Tommy, Ryan and Sophie

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10 year old Ryan told Tommy he’d always wished he was a girl…..

Tommy was out for a walk in the woods one warm summer day as he liked to see the wildlife and had nothing better to do with himself. He knew the woods well as he spent many years walking his dog there before it passed away and walking there brought back fond memories.

He walked down to the bottom end of the woods that led to a small park that included some swings and other kids play features. The park was very quiet for such a nice day with just several boys kicking a football about down the far end. Tommy sat down on a bench near the swings and watched some squirrels fucking about in the trees.

After a few minutes a young boy came along walking a dog and sat on another bench opposite Tommy. Tommy admired the dog which was a black and White border collie and was a breed that he had always liked. Tommy asked the boy what the dog’s name was but he couldn’t seem to hear him from a distance. Tommy walked over and sat next to him and again asked the dog’s name.
The boy told him he was called Dave and Tommy laughed and thought what a stupid fucking name for a dog. He asked why he called it Dave and the boy said his dad named it but wasn’t sure why. Tommy said it was a lovely name and a lovely dog and told him about his dog.

Tommy wasn’t really interested in little boys like he was about little girls but for some reason he felt slightly attracted to this one. Tommy asked him his name and his age and he told him that his name was Ryan and he was 10 years old yesterday. Tommy was 40 years older and told him his name before wishing him a happy birthday for yesterday and Ryan smiled and thanked him. Tommy thought Ryan was quite cute for a boy. He had long blonde hair almost to his shoulders and pretty blue eyes. Tommy asked why he was alone and not playing with his mates. Ryan looked down at his dog and said he preferred to be on his own and didn’t really have friends anyway. Tommy felt a bit sorry for the kid and asked why he didn’t have friends. Ryan said that he wasn’t very interested in the things other boys did or played at so the other boys didn’t bother with him.

Tommy found this rather interesting and was getting to like Ryan more as they chatted. Tommy picked up a stick and threw it for Dave but Dave couldn’t be arsed fetching it. Ryan told Tommy that sometimes he’d watch the girls playing in the street from his bedroom window and wanted to go outside and join them but was always too scared to ask them. Tommy asked if he fancied the girls and wanted one of them as a girlfriend. Ryan said he didn’t want a girlfriend but he wished that he was a girl.
Tommy was surprised by what the kid had just told him and felt a bit sorry for him. Tommy looked at him and smiled telling him he was very pretty and also looked like a girl with his long hair. Ryan smiled back and said thanks and that he wished he was a girl. Tommy was now very interested as he got to know Ryan better and was intrigued by how the boy was feeling.

Tommy asked him if he wanted a boyfriend instead of a girlfriend and Ryan said no because he Didn’t think he was gay. Tommy understood what he was saying and figured that the poor kid was stuck inside a boy’s body when it should be a girl’s.
Tommy explained to Ryan that because he felt like a girl and wanted to be a girl didn’t mean that he was gay and he should just do what made him feel happy. Ryan said that he liked it when his mum took him with her to the shopping precinct because he could look at girl’s clothes. Tommy asked what sort of clothes he liked to look at in the shops and Ryan said he liked things like pretty dresses and short skirts. He said that he once put on a pair of his older sister’s knickers that she’d left in the washing basket and they made him feel amazing.

Tommy was getting excited listening to the little boy telling him secrets but fully understood how he felt. Ryan stood and said that he should be getting home as his parents would be expecting him back shortly. Tommy wanted to chat more but didn’t want him getting into trouble at home he told Ryan that if he gave him his phone number they could maybe chat more some other time. Ryan said he’d like that and they exchanged numbers.
Tommy stood and told Ryan to take care as he watched him and Dave the dog walk back away from the park. Tommy walked back through the woods and headed home.

Several days passed by and Tommy hadn’t really thought anything more about his encounter with the cute little boy and was sat at home watching some crap on the TV. A text message came through on his phone and when he looked he saw it was a phone number and not a name. Tommy opened the message that read… Hi Tommy fancy talking, Ryan x. Tommy hadn’t saved the boy’s details to his phone but Ryan obviously had. Tommy was surprised to hear from him again but was quite happy to talk to him and thought it was cute how he put a kiss at the end of his text. Tommy replied to the message saying he’d phone him shortly which he did.

