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Battle Flame In Korea — Chapter 4

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2nd Lt. Harvey partakes in the rape of Korean female captives by U.S. soldiers. He does so while thinking of Margaret, then fantasizing about Ann.

Second Lieutenant Harvey Jeffries, now freed by the victorious Marines along with ten fellow GI survivors from the convoy, found a revengeful satisfaction in being given a regulation Colt .45 pistol, then shooting through the head the kneeling carcass of that vile North Korean officer whose men had cruelly executed some of his men, after they had surrendered, then had raped the nurses even more cruelly.

Pulling that trigger came with an intense relief from his sense of guilt, at least partly. He would always feel guilty for having failed in protecting the nurses. Yet he couldn’t un-see the unwatchable scene where Margaret was being forcibly stripped out of her uniform until she stood naked amid those grinning yellow faces. Ann’s shrill screams of protest would always haunt him as well… “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! PLEASE!!! DON’T…”

There were notes of disbelief and surprise in Anne’s screams, as if she still couldn’t believe a white woman and a U.S. officer could be violated by North Korean troops.

And they had stripped Margaret until she was Eve-nude. He had a surprisingly hard time in blaming them.

He would never forget her out-of-place beauty… The luminous display of her hourglass curves, her bare feet on the cold Korean soil, and that infamous, yet arousing scene where one of those Korean soldiers pressed his mug right into Margaret’s butt and started ravenously licking those soft buns of hers, his face looking even more baked-earth brown against her Yankee paleness.

Second Lieutenant Harvey Jeffries witnessed all of Margaret’s gang-rape under Korea’s bleak sky. He had one golden bar on his fallen helmet, and a silver-hard erection under his regulation khaki fatigues. His most evil inner self wanted madly to also rape Margaret. He nearly ejaculated just from watching with his hands tied up in his back.

The jiggling display of Margaret’s tits under the successive waves of Korean-khaki shirts with bronze-hue faces, distorted with the savage joy of filling her up with Communist jizz… This was too strong a liquor for his eyes to believe. Even then as he found all those images etched in his mind forever, it all felt like some vivid, demented dream.

*** *** ***

The camp was now bustling with Marines rummaging for valuables and supplies and rounding up prisoners. Many of these Patriots lost no time and had already begun to gang-rape the enemy women they found.

Lt. Harvey heard female screams and headed that way, followed by his men.

There, he found a large gathering of American soldiers jeering, catcalling and surrounding some 12 or 15 North Korean girls who were being paraded in their midst. These girls clung together and watched the US soldiers in sheer terror. Most of them looked like they were 18 or 20 years old; two or three looked somewhat older, maybe 25 or 30. Many of them actually looked like they were as young as fourteen or fifteen, but it was hard to tell… Most of these women were short or very short and nearly all were petite with everything small.

“We’ve dug them out of their hiding places, Sir, and now we’re going to have some fun time!” a Private told Harvey as he saw him approaching.

The Korean girls were wearing loosely fitted uniforms that they must have put on in a hurry when the attack started. They were no doubt sleeping or going to sleep when all hell had broken loose. Under the silvery moonlight, he watched them cower round in fear as they were groped, catcalled and forced-kissed by the American rank-and-file — they looked youthful and exotic with their raven hair and bronze-hued faces, all their sweet faces graced with their strangely delicate Asian features.

The girls nonetheless were wearing their red-star hats of khaki wool, or they were until the U.S. soldiers tossed those hats with the red star, tossed them off their heads and loosened up their raven hair. No more need for those Communist caps. Those red stars were tossed down into the dirt and trod on by Yankee boots.

Harvey became utterly fascinated with the Korean captives. Most of the girls hadn’t even buttoned up their khaki field shirts and he noticed their perky breasts shapes through the white T-shirts they wore under their uniforms; these hypnotizing breast shapes that moved along their frightened hopeless “merry go round” amid the soldiers, who were all salivating, taunting them and laughing and whistling…

The Yankee Lieutenant grabbed a girl who stood a bit less than five feet tall. She shrieked with very high-pitched notes as if she were being branded with a Texas red-hot iron as he shook her ruthlessly and contemplated the shaking treasures of her face, of her shaken tits, so small, yet offering their promise of yielding mounds under that white tee-shirt.

