Boy next door part 3

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When I got home from Rose’s I thought about what had just happened,I knew it was the hairy sticking out of my knickers he liked I just knew it before he had even told me, I had only been home and hour when Rose called and asked if I could come round ,must say I was worried incase Dean had said something, so was very on edge when I walked round ,but when I got there as soon as she spoke I knew everything was ok, I gave a favour to ask you I have to go to Swindon tomorrow my Mother has been taking in to hospital so I was hoping you could look after Dean for me for the day so I could go and see her, looking at Dean with a smile I said that will be no problem i am sure we can find something to do can’t we Dean me just nodded , oh thank you so much Karen I will just phone my Dad let him know im coming, she eent into the hall and i turned to Dean and I pulled the front of my skirt up and said will you want to be looking up my skirt tomorrow then Dean, oh yes he said, smiling I said i am sure we will have fun thats for sure and I let the front of my dress down again just before Rose came back in ,right that’s all sorted thank you so much for saying you will look after Dean for me she said, absolutely no problem no problem at all i said ok, i will see you both tomorrow then and at what time I said , it will be 9.30am she said,
I could hardly sleep that night I was so excited,I even got up it 3.00am to look at what I could wear,in my mind I had already decided I wanted to show as much as possible to Dean as I could I put on a very short black skirt that has zips up either side of it and a white with black pocket dots on it which can be very open at the front and I was not going to wear a bra with it, I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked like a Slut with so much on show and I knew I could not let Rose see me dressed like this as I think even she would have been suspicious so I put a very long skirt I have over the top of the short skirt and and a white jumper which if I rolled the sleeves up of my blouse would be fine, i then got undressed and got back into bed and woke up at 8.00am and went and had a shower then got dressed in the stuff i got out last night
9.30am soon came round and there was a knock at the door I went to answer it and it was Rose and Dean and as soon as Dean saw what I was wearing his face dropped,thanks again for doing this Karen and as she walked down the path I put my hand on Dean’s shoulder and said don’t be disappointed you will see now wave goodbye to Mummy and we waved then went in doors I told Dean to sit on the settee and I then turned my back to him and pulled the jumper off and then pulled the long skirt down and off and turned round to him and said is this better he nodded vigorously I saw him keep looking at my boobs there was a lot of them on show ,do you like them Dean I asked , he looked puzzled, so i said my boobs your looking at them,he again, nodded ,they are quite aren’t they, they are in fact a 36dd, have you ever seen bare boobs Dean he said I have seen Mummy’s but they are very small the don’t stick out, I knew Rose had very small boobs they a 32aa , well later I might let you see mine if you would like to that is , oh yes i would he said, i smiled at him and said i thought you would, as i don’t have nets up at the windows in my front room I said to Dean let’s go up stairs to my bedroom where i knew we will not be seen from outside, as o we walked upstairs and in to my bedroom i stood by the bed and undid the zips on the side of my skirt, and said i thought you might like this skirt it can show alot of me to you, do you want to see more of me more than you have ever seen before Dean ,as again he nodded vigorously I dat on the bed and hot my tits out for him his eyes lit up , do you like them I asked, oh yes they are so big he said , would you like to touch them Dean he looked , i said its ok if don’t be scared you will like touching them , he slowly walked over to me my nipple were already rock hard, i took his hands and put them on my tits I told him yo squeeze them gently I then took my nipple’s between my fingers and thumbs and began rolling my nipple’s,see what I am doing I said to Dean now you do it for me ,Dean to my nipple’s and began rolling them , God it felt do good having this 10 year old boy play with my tits ,it was so exciting my cunt was really wet, i said to him i have something else to show you now i put my feet up on the bed lent on my pillow and spread my legs wide, his face wad a picture,i said this is my hairy cunt that’s been hiding under my knickers when you have looked up my skirts he could not take his eyes off it , have you seen one of these before i asked, I have seen Mummy’s when she walks across the landing from having a shower but she has no hairy there, why font you come and sit closer and get a better look , again he did as i asked this my Virginia or can be called a fanny or a pussy or a cunt I always call it my cunt i said to him, are you having a wee your cunt is all wet, hearing him call it a cunt really excited me and smiling i said no im not having a wee i am excited because your looking at my cunt and when i am excited like this my cunt gets juicy it’s not wee in fact this juice taste really good and i dipped my finger in my cunt and then pulled it out covered in my cunt juice and put my finger in my mouth closing my lips around my finger i slowly pulled it out, oh that taste so good it really does you must try some Dean ,he looked but wad really uncertain ,i said i promise you are going to love it just try a little,i just put my finger in my cunt a little way then took it out and held it up in front of Dean’s face ,he looked at my finger with my juice on it ,I said go on just try it i promise if you don’t like it then will forget it ok he dipped his head slowly and then open his mouth and took my finger in close your lips round my finger I said and I slowly pulled my finger out of his mouth, well i said do you like it, he didn’t need to answer really I could tell by his face and him licking his lips , it’s lovely he said , want some more again he nodded his head vigorously, well help yourself then i said you you daw how I put my finger up my cunt to get my cream well you do that with your fingers,he again looked unsure,it’s ok it’s like when you played with my tits and nipple’s they enjoyed well my cunt will really enjoy you keep putting your fingers in it, so much that it will keep producing more cream, I laid back and he slowly began to put his fingers in my cunt then in his mouth after a while he was doing it quicker I could feel I was going to orgasm,so I said to him there is a better way of getting the cream out of my cunt he looked at me i said with your tongue , i thought he would pull away but he really surprised me and buried his face in my cunt and i felt his tongue going in my hole this felt amazing looking down at this 10 year old boy licking my cunt out, dont stop i told him keep doing it , i felt my orgasm begin to start i grabbed his head so he did not pull away and I told him there was going to be a lot of cream coming his way and my orgasm hit me and i came and came and came when i finally let go of his head his face was covered in my cunt cream , and from then on until his Mum got home he was eating my cunt all day I have never creamed so much in my life….
Coming next is ( Dean me and Ty he hoover)


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    i love this because somthing simular happened to me ,but it a family freind he was about 60 and was about 9, he sucked my cock and loved it

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