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How I fucked my daughter next to my wife

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My 12 year old daughter wanted to sleep and fuck daddy besides her sleeping mother, this is how it started.

I’m a 39 year old man and have 2 daughters. One is 17, her name is Ellie and my youngest is 12, Sophie. I’m a big guy, 6’1, dark hair and a well toned body, I’ve never really had trouble sleeping with my wife, we’ve always been good even though I’d cheat on her, she still loved me, loved each other throughout our whole lives and we have 2 kids.

Ellie was beautiful, she was short and fit, sexy to the boys her age, even though she had turned into a little whore and pretended like we wouldn’t know, me and her mother knew but stayed out of that aspect of her life, we just hoped that she would be alright.

Sophie on the other hand, was still very small, she was going. She was short and little, fragile. My youngest daughter, I loved her so much and I always have. A cute little blonde 12 year old girl. Sophie was always a little naive, she would do everything I said, how I said— obviously because I was her father.

One night when me and my wife went to sleep, she put Sophie to bed and we went to bed ourselves. For some reason my wife wasn’t in a good mood, something was going on, she even refused to have sex that night. We would usually always do something before bed, she would either suck my cock or I would fuck her before we slept, but that night she snuggled up against me, and my cock was hard just based off instinct and routine but she left me like that and didn’t want to suck my thick throbbing cock, which angered me— I couldn’t sleep.

During the night Sophie would sometimes come to our room because she didn’t like sleeping by herself, she was still young and scared. That night, is the night that I fucked and came inside my daughters tight little pussy, a day I will never forget. Sophie came waggling along the corridor into our room quietly opening the door as her mother slept, pulling onto the bed covers on my side as if to wake me up, telling me “daddy I can’t sleep” as if she’s about to start sobbing. Seeing her like that broke my heart, I lifted the cover and she jumped into bed with me and mother. I tried to hide and mask my hard cock with the bed cover but she squeezed against me, tucking herself into me grip, my cock poking at her ass and panties. I couldn’t stop thinking, my hard, throbbing thick cock was against my daughters virgin pussy and my wife wouldn’t let me fuck her, I was horny, it’s as if some sort of animal instinct came over me, taking control.

I tried to resist, almost let out a grunt or two just trying to keep my cock into my pants as it was beginning to be let out, pushing against my boxers. My Sophie looked over her shoulder and whispered “what’s this daddy?” As she asked, natively, then shuffled back pressing her ass harder against my cock, as it glides up and down my cock, she’s grinding against me trying to figure out what it is. “Sophie stop ughh it’s doing things to daddy” as I let out a grunt, without wanting to because this was making me so horny, and for the first time ever have I thought about fucking my 12 year old daughter. “What’s am I doing daddy?” She asked concerned, I couldn’t stop myself, I just had to get something, and that something was my daughters pussy “You’re not doing anything, it’s alright keep being a good girl” then I wrapped my big hand against her ass under the covers and started guiding her ass, slipping her small little panties to the side as she was soaking wet, I could feel her soak my boxers and pants, her young juices flowing and soaking my cock underneath. I guided her ass to grind against my throbbing cock, as it was twitching against her little soaked pussy. I slipped my cock out of my pants, and took her hand and put it behind her as she was still turned away, “hold and pull here Sophie” as I help her wrap her small little hands are my 8 inch dick, and guide her hand with my hand as she starts stroking my cock, but she keeps quiet with a little giggle and smile, she knew she was being a good girl and that’s all that mattered to her. My cock was getting bigger and bigger, now fully erect as I look under the sheets and her hands barely able to wrap around my cock, the bed sheets under her ass now fully soaked, from her wetness. I grab my cock with one hand and pull against her inner thigh with the other, trying to spread her tight little pussy lips, she was so tight and I could see it before I had even entered her. I pulled her pussy lips open and positioned my throbbing cock at her entrance, my 12 year old daughters soaked virgin pussy. I guided my hips forward, trying to push inside of her little vagina as she lets out a quiet squeal and once I’m inside, I take my hands out of the cover and cover her mouth as she gasps, my cock could barely fit inside of her, I have never experienced anything so tight before, my eyes were rolling to the back of my head, this was the best pussy I had ever fucked and it was my 12 year old daughters… I tried ignoring the fact I was fucking and abusing my daughter, pushing my cock deeper inside of her tight little pussy, having half entered her she lets out a little soft moan yet I continued to push deeper and deeper into her pussy, then buried myself as far as I could inside of her pussy, the rest of my cock not even able to fit in as I reached the end of her walls, fully buried inside of her, my daughter. I spread her folds more so that I could fuck her easily, now that she was wet and staring to mould to my size even though she probably never would have been able to, I was too big for this 12 year old girl. I couldn’t do anything but pant and grunt as I started steadily fucking my daughter, her pussy was so wet, so tight… so young and yet she just wanted to please daddy. It had only been 4 minutes and my cock started twitching, ready for release. I was amazed at how long I lasted, I felt like I was going to cum inside of her the second I entered her, she was so tight, her walls clasped against my cock with every little bit I moved deeper inside, this was the fastest I had ever come this close to cumming and by this point she was throwing her hips back to match my speed, my penis twitching inside of her as I’m about to cum inside my daughters 12 year old pussy “ohh Soph— Ohh argh” as I grunt and twitch one last time, then feel my balls tighten as I cum inside of her pussy, making it all overflow outside of her and down her little legs, i didn’t realise I was holding her move and she couldn’t speak or even make any sounds, she was just flinching and gasping, me trying to cover her moans, her first orgasm being able to match mine.

I had let my cock soften before I took it out of her cum covered pussy, then…..

Part 2?

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      Next time, I will address the other elephant in the room regarding teaching them instead of allowing them to go at it with no clue.



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      April 11, 2024

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      From 1880 to 1920 the average age of consent in the USA was 7 to 14 years, which seemed to drastically change from 1920 to date. From 1920 to 2000 the average age of consent was 16 years of age with Hawaii having the lowest age of 14. However, as I stated above, as of 2021, all states inside of the USA now have an age of consent no lower than 16.

      Federal law prohibits any sex with a minor under the age of 18 no matter what age they may happen to be. Fortunately, federal statutory consent laws do not apply unless the minor is transported over state lines for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity.

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      If you’d like to read more of my comment, let me know and I will post the rest of it. I am replying to an older posted comment.


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    Sexuality isn’t just about sex. It is also about how your child:

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