GIs grabbed her arms and began touching her all over. Harvey gave in to his cowboy’s urge and he grabbed the front of her tee-shirt and pulled!

“AAAaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhh Andwae! Andwae! Andwae!”

The same music of torn fabric as when that now-dead officer ripped Margaret’s uniform off her. And that girl was screaming her life out.

Her delicate schoolgirl’s tits were suddenly there, offering their brown tips with juicy nipples and perfectly round areolas that danced in the panicked display of her pale bronze splendor with soft shadows informing him she was now a topless Korean girl who looked scandalously young.

Harvey pressed his mouth against one of those small tits and felt the imprint of her foreign nipple against him. He heard the voice of her shrill screams through her breasts and this fed his monstrous erection.

“Andwae!” she kept repeating.
“Ha! Ha! Ha Ha! Sir, she says no dice! Which of course means we can! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” a Private jested while grabbing the girl.

He shook her violently, and Harvey stepped back and loved the way her pitch-black hair formed some sort of panicked sun of dark silk being shaken around her bobbing head as the GI held her shoulders and kept shaking her as if trying to make fall all her Communist coins out of her pockets. Her tits were beautiful to watch in that chaotic dance.

Other GIs grabbed her.
“Andwae! Andwae! Andwae!” she kept repeating as the pack covered her with Yankee hands, Americanizing her petite beauty as they told her she wouldn’t be needing her uniform anymore. They swiftly pulled her torn tee-shirt and uniform shirt off her tiny arms, then lowered her khaki trousers to uncover the satin-black triangle of her cunt hair, between the wriggling smallness of her thighs.

“Well well well… That’s a lovely carpet she got down there!”
“What do ya think, Johnny!”
“NAAAa–AAAAA-AAAAAAAaaaaaaahh… Andwae! Andwae! Andwae!”
“I think we gonna give it to her! Lots of ammo!”

The tension was quickly building up. Harvey remembered sensing that same kind of tension when he was still half-groggy from the North Korean rifle butts. He reviewed in his mind that key moment when the enemy officer had looked at the American nurses and given the fateful order; things were heading the same way for these hapless North Korean girls, who must have been serving as communications and/or medical personnel. They were now raping the enemy’s nurses. He had no problem with that.

He suddenly noticed he was the only officer present. He could have tried to stop these men, to show these enemy female captives that the Americans were better, but his mind was assaulted with dark voices that called for revenge… Revenge! “Let’s do to their women the same they did to ours!… An eye for an eye! A cunt for a cunt!…” Some other voices within him were more lecherous and went more like “Let’s find out what these girls feel and sound like when fucked!”

Harvey understood that the voices demanding revenge were actually an excuse his mind found to justify the fulfillment of his lust for these cute Korean girls.

His desire had already ballooned into an urge to rape. He was nearly painfully hard under his blood-stained uniform. He had earth soiling the knees of his trousers and wanted to sink his knee some more in that enemy soil if there was a sweet Korean butt to bump against and a schoolgirl’s waist to hold.

“Yes! Yes! Yes, boys! Let’s rape all those Communist tramps!” Harvey hollered to his men.
“Yahoo!!” a Private shouted.

Then he thought of Mary and pictured her again in his mind as she was being stripped half-naked and then raped by the enemy troops. His mind for rape was age-old and already made up — “Let’s use my officer’s position to be the first man inside one of them, and then I’ll picture Margaret while I’ll be raping that cute commie! It will be so fucking good!”

A second voice within him shouted… “But this is WRONG!” However, the tension around the frightened girls reached its climax and the Marines suddenly began grabbing the panicking and screaming girls to take them inside the nearest tents. RAPE! RAPE THEM ALL!!! RIP THEIR UNIFORMS OFF AND ENJOY THEIR BODY!

