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Shiny red shoes

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I’d been helping my single mom sister and her little girl since dad skipped out. This included going along to all her dance programs.

Ever since she’s husband skipped out I’ve stepped up to fill in… Eventually I moved them into my house. I had lots of room and even a full finished basement that my 10 year old niece used as her practice room for her dance lessons. Sometimes Debbie had friends over to practice with her. The group ranged from 12 to 10 year olds …. All budding beauties in various stages from those whose figure came from a little baby fat to nice shaped tiny tits and bubble butts .

When sis worked late I got roped into watching them practice and critique their dances. The older girls loved to flaunt their budding beauty and wore no more than they had to … Tight booty shorts and spaghetti strapped tank tops. It seemed they always made sure I was watching when they had to twerk their ass or jiggle their titts. The younger ones saw this and also tried for my attention… However their outfits didn’t fit as tight and when they leaned over to jiggle the tops fell away and I got flashed several hard pink nipples I’m no priest and usually sat watching with a stiff dick I tried unsuccessfully to hide. The older girls took the credit for my condition but no one knew how much I really was attracted to the smaller girls. They tried hard to mimic the big girls but didn’t understand why. Or so I thought…

Getting close to their contest they practiced in the outfits they would wear…. Shiny spandex tops with skirts that went to just below their butts and matching cheer panties and the shiniest red shoes. None of them wore bras except a couple of the little ones that stuffed them so they had boobs like the big girls. Their mom’s even stitched the bras so they showed tiny nips. Gotta tease those judges and daddy ya know.

One evening during practice my niece was the last girl dressed and quickly gave me a smile and got in line to dance. Their shoes shine like little mirrors and I noticed I could see the reflection up their skirts and caught several views of panties wedged into preteen camel toes. As the young ones moved to the front they all struck a pose…. Debbie, my 10 year old niece held her pose with a big smile then looked down to her shoes …. I followed her gaze and was graced with it a reflection of a little girls slit … minus her panty ….. My jaw must have hit the floor… When I looked up she had a big smile.

My dick was the hardest it had ever been watching them dance, but I kept watching Debbie so close that the others noticed and when they looked at her they saw why. As their practice finished up several of the older girls seemed upset that I wasn’t watching them and the team quickly all left for home whispering between each other with nasty looks back to Debbie.

Still in shock I hadn’t gotten up, but my dick still was. … once the last girl left Debbie came over and stood between my legs. She was smiling and looking at my crotch then up to my eyes “Uncle Tim … did you like my suprise?” ” Ah …. yeah I guess …but you know everyone else also saw” I replied. “I don’t care about them … Your always looking at them … Now you can look at me…” ” But Debbie … if anyone ever found out.. ” “Nobody’s gonna tell… Besides they all have been wanting to do something with you …. Most of them are already with their daddy’s ….. But Uncle Tom ..”.

Her little hands moved to rest on my thighs and slowly started moving back and forth . .. getting closer to my dick with each stroke … “Since I don’t have a daddy ” … She shyly looked down to my dick then back to my face “I was kinda hoping you might … you know” she hesitated and bit her lip “you were hoping what Debbie?” I had beat off many nights thinking of this very thing but wanted to hear her tell me just what she wanted. ..

“Well … First .. I was hoping you would ..” as her tiny hands moved to grasp my crotch she looked down as she felt it move then back up ” would you show me your thing . … It’s only fair since I showed you mine” her hands molded to my dick… gentley squeezing and stroking up and down. Both of us were nervous I watched as she kept biting her lips and starting to fidget her hips ….. I stopped thinking with my big head a long time ago and began to reach for my zipper “I guess it would only be fair…” and I began pulling my zipper down. ..

