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A new found arousal of young girls leads to an experience with a 10yo girl

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My new found arousal, leads to a daddy daughter relationship with a new 10yo girl in the neighborhood.


To start, I’m 25, I want to say that I did not realize that I was attracted to young girls until about 2 years ago. I live in a house down the street from a low income apartment complex. I have 2 young sons, so my house is always full of kids. We have so many kids over so often, that most of them called my wife and I, mom and dad. One day, I came home from work to a house full of kids like any other day. I walk through the door, and I see the usual kids at the kitchen table eating sandwiches. My wife walks in, and she’s followed by a 20 – something african American woman who introduced herself as Trish. Trish was absolutely beautiful. Trish explained that she had just moved to the apartments down the street with her son Josh, who is 12, and her daughter Winter, who is 10. She explained that their dad was never really in the picture, and recently, Winter had been asking many questions as to why she doesn’t have a dad. After a brief conversation, Trish said her goodbyes and walked out the door. The beauty of this woman was magnified when she turned her back toward me. She had one of the most beautiful asses that I have ever seen in person.

After Trish left, I walked out to check on the rest of the kids, who were playing on the slip-n-slide in the backyard. As I walked out onto the porch, my eyes were struck with a shocking amazement of lust. Getting up out of the shallow pool at the bottom of the slide was a small petite caramel skinned girl. As she rose from the water, her skin glistened in the sun, as if the heavens opened up and shined a beam of heavely light upon her creamy caramel complected skin. As she stood, her hot pink bathing suit was pushed deep between her 10yo butt cheeks. My mind starting doing backflips. I was so amazed at how much meat she had on her backside for being so young. Then again, it made sense because her mom had a stunning ass.

As Winter seen me, she got out of the shallow water and ran upto me.

“I like the waterside! Thank you for letting us play!”

Trying to wrap my head around this new arousal, I shakingly said “You are welcome Winter. I’m glad that you are enjoying yourself. ”

“I like it here. Can I come over again?”

“Definitely. We have kids over all of the time. You are more than welcome.”

She closed the distance between us faster than I could react as she rushed in and hugged my leg. The side of her head was inches away from my half hard member. As I looked down, she looked up at me. She had these beautiful dark brown eyes and her hair was split with a braid on each side of her head. Looking right past her forehead, I could see the bulge of her thick yet petite, mound of 10yo ass, with her baithing suit still between her cheeks. My mind went crazy! I started to get harder so I did what I could to break the hug. After I got out of that situation, I hid in the extra bathroom and busted what was probably the biggest nut of my life to this new experience.

Fast forward to a few days later, we once again had a house full of kids, Winter included. My wife left for her night shift and I told her that I’ll make sure all of the kids make it home. I was watching tv in my room when my son came in.

“Dad, can you come wrestle with us?”

“…man I just got comfortable.”



As soon as I walked into the living room, I got bombarded with kids from every angle. As I turned around, Winter rushed in once again. This time, her face was right against my crotch. She looked up at me and opened her mouth. I’m pretty sure she was making some noise but my mind drowned out whatever it was. I was seeing her mouth open with her face in my crotch. My mind started fantasizing about all of the possibilities. And once again, I was able to see the bulge of her petite ass from above. This time, she was wearing white spandex shorts that was barely holding in the meat that was pushing hard again it. I faught every urge to not act upon the lust that I was feeling in that moment toward this young girl….but I couldn’t fight any longer.

As the other kids were fighting for position, I reached down and picked Winter up. She wrapped her legs around my stomach and grabbed my neck pulling herself flush with my torso. I took that opportunity to cup both of her 10yo cheeks. My mind spun out of control as my hands halfway filled with soft adolescent meat. In the midst of the battle, her young innocent mind was completely unaware that I was fondling her young bottom, caressing each cheek, occasionally sliding the tip of my fingers across her spandex covered butt crack. My member started to grow. As I started to feel it pulsing, I slide her down my torso. She was determined to not let go of me with her legs. As I slid her down, my member felt the flatness of the small gap between her 2 legs. Only her spandex shorts and my jeans were separating my dick from her young pussy. I started to move her up and down as if I were trying to shake her off, but in reality, I was loving the feel of her ass cheeks in my hands while my dick was rubbing against her spandex covered adolescent pussy. I had to stop because that intense arousal almost made me come. I put her down, told the kids I needed a break and went and busted another intense nut in the bathroom to wild fantasies about this young girl.

Fast forward to the following weekend, we agreed to keep kids for a sleepover, Winter was included. As my wife left for work, I couldn’t stop thinking about this new found arousal.

The kids were out back jumping on the trampoline. Winter came in the back door sobbing. She walked into the living room where I was sitting. As she stood in the doorway in red spandex shorts that again was struggling to keep her perfect ass inside, she said,
“Daddy…I hurt my leg,” while in clear discomfort.

“That’s no good. What happened?”

“I don’t know. I was just jumping and my leg started to hurt.”

“”I see. Where does it hurt?”

She pointed to a spot a few inches above her knee.

“Ok. No problem. We can make it better. Go into my bedroom and grab the lotion from on top of the dresser right when you walk in the room.”

She said, “ok daddy,” as she limped to my room with her meaty ass bouncing in a hypnotizing fashion as she walked.

She returned and I told her to sit on my lap so I could see her leg. She cralwed her small body onto my lap to where she was sitting sideways with her legs draped over mine.

“Ok baby. It sounds like you hurt a muscle. Best way to make it feel better is to massage it. Do you know what a massage is?”