He found himself rushing at these girls, followed by his men. They were going berserk! He went into a tent with a dozen Marines who were carrying a youthful-looking petite girl, no more than 5 feet tall. Was it that same girl? No, she wasn’t topless yet. It didn’t matter. As long she had a pussy, Harvey was good to go!

Under the tent’s lamp, her features and skin looked even more exotic in their golden bronze splendor!

Being the only officer present, he had no problem jockeying for position and getting close to her. She looked so incredibly young! Did they enlist them at thirteen or what?!

She let out a shrill scream of panic as a Sergeant violently tore apart her white t-shirt and pulled her uniform shirt down to her elbows while others restrained her wrists, leaving her topless amid the pandemonium of lewd gazes and loud jeering. Since she had been abed, she didn’t wear any bra.

Harvey developed a raging erection from watching her firm small breasts quivering as she shrieked and wriggled amid her captors, the pale bronze skin of her suddenly-naked torso feeding all the men’s lust and intensifying their urge to completely strip her naked. She formed powerless tiny fists on either side of her slender hips where they were restraining her forearms.

They laid her down on a sleeping blanket and made short work of her light boots, then they violently pulled off her khaki trousers and directly revealed her inviting bush of black cunt hair as she wasn’t wearing any panties!

By this time, Harvey had become a beast! a monster! A raping demon! He had gotten very close, but he didn’t get to be the first man inside the wailing girl. He witnessed her rape at the hands of the burly Sergeant, who quickly dropped his pants while others spread her legs apart and cheered the NCO on, encouraging him to “give this Red bitch a real taste of Yankee dick!”

The girl let out a soul-tearing shriek as the Sergeant entered her; Harvey would never forget that shriek, which belonged more to the spiritual entities than humans. The Sergeant started pounding the squealing girl like a beast!

Harvey unzipped his uniform trousers and let his raging erection jut out from his tossed-aside boxers. He masturbated as he watched the girl’s head bobbing against the blanket amid a forest of hands that assaulted her breasts whenever they could while the Sergeant kept on raping her and she kept on shrieking and protesting in Korean — Andwae! Andwae! … — under the men’s US English jeers.

“You got what you deserve, commie bitch!”
“She’s a tramp all right! I bet she was being fucked every night by her superiors.”
“Too bad we ain’t a mixed unit. I would love to see a nigger take her!”
“Don’t be so disgusting, Bill!”
“I’m gonna make her suck my cock!”
“Yeah, she ought to taste our liberty sausage! Hard in the mouth and sweet upon the release!”

Then it was suddenly over; the Sergeant had been frantically pounding the screaming, sobbing girl, covering her cheek-to-cheek as if he were shielding her from an exploding grenade. He now pressed his lap hard against the in-between of her legs and he groaned loudly! Like a Capitalist bear… and he blissfully released his load!

After a bout of panting and licking some tears off her shivering face and kissing her trembling lips, he got up to his feet and Harvey rushed forward to take his place. This time, no one dared to keep their officer from his privilege.

Harvey knelt down between her surrendered legs. He looked at her polluted entrance and the lush patch of black hair she had down there.

He then cupped the girl’s small breasts to enjoy her youthful firmness; her forearms were pinned over the remnants of her own torn-down shirt, held in place on either side of her distorted face by grinning GIs who encouraged him to “show that little tramp what it’s like to be fucked by a gentleman”.

Then, Harvey took his raging cock and pushed it against her entrance.

The left-over cum acted as a vile lubricant; her opening yielded and he experienced unfathomable bliss as he felt her destroyed virginity. Her vagina tightly gripped his cock! A tightness that had him marveling! He had no idea what it would be like since he too was a virgin up to that point.

Since it was his first time, he tried to show a bit of tenderness; while he began raping her with forceful jabbing strokes, the Lieutenant completely laid down on top of her, supporting his weight on his elbows and taking a full whiff of her girly scent as she kept wailing. He tried to kiss her. She turned her face away. “Andwae! Andwae!” she kept repeating.

He didn’t care who she was. He liked to think he was raping the daughter of some affluent man. He spotted the rank insignias on her torn shirt, next to her tightly clenched fist. She was a Second Lieutenant. So young! Then, she must be a privileged bitch!

