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Honey life- Par-II (Flagellation)

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I am Honey and just at the age of 11 developed a sexy figure of 32-24-34 by the kindness of my regular breast message by my dad David and sucking of nipples and clits of my mom Goldie.Today is Saturday morning and in the evening at 7’O clock a great event in my life will take place. I am Honey and I knew today I will be fucked by my dad David in co-operation with my Mom Goldie but actually it was the second Flagellation in this house as first is my Granny the maiden woman lost her chastity to my Grand-Pa and from there on it was decided that in this family flagellation will be done for every maiden girl in presence of everyone of this family irrespective of age.
Now let me sexplain you how my Mom helped me for accepting my dad’s lethal weapon in my pussy to break my hymen. My mom Goldie first started fingering my pussy with her oily finger in my oily pussy. First one finger went easily, next two fingers within two days, three fingers within three days and last four fingers also going inside my cunny with ease and now mom Goldie put her entire fist inside my pussy and when my dad saw that then she told Honey s ready for flagellation.
Honey: What is flagellation dad?
David: It is an sexual offering to god and you become a lady from a virgin girl for which we will be tightened by your hands and legs to the bed post and a blind fold will be done to you and you will forget about shame of sex from that day and will be allowed to have sex with any male member of this family.
Honey: I am very happy dad
David: Honey, you know in our mansion there is one big meeting room with about six beds inside it, that room I have chosen for your sex offering.
It was at 7’O clock Goldie took Honey to the meeting room and bedspread her and also given blindfold in her eyes. Goldie applied sufficient oil in her pussy and fed one capsule before this flagellation show as per order of her mother in Law- Emma, chief of this mansion.
There was all members of the family in the room without Honey’s knowledge and they are in nude. First her Granny then apart from Goldie and David there were her three uncles Jerry, Bill and Tom with their wives, Nicole, Paula and Britney and they are also in nude condition. In addition to this there was brother and sister of Honey. Two Sons of Nicole, One daughter and one son of Paula and two twin daughters of Britney but all were in dead silence and watching the show.
The legs of Honey are wide apart and her hairless cunny showing a line which will take the shape of circle for entry of cock. Now Emma made eye contact with David and placed his bulbous penis head against pussy and started rubbing and after twenty times rubbing the slit of Honey is just opening and now Goldie came forward took David’s cock in her hand and started hitting the slit of Honey with his bulbous penis head and OMG: the slit is opening slowly and slowly. In this flagellation of Honey instead of whipping she is getting her labia beaten by every knock of Penis knob on her pussy. Now Jerry came forward and did the same and her Brunet wife Nicole helped her, next Bill with her blond wife Paula Last Tom came with her wife from Australia. When Tom has given last stroke of penis on Honey’s circular pussy it started releasing sex water.
Again David approached Honey’s pussy and put his humongous cock inside Honey’s pussy but cock just after entering about two inch Honey screamed and fainted as blood is coming out of her vagina and Emma just order Sons you do your duty, leave Honey for me.
All four brothers took their sexcited wife and started fucking them in presence of their sons, daughters like a shame creature. It should always be mentioned that all four brothers has same size 10+ cock and it is very different to distinguish whose cock has entered the pussy as four wives in house always make laughter of it.
After twenty minutes Honey is coming to her sense and Emma made eye contact with David who is at the moment of spending his love jism and David placed her cock inside Honey’s pussy and just after entering half of his penis David ejaculated her sperm inside her daughter’s pussy instead of wife Goldie’s pussy. Now Jerry took the place of David and his cock was also at the throws of releasing semen after fucking his wife Nicole but his cock released sex jism after bulbous head touching the cervix of Honey. Now Bill came and also released his sex lava after fucking Honey for 5 minutes an atlast Tom came and started fucking and this time Honey wanted to release her sex water and a gripping sensation on Tom’s cock sucking all his sex jism from his scrotum and both released their sex juices at a time.
Honey in Blindfold condition told dad you have made me a lady and now I can take also uncle’s cock. Emma came forward and opened the blindfold of Honey and told dear you have already fucked your uncles and your pussy has all is a sperm-well for all my four sons and I am proud of you and my sons.
Every member was happy and Emma told I am happy to announce from today Honey will be the chief of this mansion and she will take the decision and you all have to obey.
Honey: I want flagellation of all female members on every Saturday night which will start from my Granny then my mom Goldie, Aunt Nicole, Paula and lastly Britney and all were very happy with the decision and next with it is the turn of Emma Granny and let us wait to enjoy how her sons fuck and makes her really happy.


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