Tommy phoned Ryan and asked how he was doing and Ryan told him that he was ok but wanted to ask to ask a favour. Tommy asked him what he wanted and Ryan explained that he had saved all of his birthday money and wanted to buy himself a certain dress that he had seen whilst out shopping with his mum but obviously couldn’t ask her to take him to buy it and wondered if he could take him. Tommy admired the little boy’s honesty and liked how he trusted him by telling him his feelings.
Tommy said he would be happy to take him shopping and they arranged to meet in the park the next day that was a Wednesday. The next day Tommy took his car to the park entrance and walked over to the swings. Ryan was sat waiting on the bench but this time without his daft dog. They both walked back to the car and set off to the shopping precinct where Ryan had seen the dress. Ryan asked Tommy if he thought it was strange him wanting the dress and Tommy told him that he thought it was brilliant that he was going to treat himself to something that he really wanted. Ryan smiled at him and said thank you. Tommy asked him asked about the kiss in his text message and Ryan said quietly it was because he liked him. Tommy winked at him and said that if he looked pretty in his dress he may have to give him a kiss back. Ryan went slightly red and smiled at Tommy as they neared the precinct.

Tommy parked the car in the precinct car park and they headed to the shops. Tommy took hold of Ryan’s hand and figured people would assume he was his father and thought it may give Ryan some confidence when in the women’s clothes shop. Ryan held Tommy’s hand tight and was feeling very excited as he led Tommy to the shop were he had seen the dress.
They walked into the shop and Ryan pointed out the dress to Tommy . It was a very pretty satin pink dress with short sleeves that had a white lace trim that ran around the bottom of the sleeves and around the hem . It had a pink sash around the waist that was tied in a cute bow at the back. Tommy thought that the dress was extremely short and guessed that it was meant to be worn with leggings or maybe tights.

Ryan asked Tommy if he liked it and Tommy told him he thought it was gorgeous and should try it on in the changing room. Ryan looked awkward so Tommy told him that the shop assistant wouldn’t think twice about a boy wearing a dress these days. Ryan took the dress with him into the changing room to try it on and after a few minutes he returned holding the dress with a big smile on his face. Ryan said that it fitted him perfectly and he felt amazing admiring himself in the mirror.

Tommy was eager to see Ryan dressed in girl’s clothes and already had a few ideas on how to do so. Tommy suggested they continue shopping for more sexy girl’s clothes for Ryan to wear but he explained that he only had enough money to buy his dress. Tommy took hold of Ryan’s little hand and told him not to worry about it. They took the dress to the checkout and Tommy paid for it with his credit card. He told Ryan that the dress was a birthday present from him and he should spend his money on other things.
Ryan’s pretty blue eyes lit up as he looked up at Tommy and thanked him. Tommy felt good about helping Ryan and couldn’t see him spend all of his birthday money on a dress that he could probably only wear when alone in his room.

Tommy dragged Ryan off to Primark because it was a lot fucking cheaper than his mum’s fancy shop and they wandered around the girl’s clothing section. Ryan was in heaven surrounded by all the girl’s pretty clothes and underwear. Tommy told him to choose anything that he fancied and he would buy it for him as a friend.
Ryan slowly walked around the store looking at various items of clothing and stopped in the underwear section. He seemed very interested in a pair of satin white knickers with fancy pink lace trim around the top and the bottom. Tommy said that they sort of matched his pretty satin dress as he took them from the rail and handed them to Ryan. He held them in front of his jeans trying to imagine what they would look like if he was wearing them. Tommy smiled as Ryan didn’t seem uptight about buying girl’s clothes anymore. Ryan said he loved them so Tommy being an expert on little girl’s knickers chose a pair he thought would fit Ryan and put them into their shopping basket.
Tommy spotted some interesting long white socks with pink bows at the top and was beginning to imagine seeing Ryan wearing them with his sexy pink dress. Tommy added a pair to their basket without consulting Ryan because he fucking liked them and wanted him to look as cute and sexy as he could be. Tommy was concocting some sort of plan in his naughty mind as he pictured Ryan dressed as a cute and sexy little girl. Tommy turned to see Ryan looking at girl’s shoes and went to join him. Ryan picked up a pink shoe from the shelf and looked at Tommy as if confused. The shoe had a heel about 2 inches high and had straps that were meant to cross around the ankle and about 6 inches up the leg. Tommy explained how the shoes were meant to be worn so Ryan popped them into their basket. As they walked around Tommy picked up a pack of 6 Hello Kitty panties and added them to their stash. Tommy told Ryan he could wear the panties all of the time as no one would ever know. Ryan smiled again as he took hold of Tommy’s hand.

