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Luke and Liz pt 4

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I’ve read y’alls comments on my other stories. Some of you have been awesome and patient, others not so much. But here’s the new installment.

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That was how it was for the rest of the day. He brought me to the brink twice during that afternoon’s tour of Mesa Verde, once while we were lagging behind the rest of our tour group, and a second time in one of the abandoned cliff dwellings.

“Mmm… Nnn…” I moaned, leaning my back up against an adobe wall, while my little brother wiggled and scrambled his finger around inside me. His other hand was under my shirt, juicing my ripe breasts through my bra as he ground his erection into my thigh.

Moments after Luke sensed I was close and prematurely stopped, a security guy discovered us.

“Hey! What are you kids doing here?” he demanded, mere seconds after we separated. His voice sent a chill down my spine and made me whirl around. “No unsupervised minors on the path! Get back with the tour group!”

My voice was flustered and scared. “Y-yes sir!” I stammered.

It was kind of late when the tour ended, so we decided to spend the night there rather than get back out on the road again. Our next stop was the Grand Canyon, and everyone seemed to be excited.

There were other things on my mind though. I was starting to scare myself. My body was becoming more and more receptive to my brother’s advances, and I wasn’t really sure how to turn it off. Every time he did it I felt better… and fought back less. I shouldn’t have been enjoying it, but lord help me, I was. I didn’t know how much fight I had left in me.

An orgasm, I decided. All I needed was to jill off and then I’d get my willpower back. If I just wasn’t so fucking horny… Yes, that was the key.

When my parents decided to go out to eat that night, I told them I felt sick and wanted to just stay in the room. They promised to bring me home something and took off, with Luke accompanying them.

I wanted to sing. Finally, for the first time on this stupid trip, some me time! I got onto me and Luke’s bed, leaned my back against the headboard, and wasted no time getting a hand into my panties.

Usually at home I liked to take things slow, really savor it, but this wasn’t the time for subtlety. I needed to cum IMMEDIATELY. I hammered away at my box, rapidly thrusting a finger inside while mashing my love button with my thumb. The efficiency of a seasoned pro. At one point, my fevered mind wondered what it would feel like to have Luke do this to me… though I banished that thought immediately.

In moments I was almost there. All the times I’d been edged earlier that day were coming back, pushing me to climax fast, fast, FAST. Almost, seconds away-

There was a rustle and a clunk from outside as someone swiped their key card and unlocked the door. I immediately removed my hand. ‘For fuck’s sake, what did they forget?’ I thought angrily. I was so damn close, this time. One more touch would have done it.

But when the door opened, my parents weren’t standing there. Only Luke.

My heart sank. “What are you doing here?” I asked him. I tried to sound disappointed but there was too much unease in my voice to hide.

“I told them I felt sick too.” he said. He shut the door and, like a flash, joined me on the bed.

“No, wait!” I started. “I’m-”

It was too late. Before I could finish my warning, he poked me hard on the right breast. “Poke!”

The floodgates opened inside me. I came. I threw my head back and screamed as pleasure ravaged me, mind and body. It was incredible, incredible! All that buildup had been leading to this, and it couldn’t be a more perfect moment.

I didn’t know how long it lasted. When I came around, I was slumped over Luke, who was struggling to keep me from falling over.

“Luke… Oh my god, Luke…” I rambled. I felt like I was glowing.

“Lizzie, did I just…” he said worriedly. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

I swallowed and sat up. “I tried to tell you-”

“Are you okay?” called a voice from outside our room. We both jumped. “I heard screaming.”

“S-sorry.” said Luke. “TV.”

“We’ll turn it down.” I added.

“Oh, okay.” said the voice. We relaxed.

“But yeah sis, I really wasn’t trying to.” he said. “Are you okay?”

“I am now.” I said, feeling satisfied.

Luke’s body moved against me. One of his hands fell on my leg. “That’s a relief.”

“H-hey!” I replied. The hand started to move, subtly fondling my thigh. “Hold on!”

