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Margie wants in

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MY 15 year old cousins daughter needs some pictures taken that her parents would not approve ov

When they got back from Mexico Margie the 15 year old was all tanned and lovely. Her 36D tits showed some white so she didn’t go nude not that I thought she ever would. The closest she had to nude was when she came in to wish me good night with her silk baby doll pajamas on just before they left for Mexico. I was in bed and she knocked on the door quietly as everyone was in bed and I told her to come in. She opened the door and breezed into the room and told me she just wanted to thank me again for taking her side when Kat was being a cunt. I just about shit because I think it was the first time I had ever heard Margie swear let alone say cunt. Her silk pajamas were pressing on her perfect tits and making her nipples stand up. I don’t think she even realized it. She sat on the bed and gave me a huge hug and told me she loved me for always being on her side. She got up to walk away and her baby doll shorts which were quite lose around the legs moved away in such as way that I caught a glimpse of her hair covered cunt. Her ass was making me hard as she left my room.
Everyone was excited to be home and especially Kat who wanted to know how I had got along with Sara and I expect she wanted some fucking herself. The girls were told to go up and unpack and put their dirty laundry in the away. Brian and I opened a beer and he started to show some of the pictures from Mexico. There were several of the girls in different bathing suits and many of he and Julie with drinks in their hands. As usual Kat was looking for attention in most shots and showing off while Margie was always in the background. I was completely taken with a few shots of Margie in a new one-piece bathing suit she had got for Christmas. I barely covered her perfect D tits and rode down over her flat tummy to her cunt. The material pulled up to her hips and over to her ass leaving most of her ass cheeks showing and pulled very tight over her cunt. I was getting hard every time Brian would show any picture of her in that suit.
WE all went to bed that night and about 2 in the morning Kat snuck into my room woke me up and wanted me to fuck her and tell her how I had got along with Sara. I told her to ask Sara and to get back to her room before we got caught. She got all pouty and quickly pulled my covers off and leaned in and gave my cock a quick pull and kiss then turned and walked out. Being as fair skinned as she is she barely had any tan at all but my mouth watered to get back at her tight 12 year old cunt again. Maybe I could get her and Sara together.
I left the next day for home and said I would see them soon. Margie said to remember she had two cheer competitions nearby in the next month and hoped I’d come. I put them in my phone and assured her I would.
The first competition was about an hour and a half away so I booked and room across from the rest of the family and after the first day Margie’s team was tied for first place. Margie had her own room with one of her cheer team and Kat was in her parent’s room so I didn’t think there was any way I’d be seeing Kat. I was watching tv when there was a knock at my door and It was Margie. She had on full length sleep pants with a baggy tee shirt and I could see her bra straps under the shirt. She came in and I got her a soda and I sat on chair and she sat on the edge of my bed. She was a little nervous so I gave her time to calm down by talking about the days competition and how good she looked on stage. She thanked me and then it happened. She looked at me straight in the eyes and asked If I would take some pictures of her for her cheer portfolio. I asked her why she didn’t aske her dad who is a very good photographer and she said because he would make her look like a little girl and she wasn’t a little girl and the other girls had pictures that made them look sexy and she wanted some to and thought that if she asked me I would do it for her and not tell. I told her I would think about it as keeping stuff like this away from her parents made me uncomfortable. She said ok and hugged me and left. I had already decided to do it before she was out the door. The next day after the competition ended I told her I would do it and that she should bring some outfits she wanted to wear to the competition in two weeks and we would take the pictures in my room after everyone was in bed. She was so excited she hugged me and kissed me on the lips which was an awkward moment. Then she asked what kind of outfits she should bring. I suggested her one piece swim suit and her silk baby dolls and any other outfit she felt sexy in since she had told me that was the idea. She hugged me again and left.
The next competition was farther away started Friday and finished Sunday so we had rented rooms for 3 nights and were set up the same as before with Margie with one of her cheer friends and Kat with her parents. I had asked Margie to bring me some pictures that her friends had that she wanted to look like. The first night she brought her friend Penny to my room and she showed me her pictures on her phone and they were really hot and sexual. I asked Penny if these were the pictures she used for her cheer photos and as I expected they were not. She said they were just for her to use with friends and maybe a boyfriend when she had one. I asked her for her phone again and this time I didn’t stop when I reached the area she had stopped me at. Now I was looking at Penny showing her tits and cunt and ass and trying to look as sexual as possible. When she saw what I was looking at she grabbed the phone and got red in the face and begged me not to say anything to Margie’s or her parents. i asked Margie if she was sure she wanted those kind of pictures and she said she didn’t think she wanted to go naked but she did like the sexy ones with clothes on. I said ok. I told her to bring the outfits to my room and we would get started. She and Penny giggled and Penny left. Margie had a suitcase in the hall outside my room and she brought it in.
