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Grandpa Walks In

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My grandpa and grandma were staying with us for the week and I was left home alone.. or so I thought.

I had turned 13 last November and the only thing I had on my mind was sex. It was an early May morning and it was as hot as ever when my grandparents came over for the week. I could’ve cared less. Don’t get me wrong I love them, but they never knock when coming into a room. One day my mom said that she and my grandparents were going to the mall. I thought that this would’ve been a perfect time to finger myself. After they left I grabbed my laptop and got on my bed. I pulled off my pants, letting my shaved pussy be exposed. I opened a random porn sight and started to get off, about half way through though my bedroom door opened. There stood my 67 year old grandpa. I closed my laptop before pulling up my pants. “Honey you don’t have to hide from me, I used to change your diapers.” He laughed as he walked towards me. “I thought no one was home.” I mumbled before he touched my cheek. “Well.. no one but me and you.” He said as his hands slowly moved to my chest. “I remember when you were 10 and you’d change i front of me… I always thought you had the best pussy.” He mumbled. I blushed. “You did?” I asked softly. “I did… dont you remember grandpa’s special messages?” He asked softly as his hands went down my pants. I moaned softly. “Of course.. I loved them when I was 11.. They made me feel so.. tingly..” i whispered before he started to rub my clit. “They felt just like that.. grandpa.. you’re hands they’re so warm.” I mumbled in pleasure, feeling like I was entranced by his touch. He started to rub my clit faster. I couldn’t move, it just felt so good. He moved his fingers off of my clit before fingering me. I moaned and looked at him, then down at his dick. I could see that he was so hard. I reached down and pulled down his pants. “I want a deeper massage.” I whispered before he pulled down my pants. He stood and pulled me to the edge of the bed before sliding his warm dick in me. I closed my eyes and moaned loudly. He started to thrust into me quickly and I couldn’t help but want him to cum inside of me. One of his hands grabbing my tit. I leaned up, into the touch wanting more and more. He pulled his dick out and came on my stomach rather quickly. “Sorry Honey, it’s been a while.” I just smiled. “I don’t mind.. I just want more of grandpa’s massages.” I told him. He smiled before leaning down and kissing my clit. He pulled his pants up before slowly leaving the room. I wanted more of his touch.. and I planned on getting it.

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