He didn’t hold on. Pushing against me harder, he began to grind his crotch into my side. His hand traveled to my pussy, where my shorts were still damp from earlier. He rubbed me there, exploiting the softness of my mound.

I squirmed as the little boy molested me. Even though I just came, it felt fantastic. “Knock it off, Puke! I mean it!” I threatened. I voiced the protests, but I didn’t really believe he would stop. I’m not even 100% sure I wanted him to. Perhaps, by that point, I just wanted to believe I did.

From a soft poke in the kidney, I realized he was hard. He forced it against me harder. Even through the fabric of our clothes, it felt incredibly warm. I heard a gasp escape him. He was enjoying this contact, even if he didn’t know why.

The position we were in made it difficult for him to use his other arm, and he frustratedly tried a few things with it before making a request.

“You should lay down.” he advised.

I hesitated. What should have been an instant ‘no way’ became a stumper for the ages, a mental war of ‘should I’ and ‘shouldn’t I’. I couldn’t just offer myself up to my little brother, could I? I had to fight this, and had to resist the pleasure. Before I knew what was happening, my back was no longer touching the headboard.

I was laying down. ‘What am I doing? Why am I doing this?’ I asked myself as I laid down flat on the bed. I didn’t have an answer. Not sure what to do with my hands, I eventually just let them lay restlessly at my sides. My cheeks were pink, with embarrassment and arousal. Luke was looming over my nearly grown-up body, unsure which piece to try first. I knew I was going to let him manhandle me. I was aware of no intention to defend myself. I knew I was giving in.

I was unspeakably scared. But in equal measure, I was excited.

Finally, he made his move. Reaching over me, he took a breast into each of his small hands. I trembled and moaned as he began to squeeze them.

To make his actions easier, he got on top of me, straddling my right thigh. As his tentpole dug into it, I was suddenly aware of how close his cock was to my virgin snatch.

I felt confused as my panties grew wetter. Why did THAT get me excited?

Before I could get too focused on that query though, something new occupied me. He reached under my top with both hands. The moving outline of his hands and fingers was distinct through the fabric of my t-shirt. My head tilted back, and my eyes closed in a moan, as he kneaded my flesh, and pinched my stiffening nipples through my bra.

This continued for a while. He had no time limit, no chance of being discovered, so he was finally pacing himself with me. As it wore on, the steady grind of his prick on my thigh evolved into a sort of clumsy rubbing; a heavy, primitive forward-and-backward movement of his hips. I was speechless. I was perversely reminded of the time I saw him take his first steps. Using his big sister as a learning tool, Luke was discovering how to make himself feel good.

“L-Lizzie…” he said. His eyes were closed now too, and his hand movements had been slowing for a while. “Wh-what is this, why does it feel so good…”

I hesitated. At the same time I spoke, he crooked a finger beneath my bra, interrupting my response. “I’ll, OOH, tell you when you’re older.”

At that answer, he pulled away from me. His hands emerged back into the room, and he got off my leg. It seemed rather sudden.

I didn’t have long to wonder what he was up to, though. He quickly positioned himself horizontally above my chest, and poked his rod into the side of my right boob.

“Aaaah!” I cried. He continued the same rubbing motion from before, carving my soft, helpless breast with his hungry knob. It felt electrifying, so much better than I would have guessed. I was in ecstasy. His hand had felt good before, but this was like a whole different ball game. This was direct contact between two of our most personal, private areas. The sense of taboo was palpable, at least to me.

Luke’s speed gradually increased. He was slowly grasping what he was supposed to do. Eventually, what he was doing became fast and skilled enough to be called ‘humping’.

‘My little brother’s humping my tit.’ I realized. I suddenly had a full perspective on what that meant. This was something far outside the realm of normalcy. This was something I shouldn’t be allowing. But despite this awareness, my arms laid dead at my sides; aside from the tremors his thrusts sent through me, my body remained completely immobile. I wasn’t resisting anymore.

