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My cousin

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My cousin came to stay with us for the summer.

I grew up in a nudist family. Walking around naked in the house and garden was completely normal and both my parents and all my brothers and sisters did it. The only time we wore clothes were when we had guests or were away from home.

One summer, when I was 13 or 14, my 10 year old cousin cane to stay with us for a couple of weeks while his parents were on vacation. He didnt want to go with them so he asked if he could stay with us while they were away and offcourse we said yes.

My cousin knew we were nudists but had never seen us naked before and because he was going to be with us for so long we wanted to get him comfortable with us being naked so we didnt have to wear clothes while he was at our house.

The first day we all had our underwear on just to let him get used to see our naked skin all the time but he wasnt bothered or embarrassed about it and didnt seem to mind at all, so after dinner we agreed to loose the underwear. We told him that he didnt have to be naked if he didnt want to but he was cool about it and got naked too.

Apparently he was a natural and already by day 2 it was like he was part if our everyday family. Except for one thing. He had a more or less constant erection. I got erections too, so did my dad and my 2 brothers, it was quite normal and nobody took notice of it. Every time my mum or my sisters were around he sported a quite nice looking 3 inch hardon and we just smiled and tried not to make him embarrassed about it.

So he quickly got comfortable with it and we went about as usual. Sometimes I got hard myself by looking at his cock and he noticed and asked me why i got hard. I lied and said it was because my sisters and my mum tits looked nice and made my cock tingle.

‘me too!’ he said. ‘my dick tingles and get hard when I look at them. I can’t help it’

I told him that it was totally fine and that he shouldnt worry and I also told him that if he saw me with an erection and my mum and sisters wasnt around it was because I was thinking about them. Ibalso told him that his dick looked nice and that it was bigger than mine when I was his age.

‘yeah totally. I think that your cock might get really big when you’re older’ I told him.

‘nice’ he said and looked happy.

My sisters (12 & 17) obviously noticed his hard and thought it was funny that he was hard all the time and decided to mess with him a bit. In the morning they would go and give him a hug ‘morning hug for my best cousin’ they would say and hold him tight for a few seconds. Naturally his cock would rub against their naked skin and he would blush by the feeling.

My sisters did this a few times a day and my cousin eventually got used to the sensation of bare female skin against his hard cock so he started playing along hugging them back and grabbing their butts.

My sisters seemed to enjoy these hugs and I sometimes heard them giggle about it.

The day after on their morning hug my big sisters eyes got wide open and her face turned red. She tried to hide her blush and I think I was the only one noticing it. The day went by and the hugging continued during the day but every time I noticed my big sister blush when they were hugging. I wondered what was happening but nobody said anything.

At night my cousin came to my room sporting a hardon. I looked at him and asked why he was hard now.

‘i’m thinking about your big sister’ he said. ‘today, every time we hugged I think my cock was in her pussy’


‘yes. When we hugged my cock went in between her legs and I could feel it getting warm and a bit wet’

I guess that was why my sister blushed. ‘what did you do then?’ I asked him.

‘the first time i did nothing, she pulled away’

‘the first time?

‘yeah. Second time i grabbed her butt and held her for a bit’

‘what did she do then?’

‘she held me back’ my cousin had a big grin on his face. ‘guess what I did the third time?’

‘I have no idea…’

‘I put a finger on her butthole and pressed’

‘holy crap what did she do then?’

‘she moaned a bit and held me there for at least 10 seconds. I got the point of my finger inside her butt’

This talk about my cousin and my sister got me really horny and my dick was hard and throbbing. My cousin looked at my cock and smiled.

‘you know, sometimes when I jack off I put my finger in my own butt’ he said. ‘it feels nice. I would love to have my finger or my cock in your sisters butt’

We looked at each other, then at the others cock, then at each other.

‘I wonder how it would feel’ I said.

‘Maybe we could try?’ my cousin asked.

‘You wanna put your cock in my butt?

‘Yeah why not’

‘But i’m not a girl’ I said.

‘Duh I know that. But your cock is hard and you want to know how it feels and we are the only ones here’

I began stroking my cock. I couldn’t help it. I also tried putting my finger in my butt but it didnt feel right.

‘Try my cock’ my cousin said and looked like the little naughty boy he was.

‘ok then’. I was on bed on my stomach. My cock was pressed against the sheet and my cousin climbed on top of me. He was wiggeling about tryin to get his cock inside me. I could feel his tip against my butthole but he couldn’t seem to get it in.

‘Wait a second’. I went to the bathroom and got a hand moisturising cream. I put some of it on my butthole, then got on my knees in front of my bed.

My cousin got behind me. ‘Spread your legs a bit’ he said and grabbed my butt with one hand trying to guide his cock in me with the other.

I felt his tip on my butthole and this time it went straight inside. My cousin grabbed my butt with both hands and started pumping. My balls were dangling between my legs and I thought it gelt really nice. I began stroking my cock and it didnt take long for me to cum and I shot my load right there. My cousin kept pumping for another 30 seconds or so untill I heard him moan. He grabbed my butt tight and pushed as far deep in my butthole as his 10 year old cock could reach. I liked that feeling. The skin on skin sensation and the feeling of a little warm cock inside me was quite pleasant.

My cousin pulled out with a little plopping sound. He was too you to shoot cum back then so it was only moisturising cream running down my legs.

‘Well that was nice’ I said.

It sure was. You’re my favorite cousin’ he said and gave me a hug.

End of part 1.

If you would like for me to write a part 2, let med know.

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