Harvey buried his face in her long black hair of Asian velvet and let himself become inebriated by her exotic scent as he pounded her. He thought of Margaret, of her tits when they kept relentlessly jiggling under a Korean’s shirt as the man was grunting and thrusting hard inside her! A U.S. nurse, college-educated, being savagely raped in the middle of nowhere, by savages in uniform… It was so erotic! So preposterous…

Like a madman, Harvey raped that female officer while sensing his climax as it quickly drew near. Then came the intense bliss! His entire being was hit by an overwhelming tidal wave of carnal delight…

“Ohh, God!!! This is so GOOD!!!” Second Lieutenant Harvey Jeffries, from Denver, Colorado, uttered against the squealing girl’s face…

He then screamed out loud as he exploded, and literally died, inside her!


This explosion of delight was so intense that Harvey thought he was already on his way to the after-world. It was indeed a spiritual experience. He kissed the nape of her neck as he finished blasting his big load of ammo inside her, with the optional fate of a Yankee baby.

As he pulled out and got up to his feet, his eyes meet hers.

Her eyes, her beautiful eyes of dark Asian mystery, with those fabled eyelashes, were saying “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? YOU’RE SO YOUNG AND HANDSOME, BUT YOU’RE SO DISGUSTING!”

He would never forget that gaze.

He walked out of the tent as he put back his cum-dripping dick inside his uniform. In all this excitement, he had stopped to fantasize on Margaret’s gang-rape. He had been enthralled in the present moment. He had taken that girl, he had taken something precious from her… And he had also taken something precious from himself — from now on, his first time with a girl would be a brutal rape.

While he had been inside the girl, whose name he didn’t even know, a part of him would have wanted to be WITH her, to share this with her… To make love. Not to rape her.

He stepped out of the tent and lighted himself a cigarette, a Lucky Strike. The smoke gave him no comfort. Only the physical well-being of a repeated habit.

Harvey felt miserable, struck and riddled with guilt. He decided to perform a good deed. He walked to a couple of prisoners that were guarded by a young Marine. He gave a cigarette to this Marine and then he gave two other cigarettes to the North Korean prisoners; he even lighted them himself.

These enemy soldiers spoke no English, but their eyes clearly said “Thank you”.

Suddenly, they heard someone loudly screaming in pain; they looked in that direction and saw a young soldier exiting a tent while holding his crotch with both hands. Two other soldiers were following him; one of them, a Corporal, said…
“I told you Junior! I told you not to stick it in her mouth, you silly boy!”
“… K… Kill that bitch!…”
“It’s your fault, boy, we ain’t gonna kill a cute girl just because you were silly enough to do what we had told you not to do!”

The embarrassingly wounded soldier walked away escorted by these two.

Harvey looked at them walking away. He was shocked at this boy’s stupidity. ç

He suddenly missed his girlfriend a lot. She was waiting for him in San Francisco. They never had “all the way” sex, but she had pleasured him with her mouth and let him ejaculate on her breasts on several occasions. He loved doing this.

Then he reached into a small pocket and produced a tiny note book. In it, glued to a page, was a photo of Adèle, the girlfriend waiting for him.

He showed the picture to the two Communist POWs. They in turn produced small photos out of their worn-out uniforms. Both were married. Their wives had that same youthful look as the poor girl he had just raped and who was still wailing under the assaults of a dozen men.

He started crying. One of the North Korean soldiers put a hand on his shoulder in a fatherly way. The young Marine immediately trained his rifle on the man…

“It’s OK, Private!” then he looked at him intently through his tears and said…
“No more shooting tonight! If it were up to me, we’d all be going home tomorrow morning…”


In spite of his guilt, Harvey soon grew horny again. The Marines were all having their fun with the Korean female personnel. All he had to do was walk in a tent, wait his turn, then give the bitch another load of Yankee pudding.

He could use his officer’s privilege for a bit of extra time with a girl. He was free to do all he wanted! What if Margaret or Ann were still around in that camp? Was he going to find them being gang-raped by their own U.S. soldiers?