“Hey guys!” came the sounds of her mother from up stairs ” I’m home… are you guys down stairs? ” We heard her start walking down…. Debbie and I looked at each other like deer caught in headlights … “Damn!” Debbie swore and ran to the bathroom . I jumped up and to hide my eriction began moving the dance props around… “Hi Tim, where’s Debbie? I need to talk to both of you”

“Here I am mom … everyone else left … I was helping Uncle Tim clean up”. Debbie came out dressed in regular cloths minus her shoes … Her mom didn’t notice that or the fact she had buttoned her top crooked. “Sit down both of you … Tim I need a big favor… and Debbie don’t be upset but I can not go to your competition this weekend” Debbie jumped up”MOM … it was all set .. Your helping backstage and we were gonna stay in a hotel and everything ”

“That’s the favor I need from your Uncle” turning to me “Tim … is there anyway … ” I interrupted her .. “You don’t need to ask … If course … but the hotel?” ” not a problem.. ” she said “the room I got was just for Debbie and I …… you guys won’t mind sharing will you!” Device’s eyes lit up and almost to eagerly she jumped up ” Mom, that’s great Uncle Tim and I can sleep together! ” “Ah.. dear ..The rooms not that small… you’ll each have your own bed” Debbie realized what she said and “well I hope so … you know what I mean”

“I do dear … But I think your Uncle about had a heart attack”. The flush on my cheeks and throb in my pants had nothing to do with a heart attack.

The event was two days and everyone came in Friday evening. As we all gathered in the convention center the Instructor came to me . .. “Tim, I have to go check us in … We have a private practice room down the hall…. Girls .. head down and change and hurry Tim will be in to run you thru your routine …go .. he’ll be in in 10minutes”

Ten minutes later I walked in and all 12 girls were in their practice outfits with skirts and those shiny shoes. I started the music and they all struck their pose…. As I looked down the line in those shiny shoes I saw the reflection of 12 bald little preteen pussies …. and every girl wearing a big smile …. I stopped the music …. “Girls oh my god! Thank you I guess … but Miss June will be here soon …. Please! cover up!” Some of them moaned all of them giggled and slipped on their panties but not before I got a good look at each bald little slit. This was gonna be a hard weekend … In more ways than anyone knew and this was just the start

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  • Reply Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt

    Next chapter please this one alone was hot!!!

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    You are in for a fun weekend

  • Reply Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk0i

    OMG hahaha I would of been stiff as a board myself. Yeah this was a cute story and can not wait for another part.
    A few yeas back in Houston I had a friend of mine daughters 9 and 11 both in dance classes and gymnastics. They would practice in the living room when I would babysit with the skimpiest thing they could find after they found out I got hard watching them. Those two were lil sex devil’s started doing stuff like this not wearing panties and doing the splits, summer salts and dance routines. One day the parents were gone all day and those two would not take no for an answer wanting to see my cock. Finally I said yes and when I started to pull it out both were on there knees not one foot from me staring right at my cock and licking n biting there lower lip. The 11 year old was the first to reach out and take hold of it with the 9 year old not wanting to be outdone reaching out also. Those to wanked and licked my cock for just a dew minutes when I blasted both with one hell of an eruption covering both their faces, hair, hands and mouths. The 9 year old wanting to outdo her sister licks the cum off of her hand then her face scooping it into her mouth. The 11 year old did the same and both of them sat there and licked each other clean then my cock and begged for more. By the end of the day they both swallowed a load by themselves and both took my cock in their tight lil pussies. This went on for a while and somehow the mom found out and threatened to call the police on me if I came back around. OFC my friend was confused as hell but his wife never told him. Three months later she calls me up and told me to come over her house as her husband/my friend is gone for the weekend and she is sick of hearing the girls whine constantly about me. As soon as I get through the door both girls attacked me and the mom sat there and watched her two innocent girls strip me, suck my cock swallowing then fuck me on the couch. She never would fuck me but her girls did.

    • Popcorn's boss ID:2px1ogp2czz

      Similar situation but I wound up getting mom involved with me and the girls … seems she had several college room mates as lovers and tried to avoid going bi until she watched her naked daughter fuck me… she cleaned up her daughter and then taught her how to please mom while plowed her… nailed the daughter until she married

  • Reply Anonymous Armadillo ID:fx7i988ri

    Cannot wit for the next part! Very good!