He reached his right hand into my shorts, making me jump in surprise. His finger expertly found my hole, and bent a knuckle into it. I was moaning wildly now. I tried to keep my volume down in consideration of the neighbors, but there was only so much I could do.

Luke’s hip motions shifted his erection, causing the tip to poke out of the top of his shorts. There wasn’t much to see, not even the entire head, but my eyes were magnetically drawn to it all the same. This was the first bit of penis I had ever seen in person. My first thought, of course, was to wonder what the whole thing looked like.

He left my breast. I gasped in shock as he parted my legs with his hands and moved between them.

“H-hey, wait-” I began, but my protest was quickly broken off by an ecstatic gasp, as he pressed the stiff outline of his cock’s underside against my soft pussy mound.

“Aaah!” I screamed, as he began to hump against it. Oh god, the pleasure! Our shorts muffled the sensation a bit, sure, but I was still receiving his heat and firmness loud and clear.

“Ahh…Liz…” he moaned.

“Luke… mmm, oh, Luke…” I groaned, putting my hands around his neck. I suddenly felt very close, it was like turning around and seeing a tiger had been creeping up on me. “Rub harder! Do it harder! I’m- I’m-!! AAAAAAH!”

I came. My back arched up off the bedspread and my mouth opened wide in a scream. My fists clenched tight around the sheets and my mind went blank. It was unbelievably powerful, considering I had just cum about a half hour ago.

Luke didn’t seem to care that he’d made me cum again. He was pushing against me harder than ever, in fast, fierce thrusts.

“Sis… it… something feels weird…” he told me. “There’s something building…”

It took me a second to realize what he was talking about. Oh god, he was close to cumming! Could kids his age actually ejaculate? I had no idea. I didn’t want to risk him dirtying up some of the only clothes I packed, though.

“Luke, knock it off!” I ordered, panic in my voice. Since when has that ever worked? He kept going, faster than ever. “I mean it, you have to stop before-”

He came. Blam! The head of his prick, still poking out of the top of his shorts, fired an enormous rope of cum. It landed across my stomach. Blam! The second shot had even more power, falling onto my left breast. Shots three through five also fell in various places on my torso. It all happened in a matter of seconds.

Seeing what was happening, he leaned back in confusion. By doing this, he unintentionally let his sixth and final load adorn my thirsty twat.

He was out of breath. “Wh… What WAS th… What happened?”

“You came.” I replied in a dazed voice. Boy, did he. It felt strangely intoxicating, being smeared with his sperm. This white stuff… even at his young age, did it have the potential to make a baby?

“But why?” he asked.

The question sort of shook me out of my reverie. “It’s just what happens.” I said distractedly, leaping to my feet.

I needed to do laundry! Immediately! Having mom and dad come back to find my outfit drenched with jizz would definitely raise some questions. I grabbed a change of clothes out of my suitcase. My brother’s cum was still warm as it dripped down my inner thighs.

“I need to wash this off before mom and dad get back!” I barked, heart pounding. “Did you get any on you?”

Still a little shocked at what had just happened to him, he stammered that he hadn’t. Thankfully, this hotel had a laundry room, so I changed clothes in the bathroom and made a quick dash down there. I set the machines on the shortest settings they had, but it still seemed to take forever.

There was an upside to the situation, though. Being in a state of sheer panic meant I didn’t really have time to dwell on the implications of what me and Luke had just done.

I was back in the room just a few minutes before my mom and dad walked in the door.

“Hey hey!” said my dad cheerfully. “Did you kids have fun?”

“Not really.” I lied.

“How’s your stomach feeling, dear?” asked my mom, resting the back of her hand on my forehead. My face flushed with guilt. “Do you want some tylenol?”

“N-no thanks, mom. I feel better now.” I said, backing away from her.

As my dad bustled past us to the bathroom, my mom looked over at mine and Luke’s bed. The one we had just dry humped to orgasm on. The clothes I washed were neatly folded there. My throat went dry. Oh shit, what was she looking at?

She picked up my shirt, looked at it carefully. She had a serious expression on her face.

