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BBK and the Hell Spring

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The names and places have been changed to protect the innocent, there is some truth to this story,

I was 14 when me and my parents moved from a major city to a shit hole in Alberta, a place called Hill Spring, a mormon hamlet, it should have been called Hell Spring, we lived there for 4 years, the first year no one would talk with us, the next three they wished they never did

I was a bad teenager, steeling, B and E s, underage drinking, fighting, I did learn one thing fast when fighting, if you fight a blood indian you are going to fight the hole trib, joy riding, no insurance or reggie on my truck I purchased from a farmer, I worked my ass off for that truck, 1952 Dodge 1 ton, was the tow garage tow truck, in front of a judge more than I cared to mention,

being as it was a hole in a wall and everyone knew everyone I was an out cast real quick, I did make friends with some of the other kids, but the parents had no love for me at all,

I was at my friends place that lived across the street from me, we are sitting in the kitchen in the mobile home and we hear his mother yell at his dad she was going in the house to check on Tony, O sweet Tony, he was 10 at the time, his brother Bret was 13 as well, I ran to the back door and was about to open it when I seen his dad walking toward the barn,

I stopped dead, panicking I did know what to do, I seen Tony’s bed and jumped into it shoes and all, I side down the side so I was jamed between the bed and the wall, I slid down and covered my head, Tony came into his bedroom and did not find me, his mother was on his heels and told him he was to stay in his room and do his homework as Bret and his dad are out cleaning the barn,

Tony sat on his bed and opened his school books, once I heard her level I popped my head out and said I need to piss, Tony said I would have to wait till she went out to the barn, I told him I need to piss now or I will piss the bed, Tony looked around in his room and then handed me a juice bottle, I told him I will fill that and more, Tony said that all I have I will empty it and bring it back, I moved around and got to a point I could get the bottle under me and the tip of my cock pressed to it so no spillage,

I filled the bottle and gave it to Tony, he was about to take it to the bathroom but his mother burst into his room and said to Tony drink that up as I am collecting up all the empties, Tony looked at her and she said well im waiting, Tony could feel the warmth of my piss through the plastic, he knew if she took the bottle from him she too would feel the warmth and then the smell of my piss,

Tony swallowed hard and then put the bottle to his lips and poured the contents into his mouth, he gulped it down, he never spilled a drop, my cock twitched as I watched him drink my piss from my hidden spot, Tony finished it all and even licked the bottle rim, he quickly pushed the bottle into the bag and she said thank you and turned and left,

I told Tony I still need to piss, he closed his bedroom door and got into bed, he told me to lay up on his bed, he took my cock in his hand and I started to grow, could not help it and would not wanted it to stop anyway, Tony looked me in the eyes and said you cant tell anyone about this, He took my cock into his mouth and started to suck,

My mind went wild, I gripped his bed in both hands as hard as I could, he mumbled piss, so I let go of my piss into he hot wet sucking mouth, I moaned louder that I should have, Tony took a pillow and put it over my face, I took the pillow in my hand and rammed it hard into my mouth, I was screaming into the pillow he felt so good, he bobbed his head up and down and suck more and more of my cock into his mouth

he swallowed all the piss I gave him, I felt a tightness in my balls as he did this, he did not stop when I stopped pissing, I was going to cum, he must have known this as he went faster, I could not hold back, I shot my load into his mouth, I was fighting to the death with his pillow as I felt as if my balls where trying to escape my body, when the last pump of cum came out of me I stiffened straight and shook like crazy, Tony let go of my very sensitive cock head, I laid there breathing heavy into his pillow

I pulled his pillow off my face, Tony asked if I like that I looked him in the eyes and said no I loved it, Tony smiled, he laid on top of my and kissed my mouth I could taste my piss and my cum in his mouth, I was still hard and Tony asked if I wanted to put it up his butt,

I told him yes I will do that, Tony stripped naked, Tony was tall and skinny for his age, people always through he was 14 and not ten because of his height, I looked him up and down and loved what I seen, no hair other than on his head, his balls haven’t dropped yet, flat tummy, nice suckable nipples and a sweet small round ass, Tony had turned around to pick up the other pillow from the floor, this showed off his pink tight asshole,

Tony got into bed and placed both pillows under his hips, with his ass high in the air he reached back and spread his cheeks, I asked if he had not done this before and yes he said he did it with the leader of the church

I asked what did he do, Tony said he would lick his asshole to get him good and wet so that his cock would slid in easily, I asked did it, Tony said it hurt like crazy the first times, but know it hurts lots less, I licked his asshole, it was tagy on my tongue at first but soon I was loving the taste of his ass, I pushed my tongue up his ass a number of times, I was hooked I wanted to eat his ass every day

Tony moaned as I rimmed him, I took my hard cock and put it to his asshole< I slid into him, he grunted and said I was bigger, I tried to go slow but could not hold back and fucked his sweet ass hard and jack hammer fast, Tony pushed his face into his bed and screamed he was going to cum

I felt the first of many muscles spasms, his ass would clench and release, milking my cock, I fucked him harder as we both were cumming, I laid on top of him as we both flew to new highs,

I pulled out of him and he got dressed in his PJs, he told me I would have to spent the night as no way I could get out of there before his parents went to work at the Gas plant in the morning they worked the 4am to 4pm shirt, he told me he was going to say good night to his mom and tell her he was tired

He came back 15 min later and shut his door took off all his clothes again and got into bed, He laid on his back and lifted his legs, I took my hard cock and in I went back into his boi pussy, I fucked that sweet ass most of the night, we had to have pillows to scream in at it felt to good to be true,

as I laid on top of him I asked who else does he fuck, he told me a long list of the so called church overseers,

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