more than ready and it’s nothing she won’t do when she’s older.”

(She’ll have do it in the next part, though because this one is longer enough already.)

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