Cat: Pics

The Ignorant Lovers

“I love you.” He huffed. She grinned and brushed her nose against his. “Play me something.” He hinted at the guitar. “You never play for me.” She... # #

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Addicted to Cum

I’m 17 and I’m addicted to eating cum. I just love the texture and feel of it. I don’t care who’s dick it comes off. I just need it all the time. # # #

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The kiss part 2

Having my first kiss by my pet dog When I was doing my homework when I was doing my homework I didn’t think I was going to be having an affair # #

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A Surprise At The Party

I was at a party. A typical college party. Beer flowed from kegs and cigarette smoke filled the house. Men all moved about desperately trying to be cool and attractive for the ladies.... # #

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