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Tommy & Carla

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50 year old Tommy was attracted to his partner’s 13 year old daughter Carla who liked to tease him

Tommy was in his van on his way to collect his partner’s thirteen year old daughter Carla from her school that had been having an eighties night as a bit of fun for the schoolkids. Tommy liked Carla rather more than he should given the fact that she was thirty seven years younger than him. After all she was fucking cute and fit as fuck for her age and he thought that Carla knew she was as she would often tease Tommy when he was over at her house.
She would do things purposely such as wearing a long tee shirt with only her knickers underneath and crossing her legs whilst sitting opposite Tommy in her living room. She would also do things like bite her bottom lip when she looked at him play with her hair. Tommy loved her teasing him but felt awkward sometimes when her mum was also in the room.
Tommy arrived at Carla’s school and parked his van outside of the school gates. Soon the kids started coming out and Tommy started admiring some of the younger girls dressed in various clothes or costumes relating to the eighties. Some of the younger girls were cute as fuck and Tommy slid his hand down inside his shorts and played with his freshly shaved cock and balls. When he saw Carla walk through the gates he removed his hand and flashed his lights to get her attention. Carla saw Tommy’s van and walked towards it as she said goodnight to her school friends.
She was dressed as a punk from the eighties wearing black torn stockings, pink ankle boots a very short red and black tartan skirt fastened with a large safety pin and a white ripped tee shirt that she had cut short so it just covered her sexy pert tits. Her brown hair had pink ribbons tied into it and they hung down to her shoulders. Carla always wore glasses with black plastic frames that made her look even cuter and sexier. She climbed into Tommy’s van and sat in the seat nearest to him even though it had two passenger seats. Tommy liked that she’d chosen the closer seat but wasn’t too surprised as Carla probably wanted to tease him some more.
Carla crossed her right leg over her left knee knowing that Tommy would be able to see her thigh and probably her small white knickers. Tommy glanced over at her and then noticed that the fucking teasing tramp was also wearing a white suspender belt that was holding her stockings up. Tommy’s cock was getting excited as he looked at Carla’s soft white thigh with the suspender straps running down the front and back to the tops of her ripped stockings. He smiled and winked at her as he started the van. Carla touched Tommy’s bare left leg with her fingertips and whispered to him that she was in no rush to get home if he wasn’t. Tommy was now really excited as he knew he was finally going to get to touch and maybe kiss Carla. Tommy told her that he wasn’t in any rush whatsoever but her mum would be expecting them back shortly. Carla picked up her phone and called her mum. She told her that she’d asked Tommy if he could take some of her friends home first before bringing her home so they would be a while getting back. Her mum fell for it and Carla looked at Tommy and gently bit her bottom lip which made her look like a very naughty little girl.
Tommy looked at her and slowly shook his head from side to side as he drove away from the school gates. Carla asked him where they were going and he said they were going somewhere quiet where they wouldn’t be disturbed. Carla uncrossed her legs and put her feet up onto the dashboard. Her skirt slid down her thighs towards her waist revealing the tops of her stockings. Tommy she wasn’t just teasing him anymore and she really did want him just as much as he wanted her. After a few minutes Tommy pulled the van off the road and turned into a public car park next to a large wooded area mainly used by dog walkers in the daytime but was very quiet in the evening.
He parked the van and turned off the lights before removing his seatbelt. Tommy asked Carla how she was feeling and in a quiet voice she told him that she was feeling a little bit nervous now that she was no longer just teasing him but she actually wanted him to touch her and play with her. Tommy had to remind himself that Carla was still a kid no matter how much she pretended and acted like she wasn’t. This made things even more exciting for him and was secretly hoping that whatever happened between them that evening she would tell her little sister Sinead who Tommy also had his eyes on. Even though Sinead was only ten years old Tommy thought she was a sexy little fucker and hoped to get inside her knickers one day also. Tommy hadn’t mentioned anything to Carla about him liking her little sister but he knew that they told each other everything.
Tommy reached over and gently put his right hand onto Carla’s right thigh and slid her tartan skirt up her leg so he could see her white cotton knickers. Carla looked down at her lap as Tommy slipped his hand between her soft white thighs and ran his fingertips over her panties. Carla tipped her head back and let it rest against the top of the seat as she opened her legs slightly letting Tommy cup her cotton covered pussy in his hand.
