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The human breeder

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15 yro sue is hand picked for breeding. Will she survive? Not without popping a few baby’s out of her shredded whomb.

15 year old sue is minding her business trying to get home to her family. Meanwhile Henry is looking for exactly that. In one swift movement he made sure that Sue would never see her family again.

He shoved her into the truck close by. Hand cuffed her then took a surange and filled her with something that will keep her knocked out.

Before you asked it’s easier said than done thanks to the ungrateful bitch fighting for her life. Henry will have to teach her that her life is worthless and she is only put on this planet to be fucked, bread and made to serve, just like every other selfish bitch on this planet.

Now all that’s left is for Henry to drive. He puts her in a hidden box he’s made. It’s made to look like part of the car. So that even if he’s stopped and they search his car they won’t find his new play thing. And so, he drives. For 2 days. To a barely populated town. He parks in a garage, takes his toy, and descends down 3 flights of stairs. To a sub bacement he had built years ago. He ties his bute to a pole and shreds her clothes. He then waits.

Evenchally the bitch wakes up. She starts thrashing and clawing and screaming. It’s no use. Of course it’s no use! Why the fuck would she think she can escape?? All this does is make Henry laugh, caching sue’s attention. Her stiffing fear just delights her captor.

“Let’s make one thing clear babe. Your mine now. Your in the middle of nowhere. I am your difference between life and death. If you want to survive, you better behave. Simple as that. Are we clear?”

Sue spits at him. He laughed and holds the knife to her neck.

” Tell me sue. Are you hungry? Thirsty? Exausted? Have a headache and feel sick? Good. That should be more than enough of a reason to let me shove my cock up your virgin pussy until I know you’re knocked up. Otherwise I’ll let you for down here till you beg me to fuck you. Of course if we go with the latter who knows when you’ll get the chance to beg. For all you know next time I come down here you’ll be a corpse I can feed to my dogs. You better think carefully about this decision. And remember. I can always rape you anyway and leave you to starve.”

He takes out his massive dick and starts rubbing it. She’s eyes start bulging as she watches. Ridden with fear.

“I’ll be back in the morning. You can give me your answer then”

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    Come back next time on the next episode of Dragon ball ball z!

    • Rapeacat

      God I hate that show.

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    So a guy kidnaps a girl, locks her in the basement and threatens to fuck her tomorrow ? Cant wait for the next 27 installments….

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    So a girl get’s kidnapped, locked in a basement and the guy threatens too fuck her ? Can’t wait for the next 37 chapters.!

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    Besides a few gramatical errors i like the Story

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    Stop writing your story is bad just quit

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      Well damn that’s rude 😂 don’t need to get your dick in a twist.