Tommy asked if Ryan wanted anything else and he said he didn’t but thank you. As they queued for the checkout Tommy saw some boxes of assorted make up items so took one of those also. Having paid and left the store Tommy said he would take them both for something to drink. They found a quiet coffee bar and went and sat down. Tommy ordered a coffee and bought Ryan a large milk shake and a bowl of pink ice cream that made Ryan giggle as he knew Tommy was trying to be funny.
Only several other people were in the coffee shop so Tommy felt ok talking to Ryan without anyone overhearing their conversation. Tommy asked when he was going to wear his new clothes and Ryan looked down at the table and said he didn’t really know as he was scared his parents may catch him. Tommy said that was a shame as he knew how much the clothes meant to him and especially the dress.

Ryan was looking rather sad and disheartened as he sat with his bag of new clothes beside him. Tommy said that he would really like to see him as a girl but that he should choose a nice girl’s name for himself for when he wore his new clothes.
Ryan pondered for a while and told Tommy that he had always liked the name Sophie. Tommy said he thought that Sophie was a beautiful name and would suit someone as cute as himself. Ryan cheered up slightly and decided that Sophie would be his girl’s name. Tommy smiled and winked at him and told him to eat his girly ice cream.
Ryan giggled and ate his pink ice cream and finished his milkshake before they left for the car. As they sat in the car Tommy asked Ryan if he fancied going back to his house with him where he could try his new clothes on and introduce him to Sophie. Ryan looked at Tommy and said that would be so exciting for him. Tommy’s plan was coming together nicely as he was finding this situation rather exciting also.

Tommy drove them back to his house and parked his car in the garage that had entry to his house as he didn’t really want his nosey fucking neighbours seeing him with a little boy. They entered the house and Tommy made them both a cup of tea and they both sat on the settee together.
Tommy told Ryan to unpack his new clothes whilst he nipped upstairs to get changed. Tommy went to his bedroom and changed into a t shirt and a pair of jogging bottoms but didn’t put any pants underneath them. He went back down to the living room where Ryan had laid his dress and other items on the settee. Tommy asked him if he wanted help getting changed and Ryan said he would like that.

Tommy turned and closed the curtains before concentrating on the little boy in his house. Tommy sat down on the settee and Ryan stood facing him. Tommy slowly unbuttoned Ryan’s checked shirt and gently removed it before lifting his white t shirt over his head. Ryan had soft light skin and no tits just as Tommy liked his little girls. He asked Ryan to slip off his shoes before he undid the button of his jeans and then pulled the zip down. Ryan’s jeans dropped to his feet and he kicked them off. Tommy then slowly pulled his blue pants down and let them slide down Ryan’s slender legs. Ryan took off his pants and socks and stood naked in front of Tommy. Ryan was feeling rather nervous having no clothes on but felt better as Tommy smiled at him and told him that he could almost see Sophie.

Tommy liked Ryan’s tiny cock and what resembled a little ball sack and asked him to turn around for him. Tommy told Ryan that he had a gorgeous girl’s bum and many girls would be proud to have such a cute little bum. Ryan loved hearing this and was beginning to feel like Sophie at last. Tommy picked up the satin white knickers and asked Ryan to step into them which he did before letting him slowly pull them up his legs and couldn’t believe how nice they felt between his legs and he could feel the tip of his little cock touching the soft satin material.
Tommy then put his long white socks on for him and pulled them up to his soft thighs making sure that the pink bows were at the front. Tommy thought he or soon to be she was looking fucking sexy already and could feel his fat cock twitching in his pants.

Tommy held the pink dress letting Ryan step into it and gently lifted it up and over his arms. Ryan turned around again so Tommy could zip the dress up from behind and he felt it tighten around his slim girly body making him feel so confident with himself. Tommy was right about the dress being short as it hung about 10 inches below his bum but fucking hell Ryan or Sophie as he now was looked so fucking cute and sexy from behind.