She sniffed it carefully.

“I wish I would have known you were doing laundry. I wouldn’t have minded getting a couple things washed.” she shrugged, tossing the shirt back down on the bed. I exhaled.

She yawned and turned away. “Early to bed tonight, kids. Tomorrow we head out early.”


I slept well that night. Luke didn’t bother me at all. Feeling rested and ready to face the day, I awoke. We piled into the car immediately and grabbed some Jack-in-the-box on the way out of town for breakfast.

Luke kept to himself most of the early morning. Processing the previous nights more ably now, I was wondering what was going through his head. He’d just had his first orgasm. Was he scared? Curious? Excited? When I’d had my first one I kind of prepared, I already had a pretty good grasp of what sex was at the time. Luke didn’t quite have that luxury.

‘Although he took a few stabs in the right direction.’ I begrudgingly thought, remembering the feeling of his meat rubbing into my box.

What had taken him to my pussy? Was it a natural next move after humping my boob? He didn’t start fingering me down there until long after he’d first poked my tit. Maybe, to him, it was just a logical progression.

Or maybe it was instinct? It definitely hadn’t seemed like a planned attack. Did some deeply rooted animal mating urges take the wheel from him? Had something inside him drawn him to that spot? Guided him to intercourse? Maybe it wasn’t just limited to last night. Was his body pushing him towards my breeding tube, without him even understanding why?

I cut this line of thought when it stopped being academic and started turning me on. I cracked open my neglected book to distract myself.

To my surprise, I actually got some reading done. A few chapters went by before Luke bothered me, and when he did it wasn’t in the way I had come to expect.

“What are you reading?” he leaned.

I jumped a little. “Er, you wouldn’t be interested. Sorta girly.”

“Can I talk to you?” he shoved the words toward me as though they were very heavy. “About… What happened to me?”

He was keeping his voice low so my parents wouldn’t hear him over the sound of the car. I matched his volume when I responded. “What about it?”

“It… It…” he stammered. I was surprised. He looked scared. “Was it normal?”

“Yeah! Yeah.” I quickly reassured him. “Don’t worry, it was normal.”

“Is that the same thing that happened to you?” he asked.

“Yeah!” I said. “See, you’re fine.”

Luke stopped for a second to gather his thoughts. “I kinda thought it… felt good. Is it normal that I thought it felt good?”

My mouth went dry. Should I be honest with him? I couldn’t just lie when he thought there was something wrong with him… “Yeah.” I finally said.

He thought about this for a second. “So you were lying when you said it hurt.”

My heart pounded. Fuck, what did I just do? There went my defense. “Er, well…”

Luke’s hand fell onto my breast. I inhaled sharply. “So you want to do it again too. That’s a relief.”

I cringed when he said it. Of course I didn’t! However, the little bit of truth in his statement was what made it sting. As he continued to grope me, I knew my inhibitions were receding as my horniness rose. Pretty soon, I WOULD want it. If I didn’t already.

I was warming up very fast, since I still felt a little excited from my overactive imagination earlier. I glanced up at my parents. My dad’s eyes were firmly on the road, but my mom looked fearsomely unoccupied, staring out the window with a bored look on her face. Her eyes could wander back here at any time.

After a while, Luke’s other hand went into the front of my shorts. I writhed at his touch, and weakly offered, “M-mom and dad…”

Naturally, this plea went unheeded, and he steadily felt me up. My attention was divided between reluctantly enjoying what he was doing and watching my parents like a hawk, so I wasn’t doing enough of either. My pussy started getting damp fast. My nipples firmed and my breath came out heavier and heavier. I was getting very turned on, very fast.

His thumb brushed my clit. Up to this point I’d been doing a good job of keeping myself quiet, but at this, I let out a brisk cry of pleasure. I clapped a hand over my mouth and looked up. My parents hadn’t heard.

“It feels good when I touch that, huh?” Luke noticed. He mashed his thumb against it and I bit back a moan. I was having trouble keeping my eyes focused, as more and more of my consciousness went over to feeling and processing the bliss this boy was giving me.

