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Naughty thoughts from dance dad

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My daughter had her dance competition this past weekend and I can’t help but enjoy going to everyone. Most dad’s don’t show up and I’m like how can you not. The girls range from 10 to 18. I am a younger dad for a daughter that’s 10 I’m 34 attractive and nice sized.
The clothes the girls wear are so tight and revealing on their little body. Some of the older girls are well developed and just as great to look at.
The way they shake their bodies. Small breast shaking asses giggling. It’s drive me a wild.
Some of the girls on her team love to talk to me and I almost get an sense that they are flirting. Ive had to go into the bathroom a couple times during different competitions to jerk off thinking about those lovely girls.
I eventually am gonna try to flirt back with the girls which I really do already and try to see where it goes more
I had one girl tell me to watch her moves and then slowly did the splits while looking into my eyes and when she got up rubbed her costume all the the way up from your sweet little pussy and then just ran away to her parents. Seeing the way the girls rub on each other while dancing and doing some of the moves is absolutely wonderful. They loved to be watched and admired. Seeing their slit from how tight the costumes are.
I don’t know how much longer I can last with out having one of them. . . Any dance or cheer moms or dads out there ever get to have any fun with one of your girls or her teammates ? I’ll update more as things progress. .

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:1d0jfu4w7tdw

    Just LOVE young girls sexually dressed and sexually dancing!

    Sexualisation of willing teens!

  • Reply [email protected] Australia ID:1cn60hrk7z4d

    Yes when I was younger I used to have to go to these dancing competitions that my sisters were in. It was a very boring day but the only thing that was exciting was looking at these girls. Sometimes you’ll be able to be in the change room with them as well.

  • Reply Treat ID:66om991chj

    How old is the girl who did the splits for you?

  • Reply [email protected] ID:2m8127yb0a

    Love the story
    Naughty dad i hope you get to have more fun with your kid 😉 051b4955f7e30b1099d5a1b0a304010005057528b43a6cec0f2dced899e122ce08

  • Reply Jesse ID:7ylr4irm9i

    I wish I had a daughter so I could go.. Maybe a Mom or Dad we invite me.. 05930030e9347e7bdf709d7cacb33e722824c3f01d5e5e61cdc6e0bde9be8fa535

  • Reply Popcorn 's boss ID:1cyit7b0dlvh

    I can relate…. use to take all kinds of pics and beat off to…. finally got one 12 year old at a sleep over. Got several more after but one got pregnant and the shit it the fan…. avoided jail but banned from watching them anymore and paying support on a baby girl with a 13 year old momma

  • Reply Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt

    Next chapter please

    • Tony ID:161q47c3t0c

      Part 2 please

  • Reply naughty step ID:54n8kr4sh