Sophie sat on the settee so Tommy could attempt to put his fancy pink strappy shoes on for him. Tommy took his time to get them right as the straps needed to be a certain way around his legs. The shoes looked sexy as fuck over the white socks and Tommy laughed as Sophie stood up and almost fell over. He told her to slowly walk around the room to get used to the heels which she soon did.
Sophie sat back down on the settee and Tommy took a long pink ribbon that had secured the box the dress came in and cut it in half. Sophie wondered what he was doing as Tommy knelt in front of him holding the two ribbons. Tommy gathered one side of her long blonde hair and tied it into a pigtail with the ribbon. He tied the ribbon into a cute bow before doing the same to the other side. Now Sophie looked like Sophie and Tommy was rather impressed with the transformation. Tommy emptied the contents of the makeup box onto the floor and began working on Sophie’s little face.

Tommy used the soft brush to apply the almost white powder to her face and then added pink blusher to her cheeks and popped a tiny bit onto the tip of her nose just to make her look extra fucking cute. Sophie was looking fucking gorgeous as Tommy gently applied the pink lipstick to her lips and covered her soft little lips with lip gloss.

Tommy got to his feet and cleared away the box and bags from their shopping trip before sitting down beside Sophie. He told her that it was no wonder he wanted to be a girl when he looked so pretty wearing his new outfit. Sophie blushed even through the blusher and felt so happy about what Tommy had just said to her.
Tommy now saw a cute and sexy little 10 year old girl sat next to him and no longer a boy. Tommy looked at her pretty lips that were glistening with the lip gloss and really wanted to kiss her but didn’t want to scare her away. Sophie looked into his eyes and smiled as if to thank him for everything he had done for her.
Tommy asked Sophie if she would mind if he took some photos of her as he thought she looked so pretty and cute. Sophie said she’d be ok with him taking pics but asked who would see them. Tommy told her that he would only share them with a couple of his friends who he thought would also enjoy seeing sexy little Sophie in her cute pink dress.

Sophie loved being called sexy by a man as it made her feel a million miles away from being a boy and told Tommy that it was fine to go ahead. Tommy opened the camera on his phone and pointed it at Sophie. Sophie smiled at the camera as Tommy took her photo.
Tommy stood up and asked Sophie to pose in various ways for her pics. Some examples were of Sophie with her lips slightly parted, with her mouth open, biting her bottom lip, licking her top lip, sitting with her legs crossed, with her legs open etc.
Tommy asked her to lay down on the settee for him which she did. Tommy smiled at her as he gently lifted her dress up her silky white thighs until her white satin panties were showing. Sophie felt that what she was doing was a bit naughty but at the same time felt excited and said nothing.

Tommy took pics of her sat showing her knickers and Sophie bent her knees pulling her legs in towards her as if she knew what Tommy wanted her to do. Sophie opened her legs wide showing her inner thighs and more of her white knickers. Tommy liked the way Sophie was behaving as he positioned the camera between her legs for some closer shots.
Sophie turned around and lay on her front allowing Tommy to lift her dress up to her waist and take pics of her gorgeous little bum and panties. Tommy now had about 30 pics of sexy Sophie and was eager to share them with his pervy friends.

Sophie sat up and Tommy sat back down beside her. She said that she had liked posing for the pictures and hope his friends would like her also. Tommy smiled and promised Sophie that his friends would think she was gorgeous the same as he did.
Tommy asked Sophie if she knew that most pretty little girls attract men and some men would like to do things to them. Sophie blushed again and said that she had noticed some men looking at the girls playing in the street and sometimes wished they would look at him that way.
Tommy asked her what she would like a man to do to her and Sophie said she would like him to kiss her maybe.

Tommy put his hand on Sophie’s thigh as he leant over and gently kissed her on her glossy lips. Tommy pulled away and Sophie told him that it felt nice and smiled. Tommy told her that a sexy girl dressed as she was could be classed as a tease by some men and they may expect her to do something for them.
Sophie looked confused and asked Tommy what they may want her to do. Tommy said that some men liked little girls to play with their cock but only naughty little girls did things like that. Sophie paused for a few moments before saying that she’d like to be a naughty little girl but hadn’t even seen someone else’s cock before.