Tommy rubbed and squeezed Carla’s juicy pussy through her knickers that he could feel were becoming slightly wet as he looked at Carla’s face. Her eyes were closed and her pretty little head was tilted back as she ran the tip of her pink tongue over her top lip. Tommy moved closer and touched the tip of her tongue with his. Carla loosened her lips enough to let Tommy slip his tongue inside her warm wet mouth before gently clamping it with her teeth. This excited Tommy and he rubbed and squeezed her fat pussy harder and faster making Carla’s panties soak up her cunt juice. Tommy kissed her passionately as Carla’s pussy juice seeped through her cotton panties and onto his fingers. He pulled his tongue out of Carla’s wet little mouth and replaced it with his come soaked fingers. Carla still had her eyes closed as she slowly licked and sucked Tommy’s fingers enjoying the taste of her own cunt juice. Once Carla had licked his fingers clean Tommy put his hand on her lap and unfastened the safety pin that was keeping her skirt together. He removed the pin and tossed it onto the dashboard before opening up her skirt so it lay on the seat either side of her thighs.
Carla now looked fucking amazing in her white suspender belt and white panties. Tommy suggested that they get out of the van and go for a walk into the woods. Carla said ok and reached for her skirt but Tommy told her to leave it off. She giggled and said that would be a bit naughty so Tommy took off his shorts and said now they could both be naughty.
They got out of the van and Tommy locked the doors as Carla stood looking around nervously. Tommy asked her what she was looking for and she said other people. Tommy laughed and told het not to worry about anyone else. Tommy knew the area well as he had walked his own dogs there for many years and very seldom saw anyone else around that time in the evening. He lightly slapped Carla’s bum and told her to get a move on and they started to walk along the dirt trail. Tommy couldn’t take his eyes off of Carla, she looked sexy and slutty as fuck walking along with her panties riding up the crack of her arse cheeks and her stockings covering her chunky little legs.
Carla was feeling very excited walking around a public area in her knickers and loved feeling the cool breeze against her bare thighs and over her wet panties. Tommy was also enjoying the cool breeze passing through his blue pants and around his cock and balls. Tommy led Carla in the direction of a park bench that he used to sit on when there with his dogs. When they reached the bench they sat down beside each other with Carla to Tommy’s left. Tommy slipped his right hand between Carla’s thighs and she spread her legs for him hoping that he could manage to squeeze some more pussy juice out of her. Tommy leant over and began to kiss her passionately as he rubbed and squeezed her pussy hard. Carla squirmed as she pushed her wet cunt against Tommy’s hand and could feel her warm juice squirting through her wet panties. Tommy pulled his hand away and slid it inside Carla’s panties feeling her wet sloppy gaping 13 year old cunt.
He stopped kissing her as she was gasping for breath but continued to abuse her dirty pussy with his fingers. Carla was biting her bottom lip again that told Tommy that she was loving what he was doing to her which made him feel good. Tommy slipped two fingers deep inside of her and fucked her hard as the palm of his hand slapped hard against her cunt and clit. Tommy fucked her faster and faster with his slippery fingers until Carla squirted copious amounts of come into his hand and into her panties. Carla threw her head back and yelped with pleasure as Tommy quickly pulled out of her to see her cunt juice squirting out of her.
He smeared her warm sticky come all over her pretty little face and pushed his two fingers inside her warm little mouth letting her suck and lick them clean. Carla looked at him with a look of delight on her face showing Tommy her appreciation before she placed her left hand onto the bulge inside of his pants. She paused for a few moments before saying she had something to tell him. Tommy was intrigued and asked what it was. She admitted that she wasn’t really the girl that she pretended to be when she had teased him many over and had only ever touched one boy’s cock before. Tommy smiled and said he had kind of guessed that anyway because she was just a kid and didn’t think expect her to have had much sexual experience. This put Carla at ease as she didn’t want to disappoint Tommy after what he had just done to her and how amazing it felt for her.
Tommy kissed her on her forehead and smiled at her letting her know that everything was just fine. Carla smiled back and started to gently squeeze his cock and balls through his pants. As Tommy’s fat cock grew larger and harder Carla asked him to stand up for her. Tommy stood in front of her between her open thighs and Carla slowly pulled his pants down to his ankles letting him kick them from his feet. Carla was surprised by his big fat cock as it dumped itself in front of her face. The boy’s cock she had once touched was very small in comparison so wasn’t expecting something so much bigger and fatter but she fucking loved it. Her mouth opened and her eyes widened at the sight of Tommy’s gorgeous cock and balls hanging in front of her face.
