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Runaway Daughter Part 2

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Mandy and Dolly make sure that Danny will not throw them out onto the street.

As Dolly watched her mother clean Danny’s cock, she noticed that it started to get hard again. Mandy continued to stroke and suck on it as it grew to its full length. Mandy was moaning and whimpering loudly as she fucked her mouth up and down the shaft.

Danny grabbed Mandy’s head with both of his hands and began to fuck her mouth like a pussy. Mandy dropped her hands down onto her lap and allowed Danny to use her mouth however he wanted. His balls slapped her chin and the room was filled with the glug glug glug glug glug glug of his cock popping in and out of her throat.

Dolly was enthralled by the actions of her mother. She again began to thrust her fingers inside of her tight little pussy. Seeing her mother getting her face fucked by Danny was something new to her. Danny watched Dolly and saw the look of pure desire in her eyes.

“Little lady do you want to try what I am doing to your mother?” He asked as he continued to assault Mandy’s throat.

Mandy’s eyes snapped up and looked at Danny with a concerned look. She wasn’t sure if that was a good idea but Dolly had different ideas.

“Yes Sir I do want to try it!” She moaned as she worked her fingers inside her smoldering little pussy.

Danny pulled out of Mandy’s mouth and turned to Dolly. He had her sit down on the coffee table so that her mouth was level with his cock. He pushed his cock against her lips and she opened her mouth as she looked up at Danny. Danny pushed his cock into her mouth and back to her throat. She immediately gagged and pulled her mouth off his cock as she sputtered and coughed.

“Don’t you dare pull your mouth off my cock again little lady! If you don’t want to live on the street you will just sit there and take it!” He growled as he grabbed her head again and began to push his cock into her mouth.

Mandy heard what he said about them returning to the street and she didn’t want to even think about that. She got behind Dolly and held her head still.

“Baby you are going to have to learn to take it down your throat. We can’t get thrown out onto the street. You need to relax your mouth and throat or it’s not going to feel good to you!” She whispered into Dolly’s ear.

Dolly started to cry as Danny’s cock began to push against the back of her throat. Dolly pushed hard against Danny’s legs as she tried to scream out.

“Hold her fucking arms down or you both are getting out!” Danny groaned as he pushed his cock deeper into her spasmodic throat.

Mandy obediently grabbed her daughter’s arms and held them at her sides. Danny held Dolly’s head as he thrust his cock into her throat without hesitancy. Dolly thrashed around trying to get free but she couldn’t get loose. Danny began to pump his cock into her throat over and over again.

“Baby you must learn to take a breath when he pulls out of your throat or you will pass out!” Mandy said as she continued to hold her daughter.

Mandy hated what was happening but she hated the thought of getting thrown out onto the street more. She knew that Danny wasn’t going to hurt Dolly but she also knew that his cock was going to be put into every hole that they both had.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS!” Danny groaned as he felt his balls slap Dolly’s chin.

Dolly had given up trying to fight him off as she faded in and out of consciousness. She wasn’t as proficient at breathing while getting her face fucked like her mother. She was rethinking her desire to be used like her mother. But it was futile to try to stop it from happening.

Her throat was becoming raw and sore as Danny raped her mouth. Mandy was trying to encourage her daughter to hang on and telling her what a good job she is doing. Mandy came to the realization that she and her daughter were now at the mercy of her father.

But somehow deep down inside of her, she was looking forward to being used by Danny and she was even looking forward to watching him use Dolly. Danny groaned deeply as he felt his cum boiling up his cock and he pushed his cock deeper into her spasmodic throat as he pumped stream after stream deep into her stomach.

Dolly had passed out from the lack of oxygen and she was slumped down. Mandy held her up so that Danny could finish dumping his load into her. Danny pulled his cock out of Dolly’s mouth as she gasped loudly sucking in deep breaths of air. Mandy picked her up and laid her down onto the couch.

“Daddy I won’t ever deny you anything but you will need to be a little more gentle with Dolly please!” She said as she reached out and grabbed his cock and sucked it into her mouth to clean it.

“She has to learn her place here. Just like you do so if you think that I am being too unfair then you can take her and find somewhere else to live!” He growled as he grabbed a handful of her hair pulling her face up to his.