Tommy winked at Sophie and slowly pulled his jogging bottoms down to his knees letting his large fat cock lay across his belly. Sophie’s eyes and mouth opened wide at the sight of Tommy’s big fat cock and his balls hanging between his legs. Tommy smiled at her and asked if she liked it.
Sophie told him she thought it was amazing and couldn’t believe how big it was. Tommy told her that some really naughty girls could make it even bigger but a boy wouldn’t be able to do that. Sophie had now convinced herself that she was no longer a boy but a naughty little girl that attracted naughty men.

Sophie wasn’t sure how a girl would make a big cock even bigger but guessed they would need to touch it for a start. Sophie looked at the big fat cock resting on Tommy’s belly and slowly and cautiously reached her small hand over towards it. As her fingertips touched the tip of Tommy’s cock it jumped slightly making Sophie pull her hand away.
Tommy smiled as he put his arm around Sophie and gently pulled her towards his side. Sophie was now much closer to Tommy and touched his cock once again. This time it didn’t jump so she ran her fingertips along It’s shaft from top to bottom and back again. Tommy cuddled Sophie as she gently stroked his cock and noticed that it was starting to get bigger and fatter.

Sophie smiled as she thought she must be a really naughty girl as she was actually making Tommy’s cock grow bigger. Sophie wrapped her small fingers around Tommy’s shaft and slowly wanked his fat cock until it was fully erect and rock hard. Tommy knew he was almost ready to shoot his load but didn’t want end Sophie’s enjoyment for the day so he gently removed Sophie’s hand from his cock and stood up.
Sophie was looking confused again as Tommy pulled up his pants and asked if something was wrong. Tommy smiled and said everything was brilliant but thought they could save the best bits till another time.

Sophie agreed even though she didn’t know what the fuck he was on about and sat feeling proud of herself having easily managed to make Tommy’s big cock even bigger.
The day was still young and Tommy had a really naughty idea in his naughty head. He asked Sophie if he fancied a trip to another shopping precinct just to have a look around and pass some time. Sophie agreed and asked Tommy to help her change into her other clothes. Tommy laughed and said no he wouldn’t because he wanted to be with a little girl and not a little boy.

Sophie was looking confused again, after all she was blonde. Tommy told her it would be so exciting for them both to walk around the precinct hand in hand whilst she was dressed as Sophie. Sophie giggled and said people might stare at her but guessed it would feel exciting. Tommy convinced her that because she looked so fucking cute and pretty people would just assume she was his kid.
Sophie was now feeling rather giddy at the thought and agreed to go to the precinct dressed as a cute little girl. They went back to the garage and set off in the car. Tommy drove them to a nearby shopping precinct that he frequented often to look at cute little girls out shopping with their parents.

They held hands as they entered the precinct and walked slowly as Sophie was still getting used to her new shoes. Tommy took Sophie into a girl’s accessories shop and bought a fairly large round badge saying Birthday Girl. He pinned it onto the front of Sophie’s dress and told her people would think she was wearing her party clothes.
Sophie thought Tommy was fucking clever and squeezed his hand as they continued walking through the precinct. They walked a bit further and sat down on a bench so Sophie could rest her feet for a while. The bench was facing a burger shop with a large open window but didn’t seem to be doing much business and only had several customers.

Tommy noticed a man in the shop sitting alone at a table. He looked a bit dodgy as he picked away at his burger and kept glancing through the shop window. Tommy asked Sophie to watch the man as he pretended to look away but could still see him from the corner of his eye. Sophie was looking at the man when he next glanced through the window and she smiled at him guessing he was one of those naughty men Tommy had told her about earlier.
Sophie just wanted attention from men now that she had found her confidence and had experienced playing with a man’s cock. The dodgy looking man looked at Sophie and winked at her as he took a sip of his coffee. Sophie liked the fact that she’d got his attention and thought she’d have a go at teasing him so she winked back.

The man obviously didn’t think Tommy or anyone else could see what they were up to as he put his coffee down and put his right arm under the table. He grabbed his crotch and started squeezing it as he stared at Sophie. Sophie as well as Tommy could see under the table from where they were sitting and Tommy thought it was brilliant how sexy little Sophie had become a perv magnet.
Tommy pretended to be pre occupied with his phone but was still secretly watching what the man was doing. Tommy told Sophie to tease the man more to see what he would do so she opened her legs enough for him to see up her dress. The man rubbed and squeezed his crotch harder as he looked between Sophie’s legs and admired her white knickers.