“Yes daddy. My mom makes me massage her feet sometimes ”

“Good. So, I’m just going to massage the hurt muscle ok?”

“Ok daddy.”

I squirted some lotion into my hand and placed one hand on her leg and the other under her ass that was hanging off my leg. I started to slowly caress her petite little leg. The lotion brought out the true color of her radiant skin.

“Does that feel good baby.”

“It does daddy. Thank you for taking care of me.”

“No problem baby. That’s what daddies are supposed to do. Take care of their little girls. And do you know what little girls are supposed to do for daddies?”

“I don’t know daddy. What?”

“Little girls are supposed to put lotion on themselves for their daddies.”

“Why daddy?”

“Because daddies like when their little girls smell good and have soft skin when they sit on our laps.”

“Ok daddy. I’ll start wearing lotion for you.”

I almost came when those words came out of her mouth. I didn’t want to push too far so I finished caressing her leg and ass for a few more minutes before I sent her back outside.

Fast forward 2 weeks later. My wife left for work and all of the kids had went a few houses down to play on a neighbors swingset. I was in my room folding clothes when I heard the front door open. As I turned to walk out of my room to see who it was, Winter came sprinting through my bedroom doorway in her bright white spandex shorts. She ran up to me and said,
“Daddy, I have to show you something. ”

“Ok baby. What’s up?”

“Sit on the bed.”

I didn’t hesitate.She climbed into my lap and drapped her moist glimmering legs over my legs.

“Feel daddy!”

She grabbed my hand and placed it on her leg, guiding it from her knee to the  top of her thigh where the bottom of her shorts started. Her skin was silky smooth and moist.

“I did that for you daddy. I put some on my arms and legs. I can’t reach my back so I didn’t do that.”

“You make daddy happy baby. Let me help you put some on your back though, so your whole body can be soft.”

“Ok daddy.”

I took her off of my lap and guided her to lay on her stomach. My heart was pumping and my dick started to pulsate at the sight of what was in front of me. This beautiful petite child covered by small tight white spandex shorts riding up her ass was sprawled out in front of me for perfect viewing.

I put some lotion on my hands and started at her ankles.
“You missed some spots baby so I’m going to make sure it’s all covered. ”

She nodded with a smile. I started to cover every inch of her silky radiant skin with lotion. I made it up to the bottom of her shorts and just kept rubbing along them. Then, I did a quick sweep over her beautiful spandex covered ass to her lower back. I told her to pull her shirt up so I can get to her back.

She innocently obliged. I softly massaged her small back with lotion. I ran up the back of her neck and along each arm. When I made it back to her back, I leaned down a blew a soft gust of air from the back of her neck down to the top of her shorts. She shivered.

“Daddy that tickled. But I liked it.”

“I’m glad you liked it baby. I’m just doing what daddies do for the girls they love.”

While rubbing along the top of her shorts, I started to subtly inch the top of her shorts lower and lower with each pass. After a few back and forths, I could feel the top of her ass crack.

I said, “baby, the skin under your shorts isn’t soft. Did you put lotion on it to?”

“No daddy. I didn’t know that I was supposed to put it there too.”

“It’s ok baby. I’ll put it on for you. Just pull your shorts down. I’ll close my eyes so I don’t see you naked.”

She said, “ok daddy,” as she innocently and slowly pulled her shorts down to her knees.

What was in front of me, was the most mesmerizing sight I had seen in my life. Her skin was perfect with no blemishes. The true form of her 10yo ass came to life. There was a drop off from the top of her ass to her lower back. It was perky yet not matured. It was perfect.
I squirted more lotion in my hand and started slowly and somewhat forcefully rubbing from her lower butt cheeks to the middle of her back.

To my surprise, her back started to arch slightly with each soft stroke across her ass. I wasn’t sure if it was just a reaction to this new feel or if it was arousal. I inched my face close to the back of her neck.

I whispered in her ear, “You are so beautiful. This is what daddies do for their beautiful little girls. You are my beautiful little girl, right baby?”

“Yes daddy.” She innocently and softly said.

“Tell me baby. Who is your daddy and whose pretty girl are you?”

“You are my daddy and I am your pretty girl. Yours only.”

I then blew a soft gust of air from the back of her neck down to the middle of her shoulder blades and gave her young skin a soft kiss. Then I blew from there, down to the middle of her lower back. Then another soft kiss. With each blow, I could feel her little body shiver. With each kiss, I could feel her breathing deepen.

After I kissed her lower back, I said, “baby, daddy is going to smell your skin and feel it with my lips, so that I can make sure it is soft and smells good.”

“Ok daddy”, she innocently said without question…

This story can become….very climactic. If it gains enough traction, I will make it into a few different parts. I will possibly start to do a series, as I really enjoy this kind of Lerotica. What do you all think?

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    Wow what a story, loved every second of it. I can honestly say I have been in this position quite a few times in my lifetime. I always take it slow n easy with the young ones. Always get them comfortable with you first then use their own body to get their attention through arousal. Once they feel safe with you and their body is reacting to your attention then you can move forward. Always make them feel special and let them know that they and their body make you feel spacial. This makes them feel wanted and needed and girls love that feeling then when you slowly awake their sexual desires she will give herself freely to you and if she is young enough she will think of you her whole life. To this day my daughters friends sleep overs started at 9. Some still fuck me to this day and some even bring their daughters to me seeing that excitement once again through their daughters eyes.

    • Jen ID:mrdtj2yyv07

      Love you

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