Fuck no. I couldn’t be this far along already. I shook my head at him rapidly.

“Okay, okay.” he whispered. He pulled his hand out of my shorts and took his other off my tit. “I was done with that anyway, turn towards me.”

Turn? Wait, he wanted to do THAT? Here? Now?! Was he retarded? Did he think our parents wouldn’t notice us moving around that much? And even if we could disregard that, I was almost there. If I came in the car, there would be no hiding the noise I’d make.

“Luke, no way.” I hissed. “Mom and dad are RIGHT THERE. Less than a FOOT away from us.”

But apparently, I was in no state to resist. My body turned to face him. There was something inside me that needed to be sated, despite all the protests of my better judgment.

My back leaned against the car door. One of my legs was propped up on the seat, and the other I let fall in the leg area on Luke’s side. My thighs were wide open.

I shook with fear. Adrenaline was ravaging me. They were gonna see. They were gonna see. We were going to get caught. I knew it was impossible for us to get away with this. I was willingly marching to my doom, but I was so horny I didn’t care.

I felt Luke position himself between my legs. I didn’t see him, though; I couldn’t summon the courage to take my eyes off my parents. I felt his hard knob push against my gentle mound, and let out a delighted gasp. Oh man, WHY did I like this so much?

He started to move against me. With the noise of the highway and everything, the movement didn’t make a lot of audible noise. I sure did, though. I couldn’t help it, it just felt so good. I was fighting back every single sound that came up my throat, but some inevitably slipped out. Even with my hand over my mouth, managing the volume was getting harder and harder; pretty soon the people up front would be able to hear their daughter’s slutty moans.

“D-Dad? Can you turn the radio back on?” I weakly asked, as Luke pounded away at my box.

“OH no. None of that.” protested my mom, repulsed by the thought of another day of Triumph and Bad Company.

“I have to concentrate on driving now, sweetheart.” said my dad, as the traffic grew denser. “I need absolute silence.”

Perfect. ‘No guarantees.’ I thought as I let out a sharp whimper.

Then, I got an idea. I made eye contact with Luke. “Ask dad if you can open the window.”

Luke slowed down a little. “Dad, can I open the window? I need some air in here.”

“Sure.” said my father distractedly.

Luke leaned back and rolled his window down about halfway. The car immediately sounded like we were in a wind tunnel. Not a second too soon, as a large “AHHNNN!” escaped me mere moments later. My parents didn’t bat an eyelid.

Luke returned to my pussy with increased force. He was pushing his meat against it with all his strength. My shorts were getting stickier and wetter. It wasn’t going to be fun hiking in these.

A car passed us. I saw a kid in the back seat spot us out his window. His eyes just about bugged out of his head. I could feel the heat of Luke’s pole through our layers of clothing. And I… really liked it.

“Fasterrr…” I moaned.

Luke looked surprised. I was too. There was no way I had actually just said that.

“Um, yeah. Hurry up or we’ll get caught.” I added quickly.

“Oh, right.” he said. He picked up the pace.

I was moaning and whimpering flagrantly into my hand now, my volume increasing constantly. Keeping one eye ever on our parents, I noticed that Luke was watching my chest intently as he went. My breasts bounced with each of his thrusts, and the movement seemed to hypnotize him.

My parents lost what remained of my attention when I felt a firm tug on the bottom of my shirt. I looked down and gasped. Luke was trying to pull it up!

“Hey, sto… OOOHHHH!” He pushed violently against my box, silencing my protest. I lifted my back a little so he wouldn’t ruin the fabric with his yanking. With this, he was able to pull the t-shirt up over my bosom.

My bra was openly visible now. Oh god, if my parents were to turn around right now… Tits bouncing, moaning like a whore while my little brother dry (or not so dry) humped me…

Eventually, Luke sat back. A huge bulge was jutting out of his shorts. He was breathing hard. Was he done?

No. As soon he tucked that thumb under his waistband, I knew he wasn’t.