Sophie leant forward slightly towards the window and bit her bottom lip whilst still staring into the man’s eyes. The man couldn’t take his eyes off of cute Sophie and unzipped his trousers under the table. Tommy didn’t expect him to do this but was fucking loving how Sophie was teasing and controlling him.
Sophie was fucking loving it too knowing that she could get a complete stranger to drool over her. She parted her glossy pretty lips and let him see the tip of her pink tongue. The man was almost drooling into his cup of coffee as he reached inside of his pants and pulled out his cock. Tommy wanted a better look at how Sophie was teasing the poor man but knew that he would spoil their fun so kept pretending to look at his phone.

The man was now wanking his hard cock beneath the table whilst staring at Sophie who was now running her fingertips up and down her silky white thigh. After about 20 seconds the man shot his load under the table and quickly stuffed his sticky cock back inside of his trousers before heading for the toilets.
Tommy and Sophie looked at each other as if to say WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED and both laughed.
Sophie was now feeling cocky walking hand in hand with Tommy and searching for her next victim.

They saw a small stall selling things like printed t shirts, shorts, caps etc and decided to take a look. Tommy spotted a pink baseball cap with the word TROUBLE embroidered on the front in white. Thinking it was rather appropriate for his little cock teasing friend he put it to one side as they continued looking. Sophie noticed a black t shirt saying Big Man on the front and thought it was funny as she had made Tommy’s big man bigger not so long ago.

Sophie told Tommy that she wanted to buy the shirt for him out of her birthday money to say thank you for everything. Tommy said she could as it was rather cheap and that he would buy her the baseball cap. Sophie looked cute but also rather naughty wearing her new cap and Tommy just looked like a stupid cunt in his new t shirt but didn’t mind because it made Sophie happy.

Sophie had just about got used to her new shoes and was skipping along holding big man’s hand as they explored the precinct. Sophie said that she needed a pee so they headed for the toilets. Sophie was about to walk into the male toilets before Tommy stopped her. Blondie was looking confused yet again as Tommy explained that she would need to use the women’s toilets instead. Sophie giggled and rolled her eyes realising how dumb she was before entering the women’s toilets.

When she returned she told Tommy that none of the women in the toilets had even looked at her apart from one who smiled at her as she passed. Tommy said they had no reason to look at her as she was just a little girl in girls toilets.
Sophie grinned as they carried on walking. Tommy decided he now also needed a pee and they looked for another toilet. Tommy had a really naughty but risky thought and asked Sophie if she fancied wanking another man’s cock. Sophie wasn’t sure what he was suggesting but said that she had liked wanking him earlier and was loving being a naughty little girl so yes she would.

They sat on another bench outside of the toilets as Tommy watched various men going in and out. Tommy was taking note of how many men were in the toilets at one time until after a while he was certain there was only one man in the toilets. Tommy asked Sophie to stay on the bench until he came for her but if another man entered the toilets his idea wouldn’t work.
Sophie waited on the bench as Tommy entered the toilets and hoped that no one else would go in. Tommy was right as there was just one man in the toilets having a pee. He was well into his 60s with a bald head and had a bit of a belly on him. Tommy stood next to him and pulled his cock out to begin peeing and looked down at the man’s cock.

Tommy thought it was quite impressive and complemented on it to the man. The man looked at Tommy and said thanks but he wasn’t interested.
Tommy laughed and said nor was he but his little niece who’s waiting outside was very interested. The man looked nervous as he asked how little. Tommy told him she was only 10 years old but cute as fuck and very naughty. The man went quiet as he finished peeing and Tommy looked down at his cock once again noticing it was rather larger than it was a few moments ago.
Tommy told him to go into one of the cubicles if he was interested and he would send his niece in for him. The man shook his cock and entered one of the cubicles locking the door. Tommy felt excited for Sophie as he went back to where she was waiting for him. He told her the situation and also that it was entirely her choice whether she went in to see the man.

Sophie made sure no one was around before darting into the men’s toilets and stood outside of the only occupied cubicle. She lightly knocked on the door and heard the man unlock it. The door opened slowly and Sophie squeezed herself in as the man locked it again.
Sophie was nervous as fuck but really wanted some more experience with men’s cocks after she had managed to make the burger shop man shoot his load. The man was fucking amazed just how cute and sexy looking this little kid was as he looked down at her and smiled.