As Tommy ran his fingers through Carla’s soft hair and pink ribbons she took hold of his fat juicy cock and put the tip of it against her soft lips and began to gently kiss it. Tommy was looking down at her pretty little face as she squeezed and kissed his hard fat cock and felt so privileged having met this gorgeous sexy kid who appreciated what she was getting from him and what she was giving him. Carla poked her little wet tongue through her lips and started flicking it over the end of Tommy’s cock before opening her sexy fucking mouth. She looked up into his eyes as she slowly took his fat cock into her mouth and tightened her lips around it. Tommy let out a sigh as it felt so good having his cock inside of her warm soft little mouth and had to refrain from shooting his hot load inside it. Carla bobbed her head back and forth sucking the shaft of Tommy’s fat cock as she also teased the tip with her tongue whilst holding his balls in her left hand. Tommy couldn’t take much more of this naughty little girl devouring his cock and had to slide it out of her mouth before he come.
Tommy lifted Carla up onto her feet and pulled her knickers down to her boots and she stepped out of them. He turned her around and asked her to kneel on the bench which she did and rested her arms on the back of it. Tommy stood behind her and admired her open wet pussy and tight little arsehole. He put his hand between her thighs and Carla opened her legs wide as she was hoping she was actually about to get fucked for the first time and by a man not some boy with a pathetic cock. Tommy spit into his hand and smeared it over his cock and over Carla’s kiddy pussy before placing the tip of his cock against her slippery wet cunt. Carla felt it touching her pussy and was so excited as she waited for it to enter her. Tommy gently but firmly pushed his fat cock inside of Carla as she moaned and pushed back against him. He pushed half of his fat shaft inside her before stopping and letting Carla take control so that she could decide how much of his cock she wanted inside her.
Carla gently rocked herself back and forth taking more and more of Tommy’s cock into her stretched pussy. Tommy was impressed how well she was doing as he watched her slimy pussy swallow his fat hard cock until his balls were up against her bum cheeks. The filthy fucking teeny had swallowed all of his cock with her greedy cunt and she was loving every bit of it. Tommy slowly pulled back until most of his cock was out of her before pushing it all the way back inside of her. Carla squealed with pleasure as she pushed her bum cheeks hard against Tommy’s thighs in order to take every bit of his fat cock into her. Tommy kept on repeating this but each time ramming his cock home faster and harder than before. Carla was ecstatic has her arse slapped hard against Tommy’s thighs as she began to orgasm squirting her teeny pussy juice all over his balls and legs. Tommy knew he couldn’t hold his load of come much longer and pulled his wet slippery cock out of Carla and moved around to the other side of the bench and stood facing her. He pushed his fat cock into her drooling mouth and placed his hands on the back of her head and started to fuck her in her face. Carla was gagging as his cock pumped in and out of her face until she felt several squirts of hot come hit the back of her throat. Tommy pulled out of her mouth and emptied the rest of his load over her face and glasses. Carla shocked by how much come Tommy’s cock had produced and loved how it tasted in her mouth and how warm it was on her skin. As she swallowed his creamy come Tommy used his fingers to gather the rest of his come from Carla’s face and directed it into her mouth. Carla savoured it before letting it slide down her throat and wanting more she removed her glasses and licked the sticky spunk from them. When she had swallowed every bit of Tommy’s come she looked up at him and giggled like the little girl that she was. Tommy smiled at her as he stroked her hair and told her she was a naughty little girl. Carla stood up slowly and they both retrieved their pants and put them back on before heading off back to the van. It took them a while as their legs were week from their antics so they were happy to sit back in the van for a while and relax. Tommy put his shorts back on and retrieved Carla’s safety pin for her so she could put her skirt back on.
Tommy drove Carla home and dropped her outside so he didn’t have to face her mum and start lying to her about where they had been. Carla turned to look at tommy and bit her bottom lip as if to tease him jokingly before she went into the house. Tommy laughed and thought there was no point teasing him anymore but maybe if Sinead became a little tease also he could be interested.

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