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Hopefully dreams come true

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My sexual perverted fantasy that l am hoping come true please please please

Hiiiii am back to talk more about my perverted fantasies that hopefully come true in the future please please please come true one of the time where it almost came true was when my mom was at work my little brother was at school l was by myself so l downloaded Grindr and posted pictures of my ass l started texting older men that lived near by there was one guy who was actually going to come to my house l was so excited l got dressed up put red lipstick but even after giving directions to my house he still couldn’t find me so it didn’t happen. l would definitely like to be picked up from school and having sex in their car or even better in their house l want to get fucked in my femboy ass while the older men say disgusting naughty things about me l want their hands on my ass slapping it making it jiggle by their forceful thrust my ass bouncing back matching their speed feeling their warm cum fill my ass and then they start to use my mouth shoving their cum covered cocks into mouth pounding my little mouth l want them to release their stress into me feel their warm cum drip down my mouth falling to my chest. My email is [email protected] and my discord is kcjk if you want to hit me up there if there’s other place you want to chat please please please tell me also if you live in Texas don’t be shy l would love to suck your delicious juicy cock. Also l have a online girlfriend she also post here l will put a picture of her ass for you guys if you want to read some of her stuff just type Lapis


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  • Reply 16y/oTrans ID:pvlebg8rj

    Tried adding your discord but it doesn’t work QwQ

  • Reply KC ID:1dk47uuzb7a0

    l really want to see my girlfriend get fucked in front of me and then get fucked next

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    You have a very sexy ass KC . If you really want to attract some guys to fuck you , try buying a open bottom girdle with stockings of any color you like and attach them to the garter straps and a pair of 5 inch stiletto heels and you will definitely get this party started . Me and my black boyfriend would love to have you dressed like that and as my boyfriend has you bent over breeding your sissy ass I’ll be sucking your cock until you blow your load down my throat ! Just think of that sweetie !! Britney (THE QUEEN OF SPADES) and Black cock whore , and poptart !

    • KC ID:1e5zzxm8lby2

      Ok thank you for the advice l would love to join the spades l always thought it was very hot to have a tattoo tell everyone you belong to someone

    • KC ID:xjcf45uefou

      l would love to know more about the community that you are in l really want to join

  • Reply KC ID:1dnf6omf7u7i

    Nope l have not

    • Jarrbo ID:1ck81rfyqy10

      So try it with a dildo first 😊😊. You’ll see if you like this feeling 😊. You have a girlfriend, do it together. It’s a very erotic experience. Besides, you will have full control over what is happening 😊😊 This is important when playing games like this. Because you only have one anus, and sex, in my opinion, is supposed to be pleasure, not pain. Maybe it will turn out that this is not entirely your cup of tea?… 😉

  • Reply KC ID:1duo6qh38zje

    Why not both

    • Jarrbo ID:1ck81rfyqy10

      Have you ever tried a dildo in your butt? 🙂

  • Reply KC ID:1e8wdlunmddu

    Ok l can’t wait

    • Jarrbo ID:1ck81rfyqy10

      Are you looking forward to a dildo or a real cock?😊

  • Reply KC ID:1ddfeazthyxj

    should l buy a dildo

    • Jarrbo ID:1ck81rfyqy10

      Yes, if you’re going to take a real dick inside you….😉

  • Reply nono ID:4bn00en3fia

    Please get therapy, no matter how much you think you want to do this, you’ll regret it so bad. You’re not having consensual sex with adult men, you’re a child, you’re not mentally prepared for this kind of thing and if any adult tries to touch you or encourages this, run. Its not consensual its rape. I was just like you when I was younger and it absolutely ruined me, please take it from me and get you and your girlfriend some support. Tell trusted friends, family members, you can chat with an online therapist if you don’t have that kind of supportive family. But please don’t, please. You’re worthy of respect and love, you don’t deserve to be used or sexualized/objectified by adults, nobody does.

  • Reply Joseph ID:1ddo5gi213nm

    Nice, ass on both of you. I think you both need some BREEDING

    • nono ID:4bn00en3fia

      Shoot yourself in the head, pedo

    • KC ID:1d2te1avoq7j

      Thank you so much ☺️☺️

  • Reply Jarrbo ID:1ck81rfyqy10

    It’s getting hotter 😊😉.