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Fucked my daughters friend

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My daughters 11 year old friend was curious about black cock. So I introduxed her to mine.

Let me start by saying I`m a 42 year old black man and a single dad. I`m 6ft 225lbs and nicely hung. Very good looking and work out daily. My daughter is 11 years old and lives with me. Her best friend Becky lives a couple of houses down the street. Becky is being raised by her mom. Her parents divorced a few years ago. Anyway Becky comes over the house almost everyday after school and plays with my daughter. Becky 11, white about 5ft and maybe 75 pounds. She`s cute as a button.

So I have camera`s in my home to video when no one is here. Sometimes I check them but mostly just them the do their thing. Well I have noticed that when Becky is over, Her and my daughter are in my daughters room with the door closed. So I decided to look at the video. I was shocked to see they were watching interracial porn. They were watching black men fuck white girls. As I watched Becky had her hand down her pants and was rubbing her little pussy.

I watched and hate to say it but I was getting horny watching her rub her pussy. My daughter was also rubbing her pussy too. They were both getting off watching interracial porn. Well I decided I was going to see how serious Becky was about black cock. So the next Day Becky came over and I took a shower while she was here. I left the bathroom door part open while I showered. Next thing I knew she was peaking into the bathroom. I pretended not to see her. I began to stroke my cock and it got hard. 8 inches and thick. Becky`s eyes got huge watching me.

I now knew she was curious about black cock. A few days later Becky came over to play with my daughter. My daughter was at her moms and not here. I invited her in anyway. I told her she was at her moms and would be home in an hour or so. I said do you want to wait. Becky said sure, I have nothing else to do. She sat down in the chair and I turned on tv for her. I thought what would she say if I turned on porn. So I turned on the porn channel and went right to interracial breeding videos. Becky looked shocked. I said oops my bad.

I then said I know you two were watching this in her room. Becky got red. I said it`s ok. I`m cool with it. So we both watched porn. After a few minutes I could see Becky was getting a little red and moving around in the chair. I said are you ok. She said yes I`m just getting into this. So I got up and walked over to her. I sat on the floor in front of her. I said maybe I can help. She said how. I said trust me. I put my hand on her shorts and started to rub her little pussy through her shorts. She was scared at first but began to respond.

I said sit back and don`t worry. Becky sat back and I kept rubbing her little pussy. I could feel her pants getting wet. Becky began to moan. She was getting ready to cum. I kept rubbing till she came. I unbuttoned her shorts and began to pull them off. She did not stop me. After getting her shorts off I could see she had a little wet spot. I said can I pull your panties off too? She said sure, I removed them and saw the cutest little peach covered pussy I have ever seen. I toucher her pussy, It was swollen and wet from being excited.

I bent over and licked her pussy, It was sweet and warm, Becky moaned as I licked her. I ate her little pussy till she came. I said have you had sex yet with anyone. She said no. I asked would you like to try what you saw in the videos. Her eyes got big and she said well ok, We can try. I pulled my hard cock out. I was already drooling with the excitement of fucking an 11 year old. Her eyes got wide when she saw how big my cock was.

I put my cock on her pussy and began to rub up and down on her pussy lips. Becky was getting excited and began to moan. I stopped and said are you ready to try, She said yes. I lifted her legs and put them on the arms of the chair. She was spread wide. Her little pussy swollen and wet. I put the head of my black cock at her pussy opening. I said are you sure, She said yes. I began to push my cock into her pussy. She said it hurts, Stop.

I stopped and she said ok, I said it`s going to hurt the first few times. Becky said ok try again. I began to enter her again. I went really slow and easy. After what seemed for ever I had the head inside her pussy. I kept going slow. Inch by inch my cock disappeared into her tiny pussy. After about 15 minutes I hit her hymen and ripped through it. Her little pussy now belonged to black cock. My black cock. I said are you ok, Becky said yes.

I continued to fuck her, I could see her belly going up and down and I drove in and out. I was getting excited and so was she. I said you know what comes next right, She asked what. I said you saw all the white stuff dripping out of the girls in the video right. She said yes. I said that comes from the guy when he likes you. Becky said ok, I wondered what that was. I didn`t tell her that was baby seed.

I began to pump her faster and deeper. Becky was starting to breath heavy and so was I. Becky was starting to cum again. I know when a girl cums her cervix opens and pulls the sperm inside. The thought of that was too much for me. I began to moan. I said here it comes. My cock got hard and my balls began to pulse. Then it happened. Jet after jet of my sperm was pumped deep in her little virgin pussy. Becky moaned loud as my hot sperm shot deep into her. She said that feels so warm and good.

After I was done I kept fucking her slow pushing my seed deeper into her pussy, I said did you like that, She said yes I want to do it again. We fucked for another 20 minutes till I was ready to cum again. I grabbed her hips and pulled her onto my cock. My balls were hitting her ass and her pussy lips were splitting open as they hit my groin. I arched my back as I shot another load of my sperm into Beck`s soft silky little pussy. When I finished I cleaned her up and she got dressed, I said tell no one what we did ok? She said ok.

The next day Becky came back over. It was Saturday and I told her my daughter was at her mom`s again for the weekend. Becky said I know. I want to do it again. My cock sprang into action. I carried her to my bedroom and undressed her totally naked. I laid her on the bed. I could not wait to get my cock back into her silky little pussy. Becky spread he little legs wide and said fuck me. I said well ok anything you want. It wasn’t long before my cock was buried deep in her little peach covered pussy. She was so tight smooth and hot It didn`t take long before I was ready.

I told her to pull her legs back. She pulled them back spread herself wide. I fucked her deep and slow. I felt my balls getting ready. Becky began to moan and I knew her pussy was ready for my black baby seed. She began to cum and on I que my cock began to pulse. I pulled myself deep and hit her cervix. I held myself in and began to cum. Shot after shot after shot of black baby juice was pumped into her cervix. All I could imagine was my seed hitting her cervix. After I came we fucked for another 30 minutes.

I blew a second load deep into my little white ho. I was going to make her my baby mama. Months went by and we fucked several times a week. She would come over in her sun dress, As soon as she walked in she would remove her panties. She loved it when I sat in the chair. She would come over and sit on my cock. She would ride me and make me cum deep in her. Becky got her first period a few months later. After that I knew she could get pregnant. I told her she could get pregnant and she said she knew. I said do you want me to stop cumming in you? She did not answer me.

The next time we played I was ready to cum quickly. I said I`m almost ready to cum, She didn`t say anything. As I fucked her she was starting to breath heavy, And so was I. Becky began to cum. I was trying to hold back. I said I`m ready to cum, Do want me to pull out. Becky said nothing. I began to moan and Becky pulled her legs back and spread wide. I said fuck here it cums. It was to much. I began to shoot my black baby sperm into her fertile little pussy. I never cam so hard. Becky just laid there and took all my seed. All I could think of was my sperm searching for her precious little egg to make her my baby mama.

After Becky said that felt so good I didn`t want you to stop. Becky was hooked and wanted my cock more and more. We would make plans to meet several times a week. Sometimes we would fuck in the car, She would ride me till I came in her. After 6 months she turned 12 and I got her pregnant. I was scared she would tell her mom. The next week she had a miscarriage. Her mom knew nothing about it. She came back over a week later and said lets do it again. So we went to my bedroom and we fucked again and again. She said this is fun and want`s to do it over and over.

So this became a game. She wanted me to get her pregnant again. Who am I to crush a little girls dreams. So we play all the time and got her pregnant again. Well what happens next is another story. All I know is I`m going to keep fucking her as long as she will let me, And keep her little pussy full of my baby making sperm.

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