He quickly pulled the waist down beneath his prick, freeing it. It was completely bare to the car. My eyes absorbed it, unblinking. It looked… smaller than it had felt when it was pushing on me. It probably wasn’t much bigger than my pinky finger. But it was ready to go. The head was engorged and purple. Veins protruded from its shaft. It had an aura about it, something beautiful, something intoxicatingly masculine. I was drooling a little.

He started fucking it against my damp mound again. I was in a state of complete bliss. Ignoring my parents, I threw my head back and let myself finally savor it fully. It felt good. So good. So good. His hands seized my bra-clad breasts and gave them ragged chains of vicious squeezes.

Luke paused, then shifted position slightly. When he resumed, I almost cried out with glee. He was poking me, repeatedly, in the pussy, with the head of his cock. I choked and gasped as his lustful member jabbed my private place over and over. Every now and then, he tapped tantalizingly against my thirsty hole, the entrance to my virgin love tunnel, as if his cock was a battering ram and the cloth that damply clung to me was a flimsy city gate.

“Poke! Poke! Poke!” he badgered.

I was almost there. I was going to cum. It was going to be loud! No amount of ambient noise was going to mask it! But I couldn’t stop it now, I didn’t WANT to stop it. I wanted, NEEDED, to FEEL it!

It hit me. “AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” I shrieked.

“What? What’s wrong?!” came my mom’s worried voice.

I heard a rustle as she started to turn in her seat.

Oh shit. Still feeling my orgasm, vision cloudy with bliss, I quickly fumbled my shirt back down to cover me. Luke was off me in a split second.

My mom’s eyes fell on me. My dad glanced at me in the rearviewmirror.

I was stretched out in the backseat, but aside from that I looked normal.

“What’s going on, Elizabeth? Are you okay?!” demanded my mom.

I couldn’t really think of an explanation. My pussy was still throbbing. My brain was still being ravaged by the receding pleasure. I did the only thing I could think of. “Aaahhh! Aaaaaaaaah!” I shouted again. “I’m sick of being in this car! I’m going crazy! Aaaaaaahhh!”

Luke laughed. My mom and dad both sighed.

“We’re almost there, dear.” my mom said, shaking her head as she resumed her normal position.

“Now be quiet and quit groaning.” my dad added grumpily. “I’ve been listening to you whine for about 15 minutes now.”

The last traces of my orgasm faded just in time for my blood to run cold. I decided to reinforce his naive misunderstanding. “S-sorry. I’m just so, uh, BORRRRRED.”

“Then play with your brother or something.” he grunted.

“Uh… right.” I said. I looked at Luke and lowered my voice. “That was cl-”

He went back between my legs. His dick was back out, and he started to hump me again.

“Hey! Hey!” I whispered. “What are you doing? Do you not understand how close that was?”

“I almost did it.” he replied. “Just a, just a little more…”

It took a second for me to register exactly what it was he almost did. “No, you can’t!” I desperately replied, as he hammered away with an animalistic frenzy. “Stop, don’t do-”

“Ah, just a, just a-”

He came. Thick, heavy wads of boy cum spurted out of his cock, drizzling my breasts, ribs, stomach. There was an enormous amount. My shirt was completely drenched in white seed.

“Luke, you stupid brat!” I whispered. Well, I was dead now. My heart started pounding as I began to panic. There was no hiding this from my parents. This was NOT some tiny little stain; my tits looked like two glazed donuts! The second they saw me, I was dead meat!

I racked my brain. What could I do? What could I DO? There was no laundry room out here, that was for damn sure! Turning it inside out was no good, it was already soaked through. All my other shirts were in my suitcase, which was buried in our trunk.

There was really only one thing I could do. I didn’t like it, but it was my only option.


“You’re going to hike the grand canyon in that?” asked my dad, pointing at my hoodie. “It’s August!”

“Erm, yeah…” I said, already starting to sweat.

“Let her wear it, dear.” said my mom with a sigh. “You know teenagers, they always gotta look ‘cool’…”

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