She knew that he wasn’t kidding. She knew that she didn’t have a choice.

“Yes Sir. Sorry sir I will remember that. You are in control here!” She replied as she looked up into his eyes and saw the rage in them.

“And don’t you ever forget that!” He said as he pushed her down onto his cock again.

She finished cleaning his cock and balls. Afterwards she checked on Dolly and took her to get cleaned up so that they would be clean and ready for Danny.

The next morning Danny woke up and he smelled bacon and coffee. He stumbled out of bed and went into the kitchen and Mandy and Dolly were cooking breakfast.

“Good morning Daddy” Mandy smiled as she saw that he was naked and had a hard in.

Danny grabbed Dolly and pulled her over to the table and placed her onto her stomach over the table. He spread her legs open as far as he could and stepped between her legs. He dropped a large amount of spit onto the head of his cock and rubbed it across the slit of Dolly’s spread open pussy.

Mandy watched as Danny pushed his hard throbbing cock into Dolly’s pussy from behind. Dolly screamed out as he forced his cock deeper inside. Danny groaned deeply as he grabbed Dolly’s hips and pulled her back onto his cock until his balls slapped her clit.

Mandy turned and continued to cook breakfast as Danny continued to assault Dolly’s pussy. Soon Dolly was moaning and whimpering loudly as she began to orgasm. Danny jackhammered into his granddaughter’s battered pussy as he sought to relieve his morning wood.

Soon he grunted as his cock exploded inside Dolly’s pussy and he filled her with his incestuous seed. His plan was to impregnate her and her mother at some point so he wasn’t using protection and he was going to make sure neither of them were.

After he finished filling Dolly with his cum, he pulled out of her pussy and pulled her onto the floor between his legs.

“Clean up your mess little lady!” He commanded.

Dolly immediately began to suck his cock clean just like she had saw her mother do before. She remembered what he said about them being thrown out onto the street and she didn’t want that.
Even if it meant that she was going to be used as a fleshlight.

“Now you clean up your daughter after you fix me a plate and bring it to me!” He commanded as he walked into the living room and turned on the TV.

Mandy obediently fixed him a plate and took it to him before she sat Dolly onto the table and began to suck Danny’s cum from her daughter’s pussy. She moaned as she felt Dolly grab the back of her head and push her pussy against her mother’s mouth.

Danny watched Mandy and Dolly from the living room as he continued to eat. It didn’t take long before his cock was hard and throbbing again. He took his plate into the kitchen and then walked behind Mandy. He pulled her ass up and she immediately spread her legs open so that he had access to both holes.

Mandy continued to eat Dolly’s pussy as Danny shoved his cock into her soaking wet pussy. Mandy screamed out into Dolly’s pussy and this caused Dolly to scream out as her orgasm slammed her body.

“PLEASE FUCK ME DADDY!” Mandy moaned as he hammered her pussy from behind.

Danny fucked her pussy until it was coated with her juices and then he pulled out of her pussy and pushed his cock against her rosebud. She groaned out loud as she felt his cock stretch her tight little asshole. It popped in and slid all the way to his balls.

Danny set about pounding her ass from behind as he spanked her ass red. He watched as her cheeks rippled and turned red. She was screaming into Dolly’s pussy and Dolly was thrashing around on the table as her mother ate her through multiple orgasms.

“Work that ass on my cock skut!” Danny groaned as he hammered her ass.

Mandy obediently threw her ass back onto his cock.

“YES DADDY FUCK YOUR SLUTTY DAUGHTER’S ASS!” She screamed as her orgasm racked her body.

Dolly knew that he was going to be fucking her ass like that before too long. She was already beginning to understand her place here. She was a fuck toy just like her mother.

Danny continued to fuck Mandy’s ass until his balls erupted and he pulled out of her ass and slammed balls deep into her hot wet pussy as he flooded her womb with his incestuous seed.

Mandy screamed as she felt his hot cum splashing her insides. When he had dumped his load into her pussy, he sat down in the chair and both girls dropped down onto their knees quickly and began to clean his cock and balls with their mouths.

They both made sure that he stayed happy with them so they could continue to stay with him.

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