We went through what she had brought and she had 4 bathing suits including the one I wanted to see her in and the baby doll pajamas. She had some matching bras and panties that were almost see through and a couple of baggy tees and too tight shorts.
I suggested we start with the shorts and tops and she went into the bathroom and put on the first outfit. It was jean shorts that rode up into her cunt to make a perfect camel toe and a top that barely covered her bra covered tits. I was going to take it slow so I didn’t scare her so I had her pose in that outfit sitting on the couch with her left arm over the back of the couch and her left leg bent at the knee on the couch and her right leg spread and off the couch and her foot on the floor. She was very nervous and I had trouble getting her to smile or put on any kind of sexy look. I took some pics like that and then got myself a beer and asked her if she’d like one. She just nodded yes so I brought her a cooler which I figured tasted better than a beer. She drank if very quickly and seemed to relax a bit so we tried it again and this time she was better but still not great. I had her change into another outfit which was very tight leggings and a really cute top. Again she had a major came toe. We set up with her on all fours looking back over her shoulder at me. I told her to spread her legs a bit more and she did without question but she was still very ridged and not natural. I suggested we call it a night and try tomorrow. She wanted to see the pictures so I showed them to her and she didn’t think that she looked good. I told her it was her first time and tomorrow night would be better. I wasn’t sure if she had noticed my cock sticking out a bit but she didn’t say anything so I guess I’m ok.
Friday came and went and she showed up at my room right after dinner. I suggested we try the same outfits as last night to see if we could get it more natural. She nodded and went into the bathroom and changed into the tight shorts and halter top. This time she came out without a bra and I could see her nipples under the shirt. She asked me if she looked ok and I told her she looked amazing. She took her position on the couch and spread her legs perfectly so her camel toe was at its best. I started to shoot and she seemed to have caught on and we got some good shots. She changed into the leggings again with the top she picked was very cute on her and again no bra. My cock was so hard I wasn’t sure I could keep it a secret from her. As she got on the floor in the doggy position and looked back over her shoulder she was looking straight at my tent. She said nothing but I was sure she noticed because she turned all red and got flustered. I put the camera down and asked her to come up on the couch with me. I said I guess you noticed my cock is hard so I think we should talk about it. She said oh I didn’t really notice which I knew was a lie. I said well my cock is hard and likely will be until we’re done with this because you are so beautiful and sexy. I said you know you picked clothes tonight that give you a camel toe. You know that is right and she nodded that she did. Also tonight you aren’t wearing a bra and your tits are magnificent and I don’t know of any man who wouldn’t get hard seeing you like this. So I’m going to be hard sometimes and you need to deal with that ok. Again she didn’t look at me but shook her head that we were ok.
I had her get back on the floor on all fours and look over her shoulder to me and asked to put on a pouty look and she was perfect. I had her spread her legs more to show her camel toe better and she followed instructions perfectly. She did glance at my hard cock which wasn’t hiding now but didn’t seem bothered by it now. After several more shots of her on the floor I showed her the pictures we had already and she was really happy with them and said now what. I said lets try your one piece bathing suit and she left to get it. When she returned I was awe struck. The way it clung to her body was spectacular. The crotch barely covered her cunt and I had her turn around and it was almost a thong there was so little to cover her ass. She was a bit embarrassed by my reaction as I was looking at her like I wanted to fuck her and I did of course.
I had her stand over by the window and put her hand up on the drape and her other hand on her hip. I had her bend one leg and put it behind the other and took several shots like that. She wanted to see them right away and was really pleased and wanted more in that suit. I had her kneel on the couch with her upper body over the back and her butt toward me and her legs spread. When I looked through the shutter it was a perfect pose except I could see black pubic hair showing down the length of her pussy from almost her asshole to the front. I said Maggs cause that’s what I called her, we have a problem. She turned to me and said what. I said I don’t know how to say this except to say it. Don’t be upset. She said its ok Hugh just tell me. I said you have pubic hair showing at the edges of your suit where the material wraps around your pussy. She turned bright red and said can we tuck it in. I said we would be better to if you could shave it off so It doesn’t happen again when we do other shots.

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    Keep going

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    Keep the chapters coming… good build up…

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    So she went into the bathroom and used his razor to shave her pubes, came out and asked him if that was better.

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    Story kind of long, kind of wasn’t worth writing to talk how you get a bone over taken pics in skimpy clothes. Obviously she is trying to seduce you. Also no to mention you only said you did fuck her and not go in detail how you fuck her. This story could have been better.