Harvey suddenly realized he would feel insanely horny if he did. He would even partake!

“Yes!” his evil self said within him. “Yes, raping our own U.S. nurses would be so much fun! Now… where’s Ann? Where’s Margaret? I wanna lick their butt!”

And he went looking for them.

He found a circle of Marines around a teen-looking girl, half-naked in her half-torn uniform with Korean insignias.

“Andwae… An–dwa,e…” she was feebly repeating as the press of men held her spread-eagled amid them, above the ground and horizontal, where she was being raped urgently by a tall Corporal, who sounded like some gone-berzerk monkey as he kept giving her his cock thrusts while sounding like, “OOH–OUH–OUUHH–OUH–OUHH-OUH-OOUH… OOHH…”

Harvey had no problem getting the Marines to make way for him, but he kept looking on and enjoying the show even after the Corporal had taken his relief.

He stood by and looked on, eventually grabbing one of her legs and caressing her lovely skin as three or four successive Marines explored her deep reaches.

“She’s got a shallow pussy!” a Marine said as he happily pulled out his cock out of her cum-filled vagina.

The girl was sobbing. They let her drop down on the ground, where she balled herself up and wrapped her knees in her arms.

“Come on, Sir! Your turn!” a Sergeant bellowed, his breathe full of cigarette smell, as he patted Harvey on the shoulder. No doubt, smoking Lucky Strikes brought good fortune. But was it so good?

Harvey, transfixed by the surreal character of it all, riddled by guilt, thinking of his virgin girlfriend, knelt down next to the girl. He quickly found her ass and started kissing it like he had planned to.

Soldiers seized her arms and her legs too. They forced her to lie flat on her belly while Harvey kept amorously licking and kissing the tight vastness of her butt.

She was slender all over, yet her bum felt and looked quite vast to him now that he was kissing it with his nose against her wonderful Korean skin! He ran his hand back and forth, getting to know the slender contours of her bottom! And then upward to make sure he didn’t miss on the narrowing of her tiny waist.

The nameless girl sobbed and wailed. She instinctively bent her legs, and her feet shot up. They were so tiny! They looked like they belonged to a child. She was so small!

Harvey moved himself; he reached for and grabbed her lower legs, and he let her feet give their imprint on his face! She tasted suave and sweaty with notes of Korean earth. He got lost in the kissing of her tiny-dainty feet. It felt like doing this with a cousin he had who was only thirteen.

Harvey found he had a raging erection, again. He thought of Ann and Margaret. He had not seen much of Ann during her post-battle rape, from where he was, but he nonetheless imagined her… How her lovely face must have bobbed on along with her head as she was being raped by that long line-up of Korean soldiers, after that now-dead officer had first taken his pleasure inside her. Inside Ann… Oh, God!

The Marines held the small girl for him. She wailed and struggled like an electrified eel, but they were far too strong for her. They kept her flat on her back.

Harvey laid himself down on top of her, with his lap pressed against the wonderful softness of her butt. He loved the fleshy cushions.

He raised his lap a bit and grabbed the base of his cock while holding most of his weight on the side opposite to that hand holding his manhood. He loved the feel of her terrified skin against his cock.

She screamed, “Andwae!!! ANDWAE!!!”

He found the flower of her entrance and PUSHED!

Suddenly he was inside her. Deep!

He began to rape her. Every fiber of her was a tight glove of heavenly heat around his shaft.

Supporting his weight on his elbows on either side of the sobbing girl, watching the khaki shirt still covering her backside and making her butt look even paler, Harvey gave her a solid round of forced sex.

He buried his face into the long raven chaos of her hair. She smelled so exotic! Even the bumping on her Korean butt felt exotic, although it was no doubt the same fundamental feel as a white girl would give him. Everything about her felt exotic to him.

Harvey went full throttle! He pounded the captive girl, savagely, while imagining he was doing this to Ann… Oh, Ann! She must be quite something in the showers! What a butt she must have! As he raped the Korean girl, Harvey decided that one day or another, he was going to know Ann and her butt and he would kiss her butt and then rape Ann just like he was raping now.


