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Krisha, my 14yr goddess

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Krisha is a 14 year old house mate, she’s so beautiful and I would do anything to fuck her. Even though I’m only 11. I want her so bad.

Krisha is a 14 year old Indian girl who lives in our shared house, it’s a two bedroom house, me, Krisha and our mum’s live in it.

Mum and I moved in when dad left us and we couldn’t afford to live in the house we were in, we found a room advertised and after meeting the owners we decided to move in, rent was cheap and all got on well together and it was home, I’m 11 and White British and never lived with Indian people before, the food they made was so nice and they were always happy and friendly.

But enough about all that, I want to focus on Krisha and what happened the other night.

So she’s 14, she has light brown skin that looks like milk chocolate, she’s very petite, has dark brown eyes and thick long curly black hair, seriously she has so much hair you could probably wrap her up in it, but I haven’t tried, I’m only 11 but I’m totally obsessed with her, she is so pretty and I’ve started jerking myself off in the bathroom thinking about her and sniffing her underwear and all sorts.

The house is kind of small so we’d always be bumping in to each other, mostly I did it on purpose just so I could feel her body against mine, I’ve seen her in her underwear a few times and even got a flash of her boob once, but it was only a little side boob and only for a micro second, still, I’ve burnt that image in to my mind and visualize it when jerking off.

On Sunday night we were both in the living room watching TV, our mum’s were upstairs sewing some dresses or something, I was sat in the chair by the window and Krisha was laying on the sofa which was near the back wall of the room near the door, we’d both just had our weekly bath ready for school in the morning, I was wearing my PJ’s and Krisha had her yellow fluffy dressing gown on.

She’d fallen asleep on was laying on her side, I heard her move and when I looked over she lifted her left knee up towards her chest, the dressing gown came off her leg exposing her smooth chocolatey skin, her skin was so floorless and shiny it honestly looked like she was made of plastic.

I got a boner looking at her leg but I shook it off and tried to ignore it, a short time later she moved again, this time she rolled on to her back and her right leg dangled off the edge of the sofa, her legs were wide open but, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t see anything, the dimmed light in the room and the shadow from her dressing gown created a shadow between her legs making it too dark to see.

My boner throbbed and ached badly, I had to have a look, just a quick look, so I quietly slid out of the chair and crawled across the floor, I checked she was still sleeping then very slowly and with precision, I reached out and held a small piece of the corner of her dressing gown, the flap that was covering her crotch, and I delicately peeled it back, I hit the jackpot, she wasn’t wearing any underwear, my body shuddered with excitement finally laying eyes on her smooth and juicy pussy.

I let the flap of her dressing gown fall out of my fingers, her pussy was exposed, I knew I couldn’t touch it though, no matter how badly I wanted too, because she’d feel it and wake up, so I just grabbed hold of my cock and started jerking off while looking at it.

After a few minutes I checked she was asleep again but to my horror her eyes were open, she was looking down at my crotch, I stopped jerking and froze, I’d been caught, I knew I was in deep shit now, there’s no talking my way out of this, her eyes rolled up and met mine, then her eyes closed a little as she stared at me looking angry, she reached out and grabbed me by the front of my pajama top and pulled me up on to the sofa.

I was on my knees on the sofa when she wrapped her legs tightly around me, my cock was hovering above her pussy, she gripped my cock and started to jerk me off, her expression turned to one of mischief, then she opened the folds of her dressing gown exposing her breasts to me and the rest of her body, so shiny, so chocolatey, oh my word she was a goddess.

She made me come and I squirted a stream of spunk in a line from her pussy to her breasts, she squeezed my cock really tight and dripped the last of my spunk on to her clitoris, then she took her fingers and rubbed them up her body, collecting my spunk on her fingers, from her pussy, up her stomach, between her breasts, up the curve of her neck and chin, then she popped her spunk covered fingers in to her mouth, when she pulled them out the spunk was gone.

She swallowed my spunk and then pushed me on to my bum at the other side of the sofa, she sprung to her feet and tied up her dressing gown, she looked at me, her hair swooped through the air as she turned her head and then rested on her back, shoulders and down the sides of her face, it was mesmerizing, then she lightly smiled before dashing out of the door and up the stairs.

I think maybe I’ve cracked it, if she’s willing to jerk me off, let me see her naked and taste my spunk, maybe she’ll be willing to do other stuff too, I need to keep going, I want to fuck her so bad, the next few days and weeks are going to be very interesting.

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    Just be thankful that she actually jerked your cock for you and let you spunk onto her body.Young girls seldom do that.

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    moooorree please!!!!

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    What’s your Snapchat?

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    Great story do part 2

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    This story is more fake then Kim Kardashian’s arse

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    Woah, you have a housemate that lets you bang her?