Sophie smiled back and sat down on the toilet seat as the man stood in front of her. She spread her legs letting her shoes dangle an inch or so above the floor and letting the man enjoy looking at her white knickers. Sophie knew she had to go through with it now as she had come this far. Just then they heard someone come into the toilets and they both froze and stayed silent.
After a minute or so they heard them leave and Sophie giggled showing the man her perfect white teeth behind her pink glossy lips. He told Sophie she was gorgeous as she used both of her hands to unbuckle his leather belt and then undid the button of his jeans. He was trembling as Sophie pulled down his zip that allowed his jeans to drop to his feet. Sophie was trembling slightly also as she slowly pulled down the man’s blue boxer shorts letting his large semi hard cock spring out in front of her face.

Sophie was liking what was in front of her and grinned as she looked up into the man’s eyes. She put her small left hand beneath his balls and caressed them gently as she took his cock in her right hand. She began wanking him slowly as she squeezed his balls making him quietly moan with pleasure. His cock was growing bigger and fatter the more Sophie used her little hand to wank him. Sophie continued until his cock couldn’t possibly get any bigger or fatter and she was rather proud of herself for been able to pleasure this strange pervy man in a public toilet.

Out of curiosity Sophie moved her head forward and put the tip of her little pink tongue onto the tip of his throbbing cock. The smell and taste of it excited her and she decided she wanted more. She let go of his balls and turned her cap around so the peak wasn’t in her way. She parted her pink lips and teased the tip of his cock with her warm wet tongue. She raised her eyes and looked up at him as if to ask for his cock putting inside her. The man looked into her pretty blue eyes and placed his hands on top of her head before ever so slowly pushing his hard fat cock into her cute little mouth.
Sophie felt the end of his cock pass her teeth and push her tongue to the side of her mouth and as her lips were so tight around his fat shaft she had to breathe through her nose. Sophie had never dreamt that she would ever have a man treat her as a real girl yet here she was handling a man’s cock for the second time in one day.

The tip of the man’s cock had now reached the back of Sophie’s throat making her gag and her mouth was filling up with her saliva. He slowly pulled his slippery cock out of her mouth and allowed Sophie to breathe and empty her mouth. Sophie grabbed hold of his cock and emptied her mouthful of warm slimy spit all over his cock and balls before starting to wank him again. Her little hand could now move easier and faster up and down his long fat cock as her slimy spit allowed it to slide effortlessly.
Sophie took his wet slimy cock back into her little mouth and the man began fucking her in her face. Sophie wasn’t in control anymore as he fucked her harder and faster causing her saliva to squirt past his cock and dribble down onto her cute little chin. Sophie thought he was being a bit rough with her but was loving it all the same.

All of a sudden the man let out a groan and Sophie felt something warm hit the roof of her mouth and then in the back of her throat. She knew or rather guessed that he was emptying his load of spunk into her. She put the palms of her hands onto the toilet seat and left him to get on with it as she felt what seemed like a never ending amount of warm come squirting into her.
He continued to fuck her come filled mouth very slowly until his cock had gone soft and he pulled it out of her. He put his right hand under her chin and lifted it closing her mouth and tilting her head back so that her mouthful of warm spunk slipped down her throat.
Sophie opened her mouth and looked up at the man showing him it was empty as she smiled at him. The man turned Sophie’s cap back around for her and told her she was fucking amazing before putting his shorts and jeans back on. He asked Sophie to stay there and he would tell her uncle to come and get her.

Sophie could taste the man’s spunk and cock in her mouth as she waited for Tommy to come and rescue her. Tommy came for her and said that the man had told him what you did, thanked him and he was to tell her that no girl had ever made him come so much in his life. Sophie’s eyes lit up at hearing this compliment and decided she would take all the cock she was offered from now on.
Tommy sneaked Sophie out of the toilets and took her for a milkshake to freshen her mouth after what had just been inside of it. Sophie sat with her legs crossed and showing her thighs hoping other men would notice her and look at her which they did without making it obvious.
Tommy suggested that they should be heading back as time was getting on and Sophie reluctantly agreed. They got back into the car and Tommy asked Sophie how she was feeling. Sophie told him that she had never felt like this before and couldn’t believe how naughty some men were.