He felt the pressure as it surged inside him… Pressure from his tightly massaged cock. Inside that exotic girl. Inside Ann!

In his mind, he and his men were stopping the convoy without any enemy in sight. To Ann who asked why they stopped, he gave a forced kiss! Then he ripped the front of her uniform shirt as all his men grabbed her and the other petrified nurses.

His edge was near! RAPE! RAPE! RAPE!

Harvey’s mind believed that Ann was naked and flat on her belly and he was deep inside her, blissfully bumping her lovely little ass and learning how tight she was. He was raping Ann’s pussy after she wondered why they stopped. Raping her right beside the parked jeep! While Margaret was bent over and raped by the Sergeant! While all three other nurses were similarly raped by grinning GIs!

The anonym Korean girl kept wailing and repeating, “Andwae… Andwae!!!”

She kept wailing like a bitch in her high-pitched shouts, but to Harvey, she was just a medium for his fantasy with Ann… Ann! Gang-raped by her own escorting soldiers, with the officer going inside her first… Right beside that jeep where she sat moments before, then having no idea that soon, her shirt would be ripped off and gone and her breasts would be freely moving under that Korean sun. Violated by Yankee hands.

“Aahh! Yeah! AAnnn!!! Ann! This is it! Here it is… Ooh, Ann! I’m gonna ejacull… ate!!!”

Harvey pounded that Korean girl with absolute frenzy as he vividly pictured Ann… Ann’s bottom, he was bumping her buns! White flesh! White skin… Ann’s tits, suddenly revealed amid the GIs! Preposterous… From a professional-looking nurse Captain to… topless… naked and violated.

It was too much… Too much… Raped right beside the parked jeep, after she wondered, “Why are we stopping, Lieutenant?”

Her Captain’s silver bars meant nothing now that she lay flat in Korean dirt. Down on her belly with Korean dirt blackening the soles of her white feet. Lieutenant Harvey bumping her butt forever, on and on, and on, and forcing her to moan out loud as he raped her like a grunting baboon!


This was no ejaculation. It was a geyser!

Ann was filled up and it overflowed!

“Good Lord! This is so GOOD! Raping is so much fun!”

It was only once he was back on his feet, once he was no more panting, once the next man was already midway into the rape… Only then, Second Lieutenant Harvey Jeffries realized that he didn’t ejaculate inside Ann.

It was a Korean communications girl. How disappointing…



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    LOL! Thought my first comment hadn’t posted, so did it again. In the meantime, realised my mistake about the actress! Main point is, it’s a great story !

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    So many US marines must have gotten off to the image of their own female personnel being raped by grinning Korean soldiers. Very good story, nicely written. B&W photo is old Hollywood actress, Ann Blyth.

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    My grand uncle was in the 8th calvary, I company, 3rd battalion, and was K.I.A in battle of Unsan south Korea 1950 !!! Britney

    • HistBuff ID:4gmi91iv3

      I looked that one up. This was the first major engagement with the Chinese. The 3rd battalion got trapped, and only 200 men managed to breakthrough and escape the encirclement; the rest were tragically K.I.A like your great uncle or became POW. Sorry for your loss.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    So many US marines must have gotten off to the image of their own female personnel being raped, front and back, by grinning Korean soldiers! Very good story, nicely written. B&W photo is old Hollywood actress, Jeanne Crain, if you’re interested!

    • HistBuff ID:4gmi91iv3

      I used pictures of Ann Blyth, Margaret Sheridan and three leading actresses from the 1959 movie called “Battle Flame”. If you look at the movie poster, it says “Female captives of the Cinese Reds”. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0052605/mediaviewer/rm1972705792/?ref_=tt_md_3
      They really dug into the rape theme to draw in the viewers. Some couples must have had crazy-hot sex once they were back home (or in their car) from the theater!

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    Getting off in her ass, oh my

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      Yeah, I love doggy style in its different shades! Love a girl’s ass, especially when that girl is portrayed by Ann Blyth! Glad you’re enjoying my story!