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Young white girl get involved with 2 interracial obese men part 3

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Young girls gives it upto a obese man in his van

My name is Jane im a 12yo white girl. In part 2 i had just sucked off and obese puerto rican man. I love swallowing his thick latin cum. It was a lot thicker than Robs. This sucking cock was great but it did nothing for me. I would have to take care of myself to get off. I made up my mind that i wanted to go further. Jose the puerto rican was more bold to do things than Rob. Jose had been married before and knew what to do. Rob is a virgin if u recall. The next time Jose came into the office. He whispered to me HEY LITTLE GIRL U WANT TO SUCK MY COCK AGAIN. Jose has a large van with no window. i sucked him in it the last time. I told him let me think about it. I was thinking about him the whole time he was in the office. I said that i like Jose and he has a big 10 in. brown cock and im sure he would fuck me. His van is pretty safe place also; When i getting ready to leave he asked me how about it. i told him ok . He left and got into his van. i told my dad i was going to get some fresh air . I got into JOSES van and looked over at him. He already had his pants off and playing with his already hard big brown cock. I leaned over on took his cock into my mouth. I tasted his precum and i knew he going to cum soon.. I shocked him and pulled off his cock. He asked why did u that. He said he was ready to cum. I didnt say a word and got into the back of the van. He said what r u doing. I then took off my shorts and underware. His mouth was hanging open and wondering what i was doing. I looked at jose and said come back here and fuck me. He was in the back in a second. His cock was already hard and ready. He asked r u sure. I said yes Jose i want u to fuck me and take my virginity and give me ur hot thick latin cum. Being a man of his size he couldnt lay on so doggie style was the position. i got on all fours and he got behind me. i was wet but he ate my pussy to get me wetter and ready for his huge cock. He put his cock head into my pussy .Even the head felt big in me. He slid into me alittle at a time. With one big push he busted my hymen. i moaned real loud and he stopped. He asked if i was alright. I told him yes and now fuck me and give me u cum. He put all 10 inches into me and began fucking me. He said i was so tight . Jose could control cumming. He got me off twice before he seeded be with his thick latin cum. As he came he told me to take his cum my little puta . He came so much it leaked around his cock with him in me. Blood stained cum ran out of my wide open pussy when he pulled out. He was panting heavy it was a good workout for a large man. He told me it was one of the most exciting things to happen in his 65 yrs. I wiped clean with wipes and got ready to return to the clinic. He stopped me and pulled me close and kissed me. He said kid if ur not on the pill , u could be knocked up.I filled ur pussy to the brim with my potent puerto rican seed. I said i hope not or i will be having a little brown baby I didnt get pregnate thank god. i went on the pill. Jose fucked me several times until he didnt come to the clinic anymore. i loved the feeling of him stuffing that big cock in me. ill always remember the man who took my virginitly. i know Jose was gone but Rob the black man was still around and had never fucked a woman.

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