Tommy smiled and told her that all men were perverts but most men wouldn’t admit it because they didn’t want people knowing. Sophie giggled and asked Tommy if he was a pervert and Tommy looked into her eyes as if to say fucking obviously. They arrived back at Tommy’s house and Sophie sat down on the settee while Tommy made them both a cup of tea.
Tommy asked Sophie how it felt being a very naughty little girl and she told him it felt like she was having a very happy dream that she didn’t want to end. Tommy sat beside her and said that she would need to think about returning home before long. Sophie said that she knew it couldn’t last and would change her clothes when she had drank her tea.

Tommy sort of felt sorry for her knowing that she would soon have to return to being boring boy Ryan and having no friends. He looked at her pretty little face and put his right hand on her on the inside of her right thigh causing her to look up at him. He asked her if Sophie would like some more cock before she left and Sophie grinned and nodded her head. Tommy kissed her passionately as he moved his hand up her dress and caressed her small balls and cock through her white panties. Sophie sucked and licked Tommy’s tongue as wriggled around inside of her mouth and loved him playing between her legs.

Tommy got off the settee and knelt in front on the floor in front of her. He pulled her by her ankles to the edge of the settee and Sophie laid back. Tommy pulled her knickers down and removed them from her legs. He lifted her pretty legs into the air and spread them wide so that Sophie’s tight little bum hole was in front of his face. He kissed and licked her tight little hole before using his thumbs to pull it open. Tommy worked the tip of his tongue inside of her bum hole as Sophie squirmed around loving how it felt. Tommy really wanted to fuck Sophie in her naughty little arsehole but knew it would take a while to get it stretched open enough to accept a fat hard cock.

Tommy stood up and took of his pants letting his big hard cock spring out. He got onto the settee and straddled Sophie so his cock was in front her face. Sophie used the tip of her tongue to lick and tease the end of Tommy’s cock before letting him slide it inside her. Tommy slowly fucked her cute little face as Sophie held his shaft tight with her little hand.
Sophie once again felt the hot spunk shoot into her mouth as Tommy began to empty his load. Tommy quickly pulled out of her and dumped the rest of his load all over Sophie’s face. Sophie swallowed what was in her as Tommy collected all of the spunk from her face with his fingers and slid it into her mouth. Sophie swallowed it all before sucking and licking Tommy’s fingers clean.

Tommy sat beside her and Sophie gently played with his cock until it was limp. Tommy smiled at her and told her that she was fucking unbelievable and Sophie giggled.
Tommy put his pants back on and Sophie reluctantly stood up to let him undress her so she could change back into Ryan’s clothes. When he was dressed Tommy removed the ribbons from his hair and removed the makeup and lipstick from his face. Tommy couldn’t believe it was the same person standing in front of him even though he knew that it was.
Ryan asked if it would be ok for him to keep his new clothes at Tommy’s house as he was really worried about his parents finding them. Tommy told him that it was fine and to leave them on the settee.

As Tommy drove back to their meeting place he asked Ryan if he fancied staying over on Saturday night with him and maybe a couple of his friends. Ryan said he would really like that but would need some excuse to give his parents. Tommy told him to have a think about it and message him if he could and Ryan agreed to do so.
Tommy dropped Ryan at the park entrance and handed him a small bag with the Hello Kitty panties inside and kissed him on his forehead before he drove back home.
Once Tommy was home he carefully put away Sophie’s pretty clothes and started to look through the photos he had taken of Sophie earlier. His cock was getting hard as he admired the sexy little cunt in the photos and decided to send them to a couple of his pervy friends who he knew had an interest in kids also.

10 minutes after sending them the photos Tommy was getting lots of message saying how fucking cute and pretty the little girl was if was that his settee she was laying on. Tommy told them it was before telling them she was actually a boy. His friends thought that he was joking but Tommy promised them that he wasn’t and that the kid maybe available on Saturday night if they if they were interested in coming over to join them.
Tommy wasn’t at all surprised when his friends took him up on his offer and told them he’d contact them when he knew more. Tommy went upstairs to shower but wanked himself off first whilst imagining himself and his friends pleasuring sexy little Sophie.
Tommy relaxed in front of the TV and guessed all he could do was hope Sophie messaged him with some good news before the weekend……………

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