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Halloween Mix-Up

As it happened Halloween fell on a Saturday this particular year which made for many neighborhood Halloween parties. Jim Adams was both proud and anxious. His daughter Shelly had just... # # # #

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New milf girlfriend

Im having an affair with my business partner of ten years. She has a family. Her husband and her are not divorced, but they don’t live as though they’re married. And she... # # #

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My Bar Birthday Parties

I used to work for my sister in a go go bar she owned with her husband. I know why she hired me because of my 34dds. Since my birthday is around Christmas, I became the bar’s Christmas... # #

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Joni the bar flasher

Joni a 42 year old bar fly loved going out to all the local bars for beer, shots and mixed drinks but didn’t like paying for them. Many of the locals knew she liked drinking for... # #

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Movie Made Me Cum

It’s still chilly here so I’ve been watching movies all day. I just finished watching this movie about a woman who has an affair with her hot handyman. She tries to break it off... # #

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The weather finally broke here for three days here in Florida. We had three consecutive ninety degree days. It’s about time I can go to the pool. I have my coffee take a shower and... # #

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Always Horny

I can’t control myself anymore. I go to sleep and I wake up horny. I’m so used to a man shoving his big cock inside me in the morning. I love to be woken up by a big cock fucking... # # #

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My friends dog

This is a story when I was on a sleepover at a friends farm. Where she had 2 big dogs. Cats. Horses. Sheep’s and so on. # # #

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The Mansion bang part 2

This is the continuation of the stories ‘I fucked my mom ‘ and ‘The mansion bang part 1’ I have given my mom’s pic at last enjoy it. After the seven men... # #

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